Summary: Four sisters, given up for their protection. Kept secret, kept apart, until fate brings them together ... There power lies in their bond as sisters ... but making the bond isn't easy ...

This chapter's Prue's POV, not sure what future chapters will be. I changed Paige's age she she isn't as young.

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Sisters Lost, Sisters Found

Chapter 1 - The Secret Sisters

Prue's POV (17)

"Prudence, I have something to tell you." Sharon, my social worker, smiled at me. I sighed as I sank into the arm chair behind me.

"Prue. It's Prue." I told her.

"Yes ... well ... don't you want to hear it? It's about ... your family."

"Not really." I replied, although my ears pricked up. Why should I? My mother gave me away when I was a few hours old, left me to live here - the orphanage, children's home, whatever you want to call it. Either way, it's not so great. I was fostered for a while when I was little, but I've been here since I was seven. That's over ten years ago. And in a few months I can leave, I can get a life.

All I have of my real "family" is a pendent - three leaf-like shapes, interlocking, and a letter. I've read it through so many times, I know it by heart ... "My darling, don't ever think I did this because I don't love you. I do, more than words can say. And that's why I've left you here, why you can't stay with me. To protect you. I'd rather know you were alive and not with me, than lose you after a short time together. I will always be with you, and you will always be close to my heart. Love you forever, mummy xxx"

Too bad I don't feel the same. Besides, if it was so dangerous to have me, why bother?

Sharon was saying something, so reluctantly, I listened.

"Your Grandmother has died."

"Huh?" I didn't even know I had a grandmother. And why do I care? "So?"

"Prudence, it appears your birth mother died, about seven years ago."

"Oh." I'm not sure how to feel about that. Am I meant to be sad? I don't actually feel anything right now. I never knew her. I wont miss her.

"Penelope Halliwell was your last known relative." Sharon continued.


"And she has left you ... her house, in her will."

"What!" Now that is interesting.

Sharon smiled at me. "Yes, to you and ..." Her smile faltered. "You get the house on one condition." She said carefully.

"What? What is it?" Finally, a way out of here. And I wont have to worry about rent or finding a place.

"You have to find ... your sisters." She mumbled.

"What?" I gasped in shock. "I - I have - s-sisters?" I stammered. I have a family?

"Yes. Three. They were all given up too." Sharon nodded. So it wasn't just me. Our mother didn't keep any of us. And I have three sisters out there ...

"How come I didn't know?" I asked quietly.

"I didn't know either. They're younger than you."

"How much younger?" I have baby sisters out there?

"We're not sure." She admitted. "There names are Piper, Phoebe and Paige. They're all in California ... somewhere."

"I'm going to find them." I said simply. "I'll find them, and take them home."

It never crossed my mind they might already had families, their situation different to my own.

"Piper's being fostered right now." Sharon told me, a week later. "She's spent the last 15 years in different foster homes. Phoebe's 13, she's with a foster parent, has been since she was five."

"And the youngest? Paige?" I asked eagerly.

"Now Paige Matthews. Adopted, when she was a few weeks old. She's twelve."

Wow. My secret sisters.

"Where are they? Whereabouts?"

"All right here in San Francisco."

"Really? Can we go see them, can I meet them?"

"It's not that easy, Prue. Phoebe and Paige are settled, they might not want you to -"

"Fine." I sulked. "Then we'll start with the oldest. The one who's not settled, who doesn't have a family. Let's find Piper."

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