"I love you"

And he meant it. There was something special about her. Something that made her different from all the others. He enjoyed every minute they spent together.

To everyone else, she wasn't exactly stunning, but he saw beyond all of that. He saw the boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. The kind heart, the warmth that shone through bright eyes. He loved the way she could cheer him up and the way she was always happy to see him.

She was a little rough around the edges, it was true. And lord knows his parents didn't think much of her. But he didn't care. And neither did she. That was another thing he liked. She didn't care what anyone else thought. To her, he was the only one that mattered. He was the master, he was God, and his word was law.

He liked that she'd do anything for him.

So, sure, she was a mongrel. But she was his mongrel.

"Mutt, get down!" Shirley Holmes pushed the dog off of her and brushed off her school uniform. "Bo, I think your dog has fleas"

"Aww, not again…"

Because there never was a dog more devoted to its master than Mutt.

Yeah, I'm back. This is just a little thing to wet my appetite and help me ease back into the SH fandom after so long away. Expect more from me in the future ;o)