N/A: Hello everyone. So, I know I'm a horrid person for posting this after so many years have passed without me updating this fic but I feel really bad now, especially since I probably left everyone hanging. To amend this, even for just a little, I thought I'd leave these notes here as a way to say I'm truly sorry for abandoning the fic! I've left all the details of what I was planning to do with the story inside here, for your reading pleasure. And to those who are still here in FF who've read my fic a few years ago, thank you for reading it and I hope this small thing will be enough to sate anyone's curiosity to what would've happened to the characters in Deep Sky. :)


VAN HELSING (Hunter/Werewolf)

PAST: Order adopts him when he is a little boy, who had just lost his family in a brutal ambush. He was the only one left alive to see his parents and his two siblings get slaughtered. He managed to escape in the woods. He meets Vladislaus after he is a grown man as a Knight of the Holy Order. (Read Vlad's Past section for more history info.)

After his momentary death, Gabriel comes back to life but without any memory of who he was and what he'd done. The Order uses this to their advantage. Instead of killing him, they train the man to become a hunter - the very creature that will strike down the Devil's son. During his life, Gabriel had been used to kill off countless supernatural creatures. But every time he started to remember certain bits of himself that became inconvenient for the Order, they would make Van Helsing forget.

PLOT: Van Helsing is a a hunter, now tured werewolf by Velkan's bite. He slowly starts to remember certain aspects of his former life against his will. Although he harbors certain feelings for the Valerious Prince who had betrayed him, he also has unexplainable desires for Count Dracula as well. The werewolf curse triggers his memories to come back to him faster, so much so that one day he catches a frenzied fever that almost drives him mad. He drinks in each and every flashback of his past until he finally, truly, remembers that he is, was and always will be Gabriel Van Helsing. With his memories back, he is able to reciprocate Dracula's affections at last.

One day, however, as he steps outside of the Castle, Van Helsing finds himself in the company of his second love, Velkan. Apologizes are spoken and they share a moment of intimacy, which binds them closer.


DRACULA (Vampire)

PAST: Born a Valerious, he was a member of the Knights of the Holy Order. During a celebration hosted by his father, Vladislaus is introduced to a young Knight called Gabriel Van Helsing. He is quick to discover much similarities with Gabriel. It doesn't take long for them to fall for each other, having been assigned to protect one another. In spite of the fact that such acts of affection between the same gender is strictly forbidden under the so-called eyes of their God, they continue to deepen their relationship. To others, they were viewed as very fond brothers and nothing more. They stole moments in the darkness, kisses and intimacy bearing the close description of sin on their bodies.

One day, however, Gabriel meets Valdemar... A vagabond who had betrayed his King. He is imprisoned, sentenced to death but Gabriel gives him a choice between redemption and death. He is willing to save his soul, especially after finding out the reason to Valdemar's betrayal. The young gypsy accepts and is granted Knighthood under Gabriel's supervision. Vladislaus is not happy one bit, noticing how intimate Gabriel and Valdemar's interactions become. Their relationship deteriorates quickly however when a love triangle forms between the three men. When Valdemar alerts the Order of Gabriel's indiscretion with Vladislaus, just to spite him, all hell breaks loose.

Gabriel is killed by Valdemar when, in the end, he fails to reciprocate his love fully for the man. Vladislaus is too late to save Gabriel but he does manage to kill Valdemar in the process. He is caught screaming at the top of his lungs to the sky when the Order arrives to apprehend the sinners. Imprisoned now to be cast judgement, Vladislaus calls out to the Devil for his help. Having lost the love of his life, he offers up a deal. He sacrifices his life to save Van Helsing's soul and to bring him back from the dead. He succeeds in doing so, at the cost of his humanity. Vladislaus becomes immortal, a prince of darkness with the power to turn his victims undead like himself but cursed with living forever. He barely manages to escape the clutches of the Order but is unable to bring Van Helsing with him, with the Order protecting their asset now more than ever against Vladislaus.

PLOT (PRESENT): Van Helsing hates him. Dracula wants the hunter back so he tries to make him remember the past. He doesn't heal Van Helsing, in spite of the fact that Velkan had marked him, because he knows that the curse will quicken the process of recollecting his former self back.


VELKAN (Last of the Valerious / Human once but turned Werewolf)

PAST: Reincarnation of Valdemar. He was a prisoner to the Order but is later granted Knighthood. However Gabriel and Valdemar quickly fall in love, even though Gabriel also loves Vladislaus as well. Everything goes down in chaos however when Valdemar gets viciously jealous of Gabriel's relationship with Vladislaus and alerts the Order of their sin. He kills Gabriel in the end and then is murdered shortly by Vladislaus in a fit of rage.

PLOT (PRESENT): Velkan loves Van Helsing, in spite of the fact that he had betrayed him to get back at Dracula. He tries to return to the Castle but Dracula prevents him. The Count orders him to run, as far away as possible, if he wanted the hunter to live. Forced to leave, Velkan does so but he hides within the forest, biding his time - hoping that Van Helsing will be able to set foot outside of the Castle one day to meet him.


CARL (Human Scientist)


PLOT (PRESENT): He is attacked by a werewolf, but later finds out that the only thing that can kill the Count is a wolf. He makes a cure for lycanthropy, so he can inject himself with it after he kills Dracula. He succeeds in creating this cure but what he didn't have planned was that Van Helsing would protect Dracula from harm.



In the end, Van Helsing becomes a hybrid of species (Half Vampire / Half Werewolf), marked both by Velkan and Dracula. He is the one who kills Velkan in the end, after a heated fight in which Velkan had successfully injured Dracula. He watches regretfully and full of anguish as the life leaves him, but he cannot let the past repeat itself after everything that'd happened to him.

Just when they think they're safe, however, Carl comes into the picture. He is also a werewolf and had been planning on killing Dracula to save him from his clutches. But instead he finds that Van Helsing is protecting him and realizes that the hunter was in love with the Count. This infuriates him even more to the point where he tries to inject the cure into Van Helsing so that he would become human once more, free of the curse of Lycanthropy and Vampirism.

Van Helsing, however, convinces Carl to let him go. To try to forget he ever existed and to live on a full and happy life without him. Carl, seeing that the hunter was more happier than he was with the Order, finally agrees to leave. He gives the Order a message to deliver: "I remember everything. Do not come after us or the consequences of your actions will be severe."