Passion and Lust

By: Spring Goddess

Marrying someone she loves is Haruno Sakura's greatest dream, but unfortunately not all things happen according to what she wants.

"Whether you like or not you will marry, Prince Kabuto of Sound country and that's final!" King Saito ordered his only daughter, Sakura. He had arranged a wedding between her daughter and the Prince of Sound country, Prince Kabuto, he was the nephew of the King of Sound, King Orochimaru.

"Father, but…"

"No buts Sakura… you will do whatever I say, ok!"

"Yes, father…" Sakura has no right to protest, her father and her brother, Prince Kenji, has controlled her whole life.

But she had enough the only thing to stop the arranged marriage is to go to some place and start a new life, where she can be free, away from her family's demands and commands.

'Tonight, is the right time. I need to escape before its too late!' she said to her life, while fixing her things. She pretends that everything she is doing is just normal, she pretends that she is sleeping so that no one will suspect her. It's already 2:00 in the morning, and now is the time to say goodbye to her, being a princess and say hi to being just an ordinary lady. She runs as fast and as quiet as she could so that no one will notice her.

"This must be the port, lets see… to Fire country or to Water country? Fire country was ruled by Uchiha Itachi, Kenji said that he was well disciplined and well organized while the Water country was ruled by the Hyuuga clan, as far as I know they are easy to get with people. Wait guards!"

She had no time to think, so she immediately ran to the nearest ship, and that ship was going to Fire country. The guards didn't notice her, because still no one knows that there princess ran away.

The following morning the maids was shocked that the princess was not in her bed they searched the entire palace but still no sign of her, so they decided to inform the king.

"My, king Princess Sakura… is… is gone we can't find her we have searched the entire palace but she is no where to be found"

"What! Summon Prince Kenji and my Generals!" the king ordered he seems a little unaffected about the news.

"Father, is it true?" Prince Kenji asked, he was the heir to the throne of Earth country.

"Yes, send some spies to countries within our reach, don't let the Sound country know that our princess is missing and same as the other countries."

"As you wished father…"

'What have I done…' the king can't help blaming himself, because of his actions her only daughter ran away.

2 days had past and they had arrived to their destination.

"Wow! This country is so simple yet so beautiful" she was so amazed, the place was full of people busy with what they are doing.

"Now I need to find a job…"

"Ah! Help me someone please help me, get off me you jerk!" the guy was drunk, he wants "something" from the lady.

"Come on, lady I know you want it too," the man said with a mischievous smirk.

"Hey, mister, why don't you pick someone your own size?"

"Ah, who said that, uh maybe you want it too right, miss" Sakura can't just stand there and look while others are being bullied.

"Oh yeah? Why don't you take this…?" she punch the guy right in his face, the man felt unconscious and the girl she helped thanked her. Someone took notice on what she had done.

"Who's that lady with pink hair?"

"I don't know my lord… I think she's from other country"

"Bring her to me…in the palace"

"As you wish my lord" the man bow before he went with his mission.

The man walked straight to Sakura's direction and seized her. No one dared to help her because they knew they would be in big trouble if they tried to interfere.

"Hey, let go…"

"I'm sorry miss, but my master wishes for you presence…"

"I don't know your fucking master so let go!"

" "

The grip of the man seems like draining all of her last energy and she is just too weak compared to the man, so she just let the man drag her to wherever he pleases. It seems like a long journey for her, but finally they arrived to their destination.

"Where am I?" Sakura asked still confused.

"Just follow me miss," the man said with calmness.

Sakura has no choice but to follow the man, when they entered the palace gates she had been surrounded by many guards. She entered the palace and saw many things she never saw in her country it was so simple and yet elegant at the same time.

"Right here, miss"

"Yeah right…" She entered into a beautiful room fit for a princess, ' wow this is more beautiful than my room, my room looks like a cage but this one looks so refreshing' she said to herself.

"Would you mind if you wait her miss I'll just go and check my master"

"No not at all"

The man went to his master, to tell him that the woman he wanted to see had arrived in the palace, he entered the room and saw his master, reading some reports.

"I see… good job Sasori I know I can always count on you. Tell the maids assigned for her to bathe her and give her some nice and clean clothes I don't want to talk to someone who is unpleasant in my eyes," the man ordered still focusing on what he is doing.

"Yes my lord" the man immediately obeyed

"What's that suppose to mean, Itachi" lord Kisame asked, finally revealing the mysterious mans name.

Uchiha Itachi, the young king of Fire country. He shows no sign of emotions since his parents died in an accident. He have a very handsome face and a very well built body, every woman in the said country dreams of having him as their husband or just wants him to recognize them, but Itachi seems have no interest in girls and besides he has a country to rule.

"Remember what I have said to you when my parents wants me to marry some aristocrat slut…"

"That she is not the perfect woman to bear your child"

"You're right…"

"And then, that girl that your servant said is the right one"

"Correct" a smirk marked into Itachi's handsome façade

"Bathe her and give her some clean clothes… that's the masters orders," the Sasori ordered the maids in charge of Sakura.

Sakura doesn't want the maids to be scolded, so she just obeyed. She was cleaned by the maids and dressed her with a beautiful red kimono designed with flowers.

"Now you're ready miss…"

"Tell me… who is that master you are talking about…"

"I'm sorry miss, but we are not allowed to talk at the backs of our master…"

"You're right I'm sorry…" Sakura was still wandering what did their so- called "master" want from her.

Sasori brought Sakura to Itachi's room where Kisame is also there. Sakura felt a little awkward and a little nervous.

"Miss, my lord is waiting for you at the back of this door. Good day to you." Sasori bowed before retreating

"Uhm… thanks" now she is nervous, but still she must show to that man that she is no ordinary lady.

Knock… knock

"Come in" Sakura opened the door slowly and there she saw two men.

Itachi was astounded to see Sakura she was so beautiful, he never saw such beauty before, but he must not let his guard down, or else he will be a laughing stock with the rest of his life.

"So… she is the one… nice choice Itachi" Kisame was surprised that Itachi has good taste.

Sakura was surprised to see the master they where talking about, she thought that he was old but he was young and good looking, according to her estimation he looks 23 to 25 years old.

"Please, sit down" Itachi offered to Sakura

"No thanks… I'm here to ask something" Sakura asked without thinking.

'This girl has the guts to decline Itachi's orders? Maybe that's the reason…'

"Then what it is my Lady?"

"Why have you brought me here? I have nothing to do with you I owe you nothing… so why? "

"I want you to do something for me?" Itachi said while looking straight into her eyes, it sends shivers in her spine.

'What's happening to me, his looks hypnotizes me, but no I have to fight it or else I'll end up falling for him and that's not a very good option'

"And that is?"

"Well, I need someone to bear me an heir"

"So you want me to find you one?"

"No… you don't understand, I want you to bear me an heir"


To Be Continued


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