Learning to Live Again.


October 30h 1981

Dear Remus.

If you are receiving this letter then James and I are dead and Harry will be 16 soon. James and I fear that it will be safer if you tell Siri our news other then to write him a letter he won't believe anyway. I would like to suggest tying him down before you tell him anything though. This way he'll have no choice but to listen to what you have to say.

There is no easy way to tell you this. Even though by the time you read this whole letter your memories will have started to return already. So here it goes. Harry has a second father. James had an accident with a anti-fertility hex a year after we left school, and no one was able to reverse the damage.

When we found out there was nothing that could be done, I ran to a good friend of mine and cried on his shoulder After I had calmed down, said friend gave me another option. A potion. It allowed the sperm of one male and the blood of the other to be combine and impregnate the female. The child would be able to claim all three as parents.

It took us months to convince Severus to be the sperm donor. I loved him dearly as the brother I wished I had, and James had started to call him brother before all of this happened, it was logical that he be the second father. In fact if i remember correctly, Severus finally gave in to being the second father after you started to bug him about it. I don't think he was able to deny you anything.

It took several weeks for him to brew the potion, and during that time you followed him everywhere trying to make sure that nothing would happen to him or the potion. We finally had to ban you from the lab at the house, just so the poor man could get some rest. It got to the point that we refused to tell you when the potion would be ready so that the three of us could have some privacy during that time.

I must say that I was doubtful that the potion would work, but within a week Poppy confirmed it. I was pregnant. Harry when he was born was a perfect blend of all three of us. And we where all so proud to have him join our family, for that is what the four of us were. Family.

Then the worst happened. We found out about the prophesy, and our world was turned upside down. We decided that we needed to hid Harry's parentage. It was the hardest decision of our lives. Finally we realized that we had no other choice. We had to change everything that Harry received from Sev, and made it to look like James was the only father. We even had to bind some of his power. And that was the easy part. The hard part came after.

We had to modify your memory of what happened. Instead of removing it, we just hid it deep in your mind, and put it on a trigger release. This letter is the trigger.

The charms around Harry will start breaking soon. And as he comes closer to reaching his magical majority the charms binding his powers will also break. He's going to need help. He's going to need you and his father. Remus, I'm asking you to insure that harry remains safe. And to introduce him to his father.

Harry, Severus and Albus are all getting letters also. So you don't have to worry about breaking the news to them yourself.

Take care of yourself, and remember that we love you.

Lily Evans-Potter.

ps. Prongs says to get off your lazy arses. The two of you have a new marauder to train.


No you are not imagining things, you are receiving a letter from your self. There is a very good reason for this and you will know what it is after you look in the pensieve. If you don't remember the spell to check to see if the memories are true or not, go look it up. Just know that you are the only one who can activate it. More then you know rests on your acceptance of what these memories contain. And I can guarantee that at first you are not going to like what you see. After you're done with the pensieve the rest of this letter will appear to you.



Lily and I are so sorry that you had to be retold this way. But it was and is as far as we know for the best. I just hope that nothing has happened to Harry while no one knew of his true parentage.

As you know the charms binding Harry's looks and power will be breaking soon, and from what lily has told me, it will be extremely painful for our son.

I haven't told Lily anything about my visions, for I don't want to worry her, but I know that we will not be alive to see another Christmas. And that Sirius will do something stupid so that he will not be around for Harry. If that is the case, we have made arrangement for him to be placed with other order members. But i fear that Albus will not respect our wishes in this, and will send Harry to live with Lily's family. If that is the case you must get him out of that house. He's life is in danger the closer he gets to his 16th birthday. Lily's sister knows that wizard is the most vulnerable during this time, and she is terrified of all things magical. As well as hated them. This is a bad combination. And i fear for Harry's life. GET HIM OUT OF THAT HOUSE.

Keep our son safe Sev and let him know how much we loved him.

Your brother in Spirit

James Potter.

Papa Albus,

I know it's been about 15 years since i last called you that, but I wanted to let you know that I truly did think of you as my Father. Especially since my Mom and Sister did not want me around. What I never did tell you is that after my mother died, Petunia blamed me for everything. She told me just after her funeral that I should have been drowned at birth, or killed as soon as my freaky habits started to show.

That is when I really started to think of you as my father, for I had no other family.

Which is why, what I'm going to tell you is so hard, especially since I know that James and I were unable to tell you while we lived.

This letter is charmed to appear to you no matter what just before your grandson's 16th birthday. And will appear even sooner if Sirius dies before then. Please if that is the case don't place my son with my sister. Papa I beg you don't place Harry with that monster, she will do everything she can short of killing him, and I wouldn't put it pass her to actually do that as well. Or allow her beast of a husband to do it for her.

Instead I give you another option. Because of the blood protection that I have placed on Harry, which will take effect if Voldemort finds us, I fear that you will find that you can only place harry with petunia, but that is not true, i changed the spell so that anyone i consider family can take him, even you.

I know that the blood protection will be twice as strong with a blood relative, but that relative does not have to be my blood relative, only Harry's. Which means that there is on other person you can send him too.

Severus Snape.

When James and I found out that we could not have children due to a anti-fertility hex, i went to Severus. He told us about a potion that could be used that would give harry two fathers, and allowing a perfect blend of all three of us. You should now how the potion works, after all you are the one that created it.

Papa please, make sure that Sev and Harry stay together, They both need family.

Your Loving Daughter.

Lily Potter.

Our Darling Harry.

No doubt this letter will be a big surprise for you, but there are things that you need to know, and they are best coming from your dad and I.

18 years ago (for you anyway) James was hit with a anti-fertility hex that we could not reverse. Now before you panic, rest assured, that James IS your father. We so wanted children that we found another way for this to happen. The brother of my soul found a potion that would combine the blood and blood of James and the seed of another man, to create a child.

You my son are the perfect blend of all three of us.

After you where born we found out about a prophesy. It scared us all. If you do not already know about this prophesy, then ask papa Albus to tell it to you. We had a hard decision to make. You see your second father was a death eater turned spy, and he was put in even more risk then before.

The three of us came to a decision to hid both your parentage and his knowledge of you from the Dark Lord. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do. His memories where removed and placed in a pensieve, and then hid the true relationship between him and us deep in his mind. Instead of love, any of his feeling for us where turned to hate, or dislike.

We then placed charms on Remus and Sirius so that they wouldn't remember also.

Charms where also placed on you to make you look more like James, and your gifts from your other father where bound, to block anything you would have gotten from him.

Your probably wondering by now who your other father is. First I must ask that you give him a chance to be the father i know he is. He does love you very much. He just hides everything but contempt behind many masks.

Severus Snape is a good man with a heart of gold. Of course if you ever told him this, he would most likely hex you.

If you don't already know him from your time at Hogwarts, then ask papa Albus to find him for you.

Your going to need Severus in the days to come. The charms hiding your appearance will have started to break two months before your 16th birthday. At this time you will also receive the rest of your bound powers. This will most likely be painful.

I'm asking that you get to now Severus, and don't push him away, or let him push you away.

James and I (and Severus) love you very much. Don't ever believe otherwise.

Your loving mother.

Lily Potter.

Lily sat in front of her desk, staring at the group of letters in front of her. Tears ran unchecked down her cheeks, from the amount of pain that a single madman could create. She had just finished the charms that would deliver the letters in 15 years time, to her family. She hated the fact that this step was needed, but James insisted that it had to be done now. Sighing with regret at the necessity of all of this, she slowly stood and joined her 'boys' in the next room, carefully wiping away all traces of her tears.

A small smile graced her face as she watched Severus play with their son. 'It seems that Harry managed to convince the four men in the room that he wanted to play instead of go to bed.' she thought to herself. "You do know that it's time for Harry to go to bed right?" she asked out loud, amusement clear in her voice.

Severus tried to give her a death glare, but it wasn't working all that well, considering that he had his arms full with his son. Flat on his back, with both Harry and Sirius, in his dog form pinning him down to the floor.

Laughing Lily swept harry into her arms and gave the child a few kisses, which made his little nose scrunch up. When Harry realized that he was being taken away from his fun, he started to cry and reach for Severus.

"No. Want Paps." he said through his tears.

"I'm afraid not my son. It's time for you to go to bed."

Not giving up Harry tried again. "Da?"

"No. And don't bother calling for Mooney and Paddy, it won't work. You need to go to bed." her tone was firm.

James watched silently as lily tried to convince their son to go to bed. Taking a good look at Severus, he could see the pain in the dark mans eyes. Walking over he placed his arms around both lily and harry, and gave his wife a kiss. "Lily, my love. Let harry fall asleep with Severus." he whispered in her ear. He saw her glance towards the man in question and nodded her head when she saw the same thing James had seen moments earlier.

Placing Harry on Severus's lap, Lily hurried away only to return moments later with Harry's blanket, and stuffed bear. And then proceeded to tuck both of her boys in. Finally satisfied, Lily joined James on the couch, and leaned into his side. For now the group of them where content to sit in silence. Knowing this would be the last time, any of them would be together as a family in this life time.

By midnight, their lives would be changed forever, as all the charms and spells needed to protect their family would be at last be finished.

James held his wife as she cried for most of the night. Giving comfort where he could, and cursing fate for the choices they had needed to make. There had never been a more true statement made when someone first came up with 'Life isn't fair.'

The next night, all their nightmares came true, and James and Lily Potter vanished from this life time. With flashes of green light, Baby Harry's world turned upside down, and he was forced to live in his parents worst nightmares.