"What have I done?" Rosette said looking down at Chrno. His body was blood stained and made the six-year-old girl Rosette want to puke. The bullet she had fired at the demon had hit Chrno's arm and that was somewhere over the other side of the field, and he had holes in his chest from the demon. Although his wounds were serious, the horns on Chrno's head helped to heal them and slowly things were fixed, now he didn't have holes in his chest and his arm has fixed back on.

"R-Rosette." He stuttered as the world came into view. Rosette sat beside him in an attempt to comfort him, slowly the demon returned to his smaller self and looked at Rosette.

"It's okay Chrno you're alright now, no thanks to me mind you, but you are in good shape." Rosette said not really thinking about what she was saying, but she tried her best to stay and comfort him. "The battles over and now we can be happy again." She exclaimed, but a voice behind her made her think otherwise.

"Miss might I ask you what you're doing in a place like this?" The boy said. Rosette turned angrily from Chrno and looked up at the boy.

"Look buddy me and my friend are here because we were rescued from a demon" Rosette said to the annoying jerk that imposed on her happiness.

"You're not much of a friend are you? You blasted off his arm off, didn't you? If you ask me that's not very friendly" The man said in an arrogant voice. Rosette fumed, "Look he is fine now and that is all that matters, as long as he's alive…" Rosette trailed off talking about her mum and how she always used to talk about families. "Anyway, What is your name?" He asked.

Rosette looked at him and answered. "My name's Rosette Christopher and this is Chrno, and if you promise not to be mean I'll tell you a secret." The boy nodded and Rosette went on. "He is a devil, and a really strong one too, he just got sapped of energy, but he told me that he slew a hundred million of his own kind." Rosette looked at Chrno whose eyes were clamped shut.

"Chrno…hmmm then why did the order let him in here?" The man said. Rosette pondered on this question for a few minutes and then answered. "I Don't know." The man looked at her and slowly said. "My name is Joshua and I am part of the orders militia, I know this sounds strange, but Chrno has been here before." Rosette's eye's widened and she looked at Chrno again.

"Why didn't Sister Azmaria tell me?" Rosette whispered.

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