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Chapter 6: Running Through My Head

Harry sat in the most comfortable armchair by the fire, eyes hard in concerntration as he struggled to finish his potions homework. Normally Hermione would help him; but he hadn't seen her all day. Pausing for a moment to shake his hand, he glanced up at the darkened window.

Wind whistled outside and rain pelted against the window pane. Winter was beginning and it would be freezing. Puffing out his cheeks and repositioning his body – Harry tried to focus his attention on his homework. He needed to finish this.

Just then, as Harry was finally settling into concerntration mode, Ron burst through the portrait hole with Parvati and Lavender on his arms. They were all laughing and talking loudly, causing Harry to crinkle his eyebrows in annoyance.

"So then Hermione and Ginny said…" Ron began to say, but suddenly stopped as his eyes fell upon Harry, "Oh. Hi."

"Hi." Harry glared at Ron in return. "Having a word with your little girlfriends are you?"

It was Lavender and Parvati's turn to narrow their eyes at The-Boy-Who-Refused-To-Die. Ron's face and ears turned pink.

"Erm. Not really. I was just explaining…" Ron began timidly. Harry cut him off.

"Listen, I really don't care what you're doing in order to get those two in bed with you. But just so you know – I think it's disgusting the way you're treating Hermione and Ginny."

Ron opened his mouth to argue, but shut it quickly. Lavender grabbed Ron's sleeve.

"C'mon Ronnikins – who cares what Pottyhead has to say about anything. We all know he's jealous because he's in love with Ginny." She mocked heatily. Parvati sniggered. But Harry had already turned back to his Potions work and was ignoring all three of them. A second later, he heard them stomp up the stairs to the boys dormitory.

Harry puffed out his cheeks again and shook his head. They really didn't have a clue.




"Do you love me?"

Hermione's fingers continued to trace small circles on her lover's bare back; gentle and soothing.

"What type of question is that?" The older girl smiled. Ginny propped herself up on her elbows.

"I just need to know." Ginny's voice was so innocent and filled with compassion that Hermione stretched forward, onto her stomach beside her red-haired girlfriend and pecked her on the lips.

"You know I do love." She responded kindly. "That won't change."

Ginny's small fingers reached up to gently brush some of Hermione's hair from her eyes. Hermione shut her eyes slowly as Ginny's fingertips began to trace their way calmly along her jawline; down her neck. She could feel Ginny's warm breath on her cheek; tickling her sensitive skin. Ginny's hand traced lower, over Mione's collarbone, and the older girl suddenly reached up and took Ginny's hands in her own. Her soft lips planted a kiss on them and she squeezed them gently.

"I love you more than anything." Hermione told her seriously, as Ginny rolled over onto her back. Hermione averted her eyes, a little embarassed; but continued to stroke the younger girl's hand.

Ginny then captured Hermione around the waist and guided the obidient woman ontop of her. She held Hermione's hands and slid them down onto her breasts gently, smirking a little. Hermione cleared her throat, a little nervously. But bent her head down to indulge her lips in the sweet delights of her lover's own. Before she had the chance to, Ginny put her mouth to her ear, soothing her.

"It's nothing you haven't seen or felt before love. It's alright; I need this from you. I want you to do this. If I wasn't comfortable with you; I would let you know."

Hermione nodded breathlessly; as Ginny continued to guide her hands over her own nipples, softly, slowly. The older woman's lips were soon upon her's and Ginny opened her mouth to allow Hermione's tongue enterance. Ginny moaned a little from the back of her throat and wrapped one of her legs firmly around Hermione's hip; running the sole of her foot down the back of Hermione's leg. The kisses came in feverish bursts from Hermione's part. Hot, sweet and lingering they trailed down her lover's neck, collarbone and chest. She felt Ginny's chest swell to meet her mouth as she breathed soft air on her breasts.

Hermione took one of her sturdy nipples into her mouth and sucked on it gently, her tongue massaging and teasing the swollen bud, emmitting a deep-throated moan from Ginny's mouth. Hermione absolutely loved the sounds that she could draw from Ginny in her greatest moments of pleasure – and her heart leapt at the fact that it was she who was causing her girlfriend to feel that way. It only intensified her love for the youngest Weasley.

Hermione's mouth worked diligently on her left breast until Ginny was gasping and arching her back, causing her pleasurer to draw away from one bud and confidently swoop down to treat the other. Ginny's fingers found Hermione's shoulder blades and she meaningfully dug her fingernails deeply into her skin; as raw pleasure over took her.

God, she could just come this way; Hermione's tongue and fingers caressing her body – feeling her gently, warmly; expressing her love. She adored Hermione more than life itself and all the wonders that the older girl could dish out for her. Like a new surprise everytime they opened up to receive one another – to share their secrets.

Hermione's mouth moved lower, away from her swollen, hard buds and found new delight in her stomach; kissing and nuzzling against her skin – admiring the new diamond belly-button ring Ginny had in place. She moved her mouth lower yet; her hands trickling up her thighs but heard Ginny's soft voice echo through the air.

"Stop. Please." She heard Ginny whisper. Confused, Hermione lifted her head, brushing her lips against the younger girl's hip bone; stroking her side, "Come here."

Hermione could do nothing but obey; crawling gently up her lover's body; pressed against it – she loved nothing more than to fulfil Ginny's every command. Hermione propped herself up on her elbows, their bare chests touching one another. Hair fell across Hermione's eyes as she look down upon the girl she loved so much, anxious as to her next command.

"I want you to lie down." Ginny mummbled, against her neck, "I want you to feel the amazing feelings that I just felt."

"B-but I haven't finished," Hermione whispered in response, her lips grazing Ginny's cheek.

"You have now." Ginny muttered, biting Mione's bottom lip slowly. Ginny sat up slowly and Hermione obidiently lay on her back; letting Ginny move to sit ontop of her. Hermione lifted her hands above her head, her stomach fluttering anxiously. Ginny breathed heavily, stretched and reached up to let her gorgeous red hair down; letting it fall softly around her shoulders.

Hermione's eyes took in the glorious sight before her and bit her own bottom lip, smiling. Ginny was gorgeous. And all hers. She couldn't have been more lucky. Hermione's breath hitched in her throat as Ginny slowly spread her self out so she was lying ontop of her; her lips almost touching Hermione's own. Ginny reached out and slid her hands along Hermione's outstretched ones, rubbing her body gently against the older woman's.

"God…" Mione mummbled, closing her eyes, as Ginny's lips attacked hers with fierce passion. She loved the way Ginny's tongue explored her mouth; the way it massaged slowly against hers.

Ginny's lithe fingers had taken one of Hermione's nipple between forefinger and thumb and was gently teasing it; sending a powerful ache in between Hermione's thighs. Ginny tore her mouth away from her lover's and planted hot, scorching kisses down her body; reaching her wholesome breasts and treating them in the same way Hermione had to hers. Hermione nearly creamed as she felt the warm tongue on her buds, her back arching; her head resting on the fluffy pillow, a small moan exiting her lips.

Ginny darted from nipples; to stomach, caressing her sides with her smooth, long fingers – causing goosebumps to rip across her girlfriend's body. Hermione's whole body tensed as she felt the gentle kisses of her lover's lips move ever-so-slowly up the inside of her thighs. Her fingernails gripped the bedsheets and her back arched involuntarily as the younger girls lips touched her sweet center. Ginny's fingers held her hips firmly and Hermione let her legs fall a little more open; as Ginny's tongue ran against her soft, pink skin – before attacking the swollen nub of clitoris that protruded from her core.

The moans started as soon as Ginny's mouth had closed upon her sensitive area. With slow caution the younger girl let her tongue press and wiggle up against her softness, her sucking and nipping only adding extra tension in Hermione thighs. Ginny felt herself shiver as Hermione's deep throated moans echoed loudly across the room; the pleasure intensifying with every lick and suck she gave.

"I want you to feel it. Feel my love," Ginny groaned against Hermione's nub. Hermione said nothing, only leant her head back deeper and tried to control her shortness of breath.

"Ohh…Ginnny…" Hermione's voice was breathless, deep and raw. She could feel her orgasm threatening; nearing the end. She didn't want the pleasure to stop – she loved the way her girlfriend's mouth and fingers worked wonders on her skin; the way Ginny targeted her swollen nub so perfectly – knowing just how to make her melt.

"Baby…I want you to come…" Ginny whispered, "Just like this, for me…just come…"

Ginny gently slipped her tongue inside Hermione's wet, hot cunt and continued to suck on the nub; teasing, slowly, longingly. She felt Hermione go rigid, nearing the end with ever single second. She let her tongue drift slowly in and out of Hermione core, her mouth pressing deeply against her clitoris, swirling, swooning, longing. She heard Hermione moan, deeply, and Ginny quickened her tongues movements; increased her pressure on the nub.

In a matter of seconds Ginny could feel Hermione's body relax as she released her tensions and love with a long, loud moan of her name – and could feel her juices leak into her mouth. Ginny all too eagerly cleaned her lovers mess. She could feel Hermione's body shaking with the impact of her orgasm – and could smell her small amounts of sweat in the air. Hermione grabbed Ginny's hands as the youngest girl rose from the end of the bed; pulling her closer, into a long, hard kiss.

They broke away after a while; and Ginny lay in Hermione's arms, her head resting on her chest; breathing deeply. Hermione was smiling to herself, Ginny was content.

"Oh and Hermione?"


"Happy Birthday."