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Chapter 10:

Uchiha Seiji and Uchiha Kana entered the world a week early, following a long labour, which necessitated delivery by Caesarean section. Much to the relief of their father, who appeared ready to tear the obstetrician and nursing staff limb from limb, and the bemused acceptance of their mother.

Uchiha Seiji possesses his father's qualities; black hair with black orbs. While Kana have her mother's pink locks but her father's dark orbs.

"So feeling alright now?" queried Itachi.

"I think Seiji and Kana wants to have more brothers and sisters… I only have a brother and when I was little I wish I could have a lot of brothers and sisters…don't you want too when you are little?"

"I don't have time thinking those things when I was little and its too early for you to get pregnant again…"

"You have a wonderful big house, well castle and a beautiful garden, can't you imagine little Itachi and little Sakura running around?"

"Sakura, not yet, I don't think I could bear to…"

"See me in pain?" she finished.

"What nonsense, women have been bearing babies since the beginning of time…"

"So it means we can have another twins?"

"Ok…you win, but lets enjoy our children for three years ok…"

"It too long…"



And then they get ready for the celebration they prepared for their twins.

They invited the rulers and nobles of different countries but king Orochimaru turned down their invitation, he said that he has a lot of things to do and has no time to be in any social gatherings.

"Congratulations king Itachi, you have beautiful children," remarked Prince Kakashi.

"Courtesy of my wife…"

"Well I didn't think that king Itachi would be this humble…" Sakura complimented

"Good evening Queen Sakura…"

"Hey, Kakashi my favorite cousin, your quite early tonight…"

"Thanks to Kurenai, she made me come early tonight"

The fête was full of laughter and satisfaction and it ended just the same as it begins.

The couple checked their children before they settled in their own room. Even though the children have their own maids, Itachi never fail to remember to make sure that their children are in good condition.

"Please leave us…" Itachi ordered the maids.

"They're like angels aren't they Itachi…"

"Sure they are…"

"Sometimes I can't help but imagine that Seiji will grow up to be a handsome man like his father and he will be chased by girls" followed with giggles

"Because he is an Uchiha…"

"Yeah and Kana will grow up to be a beautiful young maiden and will also be chase by boys"

Itachi's expression turned into a ferocious one. His only daughter will marry someone…

"I wonder what kind of man Kana will be looking for when she grows up… and when she found him…"

"He will surely die…"

"Come on Itachi… don't tell me that you will let your daughter be single for the rest of her life…"

"So what's wrong with that?"

"Itachi whether you like it or not Kana will love someone… and you can't stop her feelings… and don't worry your daughter is just five months old…its too early to worry about her love life"

"But I need to be ready…"

"Itachi you're such a paranoid…it's getting late and I'm a little tired come lets go back to our room and lets call it a day"


Life sure is a journey and for Sakura her journey was full of trials and tears but when Itachi and her children Seiji and Kana joined her in this journey… she became content.

Now she is at ease knowing that a man loves her and children to be loved.


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