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Author's Note: This is an AU during the second season in which Zuko and Iroh are travelling with Aang and the gang.

"You Are Heartless"

"OW!" Zuko yelled as he pulled his arm away.

Katara glared. "Zuko! Hold still!"

"So you can rub more of that stuff on my arm? Forget it! It stings!"

Katara folded her arms and gave a sigh. Thankfully, she was used to getting this reaction from Sokka. Katara was starting to wonder if acting immature was some sort of rite of passage all boys had to go through. "It only stings for a few seconds. Now quit acting like a child, I have to put this ointment on where you got scratched."

Zuko gave back a stubborn glare. How did his life get like this? A few months ago, he and this girl were mortal enemies and he was trying to catch the Avatar. Now, both he and Iroh were fugitives from the Fire nation and traveling with his former prey.

Iroh didn't seem to mind this change at all. In fact, his uncle appeared to enjoy riding that flying bison, but Zuko guessed it was because it was better than traveling by foot.

Zuko looked to Katara and narrowed his eyes as he answered her. "No."

Katara threw both arms up in the air. "Fine! Then YOU can let your arm get infected and YOU can explain to your uncle why you need to have your arm chopped off and then..."

"Oh never mind!" Zuko snapped, holding his arm out. "Just get it over with! It's easier than having you nag me."

Katara gave a satisfied smirk and rubbed on more of the ointment.

Zuko winced as he felt like a thousand bees were stinging his arm at once, but remained still.

Katara could tell he wasn't enjoying this. "You know, I wouldn't be doing this if you hadn't decided to take on a platypus bear."

"I didn't decide to, it just sprang out of nowhere when I was trying to get water!"

"But you didn't have to fight it!" Katara argued. "You're lucky you only got your arm scratched and Appa was there to scare it away. You could have been torn to shreds!"

Zuko could feel the veins in his head twitching. "And what was I supposed to do?"

"Play dead! Climb a tree! Make loud noise! You're not suppose to start attacking it with fire! That only gets them angry!"

Zuko gave a tired sigh. "I already got a very long lecture from my uncle, I don't need another one from you."

Katara began to wrap the bandages on his arm. "Fine, but just try to use your head more next time instead of thinking with your fists first."

Before Zuko could reply, Aang jumped down from the tree behind them. "I got the fruit Katara, how's Zuko's arm?"

"He'll live. He just needs to leave the bandages on for a few days."

Aang blinked, confused. "Bandages?"

Zuko raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you don't know what bandages are?"

"Of course I do, but...I'm just wondering why Katara didn't just heal you with water."

There was a very long pause before Zuko spoke. "What?"

"Katara can use her water bending to heal injuries...Didn't she tell you?"

Zuko slowly turned to Katara, who was calmly gathering up the firewood. "You have healing abilities?"

"Yes." Katara replied.

"And the reason you didn't use that instead of something that stings like crazy is?"

Katara smirked. "Consider it payback for all the times you called me 'Peasant'."

Aang rolled over with laughter.

Zuko groaned. His life had indeed gone insane.