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Haruno Sakura moves yet again this time to Konoha and unaware that Konoha Academy was a boarding school she enrolls there. Now she faces the Uchiha prodigy Uchiha Sasuke who's trying to discover the mystery of her past.

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Chapter 10- What is the truth?

The day of the dance arrived very quickly, Naruto and Hinata were still growing strong and Sasuke has finally opened up to Sakura.

Hundreds of limousines were parked outside, around the school campus and there were still many more in the school parking lot. This wasn't really an unusual site for the students of this school since this was the most prestigious and rich school in the state even though it was a boarding school. Most would believe that the reason for this event was something more important like... a wedding of some sort but of course... it wasn't. Even so, for the students of this school, this dance was very important to them, after all, it was a dance for god sake!

Everyone seemed very happy, couples walked side by side to each other with their arms linked. The girls looked up to their dates dreamly as they walked down the aisle to the cafeteria, indoor gym, outdoor gym, court yard where the dance was taking place. The grassy hill behind the school was also a part of the dance but... nobody wanted to go there since they thought it was creepy and wasn't decorated.

Sakura hid inside Sasuke's limousine and peered out of the dark windows that nobody can see into but can see out to.

"Excuse me please." Sakura said as she got to the opposite window carefully passing through Sasuke who was seated and currently scowling. She gave a nervous laugh and then continued her long search but careful enough not to ruin her beautiful scarlet gown with spagetti straps that wrapped around her slender shoulder. "AHA!" She cried suddenly and opened the door a little bit slowly, then she pulled two surprised people inside very steadily not to mess up their outfits. It was Naruto and Hinata.

"What the... Sakura?" Naruto said in confusion and looked from the scowling Sasuke to the cheerful Sakura.

"Sorry, I just wanted to make sure that Tenten or Neji doesn't see us and come to 'speak' with us and leave their dates before they go inside." Sakura said sheepishly.

"It's okay Sakura-chan." Hinata said quietly.

"Great, now help me look for Neji and Tenten... and Shikamaru and Ino." Sakura said adding the last part quietly.

"THERE! Neji and Ino!" Naruto said pointing at the two who were arm in arm linked together.

"... No offence but they don't really look too good together." Sakura mumbled.

"I just have to agree..." Hinata murmured with a sigh.

"And there's Shikamaru and Tenten walking behind them." Naruto pointed out once again. Sakura and Hinata shifted their gazes to Shikamaru and Tenten who were glaring at the couple in front of them.

"I'm starting to feel guilty now..." Sakura mumbled. "Do you?" she asked Sasuke.

"..." Sasuke didn't say anything but just shook his head to say no.

Sakura sighed. "Figures."

"Isn't that your plan?" Sasuke says suddenly. (insert everyone's shock here)

"Yeah... I just didn't think that this would turn out so good so fast... and that Shikamaru would actually look jealous!" Sakura said, this time, Sasuke got up to see.

"Alright, they're inside... let's go." Sakura told everyone as they all got up and left the limousine.

Sasuke held out his arm which Sakura happily put her arm through with a blush.

Together they walked to the indoor gym.

"Ne, Naruto-kun..." Hinata said quietly.


"Don't you think Sakura-chan and Sasuke-san look good together?"

"Hm... I guess so..."

Neji and Ino...

"And then I had to fight my friend for the last gown! It was the most gorgeous one out of that whole store, but don't worry, I got it in the end." Ino said happily to Neji who was trying his best not to thrash Ino's head in.

But being the gentlemen that he was, "That's nice, I'm glad you got your gown..." He said with a smile although his mouth twitched.

"You're so sweet Neji!" Ino said and slid a little closer to Neji who backed away. She looked to the back of her from her periodical view(is that what its called?OO) and went back to trying to get close to Neji again in a split second. "Good... she's still watching..."

Shikamaru and Tenten...

Shikamaru watched as Tenten crushed the cup she was holding and threw it in the garbage, ignoring the juice that was dripping down her hand. Then she just took another cup and crushed it as well and did the same routine again and again.

"Hey look Neji's smiling at Ino." Shikamaru said as he backed away from Tenten and the dangerous aura surrounding her.

"Yeah thanks for telling me that captain obvious!" Tenten snapped. Shikamaru inwardly groaned.

"Remember, you have to make Tenten jealous by raving on about Neji and Ino!" Sakura said.

"Damn that girl..." He thought and watched as Ino scooted next to Neji, he felt his heart tighten at that sight. "..."

"That's IT!!!" Tenten yelled, though nobody really heard her from the loud music. She wiped her hand on the table clothe and walked madly to Neji and Ino.

Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata...

"Good, good... everything is freakishly going as planned." Sakura mumbled from behind the menu book. They were currently seated up at a table that they reserved ahead of time (wow... this school really is rich...).

"Wow... this really is weird how everything is just folding into place..." Hinata whispered.

"Yeah..." Naruto said.


Back to our angry girl...

"Ino, get your hands off him!!!!!" Tenten said and pulled Ino away from Neji.

"What the hell are you doing???" Ino screamed dusting herself off for no apparent reason.

"Tenten, what are you doing?" Neji said madly to Tenten which made her flinch.

"I... I was... um..." Tenten stuttered looking for an excuse. Ino looked at Tenten and Neji back and forth. She furrowed her eyebrows. She looked around and amazingly spotted Shikamaru who was walking over.

"HEY SHIKA-KUN!!!" She yelled and went over to him. "You better get this right bun-head girl." she thought while Tenten and Neji were still completely ignorant of her departure. "Wanna dance?" She asked with a smile.

"... sure..." Shikamaru said with a slight smile. "I see... so Ino still has a heart..." he thought with a smirk.

Back to our cute little couples who were currently 'undercover'...

"Did Ino just..." Hinata mumbled in shock.

"She just helped Tenten and Neji... I guess she wasn't the bitch that I thought she was..." Sakura mumbled feeling guilty again.

"She used to be our friend... she was a nice girl..." Naruto mumbled with a sigh.


Back to Tenten and Neji...

"Well... I just saw Ino trying to get close to you and you well... didn't seem too comfortable so I just thought..." Tenten mumbled suddenly finding the floor the most interesting thing in the world. "God... stop stuttering! I'm not Hinata dammit!" she thought (from the table, Hinata sneezed.)

"You shouldn't just assume anything." Neji said with a sigh.

"I'm sorry it's just... I... I..." She said looking up from the floor with a desperate look.


"I... I lo... I lo... Ugh, never mind!" Tenten yelled and ran upstairs towards the balcony.

"Tenten!" Neji called running after her.

Back to our undercover friends...

"SHOOT! Cinderella and the prince are moving!" Sakura said and stood up. "Let's go! Hinata and Naruto you follow them and stay behind the doors. Sasuke and I will take outside! Take this, it's a sound chip put this near cinderella and the prince so I can hear what they're saying!" She said as she grabbed Sasuke by the hand and dragged him outside... to the grassy hill at the back of the school that had a direct view of the balcony.

"Tenten, what's wrong?" Neji said.

"It's nothing..."

"Something's wrong." Neji said as he turned Tenten to face him.

"Neji... I..." She mumbled, refusing to face him.

"C'mon Tenten... say it already..." Sakura muttered and then her head shot up. "THAT'S RIGHT!" She said almost loud enough for Tenten and Neji to hear her and quickly covered her mouth and hid back behind the tree. She lifted her gown and strapped around her thigh was a flute. She unbuckled it and took it out. "Good think I brought it with me..." She thought out loud. Sakura peeked out from behind the tree again and then smirked. She took a deep breath and then blew into the flute playing a tune.

"So... she could play the flute too...

Back to Neji and Tenten...

"Just tell him already!" Tenten screamed in her mind. "Neji... I..." She mumbled, too shy to look at him. She felt a blush crawl onto her face. Suddenly a beautiuful melody played. It was 'My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion' Suddenly two beautiful soprano voices sang the song. Tenten gasped and looked around only to find nobody.

Back to Hinata and Naruto...

They threw the chip near the two and then quickly ran to the next balcony only to find Shikamaru and Ino there.

"Ino-chan..." Hinata said in surprise.

"This lazy bum here filled me in..." Ino said with a smirk pointing to Shikamaru who narrowed his eyes. Suddenly the sound of a flute played not in the party but out in the quiet outside behind the school.

"It's Sakura..."

"... I see... I can see why Sasuke-kun's so interested in her..." Ino whispered and then opened her mouth to sing when the melody came. Hinata did the same.

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
and spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Back to Sakura...

"Hey... what do you know..." Sakura thought and smiled as she continued to play the flute while the two voices rang through the back.

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more, you open the door
and you're here in my heart
and my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
and last for a lifetime
and never let go till we're gone

Back to Neji and Tenten...

"Thanks guys... I won't screw up..." Tenten thought with a smile.

Love was when I loved you
one true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more, you open the door
and you're here in my heart
and my heart will go on and on

"Neji... I... I love you." Tenten said looking up to Neji who's eyes widened for a few seconds and then came down to a sincere smile.

You're here, there's nothing I fear
and I know that my heart will go on

"I love you too Tenten..." Neji said and then leaned down capturing her lips with his.

We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
and my heart will go on and on

And with that, the song ended. Sakura, from behind the tree took a deep breath and sighed. She watched as Neji and Tenten kissed and then looked to the next balcony. There was Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata and Ino smiling. "Ino seems like a nice girl..."

"YEAH! All's well that ends well!" Sakura said in triumph from behind the tree and pumped up a fist. She put down her flute and enjoyed the night breeze.

"Too bad you're not." She heard someone say. Sakura looked up to find the source of sound. Sasuke was up there, sitting on a branch and leaning on the tree.

"What the heck are you doing here?" Sakura asked curiously as she just smiled.

"I just want to see the true you now that this mess is over… that's all…" Sasuke said in monotone. Sakura's eyes widened.

"The true… me?" Sakura whispered. "What are you talking about?" She said with a smile.

"Why are you always happy? Or are you just forcing yourself to be happy?"

"... I... that's none of your business..." Sakura mumbled.

"I made it my business." Sasuke said simply jumping down from the tree, making leaves and flowers circle around them because of the wind.

Sakura looked up at him with worried eyes and then shook her head. "It's... it's nothing..."

"What about your mom? Is she nothing too?" Sasuke then said making Sakura gasp...

Preview of next chapter...

"... true... it's possible for a parent to hate their own child..." Sasuke mumbled.


"But... do you really think he hates you?"

"You don't understand! He doesn't care for me!" Sakura cried. "He's hated me since I KILLED HER!"

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