Deep Sky

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Summary: A dark past had torn Dracula and Van Helsing apart, but not for long. He has captured the Hunter, but he did not intend for the Hunter to fall for the Prince instead. In the background, Carl is in search of Van Helsing, and has hidden his true feelings until now... SLASH

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Chapter Twenty Two – Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

I couldn't have done it.

Velkan closed his eyes, ignoring the pour of tears down his face. He lay there, strewn on the emerald grass, his throat on fire and his stomach twisting with sickness. It overpowered his grief for a moment, making him shoot upright with wide open eyes and heave over, vomiting his last meal, which hadn't been much.

Crinkling his nose in disgust, he moved away weakly, the aftermath of the silver still striking through to his bones. He woke up on his feet but his legs refused to let him stand. Velkan crumbled onto the ground, causing his right arm to be scratched deeply by a large rock which had unfortunately been stuck on the ground right beside him.

The prince flinched and gave out a gasp, grabbing the wound with his left hand. He could feel a sudden rush of warmth spreading over his right palm. Velkan blinked slowly, a grim expression on his face. Within seconds, he sensed the flow of blood halting and he released his arm. There was no trace of any scars. Nothing but crimson.

It had been so red... So... grotesque. There was nothing beautiful about it. The same color had crawled down Van Helsing like a serpent, splattering his wrongdoing all over the man he loved. He had blemished and consequently broken the golden connection he had made with the hunter.

I have become a remarkable fool... I... I had sworn to myself that I would not do anything to harm him and yet I betrayed him so easily... So briskly for a cold platter of revenge to warm my sorrow... Velkan thought bitterly, pressing his forehead down on the dirt. He dug his nails inside with a vicious anger, uprooting the grass with it. I am a fool. A FOOLLLL!

"Why did it have to happen this way! Why did the memories of my family come and haunt me now, after everything that has happened! How could I let myself tear him away from me? WHYYYYY!!!" His echoed scream stretched through the hollow forest, a cry that split through the air and rendered every light-hearted creature to give a mournful lament. The breeze took a different turn and the leaves that blew from its motherly branches also left with a fainter color, already beginning to be drained from lack of care.

A powerful strength abruptly drew Velkan onto his two feet again. He still smelt blood nearby and realized to his horror that his lips were still stained with Van Helsing's mortal blood. He tried to wipe it all off, but his keen senses refused to betray him. The smell lingered with a sharpness. If he were not immortal, he would have died from suffocation. He should have.

How could I... His inner voice thought but trailed off because he had no answer to his question. Velkan looked up at the strangely pleasant sky. It had been awhile since he had ever seen the pure blue, the overflowing green around him and the stern brown earth beneath his feet. A part of his heart felt happiness slip through between his sorrow. He crushed it to pieces with a dark bitterness.

"I need..." Velkan spoke hoarsely, his eyes flashing with glimmering tears. It never had a chance to fall from his cheek. His vibrant golden eyes had scorched them away, drying his sea of misery into a desert with no inhabitant but the forlorn Prince. And he didn't mind. Not now.

On the contrary, it made his fury easier to conquer. His desire for vengeance had gotten him into this acrimonious outcome. He needed to see Van Helsing and be forgiven for what he had done. To explain the words that he had no time to expel from his sinful lips. He needed the hunter to understand the truth, before time took a toll on both their souls.

And before Dracula took matters into his own hands.

"I can't let anything happen to you," Velkan whispered softly, caressing his memories of Van Helsing gentle, delicate touch.


Van Helsing's eyes opened very slowly, reluctantly waking from a sleep without dreams. It gave him the time to flex his muscles, stretch his legs out from his awkward position and move his neck. For a moment he was unaware of anything. Sensation was clotted in his system and drowsiness took good care to not steer him away from its embrace. No thoughts took ahold of his battered consciousness and his body did not ache from anything.

But this was only before reality sunk its teeth into him.

Van Helsing freed himself from the bed and when his eyes met face to face with his very own in a mirror which had been placed on the wall, he saw his face twist deep in rage.

Gold swarmed his pupils in an instant.


Van Helsing unleashed a roar of anguish that silenced the slightest noise outside of his confines and stopped the hands of his captor from moving. In a fit of anger, he broke apart the mirror with his fist. It cascaded in a beautiful shimmer of silver, capturing every angle of Van Helsing's fall as the hunter dropped to his knees without a shred of rationality to ground his soaring agony. Everything inside of his prison was torn apart with a vigor.

Velkan. The words continued to repeat itself in a loop that seemed everlasting in Van Helsing's thoughts. Objects he had taken into his hand and destroyed without a mere thought for safety sliced through his skin, causing pain to rivet through his mind. It managed to mute the voice, his voice, that kept calling for Velkan.

He continued to fracture anything he could find until there was nothing left for him to destroy. His voice failed him and vanished. Van Helsing finally crushed the anger.... there was enough tears left for grief to take its turn on him. He wept for his loss, the betrayal, the longing and the injustice. He cursed Dracula in languages he thought he never knew.

Memories seeped through his open wounds, making him suffer pitifully in its enclosing cocoon.

When the door to Van Helsing's room was opened by Dracula, the hunter's head was bowed in darkness, sitting in the middle of destruction. Blood was splattered in dripping drops over the splintered wood and broken mirror shards, sliding down to the gray floor.

Dracula could hear Van Helsing's heart beating far faster than any living mortal. He stood still, eyes focused onto Van Helsing without a trace of a smile on his face.


Van Helsing looked up. His irises were blazing gold, tormented tears escaping freely from his face.

Dracula lowered himself so he was staring straight back at Van Helsing's piercing eyes. He outstretched his hand to touch Van Helsing's cheek, but the hunter struck at it with a powerful force. The Count did not show any annoyance or anger over this reaction. He maintained his posture with a frown.



Dracula did not move. "No."

Van Helsing got up in a single blink of an eye and Dracula followed suit.



The hunter roared, his voice fused together with the cry of a wolf. In a split second, he was slamming Dracula to the wall. The Count didn't seem to look surprised or nervous and this frustrated Van Helsing even more.

"Why the HELL NOT! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Van Helsing yelled. "I curse the day the Order ever assigned me to this assignment. If not for them, I would have never met you, Dracula. I would not have ever known-" Van Helsing's voice choked in mid-sentence when he was about to utter Velkan's name.

"I hate you, Dracula!"

Dracula let out a lingering sigh, "I love you, Gabriel."

A pure venomous hatred surfaced inside of Van Helsing and he punched Dracula. This time the Count did nothing to resist. He accepted the blow without protest, his body swaying just an inch.

"I HATE YOU!" Van Helsing snarled with hostility.

The Count smiled at him slyly, "Did you think the mere wolf was capable of loving you more than me? You have become blinded, Gabriel. For so long, nothing in your life has been real. Everything you have ever thought were merely lies!"

"My love for Velkan was NOT A LIE!" Van Helsing sunk his fingers tightly into Dracula in his rage. The Count leaned forward to whisper. "He thought of you as a tool for my destruction."

"I refuse to believe it!"

"You cannot excuse him without chastisement. You saw what he had really been after."

Van Helsing's face contorted deeply and he released Dracula as if he had touched acid.

"I am not giving in to you, Dracula. There's nothing in me that will ever love--"

His words were abruptly interrupted by a seizing force that caused everything to disappear...


Gabriel could see him through the crowd. It was Vladislaus, dressed in his finest clothes and seemingly enjoying the festivities of the night. His father's guests and his other comrades in battle were patting his back or shaking his hand in congratulations. Singing could be heard in the background, voices of thousands of attendees filling the night's gaping silence.

"Vladislaus!" He cried out and the dark-haired man turned to look at his direction. A smile grew on the knight's face, his eyes sparkling with glee. Gabriel smiled back widely in response. His heart was thudding wildly behind his chest. He watched as Vladislaus turned back to the crowd to excuse himself from the company and then walking in large strides towards him.

Relief and happiness struck his heart in a gentle blow. Gabriel waited impatiently as each second passed, drawing his brother-in-arms closer to him. When at last Vladislaus was standing in front of him, he rushed over to him and embraced the knight in a huge hug, his soul pouring out for the man. He felt Vladislaus give out a surprised but radiant laugh. He wrapped his arms around Gabriel as well with a curved grin on his face.

Behind his back, Gabriel could hear people cheering over the victory they had made over the war. But he didn't care much for that. What he was most grateful for was seeing Vladislaus come back in one piece. He felt Vladislaus very carefully lean his face near to his face.

"Did you miss me?" He teased.

Gabriel chuckled, "How could I not?"


"-you..." He finally finished abruptly but this time the emotions he had with him while speaking that particular sentence failed to come through. Van Helsing inhaled sharply and his footing wavered. His eyes were wide with disbelief and disorientation. He looked up at Dracula, who was staring at him with narrowed eyes and a growing smile.

"What did you see?"

Van Helsing shook his head furiously, "I haven't seen anything!"

"I know you are lying, Gabriel." Dracula said with a tone of satisfaction.

Van Helsing backed away from the Count, his heart pounding. He didn't want to believe it, he wanted nothing more to do with the vampire that stood in front of him with his knowing eyes. He couldn't take it all and his defenses were buckling under the pressure. What he had seen was unnerving to the extreme. Had he loved Dracula? Apparently he had, and his past self had no doubts about it. But why?

"There is nothing more for me to understand. The present is more important then the past. Whatever we shared is forgotten for a reason!" Van Helsing answered shakily but with a defiance.

Dracula's expression changed drastically. "There is no comprehensible reason for your lost identity, dear Gabriel. I was there when you LOST IT!"

Van Helsing's lips opened in shock and his eyebrows furrowed. "What are you talking about?"

The Count clicked his tongue in exasperation. "Your precious Order is the cause of this whole calamity! Why did you think the Order sent you here? They knew you would be the only person capable enough to kill me!" Dracula chuckled icily. "They have underestimated us. And now they have handed over the only other reason in my eternal life to live for..."

Van Helsing glared at Dracula, hating the tempest of confusion that broke his concentrated hatred. The Count turned to him now with a enigmatic smile rising on his lips.


Van Helsing listened in silence to Dracula's words. There was something familiar to the things he was saying. He didn't want to admit the fact that it was making him feel incredibly uneasy.

"I'm not the person you think I am."

"That is where you are wrong... They called you a man of God and made you believe that your life's purpose is to redeem yourself from whatever evils you have done in your previous life... Did you not think it curious that you see dreams of old, when you could not have possibly been alive? That you carry a ring that you have no memory of keeping? Of languages that you can speak but have never learned?"

"I-" Van Helsing choked on his words, unable to continue. I'm not giving him the advantage to use me! he thought desperately. His nerves were cracking and he could no longer stand calmly because every part of him wanted to deny the facts Dracula was pressing onto him.

"Your life had been stripped away by the merciless hands of the Order! It was because of them that you stand here now, unable to be the man that I know. They could not bear to see their beloved Left Hand of God to fall into sin! But you are finally beginning to release yourself from centuries of enslavement."

"I am-" Van Helsing began, trying to counter the Count's remarks in a futile attempt to deny everything that was striking a sensitive chord in his heart. But he couldn't continue any further because... he didn't have an argument. He couldn't speak without sounding like a fool.

Van Helsing had no words to spare for Dracula had suddenly appeared in front of him and grabbed him into a kiss that even the hunter could not foresee with his wolf eyes. He would have been kicking and protesting if not for the fact that he was becoming drunk with emotions. He felt a shiver of deja vu crawling up his skin. His heart felt as if he was being pumped with euphoria, pain, guilt and longing instead of blood. And all of these emotions were not his. It was ancient. That he was certain of. He couldn't move a single muscle.

Dracula wrapped his arms around Van Helsing's waist, taking in the frozen man without any consequential thought whatsoever. On the contrary, he was kissing the hunter to make the man remember. Dracula smiled inside. He knew it was working. He slowly brushed his lips over Van Helsing's, trying to lure him in.

Van Helsing tapped into every part of himself that was screaming resistance and used it to rip his lips away from his captive's. Some part of his mind was howling in despair and his reluctance and disgust was evident in his tear-brimmed eyes. "STOP!"

Dracula inclined his head in response, savoring the last lingering touch of warmth on his lips. "You can't run from who you are, Gabriel."

Van Helsing grimaced darkly. "I can try."

The Count released Van Helsing and the man took three steps back with caution on his face. With one thoughtful tap of his fingers, an ingenious plan struck the Count.

"How about we make a deal, Gabriel?"

"No more deals or games. I won't tolerate them-"

"Not even for Prince Velkan?" Dracula raised an eyebrow. His grin was ruthless.

"What deal?"

"Velkan Valerious will not be a dead man if you choose to remember."

"No! No! I..." Van Helsing uttered, his voice shaking from outrage. Velkan Valerious had betrayed him, yes, and perhaps he had never loved him from the beginning. Whatever it may be, he will never know if he was dead. He could not possibly let another mortal being die because of him.

"Come, come, Gabriel. Make up your mind. Choose the fate of your beloved betrayer!" Dracula snapped his fingers with a facade of impatience on his face.

Van Helsing wasn't ready to respond. However he had no other alternative to escape from this unexpected predicament. With gritted teeth, he answered, "...Yes.... Now LEAVE!"

Laughter rose from Dracula's lips, echoing with elation. His eyes fell to the broken pieces of the mirror and his laughter rose. His hand rose and the glittering bits of glassy metal flew into mid air, connecting back into each other with a clang, magnetized by Dracula's will for reversal. Van Helsing watched from the opposite side of the healing mirror with a sense of demoralization.

One fragment glittered and absorbed his broken features, reflecting them back into Van Helsing's eyes before joining its counterparts. Dracula's hand seemed as if he was holding something that weighed heavily, but there was no stress.

"Did you know that a mirror is believed to have the power to confiscate a portion of your soul?" Dracula mused as he tightened a fast fist. The mirror coalesced into one, the cracks melting back without a scar. It moved on to settle back in the wall, where it had originally nested.

Van Helsing's lips were upturned into a frown. He was trying very hard to understand what exactly had gone over Dracula's mind. He was answered with nothing but silence and his own trapped thoughts.

"Do not leave the Fortress, Gabriel. I shall know."

And then he was gone.

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