Note: I don't own DragonBall, but am an avid, writing fan. More recent chapters of the story can be found on my homepage. Any missing chapters on my home page will be put back on there once I am finished uploading them onto this site. This story continues from the last episode of DragonBall GT and chronicles the adventures of Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr.

DragonBall After Future

Our story takes place 100 years after Goku was taken by Shenlong, at the World Tournament, right after Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr.'s spectacular battle.

"Wow, Vegeta," said Goku Jr. "I never knew you had an attack like that!"

"Eh, it was something my grandma picked up from her dad." said Vegeta Jr. "But you did pretty good yourself."

"Thanks!" Just then Pan walked up to the two boys who were just getting out of the locker room. Pan was now an old woman and had lived with Goku Jr. ever since his parents disappeared.

"Both you boys did great today!" she said. "Goku, you remind me so much of my grandfather when you're out there.

"Well I've always hoped to be just as strong as him one day," smiled Goku.

"Well I have an idea. Why don't we all go out and celebrate with some ice cream. Your grandmother's already waiting in the car Vegeta, so let's go!"

"Oh boy ice cream!" yelled Goku.

Soon the four arrived at the ice cream parlor and were ready to dig in to their treats.

"Hey, Vegeta," said Bra, Vegeta Jr's grandma, "can you let me have a scoop of your ice cream, I don't want to get a whole big one."

"Heck no! Get your own!" he replied.

"Uhhhh, I swear Vegeta, you're just like your father."

"Great," sighed Vegeta, "here we go again."

"Well it's true Vegeta," replied Bra. "You know what they say about father and son."

"But I don't know!" snapped back Vegeta, a bit agitated. "You throw in little details about my father, yet you never tell me the whole story! It's like your teasing me on purpose. Why can't you and Pan ever tell me and Goku what really happened to our parents?"

Vegeta Jr.'s parents had disappeared around the same time as Goku Jr.'s and ever since then, the two old women tried not to say much about it.

"We'll talk about this later, Vegeta," Bra answered curtly.

"But he does have a point," added Goku. "It just seems... well, we've been left in the dark about all this it seems some times." Pan tried to not meet Goku's gazing eyes.

"I think it'd be best to talk about all this later," said Bra.

"This is getting irritating," grunted Vegeta. He got up from his seat and walked towards the exit, Bra quickly got up and followed. "See ya guys later. I'll call you tomorrow Goku, maybe we'll go sparring or something."

"Sure!" said Goku giving him a thumb's up.

Later that night, Goku felt it was time to ask his grandmother some important questions. He never really knew his parents at all since he was only about two at the time of their disappearance. Now with Vegeta bringing up the subject again, he felt he couldn't let his concerns go on any longer.

"Grandma," asked Goku, "I've been wondering lately, whatever happened to my parents?"

"Oh, Goku," Pan said, "I've dreaded this day for a long time. But, you do have a right to know." She walked into the back room and brought out a large photo album. She opened it up, and there on the first page was a picture with Goku and Vegeta's parents. "The truth is I don't know what became of them. When my daughter, your mother, and your father disappeared 12 years ago, I was devastated. That night they decided to go on a night on the town with Vegeta's parents. We never saw them again. I couldn't even sense their ki anymore. Luckily you with me that day and nothing bad happened to you. If there were just some way to find them... I... I..." Pan was trying to choke back her tears but Goku could see she was distressed.

"There's absolutely no one that knew where they went?"

"Nobody," Pan answered somberly. "We called the police, hired a private investigator, all to no avail. I suppose we'll really never know what happened to them Goku, I'm sorry."

"But, grandma," said Goku, "What about the story of the legendary Dragon Balls you told me about? Couldn't we call forth the eternal dragon? Maybe we could wish to know the location of me and Vegeta's parents."

"Oh but Goku, the Dragon said no wishes could be made for 100 years after your great-great grandfather defeated the evil Shenlong. By my calculations, it's been 95 years since then."

"Oh," said Goku a bit disheartened. "But it would've been a good idea. Well, good night grandma."

"Good night, Goku."

The next day Goku went over to Capsule Corp to visit with Vegeta. Soon, Goku was telling Vegeta about the idea he had right when Bra walked into the room."...but she said only 95 years have passed so we can't make a wish yet." said Goku, finishing the story.

"Wait a minute," said Bra, "what is your grandma talking about Goku? It HAS been 100 years! I bet if we turn on my mother's dragon radar right now, we could get a signal!"

"Really Grandma!" asked Vegeta. "That's great!"

"Oh, Mrs. Briefs, could my Grandma please come here too to see this?" asked Goku excitedly.

"Sure!" said Bra. "Tell her to get here quick so we can all find out if this works!"

Pan soon arrived and was in disbelief. "I don't believe this is happening! I guess I'm getting a bit senile in my old age!"

"Well I would have the sharper brain since I'm still younger," laughed Bra.

"Very funny," replied Pan. "Now come on, hurry and turn it on Bra, let's see if we get a signal!"

"Right!" and with that Bra clicked the radar on. Beep Beep Beep Seven dots appeared across the screen and the boys jumped for joy!

"It worked! I don't believe it! Now we can find our parents Vegeta!" exclaimed Goku. "Grandma, can me and Vegeta look for the Dragon Balls, just like you and your grandpa did?"

"Yeah, please Grandma?" chimed in Vegeta.

"What do you think Pan?" asked Bra. "Should we let them?"

"Well, I guess so," she said. "But I think you both should go to Master Roshi's and get some advice from him. He may be a perv, but he's pretty wise and maybe he can show you a thing or two.

"Aw, do we have to," complained Vegeta. "He smells bad and looks like a turtle."

"But you'll be trekking alone and you two will need some guidance," said Pan.

"It's amazing he's still alive though," said Bra.

"My grandpa said he had an immortal phoenix and it gave him eternal life or something, I don't really know," said Pan. "But kids, we'll leave tomorrow so rest up, because tomorrow's gonna be a big day!"

"The next day, Turtle was relaxing outside Master Roshi's front porch when he saw a Capsule Corp plane coming out of the sky.

"Master!" bellowed Turtle. "We have visitors!"

"...and one, and two. And three and four! That's good keep it up ladies!" These were the voices coming from Master Roshi's TV.

"Heh heh! Oh yeah! That's what I like!" said Master Roshi.

"Oh Master," said Turtle to himself.

So what can old Master Roshi teach the two young Saiyans while watching aerobics? Will Goku and Vegeta be successful in their journey for the Dragon Balls? Find out all this and more in the next installment of DragonBall AF!