A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

(Cue Star Wars Theme)

Since the fall of the Eggman Empire over one thousand years ago things have been quiet in the galaxy but a new evil is arrising. One that will take more than friendship and team work to beat.

The Force since then has strengthened its powers and has gone beyond just power within the Chaos and Master Emeralds. Will this added power be enough to stop the rising evil...? Or will it just help it along?


The sun set like a fiery ball behind the tall buildings of the city.

New Station Square.

Speeders and air taxes flew through traffic as everyone tried to reach their destinations at the same time. Even so, there were no accidents and no road rage. Everyone was going at the same speed and if they needed to get somewhere faster they could just move their vehicle out of traffic and use the open air that wasn't being used as a road.

One particular speeder bike was making its way to a rather large Temple like building in the center of the city. He was not using the road, knowing if he did he'd never get there in time. The driver of that particular speeder had a certain important message to give. A message that would rock the peaceful world of a lot of certain indiviuals.

When the driver spotted the parking lot of the Temple building he turned the speeder toward it and landed it gently on the ground. He then turned off the power and hopped off, his black robes swirling in the breeze. Without a look back to make sure he hadn't been followed, for he knew he had, he headed toward the entrance and inside, intent on telling some important people what they needed to know whether they realized it or not.

The Masters were waiting.

When he reached the Council Chamber he stood before them and bowed with respect then began, speaking in a low voice not much louder than a whisper. "Jedi Masters," he said not looking them in the eye. "I have brought some disturbing news..."

"What do you mean?" one of the Masters, a fox with two tails, asked.

"My sources tell me that there is a growing threat arising on a far off planet," he replied, looking up at the Masters from under the hood that shadowed his face.

"A threat?" another Master asked, this one an elderly echinda. "What kind of threat?"

The driver's shadow seemed to lengthen at the next words he spoke. "A dark threat," was his reply. "A threat I believe the Jedi might be interested in."

"What do you mean?" a third, this one a young motherly rabbit, asked.

The driver walked foward and handed the fox Master a small rectangular object. "See for yourself."

The Master took the object and pressed the red power button. A blue and black bulky shadowed image appeared in 3-D. The tiny figure stood motionless. A hologram.

"What is that?" another Master, a crocodile asked, leaning forward in his seat.

The driver took the hologram back and stared at it, his eyes showing a hint of surpressed red. "I believe," he paused. "I believe that might be what you call a Sith."

The driver tossed the object into the foxe's hands. "I'd advise you to think about it," he said turning away. "If you wait too long it'll be too late."

Then, without anymore words, he turned around and with a swirl of ebony robes and the clank of midnight black boots he left them and headed back into the parking lot. When he was outside again he headed toward his speeder only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw another figure, just as dark and mysterious as his own, standing by it. I was right..

"You!" he exclaimed, recognizing the shadow.

"You gave them the information didn't you?" a metallic voice, low and grating, demanded.

"So what if I did?" he challenged, tensing his body incase of an attack.

The shadow turned to face the other shadow. Blood red eyes locked with his own. "You know my Master won't like this... you know our Master won't like this..."

"He's not my Master anymore!" the driver shouted. "And it's his problem not mine!"

"I should destroy you now." the other shadow growled, anger filling that fake voice.

The driver shook his head. "That won't be possible."

Then, before the other figure could ask what he ment, the driver pulled out a weapon of glowing red light and came at him. The shadow moved back as its vision was suddenly blurred by the strange light. The driver, seeing him enemy blinded, took his chance.

He jumped onto his speeder, gunned the engine, and roared away as fast as he could, into the city where he was lost in traffic.

The other shadow could finally see again and turned toward the Station Square skyline. You got away for now, it thought. You can run but you can't hide!

"What should we do?" the rabbit master asked looking at the other Masters. "If it really is the Sith you can't ignore it!"

The fox Master stared at the hologram a bit longer. "No," he said finally. "We can't ignore it."

"So what should we do?" the crocodile Master asked.

"We should send some of our apprentises to check this out."

"But which ones?"

The fox hailed a small rabbit apprentise who was walking by. "Would you please fetch Padawans Yukimako, Rio, Sensai, Saphire, and Kurmasu."

The rabbit bowed. "Yes, Master Prower," she said before she left.

The elder echinda gave Master Prower a disaproving look. "Why do you want them?" he demanded.

"You'll see," the fox replied, leaning back in his seat. "And I'll be needing the Padawan Guardian too."

Before the others could ask why the rabbit came back without the Padawans. "I'm sorry, Masters," she said bowing to them. "But I couldn't find the apprentises you requested."

"Couldn't find them?" the crocodile demanded. "Where on Mobis are they!" (Is it called Mobis?)

"Woooooowho!" Sonic Kurmasu cheered pumping his fist into the air. He looked over his shoulder. Shadow Yukimako was being him, gunning his land speeder hard so it would excell and catch up with the blue hedgehog. "You're making it easy! You'll never catch up with me!"

Shadow growled and gunned the engine even more. "I will not let you win this time!" he shouted over the noise.

"See if you can catch me!" Sonic shouted back the challenge he had made that morning. He and Shadow had decided to have a race in the Wild Canyon to see who was the fastest hedgehog in the Temple. While the race was Sonic's idea Shadow made up the rules so things would stay fair.

Shadow noticed something ahead of his rival just then. "Hey! Try watching where you're going!" he shouted.

"You can't scare me!" the hedgehog Padawan yelled back.

"Fine then, don't!" Sahdow loojked away. "but don't blame me if you hit it!"

Sonic looked ahead. He suddenly saw a huge boulder coming closer. "Waaaaaa!" he screamed the second before the speeder crashed into the rock.

Shadow rode by him, laughing,. "Serves you right!" he cackled. "You should have listened to me!"

Suddenly the black hedgehog saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head. He saw Sonic running beside his speeder. "Hey!" he shouted. "You can't do that! It's cheating!"

"Hey, when you laid down the rules you never said anything about running," Sonic informed him.

"This is a speeder race!" Shadow shouted. "You can't run!"

"Too late!" Sonic shrugged. He grinned that obnoxous grin and shot ahead. "See ya at the finish line!"

"Bastard!" Shadow growled, gunning his engine even more. He was not going to let Sonic beat him again. Not by a long shot!
"Get back here, Sonic Kurmasu, you cheater!"

The speeder sprayed up dust and pebbles as it shot through the desert bottom of the Wild Canyon. "You will not beat me this time!"

The speeder was able to catch up with Sonic. Now they were side by side again. The blue hedgehog stared at him with his mouth open. "How did you?" he asked.

Shadow shrugged. "Upgrades."

"Really?" Sonic grinned again. "Well let's see just how fast it can go!"

The hedgehog excellerated again.

Shadow excellerated as well. Just not as fast and by the time he reached Sonic's speed the other hedgehog was already ten feet ahead.

Shadow began to excellerated more but suddenly felt a disturbance running up and down his spine. The Force. He looked toward the Canyon wall. He saw something reflect the sunlight. It looked the the lense of a sniper rifle.

"SONIC!" he yelled. 'LOOK OUT!"

Something in Shadow's voice made the other hedgehog stop. He looked toward the shiny speck.

The disturbance surged through Shadow again. The black hedgehog had almost reached Sonic by then. Shadow swung his speeder in front of Sonic.

Almosty instantly an explosion rocked the machine. The speeders power core burst and the explosion sent Shadow flying.

The world spun in front of his eyes then everything went dark as his body slammed hard into the ground.


It's not in the actual story line of the Star Wars movies because that would be too hard for me and I wanted it to be original. It's just something else I came up with awhile ago. I wasn't planning on ever putting this on but I decided to do so anyway even if nobody reads it. If you do read it please review even if it's just a one word post like "Nice" or "crap" okay? I really want to know if anyone actually does read it. If you did and you liked it let me know. If you didn't let me know anyway. I won't mind... much