Reset Reality

I do not own 'Kryptonite' by 3 Doors Down. However, I do thank them for writing a cool song that I think fits this chappie perfectly.

Chapter 9

One Life

"Well look here showed up." Kaiba sneered as Yami threw open the door to the main chamber.

"Darek!" He snarled, pointing at the warlord. Darek turned, revealing Téa clutched to his chest. Darek's familiar Millennium Glove was wrapped around her throat.

"You rang?" Darek called with a grin. Yami glared.

"Let her go." He growled. Darek pursed his lip.

"Uh…no, I don't think so. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of finishing the Project, and killing her and Yugi before I kill you."

"Darek…this ends now." Yami snapped. Darek nodded.

"Yes…it does." He agreed. He raised a hand, and the armed guards in the chamber raised their guns to aim at Yami.

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind…

I left my body buried somewhere in the sands of time…

"Fire on my command." Darek sneered. He began to lower his hand, and the wall of Kaiba Corp exploded. Darek spun his head around, and Téa wrenched herself from his grasp, running across the room. As Yami watched, several DRF members filtered through the smoke and began to open fire. What was surprising him was the three people leading the charge.

Drake, Dax and Joey were at the head of the team, each armed with a simple shotgun. But they were their younger forms, as Yami remembered them. Joey was perfectly healthy, Drake was no longer a Darek look-a-like…what was happening?

"Yugi!" Darek roared. The disfigured Kaa looked up sadly. "Kill Téa!" Darek ordered. Yugi's eyes widened, and he shrunk back. Darek held up a glowing Millennium Glove, and Yugi's chain snapped. With a snarl, he leapt and started to bound towards Téa. Darek sneered and swept down to the main floor.

I watched the world turn to the dark side of the moon…

I feel there's nothin' I can do…yeah…

Yami watched as Darek's guards and the DRF began to attack each other. Darek marched across the chamber, pushing aside friend and foe alike. Yami looked across the room, and saw it: a large readout screen, with a power dial climbing higher and higher. A large lever lay beside it.

"Project Shadow Beam." Yami whispered. In Darek's way ahead, Drake threw a punch, landing it smoothly in Kaiba's stomach. Kaiba spun and landed a kick to Drake's jaw, sending him spinning. As he spun, Drake grabbed a shotgun from a DRF member behind him, and pushed it onto Kaiba's chest, firing. Kaiba flew back in the air and landed limply, his head lolling back.

I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon…
After all I knew it had to be something to do with you…

Yami spun around as Téa's scream reached his ears. Yugi had her cornered, struggling to fight Darek's command. Téa went to dodge past him, and Yugi cut her off, snarling. How much longer could he resist the urge to kill?

Darek marched to Drake, and grabbed his skull. With a swift chop to the back of Drake's neck with the Millennium Glove, Drake's head snapped back in a way no living person could hope to do. Darek tossed Drake's body aside, and turned as Joey ran towards him. Darek simply pulled back the Millennium Glove and landed a fierce uppercut to Joey's chin, the Millennium Glove shining. Joey flew backwards and landed ten feet away, his eyes staring blankly. Darek turned once more and landed a punch to Dax's stomach, doubling him over. Darek grabbed Dax's head with both hand, and twisted. Dax's neck snapped, and Darek let him drop limply to the floor. Something skidded out of Dax's hands to glide to Yami's feet. Yami reached to pick it up.

A handgun.

I really don't mind what happens now and then…

As long as you'll be my friend at the end!

Yami clenched his eyes shut, a tear falling down his cheek. Joey…dead. Kaiba…dead. Tristan, Drake, Dax, Anthony, Carol, Kazuki…all dead. All dead…except Téa.

One last chance to save Mankind. All it needed for salvation was a single life. Téa's life.

The life of the only friend Yami had left. One friend in a sea of false memories, horrid nightmares come alive, and Darek in power.

If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?

If I'm alive and well will you still be there holdin' my hand?

Yami looked up and saw Darek near the activation level for the Project. He also saw Yugi hunker down to leap.

Then, time stopped…and Yami saw. The one thing to be valued above all else. The one thing he knew, he couldn't let go of.

He loved Téa.

He had made a vow to save the world…

One chance…the one thing he was not going to let be destroyed…

I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might…

Darek sneered and reached for the lever as the power readout flashed at full capacity…

Yugi snarled and leapt towards Téa's exposed throat…

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" A voice yelled. Yami knew who it was. It was Téa. And Drake, and Dax, and Joey. Tristan, Kaiba, Carol, Anthony, even Darek to a point…some sort of joined voice of everyone he knew called to him.


The world…


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Yami screamed. He looked up, raised his gun, and fired.

- - - - - - - - - -


Dark…black…everything was dark, and black. Yami looked around. Darek, Téa, Kaiba Corp…it was all gone. All that was left was this dark place. And that voice…even when they had discovered his lost last name, no one used it. They still called him Yami, no one called him Atemu.

"I MUST SAY, I ENJOYED THIS GAME ATEMU." The voice boomed. "I HAD FUN. BUT MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY…I LEARNED A GREAT DEAL ABOUT YOU." Yami glared. FUN? This sick creature thought what he had just been forced to do was fun!

"TELL ME, ATEMU…IS ONE LIFE WORTH THE WORLD?" the voice asked. Yami closed his eyes and lowered his head as the voice chuckled.

"BUT THEN…I SUPPOSE YOU'VE ALREADY ANSWERED THAT QUESTION…HAVEN'T YOU?" the voice asked. Yami raised his head to answer, and was blinded by a ray of white light from the darkness. He raised a hand to shield himself, and the light faded somewhat. Yami lowered his arm…

And was met by the sight of a bird's nest in a tree outside the window. Yami jumped up. Yugi's room. He looked out the window to see the sun just rising from the cityscape of Domino. Yami looked down at Yugi's alarm clock. Barely 5 am. He reached up to wipe the cold sweat off his brow. He bit his lip. That…couldn't possibly have been a dream…could it? Yami sighed and walked downstairs.

- - - - - - - - - -

"I couldn't have been a dream…I was there. I saw it all happening. This…this had to have been real." Yami said into the telephone.

"Uh-huh." Drake yawned on the other end of the line. "And you called me at 5 in the morning to tell me about your nightmare…why?"

"I…I'm not sure." Yami admitted. "I just wanted to tell someone."

"Sure, I can believe that, but why me? Why not Téa, or Joey, or…hell, why not anyone else besides me? We don't exactly have the best history Pharaoh. Battle City, Konami Grand Prix, ring a bell?"

"Yeah, it does." Yami replied. "But…I dunno. I didn't want to tell them…I couldn't. Drake…I've never had a dream like that before."

"It happens." Drake said. "Welcome to being human, I'm Drake, I'll be your reluctant confidant this morning." Yami chuckled slightly.

"Sure…Sorry to have woken you Drake…I just had to get this off my chest."

"No prob, just call at a decent hour next time." Drake said. Yami went to hang up. "Hey, hold on." Drake said suddenly. Yami lifted the receiver back to his ear.

"Yes Drake?" He asked.

"You told me the dream…up until you aimed the gun." Drake said, sounding confused. "Who did you aim for?" Yami was silent. "Hey, Pharaoh…Yami? You still there?" Drake asked, using Yami's actual name. "Who did you try to save?"

"Drake." Yami whispered. "In that dream…I had to make a choice. It's not a choice I wanted to make. It's a choice I hope I never have to make for real. And it's a choice I'm not proud of. And if I had to make that choice again…I'll make the same choice. And as much as I hate to admit it…that scares me."

"Okay…so c'mon, you're killing me. Téa or the world?"

"I'll see you around Drake." Yami said, pulling the receiver back.

"Huh? Hey Pharaoh, what are y-." Drake's voice was cut off as Yami gently hung up.


Yes…I know. Did Yami try to save Téa, or did he try to stop Darek?

Sadly, there are some questions that even the author doesn't know the answer to. But…what do you think Yami did?