Reset Reality

Note that the first part of this chapter is what would have been Darek's defeat, had I chosen to finish Year of the Dragon. YotD shall remain unfinished, and the BCR saga shall continue without it. But you guys can still read about Darek's defeat. Personally, I think Yugi's move is awesome, since it shows ya that combining together with friends really CAN save the day.

Chapter 1


"Reshef, destroy him!" Darek ordered. Darek's Kaa and most powerful monster fired a silver beam of light, destroying Beta the Magnet Warrior. Yugi fell back to the stone walkway, his Life Points falling to rest at 100.

"C'mon Yug, you can do this!" Joey shouted.

"It's hopeless!" Darek laughed. "You have no cards in your hand, and only a single monster face-down. You cannot win this Yugi. Your defeat shall herald a new era, my era, as Pharaoh the world!"

"Yugi…you have to win." Yami whispered. The Pharaoh and Drake were still his prisoners, and it seemed that that may not change.

"He can't lose." Téa said to herself. "We each gave him our most precious cards…we can't lose when we work together like this!"

"Oh, give me a break!" Darek snapped. "If this is another friendship speech Gardner, save it! You each gave Yugi a card, but in the end, friendship will always lose! Now Yugi, I'll end my turn by playing the Spell 'Dark Snake Syndrome'. Once I start my next turn, we'll both lose 200 Life Points. I still have 4000 points, and you have only 100. So just end your turn and embrace defeat!"

"I…can't…" Yugi whispered, standing up. "Darek..I will defeat you!" Yugi drew his card and gasped. "Alright Darek. I'll start by playing 'Spell of Sanctity', which lets us both draw until we have 6 cards in our hands." Yugi drew six cards, while Darek drew 3.

"Another pointless move. Why can you not accept this? I've won." Darek growled. Yugi shook his head.

"Actually Darek, you lost. I play 'Monster Reborn' to revive a monster from my Graveyard. And I choose my Dark Magician." Yugi's favorite card slipped out of Yugi's Graveyard. "Next, a card from a friend of mine, 'The Magician of Faith' (300, 400). Her special ability lets me get a Spell card back from the Graveyard. And I choose Monster Reborn, which I'll use again, this time to revive the card Kaiba gave me!" Kaiba and Drake exchanged glances as the Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000, 2500) appeared on Yugi's field.

"It doesn't matter how many monsters you revive. My Dark Door card lets you attack with only one monster. This is pointless." Darek said.

"I'm not done. I'll summon 'Blue Flame Swordsman' (1800, 1600), and play 'Changing of the Guard'. This sends my soldier to the Graveyard to summon a monster from my deck. Meet 'Cyber Commander' (750, 700)." Tristan's card, a man armed with a giant bazooka, appeared. "And when Blue Flame Swordsman is sent to the Graveyard, his Special Ability summoned the normal Flame Swordsman."

"Yeah Yug!" Joey cheered. "He got out all our monsters! Kick his butt Yugi!"

"He can't you fool!" Darek crowed. "Dark Door only allows one attack, and he doesn't have enough power to do 4000 damage in one turn!"

"Wrong, Darek. Dark Door only allows one monster to attack, true. But now there's a way for all my monsters to combine their strength together and attack as one! Yugi shouted.

"You lie, no card is so powerful." Darek sneered.

"Darek, when friends combine their powers and unite together, there's no limit to how powerful that bond can be." Yugi said. "Take a look Darek. Each of my friends gave me a card to defeat you with, and now we can work as one. The only power you have comes from your lone monster, Reshef. But now Reshef shall fall! Darek, allow me to show you the power of friends when they unite!" Yugi slipped a card into his Duel Dis/ "I activate 'United We Stand'!" The Dark Magician stood up straight and raised his staff into the air. Blue Eyes, Magician of Faith, Flame Swordsman, and Cyber Commander all glowed a bright blue.

"What's going on?" Darek snarled.

"When my monsters unite, there's nothing that can stop them, and this card lets them do just that. Now my Dark Magician can absorb the power of all my monsters, gaining 800 attack points for every monster on my side of the field!" tendrils of blue energy snaked from Yugi's 4 monsters into the Dark Magician's staff. "That's a grand total of 6500 points Darek, enough to destroy Reshef and wipe out your Life Points!" Darek gasped and took a step back.

"No…it's impossible!" He screamed. Yugi smiled.

"Now Darek, feel the power of unity! Dark Magician, use the power of your comrades, and attack! Crush Reshef and destroy Darek, once and for all!" Dark Magician's staff glowed a brilliant blue, and with a roar of victory, Dark Magician fired a bolt of blue energy at Reshef. The dark Fiend roared as the blue light consumed him in a ball of energy before exploding. Darek let out a cry of rage as his Kaa shattered like glass, his Life Points dropping to 0.


- - - - - - - - - -

Yami let out a gasp and sat up in his sleeping bag, panting. Beside him on the bed, Yugi woke up and looked down at the former spirit before turning on the light. Solomon was planning to get a bunk bed so Yami could have his own bed, but until then, the spirit was comfortable with sleeping on Yugi's floor.

"Yami? Are you okay?" Yugi asked, looking down at him. Yami reached up and wiped the sweat off his brow.

"Yes…I'm fine." The pharaoh muttered. Yugi narrowed his eyes.

"Yami, you've been having nightmares ever since you got your own body and we rescued you from Darek. Don't lie, I can tell when my friends are hiding something." He said sternly. "What's up?" Yami took a breath.

"Darek." He whispered. Yugi frowned.

"Darek? But…we beat him. We freed Drake and banished Darek back inside Drake's heart, remember? He's gone." He said.

"I know Yugi, but…we came close." Yami explained.

"Close to what?" Yami looked up.

"Close to losing. Yugi, I know we've beaten all our challenges, but Darek took our task to a whole new level. If you hadn't won that duel…who knows what might have happened." Yugi nodded. Darek was an ancient warlord, reincarnated in the body of a boy named Drake Clawfang. Darek hadn't just talked about taking the Millennium Puzzle like Maximillion Pegasus and the spirit of the Millennium Ring, Barakhan (1). He had actually beaten Yami at the Konami Grand Prix, and taken the final Millennium Item. But that wasn't enough for the ancient spirit.

Darek had kidnapped Yami and taken him to his ruined tomb in the sands of Egypt. Darek had planned to kidnap Kaiba, and then, using the souls of Yami, Kaiba and Drake, tear down the barrier separating the Shadow Realm and Earth, effectively merging them together. But Yugi and Kaiba had joined forces, and defeated Darek. With his Kaa, Reshef the Dark Being, destroyed, Darek couldn't maintain his own body, and was sent back into Drake's, then sealed away by the combined powers of the Millennium Items.

"I guess…Darek might have succeeded in his goals." Yugi said slowly. "Yami, try not to think about it. We have school tomorrow, so let's go back to sleep." Yugi turned off the light and curled back up on his bed. Yami tossed him a glance before laying back down and staring up at the ceiling for what seemed like hours before falling asleep.

- - - - - - - - - -

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Yami groaned and turned over in his bed.

"Yugi, turn off your alarm." He muttered. The beeping continued, and Yami sighed. He sat up to turn it off himself, and froze. This wasn't Yugi's bedroom.

The room he was in was pristine white, not a speck of dust. In fact, the sheer…white of the room was hurting his eyes. He wasn't on the floor, rather a hard bed with a single pillow and dirty blanket. A buzzer sounded from a screen on the wall, prompting Yami to look at it. It read IRREGULAR SLEEP PATTERN DETECTED. REPORT TO CLINIC FOR TREATMENT. As Yami reread the message, it erased, and new words appeared. PROJECT SHADOW BEAM, INITIALIZING TODAY. TARDINESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. EAT AND REPORT TO WORK. Yami rubbed his temples and shook his head.

"I'm dreaming, I've gotta be dreaming. Yugi, pinch me." He said to himself. He looked around and got to his feet. Taking a look around, Yami caught sight of a window. He smiled and ran to look outside. He put his hands on the sill to look out, and gasped.

The town of Domino sprawled before him. Yami figured he had to be at least 10 stories up. Across the horizon, Kaiba Corp loomed above the city. 4 twisted black spires has been constructed on the roof, leaning inwards to a taller, 5th spire. The sky was a mass of tumbling purple clouds, sparking and flashing. Below, no cars ran along the streets, no smiling pedestrians walks the sidewalks. On a skyscraper, a haunting image appeared to Yami's eyes. The image depicted a human in agony, a purple eye of Anubis on their forehead. The billboard read "Don't fight it! Studies show resisting the Shadow Realm increases the likelihood of mental illness". Underneath the words, spray-painted in gold, were7 words: Domino Resistance Forces. The DRF is hope.

"Shadow Realm…" Yami whispered, looking up at the purple clouds covering the sky. A large roar caught his attention, and Yami looked down at the street.A large boar-like creature pulled a gigantic stone tablet down a street. Overhead, a half-dozen men rode a familiar yellow dragon.

"Curse of Dragon?" Yami gasped. The men were all wearing black capes with black jumpsuits underneath. Suddenly, all of them turned to look behind them, and Yami followed their gazes. A flaming red dragon soared across the sky, flying straight towards them. Curse of Dragon flew to avoid a stream of flame, and the man at the front lifted a large cannon-like object. A large net flew out of the object, and wrapped around the flaming dragon, immobilizing it in mid-air. The other men lifted up different gun-cannons and fired beams of golden energy at the dragon. The dragon glowed and shot to the ground, meeting the stone tablet below. With a flash, the dragon vanished, and an image of it appeared on the stone.

"They're capturing the Kaa." Yami whispered, recalling his recovered memories. He looked down and lifted a hand to his chest. This wasn't the blue school uniform Yugi had gotten for him, nor was it the black sweatshirt he wore around Yugi's home. Yami was wearing a one-piece dark-purple jumpsuit. A purple Eye of Anubis was emblazoned on the chest.

"The Eye of Anubis…" He whispered. Normally, the Eye was gold. But Yami had met one man whose heart was so dark, it tainted the symbol purple. "Darek…" Yami looked up at the dark town that lay before him. Duel Monsters running around, men capturing them, and this strange white room…

Yami just had a terrifying thought. If he had no idea where he was…what had happened to Yugi? Téa, Joey, Tristan? Kaiba, Drake, Anthony, Carol, Dax…Yami bit his lip. He was safe inside, but…what if they were out there, among the monsters? Yami turned as the screen on the wall beeped again. THE TRANSPORT WILL LEAVE IN 4 MINUTES. PLEASE REPORT TO THE DOCKTO ATTEND THE CLINIC. AFTERWARDS, REPORT TO WORK. Yami narrowed his eyes.

"What on Earth is going on here?" He whispered, stepping away from the window. Whatever was happening, he had to find the others. Once they were safe, then there would be time to untangle the mystery. Yami approached the door and twisted the knob. He took a breath and opened the door.

1: I'll spare ya the details, but this is what I'm calling the Spirit of the Millennium Ring.