Author: Falconwolf3

Fandom: 7th Heaven

Characters/Pairing: Ruthie Camden/Martin Brewer

Prompt: Humility

Word Count: 425

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own 7th Heaven.

Author's Notes: This is the first part of the 7Virtues Challenge on LJ. If you guys want to check out my LJ, hit the link for my website in my profile, leave me a note there if you like. I need all the friends I can get, lol. A few weeks ago I promised a longer 7th Heaven story. This isn't the one I was talking about, that one is still being written and am very close to having it ready to go. But I'm working on it, in the mean time, hopefully this will tide you all over.


Ruthie walked out the hospital room after seeing Sandy and baby Aaron. She looked at Martin and walked into his open arms. He probably had no idea how much this was killing her. She loved him with all her heart and now more than ever, she knew he would never be hers.

Sandy had had Martin's child, a son, named after Martin's grandfather. She had wanted to give him children. She had wanted to be his wife and have lots of babies with him. Now she had to let him go, she had to, for Aaron.

Aaron deserved to have his dad in his life and that meant Ruthie had to have the courage and humility to let Martin go. Let Martin be the father she knew he could be. No matter how much it hurt her to let him go, she was going to do just that.

All her dreams of marriage, kids and love with Martin were to never be and never see life. All her dreams would come true someday, just not with Martin. Martin might marry Sandy once they quit fighting and Ruthie would have to deal with watching Sandy live the life she always wanted.

Ruthie would have to watch Martin from afar being a father to Aaron and wish that Aaron was hers with Martin. She had to let him go and with her family beside her, she would with all humility.

Martin held onto Ruthie will everything in him, not wanting to let her go form the embrace. He knew baby Aaron changed everything for him. He loved his son, but Aaron meant that he could never be with Ruthie. There was no way her family would approve of him now. He was a teen father; he had sold all his morals for one night with a complete stranger.

If had known then that that one night would cost him the respect of the Camden family and the love of Ruthie, he would have never slept with Sandy. The Camden's still liked him, but not enough to let him be with Ruthie.

He didn't want the hug to end, but knew he had to let her go at some point. He had to let her go from the hug and from his heart. I have to show great humility and let her go before I hurt her more than I already have.

Martin pulled back, "I guess I better get in there to see my son."

"Yes you should," smiled Ruthie. "I'll see you around."

"Goodbye Ruthie."

"Goodbye Martin."