"The Debate"

"Let me get this straight," said Katara, unsure of whether she truly wanted to know. "You saw Momo dressed as a samurai and Appa dressed as a warlord and both of them having a duel to the death?"

Aang nodded. "It was so bizarre."

Sokka folded his arms. "Oh yeah, try seeing Toph on fire and a giant mushroom, then we'll talk."

Aang raised a confused eyebrow. He wanted to ask what Sokka was talking about, but Katara quickly mouthed "Don't ask."

Sokka stroked his chin. "Still, seeing a fight between Appa and Momo would be interesting." He shrugged. "But it would have been pointless, since it's obvious who would have won."

"Well, duh," Toph scoffed as she stretched out on the grass. "Any idiot could have figured out that Momo would have won in an instant."

Sokka frowned and stared at the earth bender like she had just declared she was joining the Fire Nation army. "Momo? How could Momo win? Appa clearly would have won the fight."

Toph sat up. "Appa? No way, Momo would have won."

"How?" Sokka asked exasperated.

"Cause Momo is small and can easily dodge attacks. Everyone knows it's harder to hit a small target."

"Who cares!" Sokka pointed to the air bison. "Appa is huge and he has SIX ARMS! He clearly has the advantage!"

Toph glared. "So what? The Boulder was twice my size and I kicked his butt. Plus, Momo can move a lot faster than Appa. Face it, Momo would win hands down." She turned to Aang. "You agree with me, right Twinkletoes."

"Well..." Aang was hesitant to pick sides. "I think they would both have some advantages...but if I had to pick...I would say Momo."

Toph grinned smugly. "See! Even the Avatar says so."

"That doesn't prove anything!" Sokka declared, scrambling to his feet. "There is no way that Momo would beat Appa! He's not smart enough."

"Hey! Momo is smart...in his own way." Aang yelled.

"That's enough!" Katara stood in the middle of the argument with her hands on her hips. "There's no need to start fighting over this." The others grumbled. Katara sighed. "Besides, Sokka's right, Appa would win."

Thus, the arguing and debating continued. Appa opened one lazy eye and rolled onto his side in the opposite direction, hoping to have a nap despite the noise. Momo yawned and decided to join him and then curled up on top of the bison's head.