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The wind grew less and the sails slackened as the ship entered port, the day broadening behind her. Lord Celeborn stood at the prow, gazing ever westward, but whether it was the salt spray or silent tears that glittered on the elf's face, Sam Gamgee could not have said. They stood together, elf lord and aged halfling, watching those who waited on the shore.

'There is my treasure,' said Celeborn softly, and he smiled at his companion. Sam felt himself once more awed as he looked upon the Lady Galadriel, fair and radiant in the morning, her eyes shining, smiling in welcome. He blushed and stared at the deck, and beside him he heard Lord Celeborn laughing.

'I'm sorry sir,' he said, his face growing still brighter, 'it's only, well, I'd forgotten how beautiful the Lady is.'

Celeborn's face softened, and his expression resolved itself at last into one of quiet joy. 'So had I,' he said.

They stood together quietly for some moments, then Celeborn smiled and said, 'Well, Sam Gamgee, there is your treasure also.' And Sam saw his master standing there, and he wept for joy as the ship docked and the ramp was lowered. Then Celeborn extended his hand to him and said, 'Shall we go and meet them?' And slowly they came down to the quay, the old hobbit and the shining elf lord, and ran to greet their treasures.