Lunar Eclipse

Phase 01: Power

He wanted power, but he refused to believe he had it.

Powerlessly he wondered the world having nearly died in the final battle. "What can we humans do? The world is doomed."

"What can mere humans do indeed, Ghaleon."

The silver haired man turned towards the voice. "Dyne..."

"Survive, for one, is something a mere human can do, as you have." The old dragon master approached, keeping his guard up just in case.

"Fool! The world is doomed, I'll watch it fall!" Ghaleon had given up and resigned himself to watch the end of the world, so that all may know that he was right after all.

"Think about it, a mere human controlling a goddess. Can you picture it?" Dyne asked.

"Ridiculous!" Why couldn't they understand what Ghaleon tried so hard to tell them? "The goddess controls humans, not the other way around."

"Can you imagine then, a mere human taking away her power, a human with power that may surpasses Althena's?" Dyne continued.

"Such a human could never exist!" Ghaleon insisted.

"Then I suppose that you could never picture a group of five humans who defeat the human who surpassed the power of the goddess?" Dyne asked.

"That's impo-" Ghaleon stopped mid word. He knew where Dyne was going with all of this. The human who controlled Althena's reincarnation, him; the five humans, Alex, Mia, Nash, Jessica, Kyle... "That was merely a battle between humans; Althena was... if she had been..."

"Althena knew of our potential, she wanted to experience it too. It didn't make her weaker, it made her happier." With those finals words, Dyne left. He somehow knew Ghaleon wouldn't try anything anymore.

Ghaleon continued on his way, with no intentions of following Dyne. He looked up at the Blue Planet then down at the Green Earth. "Did I surpass Althena, if only for a short time?" Though he wanted power, he refused to believe he had it.

End of Phase 01

I couldn't resist but to poke fun at Ghaleon and his "we're so weak" angst, even if he's obviously not. XD Disclaimer, I don't own Lunar Legend or any of it's variations.

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