Encounter with Dangerous Games Chapter 24

"It will be all right, Kagome. He has gone through with you as an unborn. He will be fine," Sesshomaru advised his mate, standing at the edge of the well. Kagome held their five-month-old son in her arms, hesitating to jump through. "Remember what the healer said when we came here a week ago? He will be fine."

Kagome took a deep breath, and nodded, and Sesshomaru jumped through with her and Kagomaru. Sesshomaru carefully brought them onto land, and kissed his mate sweetly.

"Papa!" A squeal came from his son. Sesshomaru smiled and kissed his son's forehead.

"Yes, I am papa," he said with a small chuckled.

"I'm really still shocked that he is learning so quickly how to speak," Kagome said, walking forward into the forest. Sesshomaru nodded, following beside her.

"But it is the way of a demon to learn faster than an average human. He will be walking soon, and then speaking in full sentences, and all this without schooling. But, at the age of four, he will be schooled, understood?" Sesshomaru said to his mate. She nodded.

"We agreed on this earlier. I want my son educated," she said. "And maybe my daughter too."

"Daughter?" Sesshomaru asked, confused, and halting his wife. "How can you have a daughter? You are still on rest."

Kagome laughed. "No, I'm not pregnant again, dear. It's just, well, I want a daughter," she said in a dreamy voice. "I mean, remember all the fights we had about the gender of him? I really was hoping for it to be a girl."

Sesshomaru smiled, his arm wrapping around her. "But I remember a certain mate of mine screaming that if I wanted another child, I would have to give birth to it. And that I wouldn't be having one. And that you were going to kill me," he told her, looking directly at her. Kagome laughed out loud, startling Sesshomaru and some birds nearby.

"Dear, that was labour talk. Every woman who goes through birth says that stuff. I mean, my mother threatened to run my father over with the family car three million times while giving birth to Sota. I threatened to purify you, and I bet Kagomaru here will get the exact treatment. Most of the time, we don't mean it. Seriously, you should have heard what I was saying after you fainted..." Kagome laughed, trying not to injure the child in her hands too badly while laughing at her mate. Sesshomaru carefully took the child from Kagome's hands, cuddling and cradling the child.

"I see... I wish your mother would have warned me about this before you went into delivering," he said, smiling at his son, who called him "papa" once again. "He will be a heartbreaker."

"Just like his father," Kagome said, leaning on his arm, her eyes closing. It was peaceful now. They were at peace. It was perfect. Sesshomaru looked at both of the people he loved: Kagome, his mate, and Kagomaru, his son. He would risk his life for both. He was happy with them both. He would always love them, forever more.

"What are you two doing here?" Came an angered voice, and Kagome looked up, halting her leaning, and ruining the sweet moment. Sesshomaru quickly passed Kagomaru to Kagome, and stepped in front of the two, one arm out in front of her, and the other on the handle of Tokijin. "I thought you two were supposed to be in the castle celebrating your mating and have her pregnant!"

"Inuyasha, leave us to be alone. We did not come here for a fight," Sesshomaru warned, drawing Tokijin. Kagome looked over Sesshomaru's arm to see Inuyasha come out with his Tetsusaiga out.

"Yeah, riiiiight," Inuyasha said, slowly walking forward. Kagome moved around Sesshomaru's arm, her son still in hand.

"Actually, I came so you could see your nephew," Kagome said, Sesshomaru looking both angrily and confused at Kagome. So they weren't just walking around? "Do you want to?"

"Nephew? So, you gave the bastard a son. Whoopee-do. Now he just has another asshole to take over the Western Lands," Inuyasha growled, sheathing Tetsusaiga.

"SIT!" Kagome exclaimed, the half-demon hamming into the ground. A giggle and squeal came from Kagomaru. "Oh, I guess he likes it. SIT! SIT! SIT!"

Kagomaru laughed every time his mother utter the word, and Sesshomaru smiled. Kagomaru was really his son; enjoying the pain of Inuyasha.

"Stop. Please," Inuyasha begged, pulling himself out of the crater. "If you stop saying 'sit' I'll see my nephew."

Kagome smiled, and passed Inuyasha over carefully to Inuyasha, telling him to hold his head carefully, and keep him stable. But Inuyasha looked weary at the child when his eyes lit up, looking at only one thing. His ears.

"Kagome, get this kid away from me," Inuyasha exclaimed, holding the child out, away from him as possible, the small hands stretching towards his ears.

"My child is an inu demon, not a goat demon," Sesshomaru growled, causing Kagome to be confused for a second, and then burst out laughing, rolling on the floor. Her mother always told her never to call a child a "kid" since it was the term for baby goats. She was laughing so hard, that Sesshomaru had to take the child away from Inuyasha, but not to please Inuyasha, but to get his child away from him for his own desires. "Kagome, it is not that funny."

"But it is!" Kagome exclaimed, tears coming to her eyes. But tears were coming to her son's eyes for a different reason. Kagomaru wanted to touch Inuyasha's furry ears, and now he didn't have a chance. A loud wail erupted from Kagomaru, Sesshomaru taken back by the loud sound, and so close to his ears, that he nearly dropped him. He had not heard his son cry, especially that loud, and was worried beyond belief.

"Kagome, your son," Sesshomaru said, him the one to hold Kagomaru outward. Kagome raised, looking at Sesshomaru with her hands on her hips.

"He's your son too," Kagome growled.

Sesshomaru placed Kagomaru down, glaring at Kagome. "You are the one who delivered him. He's more your son than mine."

"It takes two."

"Yeah, but only one has to give birth."

"Yeah, well, if I recall correctly, you felt like you were giving birth. Is that why you fainted? Or are you just a wimp?"

"I did not faint as so as go to sleep very quickly."

"Yes, and I suppose when you fell out of that bed, you meant to do that."

"As a mater of fact, I did!"

"Yeah right!"

"It is true."


"Yes, indeed!"


"Uh huh!"


"Uh huh!"

Kagome and Sesshomaru were inches from each other's face when a smile came from Sesshomaru's lips and he pulled Kagome in for a kiss. It seemed like Kagome had the exact same idea for she completely complied to it. They both knew it was just a friendly little argument, and neither meant what they said.

Inuyasha, meanwhile, sighed and "humph" as he seated himself on the ground, his back to the making-out lovebirds. "If you guys could so kindly finish so you can leave me at peace, it would be greatly appreciated!" Inuyasha exclaimed. A small Kagomaru, still on the forest ground, saw the perfect opportunity to grab an ear. He crawled as quietly as possible, like his father, and stood up and...

"KAGOME! YOUR SON! SESSHOMARU! YOUR SON!" Was suddenly screamed from Inuyasha, standing up so suddenly, that Kagomaru fell to the forest floor with a "plop."

Kagome broke the kiss with Sesshomaru to see Inuyasha glaring daggers at Kagomaru.

"If you wanted my ears, ASK YOUR MOTHER FOR THEM!" Inuyasha exclaimed. Kagome smiled, as well as Sesshomaru, who happened to had cornered Kagome against a tree in their kissing frenzy. "Ok, fine. I'll let you touch them, but no pulling."

Inuyasha seated himself on the ground and an eager Kagomaru crawled in Inuyasha's lap. Inuyasha bent low, and Kagomaru happily played with Inuyasha's adorable puppy ears. Sesshomaru turned to Kagome, a kiss bringing her attention back to him.

"Now that we've gotten rid of the two nuisances, you want to try for that daughter you wanted so badly?" Sesshomaru asked playfully. Kagome smiled widely before realizing what he had said.

"Our son isn't a nuisance!" Kagome exclaimed. Sesshomaru kissed her.

"Only when he's crying and wailing and walking in every single time we-"

"I got it. Let's go," Kagome said, and with that, left the two half-demons to be alone.

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