Chapter Seven

Genre: Tragedy/Tragedy

Rating: T for Teen.

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Chapter Seven: An Immortal's Heart

If anyone would have visited the Hall of Fire on any ordinary night they would have had a pleasant surprise, for the great hall would have been filled with the joyous laughter of elves and voices raised in song. But on this night it was no ordinary night. For instead of the hall being filled with voices of joy and laughter, it was filled with the cries of sorrow and of grief.

For the elves were mourning the loss of one of Elrond's sons, Estel. They were shocked when they received the news that he passed away, because he was only 16, and he was also to be heir to the throne of Gondor. Elrond had locked himself in his study, not wanting to come out and trying to drown out the sounds of people in mourning. True he had cried himself but now he was at a point where his body was completely numb from the grief and he would not cry again till his son's funeral when they will lay him to rest.

His two son's Dan and Ro had reluctantly left home to go to Galadriel's homeland to tell Arwen the grievous news. For them it would be a sorrowful journey, each step their horses would take would bring back memories of journeys that they and Estel had taken but now they would take no more.

Glorfindel, the beloved teacher of Estel had left too. But to the greater pain of Elrond and his household he left for the Undying Lands. For the great Barlog slayer's grief for the passing of Estel's was too hard for him to bear, and instead of succumbing to the grief he decided to sail into the West where friends and loved ones where waiting for him.

Even the trees around Rivendell seemed to mourn the loss along with the elves, dropping their petals like the tears that fell from the eyes of their precious protectors. It pained them to see the elves in so much sorrow, for they too loved Estel. For even though the young man was mortal he had love for trees and nature much like an elf had and they always longed for the moment when he would sit underneath their branches and sing the Elvish songs of old.

But for one immortal there would be no cries of mourning, nor tears of grief. Yes he had cried, he had cried till he could cry no more. But there was signs of his tears on his pale alabaster face. And it also true that he voice was also raised in songs of mourning, but now that was voice was eerily silent, never to sing again.

For a certain immortal's heart bore the grief of losing a close loved one till it could bear it no longer and it broke like broken glass, beyond repair. No one knew when this immortal died, for no one was there to comfort him in his last minutes of his life. But Valar knew, and he stood waiting at the gates of the Hall of Mandos to welcome him with open arms and take him to see his beloved mother.

And so it was, with Estel still in his arms, the great prince of Mirkwood, Legolas died. No ship would bear him to the Grey Havens, but the arms of the Valar. He would never hear the cry of the gull or bear the pain of sea-longing, but the joyful cries of Lillian, Amrod, and Estel as they are reunited once again The great prince of Mirkwood was gone, his healing now complete.

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