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According to the IMDb site Impact is suppose to take place two week after Dark Horizons two, but then again time in Evo-verse isn't exactly well done now is it?


Chapter Fourteen: Impact

Xavier's School for the Gifted.

"Oh Raven, how did we get ourselves into this mess?" Raising a hand she almost reached out to touch her but pulled back, as if scare of hurting her even more, but this doesn't stop the tears running down her face.

With Xavier laboured away in the Cerebro, digging up new information to make sure there was no other way for Apocalypse could get free and the rest of the X-Kids in the upper levels it left plenty of time for Rogue to be alone in the lower ones. It had been were she had been spending most of time since her 'abduction', at Raven's side in the shadows as Hank tried process after process to bring her back to flesh. At the moment she stood in Hank's lab, several forms of wires attached on areas of her body for any hope there may be a reaction to his trials.

"I don't know how I can help her."

Realising it was spoken more to him than herself Logan placed a hand on her shoulder, not surprised his entrance was noticed even in her distressed state. "It's not your fault."

He was worried about her, as was most in the house, but unlike Logan they put it down to her kidnapping. Even with only two weeks passing since they found her, Mystique and Mesmero's remains in Tibet Rogue was showing the signs of shock, becoming more withdrawn than normal and has basically stopped eating as both a mortal and Cubi.

"That not the point! I have to help her!" Beneath his hand Logan felt the muscles in her arm and back tense as her hands formed into fists at her sides.

"Then you better do it quick."

For the first time she turned to look at him, cheeks tear stained as her eyes began to widen, expecting the worse. "What?"

Tightening his grip to give her shoulder a squeeze Logan couldn't stop a sigh, he hated to have to tell her this but she needed some warning. "Hank and Chuck says we tried everything to help her, but she's just solid stone now. Chuck's giving her to the Brotherhood."

"What? No!" Her entire form now spun to face him, eyes wide with shock. "They don't care, they'll end up smashing her! I can't let him Logan! I know those boys will end up destroying her. Please."

"I can't stop him Rogue, not without a reason." He pulled her into an embrace as new tears filled her eyes, her body seeming to lose all its fight in one instant as her body sagged against his.

Turning her face from his shoulder towards Raven her words would have been lost if not for his sensitive hearing. "Forgive me." It was the only warning before her body began to soften in his hold, passing through his arms until she had sunk into the floor, leaving him alone in the room. But not for long.

"Logan, what are you doing in here?"

Ignoring the question aimed at him Logan answered back with one of his own towards the blue scientist as he was accompanied by the head of the school. "You sure we done everything to get her back Hank?"

"Whatever technology Apocalypse used to manipulate Mystique's shape-shifting for her body to take on an inanimate object is just beyond us at the moment," Taking off his glasses to clean them as he stood in front of the statue. "There is nothing we can do here for her."

"You seem concerned Logan." Resting his elbows against the arms of his chair Xavier steeped in fingers in front of his body, looking more than a bit worse for wear with the hours of work in Cerebro.

Unable to believe what the two men were saying, Logan gave a snort under his breath. "We know those boys are just going to end up destroying her Chuck, and last I checked she actually has something could call a family connection here. Don't think the Elf will be too happy about this."

"That maybe so, but for the moment, I am more concerned of the physiological impact her presence here will have on Rogue. It is affecting her physically, according to the other students she's even stopped eating. No doubt keeping her kidnapper here after the history they already have together will only hold back Rogue's recovery to this ordeal. But we will not give up on her, Hank will continue to look into it, but with Mesmero now gone and no other source of information I doubt her situation to recover."

Gently detaching the sensors from the stone skin, almost ironic considering where she is going to be going to, Hank removed the last of the sensory equipment. "Shall we?" With his strength he easily was able to pick up the statue, carrying her out of the room. Only Logan noticed the pair of glowing green eyes watching them all.


Brotherhood Boarding House.

"You know, there ain't no disrespect if she's just a big old chunk of stone."

With one of Mystique's ankles in hand Fred drags her stone body into the living room from the entrance room where the X-Men had left her, Todd riding on her body the entire time, neither noticing the slightly scent of brimstone in the air. Nor the fact Kurt was grimacing from his hiding place behind the chair at the sound of stone scrapping against wood and carpet.

"Yeah, and I read somewhere stone don't have any feelings." Leaning over her face Todd knocked his fist against her forehead, as if to see anyone was home. "'Hello! Mcfly!' See?"

"You immature clods." Turning back to the doorway both boys found Wanda leaning up against the frame, a hand supporting her weight as she glared over at them.

Now on his feet, or one of them at least Todd hands waved around to keep his balance as he stood on Mystique's shoulder. "What do you care, she's just a statue."

"You don't know that. If nothing else you should at least take her to Agatha Hartness. Maybe she could help her."

"Hey, you know something?" Taking up the statue's arms Fred tipped her back to her feet, Todd's hold on her still strong as he moved with the change, now crouched on her shoulders, Wanda's comment going ignored. "Tomorrow I say we should make her into a fountain."

"Brilliant! That way she can scare away the crows too. And the garbage men." Leaping from Mystique to Fred it seemed both had lost interest, more than likely a good thing if Kurt wanted his mother to keep all her limbs. With a roll of her eyes and a sigh Wanda followed after them, realising she wasn't going to get through to them until they found something else to distract themselves with.

With the coast clear Kurt leaped out from behind his cover, landing in a crouch in front of the statue and reached out to touch her, the sooner he got her out of here the better. Just before his gloved fingers brush the stone he was forced to snap his hand back as it sparked with blue energy, streaming around the stone. This only meant one thing.

"You're in the wrong house X-Man." With hexes ready to go and staining her skin blue as it snapped around her hands Wanda flung one hand out towards him, ready to do who knows what to him with her powers.

"Wait! She's…"

"She's my mother.

The glow leaves W hands and she lowers them. K breaths a sigh of relief and he teleports My away to the mansion to his room.

As the smoke faded from within the room, dissipating throughout the air, a figure hidden easily in the shadows of the overgrown trees couldn't stop a smile.

"Good boy Michael." Following his lead Rogue too disappeared with a 'bamf' back to the mansion.


In kurts room, who was hanging around before but then went to get Wanda for help. Since rogue doesn't confront him like in the show. She changes raven back when he's talking to Agatha.


Chapter Fifteen:

No Good deed

Rogue back to normal self, and is seen training with Logan now. Joseph is becoming more annoying each time.

Chapter Sixteen:

Target X

Chapter Seventeen:

Sins of the Son

Chapter Nineteen:


Chapter Twenty:

Cajun Spice

Meet up with Belladonna down there and get introduced. Most of the Guilds have supernatural connections either with demons or something similar (vampires, zombies)

Remy actually talks to Logan before it happens, make it so rogue does not seem like a traitor to the team and tell him to come after them if they need to.

Chapter Twenty-One:

Ghost of a Chance

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Cubi plot. Rogue been reported to guards.

REWRITE: Logan knows of her!

Stepping into the room Rogue was instantly meet with a squawking, her eyes snapping up to see a tiny purple dragon wrapped around the neck of one of the extra men in the room with the Professor, Ororo and Hank. Staring into its yellow eyes she knew instantly what it was: A tracker. A shape-shifting demon trained specially to sniff out different Demon kinds, including Cubi.


All eyes turned to her as the two males pure white and blue on black narrowed at her. Feeling panic raise in her chest Rogue flew back out of the room, running as fast as she could and speeding past where the rest of the X-Men group sat, moving so fast she hardly her their questions, only the pounding feet of the two Cubi guards keeping up with her. Sliding around a corner she almost ran face first into Logan's chest, a quick plan forming in her head that she knew she would hate herself later for, but self-preservation came first. As her eyes glowed green she looked directly into his, her voice sounding singsong in a hypnotic way.

"Help me, there are men here to hurt me, stop them."

As his body with rigid a snap of a nod of his head confirmed her trance worked on him, his own eyes gaining a green glow as with a quick apology she continued to run. In the background Rogue heard Logan's claws slide free as the two Demon rounded the corner behind her. Racing to the closest window she threw it open with a telekinetic blast and transforming in mid jump went to sail out of the window, only to be stopped as a strong arm grabbed her around the waist. Spinning around she found herself looking into glowing ice blue eyes.

"Where you going highness?"

"Let meh go Loki." She growled, using his real name instead of Joseph.

Chuckling at this Loki shook his head, his white hair swaying with the movement behind his back. "Now why would I do that?"

"There are guards after meh!"

"I know, I called them."

Rogue's mouth dropped open, shock flooding her system. She always knew he was a bastard but she never knew he would go to this length. "Whah?"

"You're supposed to be with me, not that scum of Black blood. We're supposed to stay pure! True to the real race of Cubi, not a contamination."

"He's not scum." She got out of gritted teeth, ignoring the footsteps approaching them.

"You're right princess, 'cause when I'm done with him there won't be anything left."

Raising her chin Rogue looked down her nose at him, a trick she picked up from her mother and sister. "Yah nothin' compared to him."

Rage caused his face to redden and as Loki pulled back a hand to slap her his hit was halted as another's hand wrapped around his wrist.

"Do not even think of it child." The white-eyed Demon said in a very calm voice, his grip not wavering as Loki struggled to get free.

"We have no proof." The white-eyed Incubus spoke up, having stood silently in the corner as his counterpart did all the talking. Looking to Rogue his eyes bore into hers. "All we have is a witness, an unreliable witness."

"But he is-"

"Unreliable." The White interrupted again. "You do not know of the circumstances in this matter, his opinion is clouded by emotions. Unless we find this supposed Black Incubus, there is no proof any crime has been committed."

Snorting in disapproval the Black threw his head back in disgust. "Fine, but she will stay in custody until he is found or she is innocent upon any reasonable doubt."


"I want her cuffed."

The White's calm expression flickered to horror as he turned to the Black's representative. "No, out of the question."

"It is the common practice for one in this situation."

"This is different."

"How?" He asked, smirking as the White hesitated in answering. "I thought so. She will be cuffed."

"I will do it myself then."

Preparing herself for the experience while she had never been restrained before Rogue knew what was to happen, having seen it done on others.

"I am sorry Princess." He mumbled under his breath so only they could hear.

"Yah know who Ah am?" Rogue asked in shock at the use of her official title.

A soft smile pulled at his lips before answering. "Your brother sent me."

Almost sagging in relief Rogue took a deep breath. Her brother was the only family she had ever been close to. Her mother the Queen had little time outside of her duties to spend time with anyone and her father barely looked at anyone beyond his wife. Her older sister was interested in only one thing, ruling. It was her brother that had brought her up, cared for her and taught her to fight when no one else would pay her attention.

"Thank yah."

"Don't thank me until we free you and clear your name."

"Free 'er."

"But, I can't, she's held in suspicion for mating with one of our own."

Looking to the cuffed Rogue and knowing she could still hear her Remy sighed, once worried about exposing himself but now more concerned for her welfare. "Dat's an order."


"I said, that's an order!" He roared, the entire room falling silent.


"Are you questioning me?"

"I can't-"

"Now, if you value your life."

"You're parents-"

"Are not here, I am ruling monarchy in their and my brothers absence. Free her."

WG: I will.

G: Thank you.

After R is freed G kneels down in front of her, resting his forehead (or close as they can with horns) against hers.

G: Mon amour?

R: Yah really royalty? (opens her eyes)

G: Yes.

R: (pauses then laughs)

G: W'at so funny? Remy is!

R: Ah believe yah Swamp Rat, it's just… it's just I'm royalty too. I'm second in line for the White throne, Prince Remy.

G: (paused in shock) Well you're just full of surprises, aren't you Princess Rogue.

R: Lilith.

G: (Smiles) Adonis.

R: (returns the smile then sighs) I really know how to pick them.

Ends up that they can't convict the royal children so it was a 'goose chase' from Loki. He is charged with treason to incriminate Rogue's image by the Whites and as ruling monarchy Rogue officially rules him guilty and his punishment. Treason for both sides are punished by the same thing, a sign to show they are not loyal to the Royal family and for all to see: The removal of all present horns. Rogue also rules he is banned to Hell for a century and cannot return to earth, having to feed off Cubi 'resources' normally used to feed children. He also loses his blood rank that his family holds. This means he will be permanently shamed.

Later chapters after discovery of romy identity, and mystiques.

rogue, aimed at jott

"Oh, just fuck and get it over with! There is so much sexual tension when yah two are in the same room that it messes with mah senses. Jump in bed and stop givin' meh a headache!"

On family names:

"Who yah think Helen of Troy really was? She was a Succubus, she started the war between the mortals for fun. That's why her name runs in Cubi families? She's a historical figure for our kahnd."

Reference to family:

"Yeah well when you're the youngest you don't really stand out. My sister is destined to rule, my brother is known as one of our greatest fighters, I'm just the baby."

"Try 'avin' four older brothers, all in line before ya."


Last chapter

Chapter :

Xavier's School for the Gifted.

Lower Levels.

War Room.

130 years later...

"Ah hate yah!"

Raising a brow at the screams echoing up all the corridors from the medlab from the two Cubi in the other room Christopher Summers-Grey cast a look around his fellow team mates, including his twin brother Jonathan who was slouched in the chair on the far side of the table with his wife, the woman having fallen asleep next to him and now with her head resting on his shoulder.

"If Remy could 'e would 'elp chèrie!"

"Yah know how yah can help? Bah havin' these damn kids of yahs for meh!"

"They still arguing?" 3 Rasputin asked, her form towering over others in the room in her 6'8 height thanks to the genetics from both her grandfather and her mother.

"Yep." Christopher replied, brushing his red hair out of his green eyes and rocked back on his chair so his feet rested up on the war table.

"So we haven't missed any thing?" His aunt asked, her short red hair styled neatly with gel as small glasses sat low on her nose, almost the spitting image of Christopher's grandmother in her later years.

"Not yet." Jonathan confirmed. "Where's Dad?"

Taking a seat Rachel gave a sigh as she allowed her heeled feet to rest up on the table of the war room, having been on her feet all day she wouldn't be surprised if the female Cubi in the delivery room wasn't the only one with swollen ankles, but Rogue had the advantage of accelerated healing. "He's due back in an hour or so, mission ran a bit late."

Something hitting the wall loudly from the room down the hall drew all of their attention as Michelle, Jonathan's wife, woke with a snort, her hair falling messily in front of her eyes as she tried to push the black tangle back off her face, one of the few humans who lived at the mansion. "I'm awake."

"Not missing much." Her husband said.

"Then we didn't have to rush back." A voice from the door spoke behind 3 and as the woman moved out of the way Nathan Summers-Grey stepped in to allow the rest of the X-Men into the room. With his hair almost completely grey only the lightest touch of his original brown he inherited from the first X-Men leader Nathan followed in his fathers footsteps, taking over Scott's job once he retired with Christopher and Jonathan's grandmother, Jean. Taking a seat next to his younger sister Nathan sighed as he relaxed back against the chair, a long scar from a previous battle cutting through his left eye that always took on a yellow glow when he used his telekentics or telepathy.

"Guess not." A grumble got out from the next man stalking into the room, even with his extreme age he was able to move with the grace of a fighter but in such a strut that warned any against even thinking of taking him on, unless your counted his old nemesis Sabertooth.

"Come on Logan," Rachel teased with a smirk. "I thought you of all people would be excited, you've known Rogue since the beginning of the X-Men."

"What ya mean?" Nathan shot back with a smile, use to joking with his little sister. "He's known her since she was Brotherhood, at least according to the stories Dad, Mom and the others use to tell us."

Snorting at that he relit the cigar gripped between his teeth and shrugged a shoulder, his age only showing him in his 60s compared to the long years he actually had lived. It made everyone else in the room sick with envy that at his age that was estimated well over 200 that he could still look the same age as the second generation of X-Men, the children of the original X-Men. But then again he was nothing when it came to the slow aging of the two currently waiting for their children to be born.

Holding herself up in the doorway Danielle Fate Frost, the schools veteran doctor having taken over from Jean Summers-Grey – who in turn took over from Hank McCoy – patted a hand against her chest, her normally perfect blonde hair in disarray and having decided smarter in the day she hasn't bothered to place in the blue contact lenses she normally wore to make her appearance as close as it could be to her late mother. The 72 year old held her age well, even if most suspected she had had some sort of surgery to help this there were only a few wrinkles around her eyes and her brow, the woman not smiling a lot in her life to gain many around her mouth, her personality almost identical that of her mother Emma Frost. Both living up to their surname.

"I think I need a drink."

"Tough delivery darlin'?" Logan asked, spotting his son sneak in and quietly grab a seat to make it look like he had been there the entire time. A growl aimed in the man's direction who, like his father aged at a slow speed and even in his early 70s looked only about 20, slumped in his chair, realising he had been caught. Bright blue eyes were the only physical sign of who is mother was, the rest of his colour and statue coming from this father but David Muroe showed his eyes off with pride, glad to have a piece of his mother Ororo with him, even after her death.

"There were things in there I never want to see again. Remy's lucky he heals. Never get in the middle of a fight with two being with bladed tails." Slumping down in a chair Dani let her head drop into her folded arms upon the table, looking ready to fall off to sleep. In her tired state she lost control over her mutation, the upper half of her body turning to diamond against the white of her doctor coat.

"Can we see them?" David asked, having been closed to Remy and Rogue since he was a child, the two helping to raise him after Ororo's death.

Mumbling something only David and Logan picked it up with their enhanced hearing the others waiting on them to explain what Dani said.

"They need rest." Logan supplied, patting a hand against the belt of his uniform, checking he had an extra cigar in there for Gumbo later.

"Can you at least tell us what they were?" Michelle asked as she leant forward, having gotten a bit misty eyed since the announcement of Rogue's pregnancy, which lead to a string of jokes about Jonathan having to watch his back, or another part of his body.

"A girl and a boy." Dani got out. "Winged, twin, demonic girl and a boy."


Curled up on her side in a foetal position Rogue panted to try and catch her breath, her wings and tail making it uncomfortable to remain on her back as she waited for her body to heal after giving birth to her children, her dark hair matted and falling over her face as she tried to shut out her babies cries. The two hadn't shut up, no matter what any of them tried, eventually causing Dani to almost run from the room. "What's wrong with them, Ah thought Dani said they were healthy."

"Mortal don't know too much 'bout us still mon amour, no matter 'ow many tests 'enry ran on us." Remy commented, standing over the two cribs of his children, looking lovingly down at them even if they were making the best of their lungs.

Bundled up in the appropriate blue and pink blankets for their gender the twins tiny wings and tails were bare of any horns – something Rogue was very happy for – as were their heads, the coloured symbols to show their blood line to grow in as they got older. When they first found out that they were to be parents the big question mark for the Cubi couple was what colouring would their child – or children as they later found out with a scan – would be. It was assumed that what ever the gender was to be then that would determine the dominant gene in them, white for a girl, black for a boy. Instead it was to be the opposite, the older of the two by only a few minutes their little girl was of black skin while the boy was pure white. Tiny finger and toe nails that hadn't extended much past the nail bed to become claws yet showed their bloodline dominance, these colours sticking to the traditional pattern in the boy's were the same as Remy's red while the girl held Rogue's green genes.

Raising a brow in consideration Remy picked up one of the children before placing it in the same crib as its twin. As soon as they realised the other one was there the crying instantly stopped, wrapping their tails around each other's as a form of connection.

Despite the pain Rogue shot up in the bed, looking wide eyed at him. "What did yah do?"

"Ah put dem in da same crib. Guess dey were lonely by demselves. After all, dey did spend six months together." He answered with a grin, the six-month accelerated period compared to nine of mortals which the twins had stayed in their mother thanks to the Cubi genetics. The time of carrying needed to be short than mortals as appearance was factor in Cubi getting food, and a pregnant woman wasn't what most of their meals wanted to see. During the three shorter trimesters most Succubus had to rely on energy stocks they would store up as soon as they knew they were pregnant, to last them without feeding through the six months.

"Well ain't yah just a smart Swamp Rat?" Rogue relied with a smile, lowering herself to the bed and her smile increased as she felt Remy lie behind her, wrapping his arms around her belly as her healing took care of shrinking it back down to a normal size.

Placing a kiss on her neck he tightened his grip around her, his accent slipping away with the Cajun kinetic charger mask. "They are perfect Lilith."

Smiling at this Lilith rested her head back against his chest, just enjoying the warmth of his arms. "So what will we call them? I'm not sure I want to keep up the traditional names that would follow ours in our family, after all, their born out of traditional ways."

Sighing Adonis gave a laugh. "Yeah, Black and White mixed genes." He then paused. "You know, the last time this happened was the creation of our species? The original Lilith and Adonis. At least the last recorded mix breeding."

Nodding sleepily she yawned. "Think it's a sign?"

"Only of our love amour."

"I want the boy's middle name to be Logan."

Adonis was the one to nod his head this time as his chin rested against her head, careful to not get cut on her horns. With age both of their horns had grown longer, as with all Cubi, but both were also growing in their next set. Being the older of the two Adonis got his first, starting off nothing more than slight bumps under the skin it took decades for them to grow out of looking like some sort of teen's skin condition, the tips of red horns breaking through the skin. At the moment both sported a set of two inch long horns that would one day sweep over the back of their head like the one from the middle of their forehead, one resting above each eye at their hairline level. "And Bella for the girl."

Lilith nodded one more time as she yawned again, trying her best to stay awake from the exertion of labour and lack of feeding for so long. She understood his reasoning for the middle name, just as he did hers, both Logan and Belladonna such close friends it seemed only right for them to have a name in their children's. In fact Adonis had been right, the two Succubus got on perfectly when they had meet, too well almost as they had spent hours swapping and laughing about stories of him. She snapped herself awake again as a thought struck her and turned her head enough to cast a look back at him. "What about last names? We don't have any."

Looking equally confused he suggested: "LeBeau? Means the handsome."

"Darkholme? Don't know what it means."

"We could use White or Black." A smirk crossed his face. "Grey?"

"No, reminds me too much of Jean." An equal to his smirk on her face. Lilith had actually learned to get on better with the telepath after the reveal of her true form and pushed aside her hatred for her sister to get to know Jean better instead of just judging her. The two had became good friend, as close as Lilith and Kitty were. "Actually, it is a good idea. The mixture of our colours-"

"Like they're the mixture of our blood." Adonis finished for her.

"You know, Raven would kill me if I didn't use her name."

"Raven Belladonna Grey." He tried out to see how it sounded. "What about our 1garcon?"

Shrugging a shoulder Rogue fell back down as a mask, having been so use to using it for so long it came more naturally than her real voice. "Donno sugah, Ah picked our little girls, yah get the boy."

"Hmmm." Cuddling into her back more Remy made several more humming and thinking sounds until Rogue had had enough and elbows him in the stomach. "Well, dere is one name… A homme from da Guild Ah was very close to."

"Henri?" She guessed.

"Oui. Mon brother away from 'ome. 'e would of suited in ma real family, would of made a bon next King."

"Henri Logan Grey."

"'nd don't forget Raven Belladonna Grey." He teased.

Smiling at this Rogue closed her eyes, ready to drift off to sleep. "Sugah, Ah'll never ever forget either of them."


NOTE: 2nd generation (first being first XM) approx 60. Third generation (grandkids) being approx 35.

Note: Rogue and Remy approx 24/26 mortal years. 1165/1265.

Rogue and Gambit around same age: approx. 1000. Raven around 400/300


- Flight

- Shape shifting

- Glowing eyes

- Mind control/mind reading (kiss on the forehead)

- Seduce opposite gender of 'lower' species but can't of another cubi, barest clothing,

- Feed of mortal's sexual energies, always rests hands on chest to go with myth, do not climax themselves during feeding, keep own form. Demon shadow with glowing eyes.

- Fires to 'purify' bodies (rogue uses it to get rid of scents since she's around logan).

- Horn/eye/blade colour is like iris colouring, runs in genetics.

Rogue gets her from mother's side, as females are dominant in the white royal family (father is black). White representative: White. Rogue hair colour from her father, also shares it with her brother (black with white streak), mother and sister is blonde. Rogue never close to parents (mother busy with leading, father busy being 'first partner', sister is 'Miss Perfect' (why Rogue doesn't like Jean, reminds her of her sister), only ever close to her brother. Was the outcast at school despite expected to be popular and good at studies because of her family (lives in her mother and sisters shadow), the schools jock/Duncan is Joseph, who has a crush on her, mainly because of her status.

Gambit's from his father's side (mothers purple). Black representative: Blue. Youngest so picked on by all of his brothers, normally ended up play fighting but was looked after because of his age. Very close to his mother (cause he is the baby of the family), father too busy leading. Grew up with his best friend Belladonna as she didn't care he was royalty.

Rogue and gambit are youngest princess/prince of the sides, named after their clans creators.

Names in the family rotate with each generation.

Females: Lilith (White), Helen, Aphrodite (fertility/sexual love/beauty), Hathor (fertility/love/marriage/beauty), Hebe (beauty), Hina (fertility), Rati (fertility/love/passion/sex), Venus (love/beauty),

Male: Adonis (Black), Kama (love), Kane (fertility), Khem (fertility), Tane (fertility),

History: Both of different clans, black and white. White Lilith clan/descendants, Black of Adonis. Lilith is the older of the two. Forbidden to cross over the bloodlines/classes/white and black.

Similar to that of the original biblical version with Adam, Lilith was Adonis's wife, yet they fought amongst each other as Adonis tried to make her below him. 'I will not lie underneath' 'I will not like underneath but above, for you are meant to like underneath and I to lie above' ' we are both equals, we were both created from the earth'. Their arguments split them, separating their children between them and creating the clans.

Aging: 1000 years equal to 20 mortal years. Normal lifespan equal to 3500-4000 years. For the first 8 years of their life their aging is accelerated, by age 8 by mortal years they are 16 Cubi years, and become sexually mature. From there their aging slows. The advance aging at a young age is needed to get them feeding for themselves faster, until they are '16' they must rely on their guardians to keep them fed. 1000/20=50 so Rogue approx. 950ish, Remy approx. 1050ish. 1 Cubi year = 50 human years.

'handcuffs': locks wrists, pulled over top of head to back, locks base of wings, locks feet so their made to kneel, locks tail, wraps around chest and can be attached to head piece to cover eyes and mouth to prevent casting 'spell's on opposite gender.


Authors Notes: And a goodnight to you all kids ^_^