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Storm Dancer

Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

We all bring more than one thing to the team. That's what makes the Teen Titans work.

Robin brings focus, determination, and maturity. He also brings doubt, and lessens the self confidence that sometimes can nearly overwhelm us.

Starfire brings innocence. She brings a childish glee, and confidence that we can't do any less than our best. She's our sense of responsibility and loyalty as well. She'll do anything to help her friends or do what she thinks is right.

Cyborg grounds us. While the rest of us reach for the stars, Cy has his feet firmly planted on the floor. He makes us a family, the ideal older brother to us all. He brings pride, knowing we'll always do our best.

Beast Boy lightens our spirits. He makes sure we always reach higher, with his insane confidence that always gets him into, and out of trouble. He unites us against our enemies, being incapable of getting angry with one of us for long. He and Cyborg both are the glue that sticks us together.

And me? I bring intelligence, there's no doubt of that. I make the others more cautious than they might be, especially Beast Boy. We're only teens, we don't always think of the future. I bring calm, soothing tempers and healing wounds physical and emotional. I keep the team running smoothly from where I stay, in my room. I bring wisdom. I weave the others together into a working whole, not in battle, which is Robin's forte, or at home, which is Cy's. I fuse us emotionally, making sure that the anger which we often feel doesn't get in our way.

Dealing with everybody's emotions can be overwhelming, sometimes. Immersing yourself in other people's pain and anger is not an easy thing to get out of. I keep a tight reign on my emotions because as an empathy, by doing that I keep the other's emotion under some control. It's necessary, and so I do it, but sometimes I like to watch the storm, as I'm doing now, and use it to let mine and the other's anger. But watching isn't enough. I go to the roof, and let the rain caress me as I dare not let a human do. I let myself go, and I dance. I dance in the thunder and lightning, I dance away all the emotions which are mine and yet not mine. I become part of the storm, its dancer, and I dance with the danger and the lightning.

I suppose, in an odd way, I bring joy to the Titans as well as calm. I bring the joy of being whole, of completion. By bringing us together, I carry in the joy of a piece fitting in its allotted place.

We're all necessary parts of the whole, here in our Tower. Without a single one of us, the rest would fail. And so it's my job to make sure that we stay as one, even as I dance my own dance in the storm.

Authors Note- I know this is kind of odd, and random, but it was just a random inspiration.