Chapter 83

Last time on DragonBall AF, the invasion force of the Algarons finally has arrived! The scouter ships deployed, our heroes tried to destroy them all, but the ones that got away are firing on a near by town! Will they be able to stop them in time?!


The remaining ships sped past Vegeta and Goshin and were heading towards the nearby town to join their comrades.

"We have to get over there now Uubu!" yelled Goku. Goku and Uubu started racing towards the city as Vegeta and Goshin gave chase as well to the remaining ships.

"They're gaining on Goku and Uubu!" yelled Vegeta.

"I think we need to boost our speed a bit," said Goshin. In a flash of light, he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, sparks dancing around him as he closed in on a group of three of the ships. Vegeta transformed as well and rushed to join him. In less than two seconds, Goshin and Vegeta appeared in front of the incoming ships, so close that they could see the alarmed looks on the pilots' faces.

"HAH!" Both of the Saiyans released their ki and bounced the ships back, all three spiraling out of control. Goshin flew through one plane and then elbowed another, sending it directly into the path of the third ship and exploded on contact.

"That's seven ships down," said Goshin. "The other three are already in the city, come on! We'll come back for the mother ship after!" Goshin and Vegeta rushed to join Goku and Uubu, but already it was too late. The ships opened fire on the city's inhabitants, their cries could be heard from the smoldering ash.

Yes, you have permission to open fire! Do it! yelled the Algaraon captain from the mother ship into his radio. He stood near one of the windows with his hands clasped tightly behind his back. After just seeing almost his entire fleet destroyed, he decided to allow the remaining ships to unleash wanton destruction on the innocent people.

Shall we deploy our warriors sir? asked Holus. This would be the perfect opportunity to showcase their abilities.

The captain remained motionless for a second, and then turned his head towards Holus. Do it as soon as you can, he said in a monotone voice.

You won't be disappointed sir, replied Holus. It will only take a few minutes until they are ready, so please be patient…

Goku and Uubu hovered above the city and were horrified to see what the remaining three ships were doing to the townspeople. The city was already a flame, people were running from their homes, offices, and businesses trying to escape the destruction. "Those rotten bastards!" exclaimed Goku. "Come on Uubu, what are we waiting for!" Goku took off from their position heading directly for one of the ships.

Seeing the Saiyan warrior coming at full speed, the ship's pilot ceased it's firing and began taking evasive maneuvers to escape Goku. Of course Goku was much too fast for any of the ships to evade him. He started leaving after images of himself, further confusing the pilot. Then, Goku raised his fist and punched through the ships left side, causing it to enter a tailspin.

"What is he doing?" shouted Uubu. "Now the plane is going to crash onto the street! And usually he's the level-headed one!" Uubu turned to his right and saw Vegeta and Goshin heading in his direction. "Quick! Stop the two other ships before this city is turned into rubble! I'll go help Goku!" Without saying anything, the two Saiyans raced past Uubu and continued heading towards the final two ships.

Goku had soon realized his error and he rushed towards the falling plane once again, this time to save it from hitting the ground where hundreds of citizens were running around through the panicked frenzy. He grabbed the metallic hull of the ship and started pulling up on it in an attempt to slow the descent. The ground was coming up faster and faster, and it didn't seem like Goku would be able to stop it. There were still too many people crowded directly below, and any impact would be fatal.

"Hang on Goku!" yelled Uubu. He flew through the air and stopped just under the ship and pushing against it, finally stopped it from falling.

Goku breathed a sigh of relief. "PHEW! Thanks Uubu."

"No problem," he replied. "Go ahead and let go, I'm going to launch this thing into space." Goku released his hold as instructed, and Uubu cocked his arms back and launched the ship through the atmosphere until it disappeared into the clouds beyond.

"We only have to finish off those other two ships right?" said Goku as he saw Vegeta and Goshin making quick work of them.

"Well that and the mother ship back there," replied Uubu, pointing to the gigantic vessel in the distance. 'They have something up their sleeve," he continued. "They wouldn't be sitting there watching us destroy their fleet unless they had some kind of plan. I think we should head back over there now and make a pre-emptive strike, I think that Goshin and Vegeta have a handle on things here."

"Well, sounds like a good idea to me," agreed Goku. Just then, they both sent a power level coming straight towards them. As it got closer, Goku recognized it. "Mom? What is she doing?" In the distance, Gonell was becoming visible with her golden Super Saiyan aura surrounding her and a few moments later joined Goku and Uubu.

"I told you that I was going to help out didn't I?" she said. "I can't believe you left without me."

"Mom, I just don't want you getting hurt!" pleaded Goku. "Why can't-"

"She's here now," interrupted Uubu. "I think we can use all the help we can get, the more the better. But let's move and get to that mother ship, no time for debate." And with that, Uubu powered up and headed for the ship with Goku and Gonell following close behind.

Meanwhile, Goshin and Vegeta were finishing up with the two final ships. They couldn't just fire random ki blasts at them in fear that it might defeat the purpose of actually trying to save the citizens of the town.

"HYAAH!" Vegeta slammed one of the ships with his fist hitting it up higher into the air as it arched away from the city. Once he was sure it was clear of any people or buildings, he extended his hand and let loose a showering barrage of ki blasts, destroying the ship completely as the fragmented wreckage landed safely in the fields outside of the town.

Goshin was just about done taking care of the final ship. The pilot had already been killed with a piercing beam of ki through the ship. It flew around sporadically for a few seconds until Goshin kicked upward, trying to follow in the same suit as Vegeta. When it started to make it's descent, Goshin decided he would deliver yet another kick sending it into the open expanse out side the city.

The ship began descending, and just as Goshin was about to deliver the final blow he stopped. Again, the hallucinations were starting. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he yelled in terror. Vegeta could hear the agonizing scream from yards away and turned around to see that the ship was still heading towards the ground.

"CRAP!" he yelled as he started charging for the ship. Goshin was slowly floating back towards the ground, his hands on both sides of his head. It looked like he was about to pull out every hair from his skull.

"Damn it! Leave me alone!!!" he screamed. "Why? Why am I being TORMENTED?!" Vegeta whizzed past, not even giving Goshin a second though; but rightfully so.

With not a second to waste, Vegeta got to the underside of the ship and reached out with both hands to stop the ship. "NGHHH!" he struggled as he tried to support the ship. Even as a Super Saiyan 2 he was having trouble stopping the ship from such a fast free-fall.

His feet sunk into the cracked pavement as he tried to support all of the weight. Then, in a blinding flash of light that encompassed the entire city for just a second, Vegeta emerged rising upward with the ship in his Super Saiyan 3 form. "I knew I should've powered up a while ago." With one arm, Vegeta threw the ship into the air and with two quick ki blasts destroyed the final ship. "Oh no, wait a second…. Goshin!" Vegeta suddenly remembered Goshin and found him below, a crowd of people standing over him trying to help him.

"Step aside, step aside!" yelled Vegeta. "Are you all right Goshin? Goshin!"

Back near the mother ship, Goku, Gonell, and Uubu all stood in front of the monstrous craft, getting ready to launch a mass attack. "If there's no entrance, make one," said Uubu. "Ready?" The other two nodded, and with that all three of them put their hands behind their backs and started charging their attack.

"KA….ME…HA…ME… HAAAAAA!!!!" Three bright, blue waves merged into one and destroyed part of the hull of the ship, making a wide opening for them to get into. Once the wave dissipated, the heroes looked inside.

"I would've thought we'd at least have a welcoming party," scoffed Gonell.

"Sorry, I guess we moved too fast for your eyes to see." Gonell and the others turned quickly around and came face to face with two Algarons. However, these didn't look anything like the one from the original scout ship. Both of them were much larger and had much bigger physiques. Before they could react any further, one of the Algarons smirked and thrust his hand into Gonell's side.

HUCK Blood came spurting out of her mouth and stomach, and then she was kicked aside by the other Algaron as she descended rapidly towards the ground, crashing onto the dirt.


The first fleet of Algaron warships have been destroyed, but it seems that the captain has released Holus' warriors onto our heroes! How will our heroes overcome them? Could Gonell be finished already before the battle has begun? And what of Goshin? Find out in the next exciting installment of DragonBall AF!