A/N: Short fic. Got the idea from The Simpsons. The Land of Chocolate daydream. One day I was thinking about it then I got the idea with Luffy and meat. A minor character fromThe Simpsons does appear in this...bet you can't guess which one...Oh yeah, an OC named Usa appears in this, the assiant chef for the Merry Go (you have to admit... they do need one).

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Ko: You know that only a toy... it won't work.

Me: I know... (Sigh) but Usa does belong to me.

Luffy and the Land of Meat

By Emma Iveli

It was an hour before dinner. Luffy wanted food. He tired to get some but was kicked out of the kitchen.

"But I'm hungry…" moaned Luffy.

"Just wait 'till dinner's ready…" said and annoyed Sanji.

"But I'm hungry…" said Luffy again.

"Just think about the land of meat…" said Usa from the kitchen.

"The land of meat…" drooled Luffy.

(Dream Sequence)

Luffy was standing in a field and everything was made of meat… the plants… the rocks… even the animals… Luffy over to a cow made out of take and took a bite. It mooed angrily. He noticed nearby was a pig made out of bacon.

"Mmmmm… bacon" drooled Luffy.

He took a bite and the pig oinked angrily.

As he continued on his way, it began to rain chicken Macnuggets™.

"Hey that's trademarked missy." said the blue haired lawyer from The Simpsons showing up from nowhere.

I know that's why the little ™ appears.

"You should also note that this is a blatant rip-off of The Simpsons and I'm here to award you with a cease and desist order…" said the lawyer.

Hey, you do realize that you yourself is from The Simpsons yet you appear in this fanfic… so you should be sending one to yourself as well…

"Does… not… compute…" said the lawyer who then exploded.

"That was cool…" said Luffy.

Not to mentioned weird…

Anyways Luffy noticed a town and all the buildings were made of meat… he took a bite out a lamp post that was made from jerky then a small dog made out of meat showed up and jumped into Luffy arms… Luffy took a bite and little meat dog scampered away while yelping.

Luffy noticed a store… it was a butcher shop.

"Wow meat half off!" said Luffy.

(Cut out of dream sequence)

Chopper waved his hoof in front of a drooling Luffy's face. He was complexly out of it.

"Land of Meat again?" asked Chopper.

"Yeah…" said Sanji.

"You should really stop doing that…" said Chopper.

"I know but it's so hard…" said Usa with a sweat drop.

"Mmmmm… Meat…" drooled Luffy, still in the day dream.

The End.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it... I was also wondering if I should do a prequel involving where Luffy got the Land of Meat idea... please tell if I should do one... now excuse me,I'm in the mood for meat for some reason...