Summary: AU. Over the past years there has been a number of attacks on people in Bayville that left the victims frightened yet oddly... satisfied... Starting about the time Rogue showed up in town... WARNING: Rated for sexual scenes. RogueMulti, GambitMulti, Romy.

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Authors Note: This takes place post Day of Reckoning; post Risty's return, but pre Self Possessed (did she reappear in or before Self Possessed? I can't remember).

Incubus: (Quoted from The Vampire Encyclopaedia by Matthew Bunson, do not own) 'A type of male demon... that visits women during the night to torment them and to have sexual intercourse. Its name is derived from a combination of incubare (to lie upon or weigh down) and incubus (nightmare). It possesses attributes similar to the nightmare and the vampire: nightly visitations, the draining of life and strength, extreme sexual desire, and the habit of crushing its victims. Further, like the vampires found among the Gypsies or Slavic communities, the incubus can father children, only such offspring are demons, witches, or hideously deformed humans...'

Succubus: (Quoted from above book, still do not own) 'A female demon... a night fiend that visits men in their sleep to torment their dreams and to engage in sexual relations. The succubus, like the incubus, has definite vampiric characteristics, including its nighttime activities that render a victim totally exhausted and weakened by incessant carnal performances. The demon is also quite similar to such female vampire spirits as the mara and the Gypsy mullo, the latter said to carry on romances with young men without their knowledge, the only evidence of their nocturnal orgies being acute, potentially fatal fatigue.'

(Quoted from me, do own) Ever since hearing them I have loved the cubi myths of Incubus and Succubus, having used them in my own personal non-fanfiction writing several times. Being obsessed with Vampires I guess this is the major link to these demons for me.

A few changes to the myths, and several of these will go further in depth in the story but I feel the need to get some out of the way right now. Incubi cannot father children to mortals in this story, again you will learn why later. Sex is the way they feed, they gain the energy given off by mortal and live off that, but also have the internal organs to consume normal food. Cubi (Incubi, Succubi) are a species of demon. These demons have nothing to do with religion, they are a species that live in 'Hell', which exists in a different dimension to that of earths (think of Shadow Dance where Forge slows down Kurt's teleportation to see the dimension he normally travels in while using his powers, this is a good example of different dimensions that crosses over), so this is not an attack at any religion or opposing of any of your God(s).

If you haven't got the idea yet, this story contains SEX. This is why it is an M. If you do not want to read about it, turn back now.

PS: I was originally going to wait before putting new stories up if I had two already on that were unfinished, but because of writers block on The Black Piece and The 14 Days I have decided to put a few more stories up. Hopefully this way at least one of the stories up will get updated every month/second month or so. Sorry to those readers of TBP and 14 Days, they are slowly crawling along and I do hope to have new chapters for them up before August when I am planning to travel and may not be able to get back online for a few months.

Again, this story contains SEX! Turn back now if that sort of thing offends you.


Chapter One: A Face Full of Optic Blasts is Not Fun.

Bayville High.

It was driving her insane, the horrible pain deep in her torso that seemed to tie her organs in knots. She was starving. It had been over a week since she had feed and the need for food was slowly gnawing away at her insides. It was also taking its toll in other ways. Affecting her sleep, her temper was shorter than normal, she snapped easier, her reaction time was down and it showed by the cuts and bruises from the Danger Room, her concentration was completely shot to hel-


Wait, class, which one was it again? Geometry? "48." Snapping her head around to the front of the room several members of the class were holding back their laughter, telling Rogue this was not the first time her name was called, or more likely because of her answer to the question since she was in French and not Geometry.

"Not quite right, want to try again?" Miss Moore motioned a hand towards the board where a phase was written, waiting to be translated into the foreign language as the teacher seemed more amused and concerned than angry.

Blinking her darkly covered eyes a few times Rogue held back a sigh as the words blurred in front of her, another weakness of hunger, but French was one of her best subjects and the translation slipped from her tongue automatically without the need to put much thought into it. A few groans went around as she had gotten it right despite not paying attention to the lesson. Going back to the board the teacher picked on someone else this time as Rogue dropped her chin into one palm and propped the elbow holding it up on her desk, trying her best to keep her attention on the class and stop herself from falling asleep. The fact she was sitting right in a sunbeam glaring in from the window didn't help her need to snooze. Not nearly soon enough the bell rung to signal both end of lesson and the school day as the class rushed out the door, but she took her time collecting her folder and books, not wanting to risk bumping into anyone as she stumbled to the door.

"Rogue," The teacher called just as she was about to leave the classroom. "I would like to talk to you."

Groaning at being held back as this would make her late for catching a ride back to the mansion Rogue turned and moved to rest her weight on one foot, holding her books against her chest. "Yes Miss Moore?"

Leaning forward so her elbows rested on the desk Moore creased her brow in confusion. "Are you all right? You're one of my best students but lately you've been so distracted. I mean, apart from this whole... reveal for you."

Grateful that Miss Moore wasn't one of the teachers against mutants Rogue ran a gloved hand through her hair. Thinking back to recent events including being kidnapped by a government agency wanting to experiment on her, having the Institute almost completely destroyed, being revealed as a mutant to the world, being sent back to school and having to face all the abuse, and almost having her hand blown off by one of Buckethead's little lackeys she gave a sigh. "Ah've been kinda busy lately."

"Is that all? You look dead on your feet the past week."

"Not enough sleep." She instantly answered, her inside clenching in hunger again at the thought of the real reason and she swallowed hard to keep the raising bile from going higher in her throat. "Lahke yah said, this whole... reveal."

Taking this as a valid answer Moore nodded her head, "Ok, just get some rest, I have a feeling you're one of the few who actually understands this all." And waved a hand towards the board with a hint of a smile.

"Sure thing Miss Moore." Her own smiling appearing for a brief moment before disappearing again as she left the room. Rogue actually liked Miss Moore, the new replacement for the old teacher who refused to teach in a school with mutants. She was fair, funny, had what seemed like an unlimited fuse for dealing with the students of the school and held nothing against mutant kind. The fact she actually knew what she was teaching compared to the old teacher was something too.

Moving slowly to her locker down the almost empty corridor Rogue sighed at the new mutant hating libel banded in marker across her locker, ignoring it as she spun the dial and stuffed everything she needed for homework into her bag for the night. Slamming the door close and making her way outside the basically empty parking lot confirmed her suspicions about being left behind. Muttering bitter curses about Scott Summers for leaving her Rogue started her long walk back to the Institute, hands gripping the straps of her bag resting over her shoulders and head down so the white of her hair covered her face. Oh, she would get back at him, a quick grin crossing her face, and maybe get rid of her starvation at the same time.


Xavier's School for the Gifted.

Stalking down the halls for his nightly check Logan paused long enough at the door of each students room, making sure they were actually inside and not trying to sneak out anywhere, being met most the time with slow breathing and heart rates to tell him they were asleep. Making his way around the girl's dormitories he stopped at one of his last doors to check, catching the two slow sets of breaths inside as well as one of the most unusual scents he had ever known. It was Rogue's and since he first met her in Mississippi he had picked up her smell was different from everyone else's. It wasn't to do with any form of perfume she used on herself, nor her make-up, it was her natural base smell, and it was off. After having her around the school for such a long time he ignored it and placed it down as something to do with her mutation, but back in his mind there was still a nagging question about why she was different. Taking in the late hour he shrugged it off once again and after one last check everything was locked up and the security system was working how it was suppose to Logan headed to bed.

From within her shared room with Kitty Rogue waited until she felt Logan presence was in his own room before opening her eyes, no trace of tiredness in the now glowing green and white, her eyes producing enough light to cause the lightest of shadows in the room. Slowly sitting up in bed she turned to look at Kitty, making sure she would not wake up anytime soon and pushing her covers off her body, got to her feet. Not bothering to grab a pair of gloves she padded soundlessly across the carpet to the window, opening it up and slipping outside into the night air. Reaching a hand upwards Rogue grabbed onto the side of the building, her nails lengthening as they gained a sharpness to them that mimicked the time she absorbed Sabertooth and darkened in colour to emerald green. Reaching hand over hand her toenails reflected the change on her fingernails as the five toes melted together into three and she quickly scaled up the wall onto the roof.

Standing at the highest peak of the mansion and shivering ever so slightly in the night chill Rogue sighed in relief as she allowed her body to shift form, reverting back into its natural appearance. It took so much energy to keep up a permanent fake image to hide her own so she relished each time she could return to normal, especially when she was as famished as she was now. Two bulges at her shoulder blades pushed outwards from her back and arched up into the air in the form of bat-like wings, the bend of the joint tipped with a small horn as several more laced the edge of each leathery wing, all green in colour to match her eyes. As her night clothing faded away and replaced with a form of silver and forest green armour that did little to cover her bar her crotch and breasts her legs twisted around to stand on ones very similar to Kurt's, her raised heels increasing her height and helping to counterbalance her wings and tail that extended from the base of her spine. The whip like extension held three large blades in a trident fashion upon the end of it in the same matching colours to her green horns forming on her head, one sweeping back over her skull from the centre of her forehead as two more from above each eye arched backwards and down to follow the line of her head before curving back around to the front below her ears and ending at cheekbone level. Her teeth lengthened into long pointed fangs as her skin paled more deadly white than even her make-up could manage. The white streaks of her hair smoothed back either side of her head as the remainder of her hair faded to black, slicked back and ending at the base of her neck.

Shivering even more than before Rogue sprinted noiselessly across the rooftop, crouching down when she was outside the window she wanted on the boy's dormitories and flaring her wings slowly descended. Crouching outside the balcony doors leading to Scott's room she easily got around the door lock and slipped inside, a smile pulling at her dark red lips - the only colour apart from white, black and green on her body - as she stalked towards his sleeping form. Seating herself on the bed without waking the teen beside her she brushed a few strands of hair off his face before pressing a kiss to his forehead. Instantly she was drawn into his mind, evading all his personal secrets and thoughts, memories and fantasies to see what he was dreaming about, almost laughing at the predictability of seeing Jean Grey in them.

"Not tonahght, lover boy," Rogue whispered as she pulled back from the kiss, reaching over to snatch up his glasses from where they rested on his night stand and placed them onto his face, not wanting to get a face full of optic blast when he opened his eyes. Yanking the sheeting off his bed Rogue carefully hooked the end of her tail blade into the edge of his pajama bottoms, the shirt she could work around. "Tonahght, yah mahne."

Pushing down his pants she swung one leg over to straddle his waist, her hands pressed against his chest as she rested the majority of her weight on them. It was part of Cubi instinct during feeding, hands used to support weight against the victim's chest and tying into the mythology behind her kind about how those who survived attacks reported the feeling of being crushed. The super strength her limbs didn't look like they possessed was the real story behind it, used to pin down meals and to prevent struggling, even against the strongest of victims. Raising her wings up around her body Rogue's appearance fell into the shadows, blocking out her features so she was just a random female dream figure and preventing the moonlight from reflecting off her pure white skin. Dropping her face back down to his she pressed her lips against his, the organic armour that was actually part of her body seeming to melt into her flesh and leaving her naked as her hips ground against his, needing a certain reaction out of Scott's body before she could start taking energy from him. Feeling his mouth respond to the pressure against it Rogue deepened the kiss, tracing her tongue along his skin as her sharp teeth grazed his own tongue.

Slowly coming out of sleep Scott gave a moan as he kept his eyes closed, a habit built up over the years since his mutation first appeared. Already feeling his glasses on his face he allowed his eyes to open a slid, quickly widening at the image above him, a dark female figure with large wings pinning him against his bed with only glowing eyes visible. It was the same dream again, one that had been recurring for quite a while now and one he got once a month or so, a dream he would never tell anyone about. After all, who could he tell? The Professor? Jean? All over some sex fantasy dream? As well as being embarrassing to admit it would just be put down to a typical hormonal teenage boy. So Scott kept it to himself. Not that it was a completely bad thing, it always felt so much more real than any of his others. It was just a pity he couldn't see the face of his fantasy girl, or maybe that was part of the appeal. A nameless, faceless being. No strings attached, no consequences. Too bad of all his dreams this one had to be in shades of red like as if it was happening in reality.

As her lips crushed against his again Scott allowed her to force her tongue into his mouth, the way her body was pressed against his and the fact he couldn't move that placed him at her mercy made it just that bit better. Her nails scratched him even through his shirt and he let out a groan as her hips continued to grind against his, feeling his body respond to her actions and bringing up his hands to grip the sides of her hips. Scott felt her smile against his lips as her tongue demanded dominance over his, lifting her body off his long enough him to slip inside her, causing his pelvis to buck under her but he was held in place by her hands. Swallowing his moans she pulled back from his mouth and sat upright, bracing herself with her hands as Scott was caught up in the sensation of her rhythm rather than the fact he found it harder and harder to breath. Every time he exhaled the pressure would slowly increase, pressing against his ribcage and driving the air from his lungs faster, intakes of air becoming erratic gasps than smooth breaths.

Letting his head lean back against the pillow with a moan Scott stopped his eyes from rolling back in his head, wanting to keep his vision on her and her actions. The two glowing eyes stayed on his, never straying from his face as her expert actions brought him closer and closer to his climax. His fingers tightened their hold on her hips yet she showed no sign of even noticing them, eyes locked on his as if she could see through his glasses and focused solely on her movements. Despite aware that she held him firmly against his bed Scott's body struggled to jerk up towards her as he let out a low groan, feeling the tension grow in him until his body went rigid with his release.

As he gasped Rogue placed her open mouth over his, drawing out and drinking in the energy flowing off his body. Digging in her palms that just bit harder into his chest she held him still as she continued to take in as much as she could without killing him or leaving him in some sort of coma, relishing in both the rush going through her body from finally being able to feed since last week as well as know she got her revenge for him leaving her at school today. The taste of it made her crave more but Rogue pulled back, not wanting to really hurt him as she sat up and pushed her body off his.

With a groan his head lolled to one side as he slipped back into slumber, his chest heaving in exhaustion. Gently removing his glasses and placing them next to his bed before readjusting his nightwear Rogue pressed one last kiss against his head, a green flame covering their bodies for a brief moment, 'purifying' them both to take away any form of their presence from each other, the fire a pleasant warmth instead of its earthly counterpart that would normally burn flesh instead of cleanse it. Normally she would rarely bother to do this apart from to remove her fingerprints, but with a bloodhound like Logan around Rogue was taking no chances of him figuring out her late night meals. Arranging everything in the room as if she had never been there she blew a kiss back at Scott and slipped out of the doors, her footsteps burning in the same flame green of her eyes, horns and claws and extinguishing themselves automatically as she clawed her way back to her room, closing the window at the sight of Kitty shivering and climbed into bed, instantly falling asleep with a grin.


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