Most of you know of vampires

Those horrid stories we're told as children

Of Dracula and such as that

But do you know of the normal vampire?

The one who stays at home

Sitting in a chair in front of the hearth

Reading his books?

The one who makes a band

Just to tell others of himself

Of how he can hide among the mortals

And live among us

Not many will believe that

When they see this 'human'

Paper white skin but it's not flawed at all

Long blond hair over strong shoulders

And clad in silk and leather

With a voice that should belong to an angel

But yet, down to earth

Believe if you will in Dracula and scary vampires

That feed on the innocent

And take life from those they see fit

But when you see him

Tall, blond, and beautiful

Think of what I've told you

And understand the truth

Of the vampire who plays mortal