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Sonic, Tails, Shadow, and Amy ran back to the church to get some more holy items since they would work the best and after they had enough supplies they we're off again to kill the rest of the demons. They ran into the city finding many of them there so they snuck up and prepared an attack formation. Shadow looked at the ones they could take out first, "Okay here's what we do we take out the weakest then we go for the strongest out of the group" Amy looked at the bunch, "Shadow is this all of them, he nodded. Amy looked back at them again there must have been at least 50 of them or more. Tails gulped, he wasn't too fond of doing this. Sonic remembered something, "Wait we can't do this with Shadow near by, he's a demon too remember so if he gets hit by holy water he may die" Amy totally forgot about that, "So Shadow maybe you should stay back for now until we destroy the strongest" Shadow shook his head, "I have an idea I'll take out the weakest ones, once that's done you three go out and destroy the rest. They agreed to the plan.

Shadow jumped from his hiding spot and ran towards the demons taking out as many as he could.

He shouted, "Chaos Spear!" and yellow spears came from his hand and struck the 5 demons that we're by him. They collapsed to the ground in pools of blood, dead. Shadow then ran over to 3 demons running for their lives, he used demon fire this time, and it burned them to a crisp. He was about to take out a few more when elephant demon came and knocked him out with he tusk and Shadow was out like a light.

Amy gasped, "Okay that's it" Amy ran out of her hiding space with some holy water she had filled in a water gun and she charged out squirting as many demons she could.

"Die Demon!" Many of them noticed Amy and tried to tackle her, to get the gun away from her hands. Sonic noticed and spin dashed at them with force to knock them away from her. "Thanks Sonikku!" Sonic winked at her, "No Problem" he stated before spin dashing a whole bunch of other demons down. Amy made her way over to the ebony hedgehog, Shadow was lying there staggering to get up, and Amy helped him up. Shadow thanked her and charged at the elephant to destroy him.

Amy ran over to a group of demon jaguars and sprayed water on them. They screamed in agony and pain as you could hear the sizzling of their skin burnt away. She smirked and ran over to a wolf that she thought was already injured, or that's what she thought… She stood behind the ebony wolf and glared at it.

"All right demon this is your end" just as she was about to pull the trigger the wolf jumped onto her and had her pinned down to the ground. Her gun slid across a few feet away from her.

"So girl you think you can get rid of me so easily?" he said in a deadly tone.

She shivered at how close his face was to hers. His fangs slid from his mouth and he was drooling madly.

She gave out a scream, as he growled at her high pitch scream.

The wolf gave her an evil glare, "Shut up hedgehog!"

Shadow turned around after destroying the elephant, and scanned his eyes in search for his love; he spotted her on the floor with a mad wolf on top of her. He narrowed his eyes down in anger. He ran towards the wolf and tackled it so it was off of her.

The wolf was fighting with Shadow as they had a brawl. The wolf scratched him across the face. Shadow cursed to him self and touched where he had scratched him. Blood stained his gloved hand. Shadow punched the ebony wolf in the jaw and grabbed its wrist and snapped it in half. The poor wolf let out a yelp in pain. He went and took a bite out of Shadows arm. Shadow also yelled in pain, but he kicked the wolf in the stomach. The wolf gasped for air, as he had the wind knocked out of him. Shadow used the finally blow and preformed his signature move, "Chaos Spear!". For sure the wolf was, dead.

Amy ran to Shadow and hugged him; "Oh Shadow, thank god you not to badly hurt" She looked at his face and gasped at the scratch n his face. It had gone across his eye.

"Shadow your eye…its…" Shadow stopped her, "I know its fine, really"

She kissed him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his hands on her waist and deepened the kiss.

That is until Sonic interrupted, "Are you guys gonna make out, or help us!" Shadow and Amy both blushed, and ran to help Tails and Sonic fight. Tails was using the cross to make them back up into a corner, where he could gather them up into a group for Sonic and Shadow to take out. Amy was still spraying any demon she could. Tails had at least 5 more demons into a corner; So Shadow used demon fire to take them all out.

Amy ran out of water so she had to use the bible. She ran up to many weak demons and started to say prays to them, "Help these demons set them free, let there cruse be revived" They screamed and covered their ears trying not to hear the horrible words she spoke of, they turned into ash and blew away in the wind.

Shadow walked slowly towards Amy a little tired, "We Won…"

Amy sighed in relief, she was happy that they had destroyed all the demons.

Sonic shook his head, "Too bad they killed everyone"

Tails disagreed with that, "I'm not so sure of that Sonic" he pointed to a collapsed building, Sonic followed to where he was pointing, people where hiding remains of them at least over five hundred. They had been fine the whole time, they were just hiding. Sonic was happy to see some people alive. Only a few people had suffered. Sonic and Tails ran over to the people and tried to help some them and the ones who we're injured.

Shadow and Amy watched Sonic and Tails; there was an awkward silence between them.

"So we did it," Amy said in a low voice. Shadow looked at her, "Yeah we did"

She hugged him, "Shadow if it weren't for you protecting me, I wouldn't be here" Shadow lifted her chin to look into his eyes, "Amy I told you, I won't ever let anything hurt you…" Amy had tears in the corner of her eyes.

"Oh Shadow!" she clung onto him even more. Shadow kissed her forehead, "I love you my blood rose" She looked up into his crimson eyes, "and I love you Shadow-kun" They kissed passionately for the longest time as if time had stopped.

The End

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