Author Note: Well here it is guys...the story I've forgotten to post for a zillion days...its RANDOMNESS!

Now before we begin, can I just say a few things?

Ok, this was the story I was going on about for ages in one of my other Doctor Who fics, called, surprisingly 'Randomness'...

I am a character in this story, as are several other Doctor Who fans who asked to if you want to be too, just tell me.

This chapter is a little slow at starting, but I promise it will get better, and more random soon!

This fic is inspired, but not copied, on the Star Wars story 'Jedi Worstcase scenario: What not to do' (which is a brilliant story that I insist you read!) I have kind permission by the author of that story, and she's even said that she'll help me out from time to time too...YAY!

Ok, I think thats it...I don't need to do a disclaimer do I, coz its pretty obvious that I don't own Doctor Who (although I do ownthe Doctor, K9 and Rose action figures! realises what she just said and how sad her life is)



The Doctor was in his favourite spot under the control console one day, tinkering with the wires when he heard several footsteps and looked up to see Rose pulling on a jacket and dashing for the door.

He loudly cleared his throat and she spun on the spot to see him emerging.

"Sorry Doctor, can't some friends to meet," she appologised before dashing out of the door. The Doctor raised his eyebrows and was just about to resume his place under the console when Jack ran past him, also heading for the door.

"Oi! Where you going?" he called and Jack also spun on the spot.

"Gotta go buy some popcorn, we're all out coz you ate it all. See ya!" and with that he also sprinted out of the door.

"Charming!" the Doctor muttered. He was just about to resume his place yet again when he heard more footsteps and another girl ran past.

"Who the hell are you?" he called as the girl spun on the spot to face him.

"I'm Timeless Escape," Timeless Escape replied.

"And how the hell did you get on my brilliantly fantastic ship?"

"Um...because I'm pretty?"

The Doctor was about to protest, thought better of it and said "But that still doesn't explain how you got on my ship."

"Ask the author. I gotta go. Sorry."

And with that Timeless Escape ran out of the door aswell. The Doctor pondered for a moment, then picked up a broom that had suddenly appeared beside him and jabbed the ceiling. "Oi! You up there!"

"OW!" an angry female cried out. "What?"

"How did Timeless Escape get on my ship?"

"I let her on. Why, you got a problem with that?" Padme's Sister (thats me! I'm also narrating!) snapped.

"Yes. It's my rules!"

"But this is my rules!"

"Ah, fair point," the Doctor realised. "Well can you at least ask me before letting someone else on?"

"Maybe," Padme's Sister replied slyly as she appeared beside him, hands in her pockets, and the Doctor sighed. He was about to go back to his work again when he suddenly thought of something else.

"How come I can talk to you? You're the Author."

"Coz I'm special, and I wrote myself into the story," came the reply and the Doctor shrugged.

"Whatever," and with that he did crawl back under the floor.

"Hey wait a minute, how come I'm always under the floor? It's so degrading!"

The Doctor pulled himself out again and glared at the author. Padme's Sister shrugged.

"Everyone else seems to like sending you there, and you're always under it in the tv programmes, so what do you expect?"

"I'll have you know that I was under the floor once!" the Doctor cried. Padme's sister was about to argue when the door flew open and Rose ran back in.

"Hey Padme's Sister!" she called, waving frantically before diving back into her room, re-emerging a few seconds later with a scarf.

"Hey Rose. Hows it going?" Padme's Sister asked happily.

"Great! But I really have to go. I'll see you later!" Rose replied before bolting out of the door again.

"Hey wait, Rose knows you?" the Doctor asked, dumbfounded.

"Of course she does. We have long midnight chats about you and your big ears."

"Hey, there is nothing wrong with my ears!" the Doctor protested, holding his hands protectively over them.

"You know, the name Dumbo comes to mind when I look at them," Padme's Sister laughed and then vanished in a puff of blue smoke, causing the Doctor to cough and choke.

"Weird," he thought before getting back to his spot under the floor.

"HEY! I don't like being under the floor!"

"And shouting ruins your vocal chords!" the Author reprimanded before causing another puff of blue smoke.

"And what was that for?"

"I dunno...felt like it I guess."

"Get on with the story!"

"Shut up Dumbo!"

The Doctor stuck his bottom lip out and sulked for the rest of the day.


Rose and Timeless Escape returned later with bagfulls of make-up and beauty products.

"Hey Doc, can we test these out on you?" Timeless Escape asked, holding up a brilliant red lipstick.


"Vocal chords!" Padme's Sister warned and the Doctor jumped out of his skin.

"Do you have to do that! Can't you at least send some warning first!"

"Fine. Next time I'll do this," Padme's Sister replied and caused another flash of blue smoke.

"Not again!" the Doctor coughed. Padme's Sister appeared beside Rose and Timeless Escape, hands still in her pockets and a lolly sticking out of her mouth.

"Hey! Wait till Dumbo's asleep then test it out on him," she whispered.

Rose and Timeless Escape's eyes lit up and they nodded eagerly. Then the Doctor, who'd recovered by now, turned to Rose.

"I thought you hadfriends to meet?"

"I did. They're right here," Rose replied, stepping to the side and nodding to Padme's Sister who shrugged and clicked her fingers. Miss Kiwi and Mayuko-Chan suddenly appeared in a flash of green smoke and caused the Doctor to step backwards so that he fell off the step he'd been standing on.

"Can you stop with the smoke!"

"Nope," the author grinned and disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. (What he doesn't know is that there's even more fan people to come later on...teehee.)

"I heard that!"

"Damn...well you were gonna find out sooner or later anyway."

Another puff of blue smoke and the Doctor jumped back again. "Cut it out!"

More puffs of multi-coloured smoke chased the Doctor down the hall and out of sight.