The Life of Uzumaki Naruto


Demon/Inner Self


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Author Note: This is an AU story, so some people will more then likely not act the same way they do in the Manga and Anime. I am not sure about Pairings yet, though if I do create any, it will more then likely start with Naruto/Hinata, and branch out from there. This is also my first try at writing any kind of story, so hopefully I can do something good, or at least half way decent.

Summary: At the age of 5 Naruto has a tragic encounter with the Villagers of Konoha. During which he meets the Kyubi for the first time, and changes his life forever.

Prologue: Night of Terror and Discovery

Why, why are they after me? Why do they treat me like this and call me a demon?

That is all that was going through the mind of a young boy as he ran from villagers. Some of them Ninjas, some farmers, shopkeepers, and many other professions that can be found in the Hidden Leaf village. The only thing each of these people, men and women had in common was the fact they were all chasing down a 5 year old child.

Naruto was running for his life, he had cuts from kunai and shurikens all over his body, as well as other objects that had been thrown at him. He did not understand why though, he just wanted to come out and enjoy the festival like everyone else. The people always celebrated this day, the day that the Kyubi was defeated by their great leader, and the day that they lost their greatest hero, the Yondaime Hokage and his defeat of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox, Kyubi.

That is, the Yondaime sealing the Kyubi inside of a human child, and dieing from the process of doing so. That child was the one who was currently being chased down by the villagers for trying to take part in the festival.

The villagers saw this as an insult, the demon child coming to mourn and take part in this festival. So they did what anyone would do to an unwelcome guest, they chased him away and told him to leave. That would have been the end of it, if many of them had not already been drunk from Sake, and other forms of alcohol that they enjoy on such occasions. These people decided to take it further, and chase the child down, and make sure he remembered not to come. Some even went to make sure they child would never see another day in his life.

This is what brings us to the young Naruto running down alleys and down the streets of the village. He was running for his life, and he had no idea why. The villagers were slowly catching up to him, and he had no idea what to do. He had some luck early on by hiding under a shop cart, but the crazed villagers did not give up their hunt so easily, and found him once again as he crawled out from underneath it. After that he never had the chance to hide again.

His only thought was to try to get to, or find someone that could help him. Going back to the orphanage would not help, since he was kicked out as soon as he was able to walk and talk easily. No villager was willing to help him, even if he was just a 5 year old child. His clothes were barely hanging onto his small frame, with his bones showing from lack of food. His clothes hardly enough to keep him warm in the coming season. His blonde hair was dirty, with specks of dirt all over it, and flying every where. His eyes were tearing up from the sadness he felt as he was running, as well as from all of the pain from his cuts, bruises, and a few broken bones.

Since he had been kicked out of the Orphanage, he has had to fend for himself on the streets. Living off of anything he could find, and use without being beaten. Only able to bath in the rivers and ponds on the outskirts of the village, and eating off of what he could find in the garbage bins and trash cans. To say he had a horrible time so far in his life would be a gross understatement.

There, maybe if I can get around the corner I can find a place to hide. Thought the young Naruto. As he turned the corner into another side street he saw the last thing he ever wanted to see. Crazed and drunk villagers and Leaf Ninjas, with all kinds of weapons.

NO! what do I do now.. I can't fight them. Maybe I can get them to leave me alone somehow. Naruto stopped in his tracks looking around. As he was, a Ninja came walking up, his Hitaiate was tied around his bicep, and engraved with the symbol of the Leaf. He had black hair that fell over his eyes, barely concealing them. He had dark brown eyes, that held a look of pure hatred when they fell on Naruto. He was nearly twice as tall as Naruto, and wore a dark green shirt, with a black vest over it. The vest had pockets from a few scrolls, and space to have a few extra shuriken and kunai to be tucked in. He had on baggy black pants, that reached down to just past his knees. On the right leg was a shuriken holster strapped on just above his knee. On the left leg was another holster, for kunai, and strapped to his mid-thigh. He had his ankles up to the middle of his calf wrapped in bandages, with black ninja sandals on his feet.

Naruto knew looking at this man, and the others in the street that his chances of getting out had just vanished like a leaf in the wind. He was still thinking of something to do when the ninja spoke up.

"Well, you gave us a good chase, but now it is time to end this demon. We will not let you walk around our village any longer. We should have done this after the Fourth died. Sadly the Third wouldn't let us. Well now he isn't here to protect you, and no one else is going to stop us from doing what needs to be done."

Naruto was stunned, from the way this person was talking he got the feeling that they were going to do something far worse then just beat him. No, they wouldn't do that.. Would they? Before now the only thing people would do would beat me until I couldn't move or get up while they were around me. But.. This man.. He makes it sound like they are going to…

His thoughts were interrupted here as other villagers started shouting, "Kill the demon! Enough talk, lets kill it!" That was when Naruto was sure that he would not be leaving this place alive.

As soon as he thought this, they started throwing rocks, knifes, daggers, kunai, shuriken, bottles, anything they could at him. Those that were closer to him moved in, and started to punch him in the head, chest, stomach, any where they could. Others kicked him in the same areas. It did not take much to finally get him down on the ground. From there they started to stomp on his arms, legs, and the rest of his body. The whole time Naruto was shouting as loud as he could, " Please stop! I didn't do anything wrong! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!." He repeated this over and over. He even continued to do this when he started to cough, and blood flying from his mouth.

One of the ninjas in the crowd tired to the yelling, and worrying that someone might hear, and try to help him moved forward with a kunai in hand. As he neared Naruto he placed the kunai to the child's throat and pushed, just barely cutting the vocal cords, and ending his pleas for help. From then all there was only the sound his gurgling coming from the boy.

This continued for several minutes before a voice behind all the irate people bellowed out in a deep and booming voice, "Hey what do you think you are doing? He is only a child, and it takes all of you to do this? You call yourselves men and women, let along Shinobi of this village? Get away from him, and leave him alone." While saying this, a man came walking from a small shop/house on the other side of the street, which the name Ichiraku Ramen on the awning in front of it. He was trying to push his way through the crowd of people, and not doing a good job. After catching a glimpse of Naruto down on the ground he turned towards his shop and yelled.

"Ayame, run and get the Hokage, and try to find some help. RUN! Hurry, this kid may not last much longer!". With that said, his daughter took off in search of the Hokage and help for her father. She ran down the street yelling for help, and calling for the Anbu to come.

Back with her father, he still had not made it half way through the crowd, and was fearing how much longer the young blonde could hold out. He was still fighting through the crazed people when he was hit in the back of his head with some unknown object, and feel to the ground. He landed face first on the ground, and felt the back of his head. Bringing his hand to where he can see it, he saw his own blood. As he tried to stand back up, he was pulled to the back of the crowd and tied up by many of the villagers. Once the villagers were done they spoke saying, "You are lucky we don't kill you along with the demon brat there. We got no room in this village for those who would protect the likes of him. Now just sit here and watch as we finally kill that brat".

With those last words spoken, they tied a piece of cloth around his mouth to prevent his cries of protest and anger.

Back with Naruto, he was barely able to keep his eyes open. They were slowly closing as he lost his grip on any conscious thoughts. The last thing he saw was himself curling up in a fetal position in an attempt to stay alive just a little longer, and lessen the damage being done to him. Finally his vision faded, and he no longer saw the alley crowded with people calling for his death. Instead he found himself in a hallway, looking around he noticed pools of water, that went up to his ankles. There was very little light for him to see, and many pipes going back and forth down the hall. He was laying in a puddle of water, and wondering where he was when he heard a voice calling him.

"Pup, walk down the hall, and follow it. Follow the sound of my voice. Please hurry, we have much to talk about, and very little time to do it. Now stand, and move as fast as you can."

After hearing that Naruto tried to stand, thinking it would be impossible. To his surprise he was able to stand up, even more so he was able to walk. Discovering this he hurried down the hall in the direction of the voice. Something about the voice made him feel everything would be okay. His was warm, and sounded worried, and caring at the same time. It almost sounds like the wind blowing through the leaves of the forest. Most of all, the voice made him feel safe, something that he had never known before, even while in the Orphanage, where he was bullied, and beaten by the workers and other children. Of course none of the was punished, instead Naruto was punished for what they did, and all the blame of the event placed on him. While thinking this, Naruto came to the end of the hall, and froze in amazement at the sight before him.

In front of Naruto was a large cage. The front of the cage was facing Naruto, and was large enough to put the old Orphanage he lived in inside of it. The cage doors had a single piece of paper that read, SEAL, on it. Naruto was amazed at where such a thing could come from. As he walked closed he noticed he could hear a soft swishing sound, like a fan or a tail of an animal being moved from side to side. The room had a few torches on the walls, but not enough to show what could be inside of the monstrous cage in front of him. He also noticed that here still, were puddles of water, some reaching up to over his ankles, and almost to his calves. He walked through slowly towards the cage.

When he was halfway to the cage the voice from before spoke again to him. "Ah, Naruto, finally you have made it. Please come forward, I have much to tell you, and I fear I may not have much time to do it. To begin, I must tell you why the villagers treat you the way they have. You may not like what you are about to hear, but I feel you must know. But do know before I speak, that there is help on the way right now, I have sensed it, and it should be here shortly. Also, I tell you that everything I say was done for a reason, and as you grow older you may begin to understand why you were chosen, and why this burden has been placed on you."

As the voice finished, Naruto was finally in front of the cage. When he reached the doors he finally noticed that there was something in it, to go with the voice. Out of the back of the cage came walking perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long silver hair that reached the middle of her back, and reflected the light from the torches, almost blinding him. She had slightly slanted eyes, and slits for her pupils, which were as red as the blood he has seen so many times in his young life. Her ears were slightly pointed, and her skin was the color of the moonlight from a full moon, pale and white. Her lips were pressed together in a thin line, from where he was he could tell they were a dark red color.

Her neck was slim, and lead down to her body that was small, yet looked ready for combat, and able to hold it's own. Glancing quickly over her, he noticed that her chest was not large like some women he had seen, but not small either. He also noticed her waist was slim, and her hips were the same as her chest, not small, or large, but something just seemed right with it. As he looked at her hands, he noticed her fingers almost looked like claws, and he wondered how that could be. He noticed that her feet and toes were the same way.

Instead of clothes she had on what seemed like fur covering her hips and chest, The fur was silver, with a hints of red through it. Her skin seemed to glow with it's own light, and anywhere he looked he could not see any kind of mark or blemish on it. She had flawless skin.

All of this would have surprised him, but what surprised him the most was what he saw BEHIND this person. He saw 9 Fox tails, swaying in the air, twitching back and forth behind her. Each one the same color as her hair and the fur covering her. Needless to say this left the very young Naruto near speechless. The only thing he managed to say was, "Are you an Angel?"

The women could barely hold back a small laugh at the comment from the young child in front of her. After calming herself she managed to say finally speak. "No Naruto, I am not an angel, in fact I am probably the farthest thing from one. I am know as the Kyubi, but my proper name is Hikari the nine-tailed Kitsune. It is a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. I know you must have many questions, so ask them quickly. I still have many things to speak with you about."

Naruto coming out of his stunned state managed to speak up finally asking many of the questions that have been flying through his head with this new information. "Where are we? How do you know me? What is going on? Are you why the people of the village hate me?". These were but a few questions that he managed to get out from the many flying through his mind. He stood there waiting for the answers, some of which he has wanted since he was able to realize the way people were treating him.

"We are inside of your mind. To be exact, we are in front of the seal that traps me within you. I know you because I have been sealed inside of you for as long as you have lived. Your memories are my memories, this is just the first time you have ever been able to speak with me. I think you have done so this time because of the fact you were seeking an escape from the pain you are going through right now.

"In seeking to escape the outside world, you went into your mindscape. Right now, this is the only way that we can speak with each other. Sadly, yes, I am why they hate you so much…."

"But why! You seem so nice and pretty. The way the people talk about you, they make you seem like a monster who would eat children alive."

"They have their reasons Naruto, but do not worry now. I will tell you the full story another time. For now I want you to listen. Your help is nearly here, and you are very close to dieing. If you die, I will die with you thanks to the seal that has been placed on us. I am not talking to you just for this. In all the time I have spent sealed in you, I have hated the way the people treat you. Do not blame them. They are ignorant, and foolish. They do not know all of the story concerning why I can to your village. Only two people know why, and one of them is dead now. He died in sealing me in you." At this Hikari stops, and her ears twitch as if listening for something.

"Ah, your help is here now, Naruto, I want you to go back to your body, I will explain everything very soon. But please do not hate those who have done this to you. If you do so, you will be acting just like them."

As she spoke those words, Naruto slowly drifted away. He slowly began to feel pain all over his body, his legs, arms, chest and stomach. Every part of his body as ablaze in pain. So much pain that he wasn't sure how he could still be alive. Finally he heard someone shout out Doton: Doryuheki, as the person shouted this out, a wall of mud appeared around Naruto, and he saw the old man who used to always check on him at the Orphanage, the Hokage land on top of the wall, along with several people with masks on land inside of the walls he created.

The Hokage seeing the state Naruto was in, and the look at the villagers and ninja present. He fought to restrain the urge to attack these people, who would all attack a defenseless child who has no way to protect himself. Instead he turned and spoke to a man with a Hitaiate worn on his forehead, and the cloth spread over the top of his head. "Ibiki, take him to the hospital, and stay with him. Do not let anyone around him unless I am there. Make sure the Doctors know to help him to the best of their skills. Anything less they can speak with you. Make sure they know that if they do not help him, they will get a special session with you."

Hearing that, Ibiki nods, and picks up the young boy, and takes off towards the hospital while thinking. Who could do this to such a child? It looks like he hasn't eaten or had a bath in days, maybe weeks. I can't understand how this idiots could think that he is the Kyubi.

After Ibiki left, the Hokage turned to the Anbu still there, and the other villagers and ninja gathered. To the Anbu, "Gather those responsible for this, and take them to a holding cell. They have all just earned a private meeting with Ibiki and Anko. The ninja in the crowd will be the first, be sure to disarm them, and take away their Hitaiate, they are a disgrace to this village, and will no longer bear our symbol. Every one else, I suggest you return to your homes."

Many of the people gathered, that had attacked Naruto couldn't help but shout at the Hokage, "Why do you protect the demon! It deserves to die for what it did 5 years ago. We lost friends and family to that thing!. Let us kill it, that way the entire village will be free of the worry of the Kyubi being released."

Why can't these people see, that he is not the Kyubi, just a child.. He had nothing to do with what happened 5 years ago. I'm sorry Yondaime, these people are still too blinded by their hatred to see him as what you wanted. That was all the Hokage could think as he jumped away to the Hospital, with 2 Anbu following in his wake. Naruto, I hope you make it, you have lived such a short, and hard life. I was hoping to see you grow to a fine young man before you were ever exposed to hatred such as this. Please what ever Kami is listening, help him pull through this.

That is it for the Prologue. I will try to get the next chapter up by next week. Let me know what you think, since this is my first time writing, I am more then willing to take any advice you feel is needed.