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Somewhere in the underworld a lone black and red demon hedgehog paces back and forth in his kingdom.

He sighs, "If only I wasn't so lonely." he murmurs to himself. "What do you mean master?" A Jet-black demon bat asks. The demon hedgehog wasa bit startled. 'Well you see Wrath I've been lonely for the past 3 years.'

"I see." "I need someone, someone like.. "A girl" Wrath cut in. "Yes perfect but who would I..wait I know just the one" He said evilly to himself. "Who is the lucky girl my Lord" Wrath asked with excitement. "A girl I have known from 3 years ago, Amy...Amy Rose.

A pink hedgehog by the name of Amy Rose walked down the street, heading towards her home. Amy had matured over the past 3 years after the encounter with Ark and Shadow. She had grown a few curves, as well let her pink hair grow out so it was now reaching her waist, and also she lost the little red dress she had worn for years and traded them for jeans and a purple spaghetti strap tang top. As she was approaching her house a blue blur sped towards her and knocked her down to the cold ground. "Whoa sorry Ames" said the pacific blue hedgehog while he helped her off the floor. "It's ok Sonikku" she replied while dusting her self off. Sonic watched her intensely as he dazed off looking at her perfect mature body, he shook his head to get focused. "So where you headed to?" he asked as he broke the silence between them" 'Oh well I was heading towards my house, you see I just got back from Creams house so I was going to watch some of my TV programs you know' she said with a sly smile.

"Hm that's nice," he said as he shuffled his feet on the floor. " Yeah." She said as she stared off into the distance. "Well uh I got to go I promised Tails I'd help him modify the X-Tornado" Sonic said as he rubbed theback of his head assweatdrop appeared on his head.'oh well I got to go too' she replied sadly, although Sonic had told her that he truly didn't love her and only thought of her as a kid sister or just good 'gal' friend he still loved as a friend. She wished she could spend a little more time together to like at least talk but he was always busy ethier saving the day or just being cocky and running off without her like he's always done.They stared at each others eyes once more before they said there farwells. "Bye" they both said in union. Amy walked one way Sonic walked the other, into the darkness of the evening.

"So when do you plan to have the girl here?" the demon bat asked. The demon hedgehog tool a moment to think before answering. "Tonight" he said looking out from his balcony. "How are you planning to bring her here my Lord?" 'I'll simply sneak into her house and kidnap her my friend' he said with an evil smile placed across his face."I see."the bat said. "Prepare my room so when I bring her here she will be comfortable' "Yuss my Lord" the demon bat said as he disappeared into the darkness of the kingdom.

Amy had just finished watching her favorite show Lost and it was now 9:30 and she was preparing for bed. "Wow that was a great episode of Lost I can't believe it how no one can find them on that island!"

She yawned,"Well I need to hit the hay I'm pooped. (A/N pooped I find that a funny word "pooped XD)

She kicked her shoes off pulled her shirt and under garments off andput on a pink night gown, well she had gotten out of the 'pink stage' but it was still one of her favorite colors. Amy walked over to her balcony opened the doors and stepped out on to it she stared out to the stars "I wish you we're here Shadow with me, I do truly miss you and I know you loved me as well" She remembered the last words hehadsaid to her that fateful day. "I remember I must keep my promise to you and Maria" He ran out of the building to save all of humanity. That was the last time she saw him and everyone including Tails said that he had probably burned up in the atmosphere, she didn't want to believe it but she pretty much had to he hadn't come back in three years and he had lost all of his chaos energy during the battle between Biolizard. Sonic had told her he tried to save Shadow but he had gotten out of reach before a bright light had gotten in between Sonic and Shadow once Sonic opened his eyes he was gone.

Amy had cried for a while that night but then just had to go on with her life and try to forget the past but she still dreamed of Shadow returning to her one day.

'Oh Shadow where are you' She whispered. She closed the doors and made sure they we're locked before getting comfy in her bed and turning out the light going into a deep sleep, not knowing what was outside staring at her perfect beauty as she went into her peaceful sleep. Whatever it was it has a hint of lust in his eyes.

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