One day Thornclaw charged into camp with a look of pure terror across his face. He shouted,"I need to talk to Firestar!"

Graystripe narrowed his eyes,"He has an appointment right now..."

Thornclaw pushed past Graystripe and went into the leader's den,"Firestar!"

The ginger-flame colored tom cat has his paws crossed and was meditating,


"Firestar!" Thornclaw cried,"Fourtrees has been graffitied! With horrible signs and writings on it! Come look!"

Firestar looked up,"I'll send a patrol..." He looked at Graystripe,"Get Mousefur, Cloudtail, and Spiderpaw. Now!"

Graystripe nodded and quickly departed. He came back with the cats on his heels and he said,"Could I come on the patrol?"

"No, you must guard camp in case there is an attack planned."

"Sir yes sir!" Graystripe saluted Firestar with his paw and Firestar gritted his teeth,"Please don't do that."

"Sir yes sir!"

"Whatever..." Firestar disappeared out of camp with the patrol trembling behind him. When he reached the four oak trees towering over the forest, red, blue, and purple markings were on the tree that symbolized ThunderClan. Cloudtail frowned sarcastically,"'We're gonna' get you', 'Firestar stinks' and 'Leave now or die'..."

Indeed, the writings said that. Firestar started sucking on his paw and rocking back and forth,"Mommy..."

Mousefur rolled her eyes,"Firestar, get up..."

Suddenly, a harsh voice called out beside them,"The leader wants his mommy? Well, she's dead in kitty-pet land..." A cackle sounded out.

The patrol spun around to find themselves looking at Tigerclaw.

Firestar looked suprised,"I thought you were dead, you flea bag..."

"I was! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And then I got thirsty in StarClan and came down here to get a drink of water..." He flicked his tail to a small river nearby.

Firestar suddenly burst out laughing. Tigerclaw's ears twitched.

"What's so funny, kitty-pet?"

"You...have...a pink bow!" He choked between laughs. Mousefur, Spiderpaw, and Cloudtail looked closer and saw a light pink baby bow tied around Tigerclaw's neck.

"Well, you see, it was a gift from Bluestar. She gave it to me for...well, I don't really know why she gave it to me. Maybe because I looked so bad before I came down here."

Mousefur giggled,"You look bad with that!"

Tigerclaw shifted uncomfortably.

Firestar stopped laughing,"Why are you here any way?"

"I was thirsty, I told you..."

"No, I mean, why are you in ThunderClan territory?"

"I dunno...Maybe because I feel like it."

"Well, get your butt off because it's our territory...Not pink-bow-cat's..."

Firestar started laughing again. Tigerclaw growled,"That's enough! I am going back now." Out of no where, Tigerclaw pulled out something that looked like a blue button. He pushed it with his nose and a blinking green UFO floated down and beamed Tigerclaw up into the space-craft. Bluestar looked down from it,"Hello, forest! Here we come, Texas- I mean StarClan!"

Mousefur blinked,"What the-"

Firestar shook his head,"Anyway... About the graffiti."

Cloudtail grinned,"It sounds like it's a joke because at the bottom of the tree it says 'Yours truly, Cheese Butt'." Firestar frowned,"I'm going to talk to Cinderpelt and see what she says..."

When they got back to camp, he went into the medicine cat's den,"Cinderpelt?"

"Oh, Firestar! Have you done your morning yoga, yet?"

"Yes...But anyway...We found Fourtrees graffitied... Can you talk to StarClan? It might mean something!"

"Of course, Firestar. I will talk to Bluestar tonight."