Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Power Rangers Mystic Force
Jii Golu Nermax MagiBolt

Chapter 1: Briarwood's Peace Broken

Throughout the universe there exists a force so powerful it can transcend the laws of nature itself. It is the power of magic. Magic is, by its own nature, intangible, but it can be controlled. The ones who control it go by many names – wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, magicians, mages, spellcasters – and they all seek to discover the many secrets of this great and powerful force.

Our story begins in the seemingly quiet, forested city of Briarwood. From the outside, Briarwood looked like any normal city. Yet its secrets lurked in the dark maze of trees on the city's edge. Five had entered that forest one day and found themselves imbued with the power of magic itself. To this day they had told no one of their discovery.

The Marudeyouna World was no place in particular. It had many different "zones", and whatever you wanted to go to, you went to. Feudal Japan, a silent snowfield, the Lake of Slumber in the Eternal Woods, a prehistoric jungle and more made up this multifaceted dimension. A distant corner of the Marudeyouna World was home to one in particular…and he had been planning for centuries.

This section of the Marudeyouna World was known as the Dragon's Lair. Massive winged, scaled beasts of all sorts roared from the distant corners of the cave where they stayed. In a way they were an army created by the man who stood at the edge of a precarious cliff in the dark landscape. One misstep and he would tumble to his demise, but this mage was too good to let that happen.

His name was the Dragon Keeper. If it involved the powerful beasts in any shape or form, he could handle it. He wore a cloak made out of dragon scales and held a long, crooked, polished wooden staff with a dark-scaled, ivory clawed dragon foot holding an onyx crystal at the top. Through that crystal he watched another section of the expansive Marudeyouna landscape.

"Soon it will come to pass," he said, "this wood between the worlds shall become a battlefield, and those who lack courage shall run in with those who don't believe. If this is done right…I shall have more to command. My army shall grow, and then, only then, will I be ready to claim my place as the master of all dimensions, of time and space! It draws ever closer…"

The sun on the horizon spread its warmth through the treetops of the Briarwood forest. The inhabitants of the woods began to awaken from their slumber and prepare for another day. Walking between the trees was the short-haired Vida Rocca. Her black hair had a blonde streak running through it, and she was dressed in a blackish-brown overcoat with cape and pink fairy symbol. A gold cell phone emblazoned with an "M" was in her hand, and she walked in the direction of a hidden base in the middle of the woods – the Rootcore.

"Lemme in," Vida said as she approached the massive dragon's-head made of wood built into the base of the tree, "Nick asked me to be here today. I dunno why, but I may as well get it over with." The tree dragon's mouth opened wide to reveal a tunnel to the library/magical room that was the Rootcore. Vida walked in, through the double doors, and into the room drenched in orangish-yellow light.

"Vida!" exclaimed Charlie "Chip" Thorn as she entered. Chip was wearing his magician's outfit, as was everybody, and his was clearly designed with the power of his yellow Garuda in mind. Chip had red hair and a look on his face that spoke of slightly clueless. "You're here. Cool. Sit down."

Vida sat down on a polished wooden chair and rested her elbow on a low-lying shelf. She placed two small earphones in her ears and listened to her music. It's not that Vida was actively anti-magic; it's more that she had been interrupted today for what appeared to be a meaningless task. In her spare time, Vida was a DJ, and what she was currently engaged in allowed her to choose a good set of songs for her next gig.

Madison, a girl dressed in a half-top vest with scrawling blue designs across it, sat down around the central table where the golden crystal ball lay and opened a book. Madison brushed back her black hair and sighed. "Just another day," she thought, "Nick discovered some new spell in the Xenotome; he said it looked as thought it was the beginning of a new chapter. Maybe he wants to try it out."

Madison's bag lay in the corner of the room. In it were her camera and various supplies. As much as mixing magic and technology was forbidden, Madison wanted to keep her dream close by. She was an amateur filmmaker with aspirations of becoming an artiste of the silver screen, but that was a long way off. It didn't mean she couldn't keep striving, though.

Chip sat down beside Madison as Xander walked in after him. Xander's outfit was adorned with green Taurus symbols, and his short brownish-black hair shone in the dull light of the Rootcore. He sat opposite Madison and rested his head in his arms. The recent string of attacks had worn them out greatly. "What's Nick doing back there?" Xander asked, "It's just a spell…shouldn't be any tougher than tying your own shoes."

In the back room of the tree-bound base, Nick was holding his Mystic Morpher in hand and reading from an ancient text. "Okay…" Nick said, "I think I've got this right." The Mystic Morpher was opened to wand mode; Nick held it over the book. "Galwit…Maestro…" the Red Ranger slapped his hand to his forehead, "NO! That's not right at all! Perhaps I should do it where the others can see."

Nick took the Xenotome in hand and walked out into the main room. He laid the ancient text before him and took out his Mystic Morpher. The cover was flipped open, and the top did the same as it became shaped rather like a wand. Vida turned away from her music to see what he was going to do.

"Clare said this spell has only been performed once before," he said, "well, that's about to change." He pointed the red tip of the Mystic Morpher at no particular point in the room and pressed a series of buttons; each button responded with a musical tone. "Galwit…Du…Mysto…" Nick pressed "Enter" on the morpher and waited for something to happen. Nothing did. Madison stood up and placed her arm around Nick's shoulder.

"So you didn't succeed the first time," she said, "It's probably really advanced magic. Just keep trying…I'll watch." Nick looked down at the tome and saw that he had forgotten something entirely – a fourth syllable. It was written in what looked like Japanese text, but he couldn't be sure. "Galwit Tan," said Nick. The symbols swirled around like ink snakes upon the page and took a clearer form.

"So THAT'S it," Nick gasped, "I get it now."

Nick moved to the back of the room and pointed his Mystic Morpher at the crystal ball. He spoke each word with confidence and pride, as if he were certain the spell would come to light this time. "Galwit…Du…Mysto…MAJI!" Nick pressed "Enter" once more; the tip of the Mystic Morpher lit up and sparked. A tendril of golden electricity hit the crystal ball on the table and narrowly avoided striking Vida.

"Are you crazy?" Madison blurted, "None of our spells have used 'Maji' as a syllable. It must be forbidden magic! Were you ever sure it was safe?" Nick's Mystic Morpher was almost bound to his hand; he tried to slide it from his grip, but to no avail. The room felt as though it was compressing in, although that was hardly the case. Vida, Xander and Chip stood at Madison's side as they saw the lightning dance about the crystal ball.

"The Xenotome has no way to reverse it," Nick quietly spoke, "Whatever happens from here…happens. I don't know if it's for better or worse, but we should brace for anything…and I mean ANYTHING." The feeling of distortion stopped. Time itself in the room ground to a halt. The sparks consolidated into a single jolt of electricity in the center of the crystal ball. That electric sphere vanished out of sight, as though it had fizzled out.

"Whew," Nick wiped sweat from his forehead, "We're safe."

Chip interrupted. "I think you spoke too soon."

The spark had only imploded. An explosion of light and energy radiated out from the crystal ball. It spread through the Rootcore, out the windows, and into the forest. When the wave washed over Nick he could feel a fire rising up inside him. This wave was seriously increasing his magical abilities to a point they had never been at before, and would probably never be at again.

The wave stopped just as it reached the edge of the mystical forest and, like the spark of lightning, retracted back into the Rootcore. The wave of energy was replaced by a sucking vacuum force drawing the Mystic Force Rangers closer to the table with every passing second. Madison grabbed hold of Nick's stomach, Chip grabbed Madison's chest, Vida gripped Chip's shoulders, and Xander held Vida's waist. Nick, having nothing to hold onto, kept his Mystic Morpher tethered to the black hole to the unknown drawing them in.

"Nick, you fool!" Xander groaned, "What did you do?"

"I wasn't INTENDING for this to happen," Nick shrugged.

"If you kill us all, I'm never forgiving you," Vida snarled.

"MAYBE we'll survive," Chip chimed in.

"Now's not the time," Madison directed at the Yellow Ranger.

"…I said MAYBE," Chip blurted.

In what they hoped was the final phase of the spell, the vacuum changed course and became a gale-force wind. Less than a second later the five Rangers were slammed into the wall. Vida rubbed her head and looked at Nick once more. "That's it. I'm going home." Vida would never get that chance, for the Rootcore suddenly held more than five people within.

A dense, chromatic fog had filled the main chamber. Five cloaked figures were barely visible in the dim morning light, and each of them was holding a small device that looked very much like a Mystic Morpher. Nick, Madison, Chip, Xander and Vida stood up and looked through the mist. Visibility had been reduced to naught, but they could vaguely hear the figures talking amongst themselves in a language unintelligible.

"Are you friend or foe?" Nick pointed his Mystic Morpher at the one in the center. A ring of red flame swirled at his feet in anger. The center body responded in that same language; Nick couldn't make a word of it. He turned his head towards his friends and asked that they huddle to decide what to do with these newcomers.

"So, any advice?"

"I say we get rid of this mist first," Madison suggested.

"They seem friendly…" Chip shrugged, "well, at least from what I could understand, they did."

"I'll try and reason with them," said Xander.

"No, Nick will talk. HE'S the one who brought them here," Vida said in a low, catty tone.

"Fine, I'll talk," sighed Nick, "here goes nothing."

"Friends from another world," Nick began, "while I do not know you, and you do not know me, I wish for us to get to know each other so that we may have an idea of where to go from here. Speak and let us know what we should do." He backed away just in case.

Once more the center figure stepped forward. He asked of them a question.

"Densetsu no Gonin no Mahou Tsukai?"