Author Falconwolf3

Fandom 7th Heaven

Characters/Pairing Ruthie Camden and Martin Brewer

Prompt Diligence

Word Count 185

Rating T

Disclaimer: Still do not own 7th Heaven.

Author's Notes 7th part of the 7Virtue Challenge.

Martin stood at the alter waiting for the wedding march to begin. He glanced at Reverend Camden and down at his best man Simon. Then he glanced to the front row where Mrs. Camden was sitting holding Aaron in her lap. Kevin was seated besides her holding Savannah.

He heard the march begin and watched patiently as Ruthie slowly came down the aisle toward him. He thought back over the last few months and realized how close he came to missing out on this moment.

Ruthie looked beautiful then again, she always looked beautiful. They had paid their dues the last month and with perseverance and diligence, they had made it through it all. He still couldn't quite believe he was getting the life he had always wanted, despite all the mistakes he had made.

He almost choked up at the thought of how happy his mother would be if she could be there. Then he realized she probably had a front row seat.

"Dearly beloved," started Reverend Camden, "we are gathered here today to see this man and this woman joined together in holy matrimony…..