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'Demon thoughts'

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Konoha East road

"YES! I can see the gates from here!", was heard by the Konoha gate guards long before they could see the owner of the voice. The owner just happened to be a certain blonde haired boy, and none other then Uzumaki Naruto.

Behind him, and trying to keep up was Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune with Ton-Ton, and Anko. All of them cursing the speed demon that was currently leaping from tree to tree, and bouncing around them. None of them could figure out how the boy had the energy to wake up at four in the morning, do all of his chakra control exercises, physical exercises, jutsu practice, and then still gather food and water for breakfast, and still be able to do this. The boy was jumping from tree to tree, swinging around branches and tree trunks, looking like a monkey playing around.

This didn't surprise them as much as what they always found in the mornings upon waking up. There were times when they would often find large clearings crudely made in the middle of the forest. Large clumps of dirt and rocks would be scattered around them, as well as claw marks in the rocks, earth, and trees. They even found some trees that looked to have just been blown down by massive winds. The only sign of a Jutsu being used was the tell tale signs of Mizu Bushins, but never anything more powerful then that.

When they asked Naruto about this, he would only say one thing to them, well when they first asked. After the first few times they finally learned to stop asking. What he said was always, "I'd tell you… but then it wouldn't be a secret.". After hearing that three times, they finally gave up, but each vowed to try to sneak a peak at what he was doing, but they were never able too.

"Come on you slow pokes! We're almost at the village! When we get there, the first thing I'm going to do is stop at Ichiraku's! I miss my ramen so much.. I think I'll first try chicken, then miso, then beef, then.."

All of the adults tuned him out from there. Jiraiya was glad they had finally made it back to the relative safety of the village, but also a little worried. Anko had told everyone shortly after Naruto's change about what day was coming up. Naruto's birthday, as well as the day people celebrated the "death" of the Kyubi. So they each knew Naruto would be in some danger. Thankfully Anko also said that Ibiki has always had a birthday party planned for this day at their house, with normally just Ibiki, Anko, Naruto, Sandaime, and recently Umino Iruka started to join them. On some occasions the Ichiraku family would join them. He only hoped they could get there before any trouble started.

"Brat! Slow down, some of us don't have the energy you do! How the hell do you keep up with him Anko!"

"This is nothing Tsunade-sama, you should have seen him when he was seven, and he got a hold of some chocolate from Lightning country. We requested a medium B, to low A rank mission to find someone to get him. It was too much for me to handle solo.

"Many of the Jonin were run ragged, and made into laughing stocks for being out done by a child, let's not even mention some of the Chunin. The ANBU were smart enough to not touch it, but seeing so many Chunin and Jonin cry.. I think I still have pictures of it, of Chunins on their knees crying from pain, and cursing the invention of chocolate. I believe it is also the only mission to go down in Konoha history as the mission with the most number of failures. Even Gai failed to be able to catch up to him, he ended up on his knees crying about Naruto's 'Passionate youth shinning brightly'.

"Since then we tried to limit his sugar intake, afraid of what might happen the next time. We had to go as far as tell him he was never allowed to touch chocolate again, or any thing with sugar in it with out our ok first. When it does happen on the rare occasion, no one is willing to accept the mission, except for perhaps the newest ANBU, Jonin, or Chunin who have not heard about the first incident. Don't even think of sending a Genin team after him either."

"COME ON! The gate is up ahead!" shouted the young energetic blonde as he continued to rebound off of trees.

"Maybe we should hurry up, the sooner we get home the better for Naruto.", stated Jiraiya as he watched the boy run up to the gate guards.

"Halt! State your name, and business in the village on Konoha, and have all identification papers out.", said a Jonin with his hitaiate on his forehead, and used as a bandanna to cover his brown hair. His clothes were like those of any other Jonin of the village. The only thing that really made him stick out was the senbon between his teeth, that he always seemed to be chewing on.

"It's me tooth pick man! Let me in!", shouted Naruto as he landed in front of Genma.

"Great.. Just when we were getting used the slow, peaceful days.", he rolled his eyes at the pout on Naruto's face. "But… It has been a little dull with out someone making Kakashi pay for being late to his shift duties, not to mention we Jonin and Chunin just haven't had to earn our keep with out having to chase you down."

Naruto started to laugh as he scratched the back of his head, and waited for everyone else to catch up. "Genma-san! I miss anything cool? Nah, doubt I did, this place would be a ghost town with out me to stir things up! I have some real cool stories to tell you, like the mission me and Nee-chan just got back from! We also meet Ero-Sennin, Tsunade-baa-chan, and Shizune-nee-chan!", Genma nearly swallowed his senbon when he heard Tsunade referred to as 'Baa-chan', not to mention the shock he got when he actually noticed Tsunade, Jiraiya, Anko, and Shizune all walking towards the gate.

"That's, uh great Naruto. But you should really call her Tsunade-sama, or something nicer…Wait a second.. Naruto! Since when the hell can you talk!", shouted Genma as he just realized he had been talking to Naruto for the last five minutes. The other guard, Raido, was looking at Naruto like he had just grown two extra heads, five arms, and horns.

'I must really have missed the boy if I didn't realize it was him right away..'

"Hehe, Baa-chan fixed me up! So look out Konoha!", Genma and Raido couldn't help but smile at seeing him so energetic. Sure he acted the same before, but hearing him say these things with his own voice for once. It was just something that let them know he was just another kid, but had a heavy burden. About this time the rest of the group walked up to the gate, Genma was surprised when Jiraiya walked up to Naruto and knocked him on the head a few times, along with Anko, and Tsunade.

"Next time we say wait up, or slow down, DO IT!", yelled Jiraiya before turning to the two gate guards. "Why not be a good couple of Jonin, and let us in now? Had a long trip, and I need to report to the Hokage, same with Anko-chan." the last part was said with him turning towards Anko, and giving her one of his lecherous grins.

"Ero-Sennin! Don't you dare look at my Nee-chan like that!", yelled Naruto as he punched the white haired Sannin with what looked like a silver coated fist, sending him flying over the gate, and out of sight. Genma and Raido just stared at the space that used to be occupied by Jiraiya, while Anko, Tsunade, Shizune, and Genma would swear Ton-Ton was laughing too.

"Come on, let's go. Naruto, you run to that Ichiraku place and grab something to eat, then head to the Tower. Shizune and myself need to head to Sarutobi-sensei's office and let him know we are here, as well as report in. Anko needs to do the same, so stay out of trouble. Got it?". Naruto nodded his head and was about to take off before Anko spoke up.

"Otouto, for right now, don't let any one else know you can talk. Just act normal, and meet me at the tower in an hour. If you are not there, no ramen for a month, is that understood?"

Naruto wasted no time in nodding in agreement.

'No way am I going to miss out on my ramen for another month! I already missed it for nearly seven weeks!'

"You really have a one track mind now don't you Naru-chan. But let's get this over with quickly, I feel something in the air, and I'm not sure what it is…"

'K, I guess just a few bowls will do, we just had lunch too.. I wonder how every one is doing.. Maybe I should visit Hinata-chan..'

With that final thought he quickly made his way to what he believed to be the national restaurant of Fire Country, which served the country's main dish, Ichiraku Ramen and Dango.

It didn't take him long to make his way along the roofs towards his favorite food stand, many of the ANBU, Chunin, and Jonin on patrol just seemed to notice a black, silver, and yellow blur making it's way to the stand, and they all knew there was only one person who fit that description. Some of the Shinobi who had to "baby sit" him, and got to know him, were glad he was okay. While others just sneered at the "demon" being alive still.

As Naruto made his way along the roof tops he couldn't help but notice that the village was decorated, like a festival was about to start. He couldn't miss the fact that in the Square he could see a stage with performers on it. But he had another mission in mind, to fill himself with as much ramen and dango as he could in an hour.

He was shaken out of this thoughts as he landed in front of Ichiraku's and noticed something that he had never seen before. Ichiraku was closed.

'NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How can they be closed! They never close! What am I going to do now…'

"It's not the end of the world you know, you can always eat when you get home, besides, I think this is a blessing, it means I don't have to get rid of any more fat from that disgusting food."

'Hey! Ramen and Dango is the best food in the world! Nothing beats them in taste or anything else! You are just jealous that you can't taste the food of the gods.'

"Nope, I have already tasted that food, and I have to tell you, it was far better then those noodles and dumplings you like so much. Besides, I am rather partial to Sushi, and fresh game."

'You're too mean sometimes Nee-chan..'

"Let's go see if we can wait for Anko-chan and the others, then head on home for some real food.. If Ibiki did the grocery shopping.."

Naruto nodded, and quickly made his way towards the Hokage Tower, eager to get some real food into his stomach finally. Along the way he noticed the eyes of the people, and he could smell the fear, and hate coming from them.

'Nee-chan… You noticed the way everyone is acting yet..'


'They only act like this on one day of the year..'

"Let's hurry to the tower before someone does something stupid."

Naruto increased his pace, and was nearly past the Academy when he heard the sound of someone practicing in one of the small training grounds there. Pausing for a second, he noticed it was none other then his arch-rival, Uchiha Sasuke doing target practice. Naruto decided upon seeing this, to watch and see if Sasuke had gotten any better while he was gone.

Sasuke was deep in concentration as he tried to go through his target practice with out missing a target in the many flips and rolls he was doing. If he messed up, he would stop, and start over from scratch. He would not take anything but perfection. He was so caught up in this he never noticed Naruto sit in the tree behind him watching, then leave after a few short minutes.

After his little stop it didn't take him long to make it to the tower, where he quickly ran in, and up the stairs to wait outside of the Hokage's office.

Hokage's Office

It didn't take long for Anko, Jiraiya, Shizune and Tsunade to make it to the tower. Add to the fact that they wanted to make this quick in hopes of getting Naruto home fast, and it looked like they took a few tips from the Yondaime.

This of course still did not stop people from gawking at the return of Tsunade and Jiraiya, which seemed to cause a number to cheer, for two of the greatest Shinobi Konoha has ever made to be back in the village.

'Idiots, cheering for us, when they don't know how to treat a real hero.. It's things like this that made me leave this village in the first place. But now I have a reason to return, I will not let these bastards hurt Naruto again.'

Was Tsunade's thoughts as people continued to cheer for her return.

Once they managed to get to the tower, it was easy enough to get in to see the Sandaime, who seemed to be just as eager to get a quick debriefing, then head out. So there was very little time wasted in pleasantries, as both parties, starting with Anko, then Tsunade/Shizune, and finally Jiraiya/Sandaime explaining what has happened in the time since Anko departed on her mission.

"This latest news of his change is a little disturbing.. However, since the change did not seem to be permanent, we shall have to wait and see what other changes may occur."


As the sun started to filter in through the window to the cabin, everyone was briefly blinded by the bright light. Slowly, their eyes started to become accustomed to the light, and they were all shocked to see that Naruto was back to his old self. Tanned skin, light whisker marks, sun kissed blonde hair, and his original deep blue eyes. It was almost as if he had never changed to begin with.

Slowly, as they each looked him over, they each started to notice one little difference in this Naruto, that was never there before.

In his hair, there were small silver streaks that the light seemed to dance upon. If it was not for the brief cloud blocking the Sun, no one would have ever noticed the streaks in his hair.

Naruto could already tell he was back to normal, since his hands no longer felt like claws, and he could no longer feel his tail.

"Well kid, looks like you don't have to stay in that form all the time. But we do need to find out what your trigger is."

Naruto nodded in understanding to Tsunade, as he started to converse with Hikari.

'Any ideas Nee-chan?'

"Well, it seems this was only your first change, your body testing the new form so to speak. It is too early to tell if you change with the Lunar Phases, but I have an idea to what may be your trigger."

'Go on, the more I know the better.'

"If I had to guess right now, looking at how you gained the ability to become a Hanyo, and some of what happened before you first changed, I would have to say it is triggered by your emotional state. I believe this to be based upon what caused you to channel so much of my chakra in our fight with Zabuza."

'Makes sense I guess, but why did I change now?'

"You were confused about your feelings for Hinata. You were troubled, and unsure. While you may not have realized it consciously, you were scared of what it might mean. You were afraid that she might hate you if she found out about me, afraid she would start to act like the other villagers. Not to mention the fear you have of her Father. These things triggered the change which I believe will happen when you in are situations that cause you to be scared, angry, or in a desperate situation. In those times, no one with a brain cell would want to get in your way. We must be careful though, there is no way to tell what other changes you may go through."

Naruto relayed this information to the others in the room, causing Jiraiya to go into his thinking mode, and prompting Shizune and Tsunade to run some medical scans on him just to be sure everything was fine.

After Shizune and Tsunade were done, they broke away to get some well deserved rest before they made land fall in the next day or two.


"I agree Hokage-sama, until we know more about this change, we will have to wait and see. I can honestly say that I am glad that it was not permanent. It would only make his life a living hell here in this village if it was. I mean we barely got the assassination attempts to stop two years ago. If this had happened, imagine what would have started..", came the nervous response from Anko.

"He still has nightmares of what happened to him when he first meet you and Ibiki. From what he tells me, he even has some about other incidents that are more recent.", added Tsunade in a depressed tone.

"I agree, if that did happen, I am afraid the only thing we could do for his safety is move him to a smaller village till he wishes to become a Genin, which I believe you said he would never do till his friends were Genin as well."

"Hai, he could probably become one now, with the combined teachings of Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama, Ibiki, and myself. But he refuses to test until his friends test. His Chakra control is amazing, but I think that is from his constant practice of it. From what I have seen, he works on it at least three hours a day. His Chakra capacity puts most Jonin to shame right now, and maybe even yourself Sensei. His Jutsu library is growing quickly, right now I would say he has enough to be considered Chunin level in skill, even with the few Jonin level ones."

"Not only that, but the kid has a great mind when it comes to training, and Jutsu practice. When he is first taught a new Jutsu he does it in steps. First he will practice the seal order, he does this till he can do it fast enough to be effective in combat. Next he practices finding the right amount of Chakra to get the best result from the Jutsu. This happens with any Jutsu he learns, and each day along with his Chakra control. Once he does that, he combines the two, seal order, and Chakra to perform the actual Jutsu.

"The boy has a great mind when it comes to these things, and I think one of the best training regimes I have ever seen. It is a wonder he has never tested, with all his talk of becoming Hokage. But I suppose what Anko stated could be more then enough reason. Now if we could get him to work more into battle strategy and book works, he would be a force to be reckoned with in time."

"That is understandable.. But now on to more grave matters. It is a bit disturbing that you believe our old team mate is responsible for the actions that caused Naruto's problems. But this could only confirm the reports Jiraiya has been giving me concerning this. It saddens me to think that some of our own villagers would dare to act this way as well. But we will just have to stay vigilant in our efforts, and ensure that Naruto will be able to take care of himself. I assume, Jiraiya, that you have no leads into WHO or which group it could be?"

"Sadly, no, it is extremely hard to gather reliable information concerning this. The only thing we can do it wait for them to make a move, and hope it is not too late."

The Hokage only nodded in response, all the while wondering which of his flock were laying in wait.

"Well, I am glad you two made it out alive Anko. I am also relieved to hear that everything is okay, to be honest that surge of chakra from Kyubi had many of us fearing the worst. Thankfully everything is okay, well I guess that is a lie."

"Hokage-sama?" asked a confused and now worried Anko.

"Everything is more then okay, it's great! Hehe. Not only Naruto is now healed, but maybe now that Hospital will start to treat him with some respect! Tsunade-hime, I only ask one thing when you get to work on it, take care of Doctor Ohjiro, he may be young, but he will go far in the field."

"I've heard of him from Anko-chan, but I will have to reserve judgment till I meet him next week. But I think that is enough for now, we need to find Naruto soon, and get him home before something happens."

"AH yes, how true how true. Ibiki has truly out done himself this year Anko-chan, you see he has decided to throw a little surprise party for Naruto, by inviting some of his closest friends to it. You wouldn't believe how pushy they could be when Naruto was gone so long. Now didn't you say he went to Ichiraku's?"


"Well, he won't find anything to eat there, they actually closed down to help Ibiki with the food for the party tonight. Now Anko, why don't you round up Naruto, and meet us outside the tower. I still need to speak with Tsunade-hime and Jiraiya."

Anko bowed before she departed, and stepped out the doors to find Naruto waiting, and nervously glancing down the halls.

"Nee-chan.. Can we go home now.. I don't want to be here right now.. It's THAT day.. I want to go home and be with you and Aniki..". It was when Anko saw him at times like this that her heart broke. On any other day things like the looks he would get would not bother him. But today it always broke him.

Today held so many bad memories for Naruto, Anko could hardly imagine what he could be going through. But she had a feeling he might actually start to look forward to the day if what the Hokage said was true.

Slowly sitting down next to Naruto, and pulling him into a hug, she let him softly cry on her shoulder, while whispering everything would be okay.

"Naruto-kun, we will head home as soon as Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama, and Shizune-chan are done talking with the Hokage. Then we will all head home.". This only earned her a small nod from the child that was currently leaning on her shoulder, trying to regain control of his feelings again. Even though she had lived with him for the last five six year, she still couldn't help but think of the many unasnwered questions.

'How long was he abused in that Orphanage? How many times did they beat him, and make him suffer for something he had no knowledge of, and no choice in? To break a child like this on his own day of birth is just horrible.'

Hokage's office.

"Jiraiya, Tsunade, I have some news for you two, that you might be interested in.. But I have to warn you, there is currently only three people who know this, because I have made it a SS- ranked village secret, meaning only those approved by me may learn of this. No one on the council knows of this. So it is up to you two, as well as you Shizune-chan if you wish to hear it.", with this the mood in the room suddenly become very serious and tense.

Shizune looked between the Sandaime, Tsunade, and Jiraiya, wondering what she should do. After several minutes of thinking about it, she finally made up her mind. "Hokage-sama, I will stay, and I swear upon my life I will never tell another soul what we discuss her today."

"Good good, then please, everyone take a seat, you will need it.", he slowly reached up to a chain around his neck and removed what looked like a key. Once removed, he reached down the bottom right side of his desk, and unlocked a drawer, and pulled out a plain small envelope.

"Now I have already shared this news with Ibiki, and I would share it with Anko, but she has a habit of watering the local grapevines, if you know what I mean. It may not be needed though, as she has always been a rather bright girl despite her former mentor."

He received nods from all those present.

"Shortly after you left Jiraiya something came back to me that I have been waiting on for several years now. It was hard to track down, but Doctor Ohjiro was finally able to do it. You see I was interested to see who Naruto's parents were, and asked him to do a DNA search for anyone who might be related to him. Understandably, I asked him to check for a match among those Shinobi killed during the Kyubi attack.

"He found no match there, so I asked that he do a village wide search. This is where things get very interesting."

Tsunade had her interest peeked, as she knew how hard it would be for a single Doctor to do all of this, and still perform his regular duties. This Doctor must surely be devoted to his work to be able to do all of this.

"He found a match, but it was a sealed record, locked away down in the basement Archives, no name was on the computer file, just a number. As you may know, and Tsunade could back up, the only records down there are Clan Records, ANBU records, and those of the previous Hokage. So he spent a great deal of his free time searching the records down there for this, and finally found what we had been looking for.", with that he calmly handed the paper over to Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune.

Hokage Tower

Anko and Naruto had decided to wait down in the lobby for the others. So here they were, waiting. Thankfully they did not have to wait too long as they noticed Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, and Sandaime coming down the stairs and heading towards them.

"Well then, Anko, Naruto-kun, shall we head to the house now? I'm sure you are ready to settle in finally.", asked the Sandaime as they walked up to the two, after gaining nods, the little group set off towards the woods.

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune noticed the sudden change in Naruto's mood. He seemed almost dead to the world, no longer the happy boy he was just hours ago. Now it seemed as if he had the weight of the world upon his shoulders. They each gave Anko a look, one asking what was wrong, and if they could do anything to help. The only response they got from her was a gentle shaking of her head as she continued to hold onto Naruto.

After what seemed likes hours to Naruto they were finally there, home.

'Finally, a safe place.. I can't wait to see Aniki again, and sleep in a real bed..'

"I know, but just wait, the day is almost over, so try to enjoy what's left of it."

Naruto nodded his head as he slowly started to make his way towards the door. He was about to open the front door when he suddenly froze, his nose twitching, along with his ears.

"Nee-chan, someone's here.. I don't recognize the scent though.." With that Naruto reached down and pulled out his last kunai from his pouch, and slowly started to open the door. The entire time he failed to noticed the adults behind him turning red from holding back their laughter at his behavior.

Naruto slowly walked into the room, and decided to forgo taking his sandals off for now. Once out of the foyer, he walked into the dojo, nerves on edge, and senses working over time. His eyes saw nothing out of the ordinary in the Dojo, so he followed his nose to where the new scents were coming from, the dining hall and kitchen.

Slowly edging his way along the wall, he finally made it to the dining hall door, and prepared to slide it open. With a quick flick the door slid open, and he jumped into the room. As he jumped in, the lights, which were all off, were flicked on, and numerous people jumped out, and all hollered the same thing.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!", to which Naruto quickly threw his kunai at the largest target in the room, and got into a fighting stance. That was when he heard the laughing. Not soft laughs, but side splitting laughs, and the sound of people rolling around on the floor. He turned to see Anko, Tsunade, and Jiraiya all rolling and laughing, with Anko pointing at him, and the Hokage quickly slipping something back into his robes.

Naruto looked back into the room he had just thrown his only weapon and suddenly realized what was so funny. Inside stood Tenten, Hinata, Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino, all was a stunned look on their face. He glanced to where he had thrown his kunai to see a man who looked very much like Choji, only older and much larger, passed out and leaning against the wall, and the kunai he had thrown stuck in the wall just an inch away from cutting into the side of the neck.

He then heard laughter coming from inside of the room, and noticed Ibiki, and what looked like a grown up Shikamaru laughing at the older Choji. There was also some blonde man, who Naruto could only guess was related to Ino in some way based on the hair and eyes doing the same while trying to wake his passed out friend up.

From the kitchen he noticed old man Ichiraku and Ayame, and followed closely by Iruka, coming out to see what the noise was about, both with larges pots of something that caught Naruto's nose.

He noticed these things, but yet they didn't register with him at that time. He had other things to do first.

"WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY NEE-CHAN! I almost had a heart attack there!". Yelled Naruto to the three figures on the ground.

While Naruto was doing this, everyone inside of the dining room froze, at least those that knew Naruto the best. They couldn't be sure, but that new voice they heard sounded like it came from Naruto.

Slowly Ibiki, having heard the reports from the Hokage, walked towards Naruto, and placed a hand on his shoulder to try to calm him down. "Otouto, calm down now, you don't want to scare your friends now do you?"

"Aniki? What are you talking about?", that was when Naruto turned around and saw everyone clearly, and then things he saw previously finally registered in his mind. 'Hinata-chan, Choji, Shikamaru, Ino, what the hell is she doing here, Tenten, Old man Ichiraku, Ayame-nee-chan, Ohjiro-san, and everyone's parents…'

"Aniki.." was all Naruto got out before he jumped up and hugged Ibiki, and softly cried into his shoulder, hoping no one saw what he was doing. "Thank you Aniki. Thank You.."

"Hush now Naruto, you don't want to keep all your friends waiting do you? They were all worried about you. They wouldn't stop pestering Iruka, Hokage-sama, or myself. I figured you could use this finally, so enjoy it. We can talk later about the things that seemed to have changed.", whispered Ibiki to Naruto as he gently placed him back down on the ground.

"He's right, you need to enjoy yourself on this day for once, and do it with your friends, as well as your family."

Naruto nodded and wiped what he could of his tears away as he turned towards his friends, who were all waiting in the dining room for him. Putting on a genuine smile, he walked in.

"Hinata-chan, Shikamaru, Choji, Tenten-chan, Ayame-nee-chan, Ino, what are you guys doing here?", when everyone heard the voice again, but this time they were sure is had to be his voice. It seemed to of had a strange effect on the people present.

Ino was surprised that he had such a nice voice.

Choji, just looked at Naruto, and wondered if he ate something bad at first. But then he noticed the shocked looks on everyone else's faces. Slowly he started to smile at his friend, happy that he finally got a voice to speak with.

Shikamaru, while a genius, was still stunned. So being the smart person he was, he tried to figure out what had just happened. 'Genjutsu? Maybe, but what would be the point of it? Still, better to be safe then sorry.' With that he put his hands in the ram seal, and said, "KAI", when nothing changed, except the looks everyone was giving him, he just grinned at his friends, and mumbled something about troublesome people.

Tenten was wondering how he was able to talk now, but still happy he was able to. 'Good, now I don't have to read any more scrolls! I know Naruto was getting tired of writing in them too.' She too, started to smile at her friend, and then grinned over towards Hinata as she noticed the effects it had on her.

Ayame smiled, pleased that one of his wishes finally came true.

Hinata was affected the most out of all of them. When she heard his voice it felt hypnotic. She was mesmerized by it, and then slowly what was said started to come back to her.

'Hinata-chan! He called me Hinata-chan, and called me first! His voice is so lovely.. I could listen to him all day.. Almost as peaceful as a stream, but holds back the power of a river.. Naruto-kun…'

She continued to look at Naruto, with a dark red gracing her cheeks as she was glad he was okay, and seemed to be better then before.

"Isn't it obvious baka? We are here for your birthday. It seems your Aniki invited all of us, and have to say Naruto, nice house.", came from Ino.

"Like she said, we are here for our friend's birthday, even though it is just too troublesome…", this earned Shikamaru several lumps on his head from Ino and Tenten.

"Hey man, it's great to see you again, you have to tell us what's happened to you!", exclaimed the pleasantly plump Akimichi.

"Yeah, you have to tell us all about what trouble you got in to, then you can tell me why you never mentioned me to your other friends!", yelled Tenten, while pulling a paper fan out of no where, and making Naruto back away from her.

"N-N-Naruto-kun! W-we all m-missed you very much.", said the shy Hyuga, as she bowed her head to avoid Naruto seeing her blush. The whole time Naruto couldn't help but look at her, and think one thing.

'Wow, she's really cute when she does that.'

With that thought, he quickly looked away, with his very own dark red hue creeping across his face, which did not go unnoticed by the younger Kunoichi in the room.

"Naruto-kun, it's good to see you and Anko-san are okay, father was worried he had lost his best customers.", said Ayame as she smiled at the blushing Hinata, and now the blushing Naruto as he thought about Hinata.

"First thing you have to do is tell us how you can talk now. I mean, you leave for over six weeks, and come back with a voice that any girl would want to hear. I mean you sound better then Sasuke-kun." Choji and Shikamaru could only groan at Ino's choice of words.

"Gee, thanks guys, I have SO much to tell you.. Well what I'm allowed to. I meet some cool people while I was gone too, like Ero-Sennin, Tsunade-Baa-chan, and Shizune-nee-chan! Ero-Sennin is a Super pervert, so be careful Hinata-chan, Tenten-chan, Nee-chan. He was always trying to.."

"Brat! What did I tell you about calling me that! The name is Jiraiya or Jiraiya-sama, not Ero-Sennin! Get that through your thick skull!.", yelled Jiraiya as he knocked Naruto upside the head a couple of times for good measure.

"Kuso.. You old pervert! Ero-Sennin I'm going to SO kick your butt again!"

"You got lucky last time brat! You would never catch me like that again!"

"Jiraiya! Get your perverted butt over here, and leave the kids alone!", shouted Tsunade from the other side of the room, where all the adults were gathered.

"Haha, Ero-Sennin, you better hurry before she gets you again like on the boat!", as Naruto yelled to the back of Jiraiya, every one could see him tense up, and start to shake like a frightened animal.

"Naruto, you said Tsunade.. Do you mean THE Tsunade..! Please Naruto, tell me you mean Tsunade-sama, the strongest Kunoichi in all the Elemental Countries!", shouted Tenten as she ran over to Naruto and started to shake him violently.

Her actions caused several things to happen. First was getting the attention of everyone else in the house. The adults all watched as she continued to shake Naruto, in attempts to get an answer from him. The children were all looking on in fear, and awe. Hinata was afraid because it looked like she was starting to shake Naruto to death. Already his eyes were rolled back, and what looked like foam started to form at the corner of his mouth, with his tongue sticking out.

"How troublesome.. I think you killed him with all that shaking Tenten.".

As soon as Shikamaru said this Tenten dropped Naruto rather roughly down on the ground and dropped to her knees, the whole time saying, "I am so sorry Naruto! Please be okay, Please okay!". Hinata was close to tears, and Ino looked like she was about to pass out. Choji and Shikamaru just looked at each other, as if wondering which of the two would do something first.

The adults were on the other side of the room laughing at the young blonde's expense, though Ayame, who wondered over after greeting Naruto, looked worried.

Everyone was jerked away from their thoughts as something strange started to happen to Naruto though. While Tenten and Hinata, she mostly trying to prevent form crying, were looking over the body trying to help him it suddenly became nothing but a puddle of red water.

The children all gasped at the red liquid at their feet, and Hinata lost her battle as tears started to roll down her cheeks. Everyone started to look around the room, and they heard, "Itadakimasu!", almost at once their gazes fell upon the blonde sitting at a table surrounded by ramen bowls, plates, and sticks.

"Man! This is some great food! All of my favorites too! Aniki, your cooking is still one of the best around!", shouted Naruto as he continued to eat. While he was eating he never noticed the sudden spike of anger coming from behind him, centering on Tenten and Ino, with Tenten pulling out her paper fan and walking over towards Naruto.

"UZU-MA-KI NA - RU - TO!", shouted Tenten before she took a swing with her fan, with the intent to behead him for the stunt.

When Naruto realized what was going on he let out a soft "eeep!" before he quickly ducked under the swing and crawled under the table, and out the other side. "Tenten.. Ino… hehe.. That was all just a joke.. No hard feelings! I had to get out of there before you killed me like you did my Mizu Bushin. So calm do… because if you don't I can't tell you some great news that I have.. I mean REALLY great news, news that would make you flip out…", by now he was on his knees begging Tenten in hopes of being left alive long enough to deliver the news.

Tenten stopped her attacks and looked at the pleading Naruto, and pondered the idea of sending him to the hospital, or hearing him out.

'On one hand, I can give him what he deserves for making us all worry about him for these last few weeks, and then pulling that cheap stunt with a Mizu Bushin. Wait, a Mizu Bushin! When did he learn that, and when did he do it? Could it have something to do with what he was talking about?'

"Fine. But it better be worth not beating your head in. If it isn't, then there won't be enough left of you for even Tsunade-sama to put back together.", behind her Naruto could see Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru nodding in agreement, and was that Hinata crying…

'Crap.. I made her cry.. I always hated seeing her cry like that…'

"Uh, Hinata-chan? It's okay… I.. Um I didn't mean to make you cry or anything. I just made a Mizu Bushin out of the punch, so nothing to worry about.", his words had no effect on her, but caused many others to raise an eyebrow.

'Oh man.. She is still crying, what do I do? Nee-chan any ideas?'

"Well I have one idea.. But I do not know if you would do it or not.."

'I'll do anything to get Hinata-chan from crying'

Hearing this, Hikari could only grin as she thought of how she could use this to help Naruto's feelings along.

"Anything? Are you sure?"

'YES! Just tell me already..'

"Okay, first thing you do is walk over to her…."

Naruto slowly walked over towards Hinata, and continued to do what Hikari had told him to do. He slowly got down on his knees besides Hinata, and gently called her name out. Not getting a response, he continued on with what he was told to do.

The whole time this was going on, the other kids couldn't help but wonder what he was doing, with two silently hoping something romantic would happen. The adults on the other side of the room just watched in interest. With Ibiki giving a questioning look to Anko, who only smiled and nodded to him.

Tsunade was smiling as well, thinking of how much fun it would be to tease Naruto. Shizune had a soft, gentle smile on her face as she watched the scene unfold before her.

Choza, Shikaku, and Inoichi watched, both happy and slightly afraid of what Hiashi might do if he heard about what might be getting ready to happen. Sarutobi also smiled, having seen the concern on the young Hyuga's face each time they came to him. He had foreseen something like this occurring between the two, and was glad that they had the same feelings. Though he never would have thought it would happen this early. Still, that would never stop him from taking pictures for the little photo album that they had started for Naruto. So he quickly fished out the camera hidden in his robes and prepared for a touching photo.

Iruka grinned, as he now had something to blackmail Naruto with, or embarrass the young blonde. Jiraiya was grinning, and quickly pulled out his new notebook, and was about to start writing before he was quickly sent face first into the ground by Tsunade, who stomped down on his hands just to make sure.

"Hinata-chan, I'm sorry. Please don't cry, I hate seeing you cry.", he gently said as he slowly wrapped his arms around and pulled her towards him, so that her head was resting on his shoulder. He loosely held her, whispering everything would be okay, and asking her to stop crying.

Sarutobi quickly took a picture of the moment, and all of the Kunoichi, and all women in the room just let out an "awe" at the touching scene in front of them. Some younger boys just started to snicker, and Choji was brave enough to venture telling them to "get a room".

Once Naruto and Hinata heard that, they both snapped out of the trance they seemed to be in. Both quickly leapt back away from each other, and stumbled over their own feet. The end result was both of them falling flat on their backs, and resembling tomatoes as they realized what just happened.

'Nee-chan! Why did you tell me to do that?'

"You said you would do anything to stop her from crying. And well, she isn't crying any more."

'Yeah but what if she thinks I'm a pervert now! What if she hated that!'

"Naru-chan.. Does it look like she hated the hug? Besides, you did nothing wrong."

'Well no but..'

"Hush, and talk to her, not me."

"H-h-Hinata-chan.. I'm s-sorry I-I don't know what I was doing.."

While Naruto seemed to take the situation very well, Hinata was still in dreamland.

"Naruto-kun.. H-he hugged me! I-I hugged NARUTO-KUN! Does this mean h-he likes me? Please don't let this be a cruel dream.. Kami-sama please!'

She started to finally come back from cloud nine and saw Naruto blushing, and heard him trying to apologize for what he did. She looked around the room and saw Choji and Shikamaru grinning, while Tenten and Ino just winked at her.

The adults weren't much better. She noticed all the older women was smiling at her, and she even got what looked like nods of encouragement from Anko, Tsunade, Shizune, and Ayame. She couldn't help but smile seeing how they accepted it, but still blushed when she realized how many people, and who they were, had seen them.

"N-n-Naruto-kun, I-it's okay.. I-I- um…"

"She means she didn't mind lover boy.. But next time you pull a stunt like that you have to answer to us.", interrupted Tenten, as she and Ino walked over to help Hinata up, and hopefully calm her down before she fainted. The two bent down and whispered something to Hinata that even Naruto, with his advanced hearing, couldn't pick up. But he could see the effects of it as Hinata started to glow red, and Tenten and Ino giggled.

Naruto blushed, and muttered something that sounded like, "what are friends for", which was just barely picked up by Choji and Shikamaru.

Over with the adults, similar things were going on, though the Ino-Shika-Cho team had other feelings. They had seen how Hiashi had demanded Naruto's death several times at meetings of the Clan heads and very recently become more adamant about it, only to be cut off by the Hokage. If he was to hear about this, there would be no telling how he would react.

Even with that thought in their minds, they still couldn't help but smile at the scene they just witnessed.

"They almost look like the perfect couple eh Inoichi. Now if we could only get our kids to find someone. Knowing my son though, he would think love is too "troublesome". But I think he gets that from me and his mom."

Inoichi, Shikaku, and Choza all shared a laugh at this, since both Nara men were very afraid of bossy women.

"Okay now, enough of the romancing. Didn't Ibiki call you all here for a party?", shouted Anko.

Each of the kids present looked at each other and nodded in agreement. They were there for a party, one of the first ones they had the pleasure of going to for a good friend. It was times to enjoy themselves and catch up.

"What was the "great news" you had for us Naruto?", asked Tenten as she rejoined the group at the tables, along with Ino and a still blushing Hinata.

"Yeah spill it, or me and Tenten will have to make you work for being able to hug Hinata again." added Ino, causing both Hinata and Naruto to invent new shades of red as blood rushed to their faces.

After calming down some, Naruto finally started to tell them some of what he could about where he had been. He had already talked with Anko, and the other to ask them what he could say, and what he couldn't. So knowing this, he purposely left some things out. Such as the events about Zabuza, and the purpose of the mission, as well as the information about Hikari.

As he told his story he would pause to answer questions he was able to. Others he was never able to come up with a lie, so he had to be honest with them and tell them that he couldn't discuss that right then. This of course caused some groans of complaints, but one look over to the Hokage, and the other adults present silenced them.

When he got to the part about the bet with Tsunade, Tenten was at first upset about Naruto using her nickname, as well as calling her old, but calmed down when Naruto started to say what the spoils were for the winner.

"So, after we made the bet, we decided on who would get what should the other person win. At first she didn't want to risk the bet, since she didn't think I had anything worth taking. But when I mentioned what I did in my spare time she changed her tune real quick, and wanted to try to claim all the money I have in my bank account. Yeah I think I would have been killed though if I lost that money, since Aniki, Nee-chan, and myself all use it.. So I'm glad I won."

Tenten gawked at this, as she new very well how much Naruto had, and had mentioned the past time to the others. So it didn't take long for the faster of the young group to realize what was at stake should Naruto lose.

"What did she give up if you would win Naruto?", asked Choji after he over came his shock.

"Hehe, well that is the great news you guys. I told her that if I won, she would have to do something for me."

"Well come on already! We don't have all night you know!" yelled Ino as Naruto dragged it on.

"Dang, can't I have some fun? But fine.. I told Baa-chan that if I win, she has to train me…"

"WHAT! You couldn't think about your friends too! Naruto-no-baka! You know how much I have wanted to meet her! I'll kill you!", shouted Tenten as she started to jump over the table to strangle Naruto, only to be held back by Shikamaru and Choji.

"Tenten! You didn't let me finish! I told her she would have to train me and my FRIENDS till we become Genin!. So sit down you crazy panda!"

"What! You mean.. she is going to train us? All of us? YEEEEEESSSSS! You're great Naruto! The best friend I could ever have!",shouted Tenten as she jumped over the table to grab Naruto into a bear hug.

"Ack! No problem Ten---ten. But you really got to stop doi--ng this. You are going to choke me to death one of these days!."

Tenten quickly let Naruto go, and sat down in her seat again, bouncing around at the thought of being able to train with her idol.

"Yeah.. She is going to train us all till we become Genin.. At the time though I didn't know anything about you Ino.. I wasn't sure how you saw me or anything. But since you are here now, I shouldn't have any trouble talking her into including you. Plus, since she is a sore loser, Ero-Sennin will be helping, along with Shizune-nee-chan.

"Both are great Medic-nin, so they might be able to help you a lot Hinata-chan! They really liked the salves and ointments I showed them. Hehe, Baa-chan even wants to include some of it in field packs for some of the Medic-nins we have!"

Hinata brought her small hands to her mouth as she gasped at the news Naruto brought. She couldn't believe someone thought that much of her work, at least someone who she didn't know, let alone someone that is as respected as Tsunade.

"Na-Naruto-kun.. Th-thank you..", whispered the shy girl.

As the kids were talking, the grown ups were doing the same. Anko filling in Ibiki on what happened, as well as Jiraiya and Tsunade. Inoichi, Shikaku and Choza could hardly believe some of the things they heard from Anko, such as Naruto putting up a fight with Zabuza, and the Demon Brothers.

But not all was well. They were also afraid, the same went for Iruka, Dr. Ohjiro, Teuchi, and Ayame. When Anko started to describe the wounds Zabuza inflicted upon Naruto, it came close to bringing Ayame to tears, and Iruka was shaking with a barely suppressed rage. Ibiki was growling lowly as he knew all too well about Zabuza's history. He had heard of, and seen The Mist Demon's handy work. To say he was surprised at the outcome, and relieved would be an understatement. Each of the people present were often stealing glances at Naruto.

As the story continued from there, the tellers changed, or others stepped in to fill in portions, or add their own two cents. The story telling changing from Anko, to Tsunade/Shizune, to Jiraiya, or a combination of the four at parts. They were careful to leave out some details, such as Naruto's change, but other then that, everyone was trusted, and had the Hokage's approval to hear some of the details.

Naturally when it came to the first meeting between Naruto, Tsunade, and Jiraiya every one had a few good laughs.

"I tried to tell you Jiraiya, not to do anything perverted when you were around him. But did you listen to me? Of course not. You never did listen to me, even as a Genin."

"If I didn't listen to you then Sarutobi-sensei, what made you think I would listen now?"

"Experience. Thanks to Anko here, as well as another sister of his, he has a special spot for people like you.. "

"Don't forget yourself Sensei.", interrupted Jiraiya.

"Erm..", the Third cleared his throat, trying to distract from his hobby, "As I was saying, he tends to be rather violent to certain types of people. Poor Kakashi hardly gets a chance to read when he does some of the patrolling and guard duty around here. If memory serves me correct, to date he has destroyed enough of your books to fill a book store."

'Besides, I'm smart enough not to do it in front of the boy.'

Hearing this Jiraiya took on an entirely new look. He looked sad that someone had deprived his readers of his wonderful work. At the same time, more then a little angry that a ten year old brat would take it upon himself to destroy his works of art.

"Why that no good little whelp! Here I am teaching him, and he is going around destroying my MAGNIFICENT NOVELS!" shouted Jiraiya, only to be interrupted by the target of his rant.

"Hey Ero-Sennin, mind shutting up! Not all of us want to hear a rant from a Super-pervert. Besides those things are nothing but kindling!"

"Why you little!", yelled Jiraiya as he started to jump over towards Naruto. Before he could leave the ground though Tsunade had a hold of him with one of her hands raised above her head, stopping any complaints from Jiraiya immediately.

"Why don't you both quit yelling. Now we came for a birthday party, so how about we have some birthday cake? Then we can move to the presents, I am guessing you got him one right Jiraiya?"

Tsunade asked the last sentence with an evil glint in her eye.

'Kuso! She must know I haven't got him a present yet. What am I going to do.. Tsunade will kill me if I try to make it a Jutsu, unless it was a really good Jutsu.. But I don't think he is ready for my trump ones, and I taught him all the Suiton and Futon ones that I know. He refuses to learn Katon, and he doesn't like Doton Jutsus that much.. '

While he was busy thinking he failed to notice everyone moving towards one of the larger tables, and the group start to take seats around it, with Naruto in the middle.

Everyone was sitting down at the table, with Naruto in the center, to his right was Hinata (forced there by Tenten and Ino), Choji, Iruka, Ohjiro, and finally Ayame. To Naruto's left was Tenten, Shikamaru, Ino, Shizune, and Ton-Ton.

Directly across from Naruto sat Tsunade, with Choza, Inoichi, and Shikaku on her right. To her left were two empty spots, followed by Teuchi, Jiraiya, and the Sandaime.

Everyone turned towards the kitchen door as it swung open to reveal Anko and Ibiki walking out both holding the birthday cake, and bringing it to the table to set it in front of Naruto before taking their seats next to Tsunade.

The cake itself was a simple one, considering the occasion, but looked great none the less. It was about the same width as the table, and almost as long as Naruto is tall. It looked to be a double layered cake, and must have weighed a bit if both Anko and Ibiki had to carry/roll it in on a cart.

The icing on the cake was brown and green, and the design on the cake set to look like the forest surrounding Konoha. In the center of the cake was the Hokage Monument, except there was a fifth face, Naruto's. The sides of the cake had what looked like shurikens running along the length, and kunai running the width. The edges had icing piped out to look like a bunch of bushes to surround the entire thing. Underneath the design of the Monument there was red icing piped out to read, "Happy Birthday Naruto, our future Hokage!".

Naruto had never seen such a large cake before, since majority of his birthdays had been spent with a small group. Never before did he think a cake could be this large, but then again he had never been to a birthday party at the Akimichi's. Naruto was in awe of the cake, from the size, to the design and details put on it. Looking around, he could see the same looks on many of the faces of those gathered.

On a few of them though was another look, one that showed how happy they were for this moment. Those were the few who knew the life Naruto had lead up until now. Those few being the Hokage, Tsunade, Anko, Ibiki, Teuchi, Ayame, Dr. Ohjiro, Iruka, and surprising for once, Jiraiya. But the one that touched him the most was the look on Hinata's face next to him.

She had a soft gentle smile upon her face, her eyes seemed to be filling with tears waiting to be shed. Though she did not know how harsh his life truly has been, she knew what it was like from her perspective. So she was truly happy that she could be there for one of the happiest moments in his life.

Naruto himself was beaming. His first birthday with his best friends, and what he considers his family. He would remember this for the rest of his life.

Slowly everyone started to sing

"Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to Naruto(-kun, baka, brat, -chan)

Happy Birthday to You."

Naruto sat there looking at the candles, and everyone around him, with a smile on his face, one of his true smiles that few of his friends have seen. Slowly he took in a breathe of air, and held it while he thought about what he wanted to wish for.

Slowly, he released the breathe blowing out all of the candles, the whole time thinking to himself.

'I wish that me and my friends will stay together forever.'

As he blew the candles out the room erupted into cheers and laughter as Tenten, with the help of Ino managed to push Naruto's face first into the cake, causing more laughter, and a few groans, mostly from Choji and Choza.

Naruto managed to raise his head up from the cake, covered in brown, green, black and white icing with a big grin plastered on his face as he blinked his eyes open. He started to laugh along with everyone else at the act, as he started cleaning the icing off of his face, and eat what he wanted from it while he was at it.

After several minutes of this, and more then a few towels, everyone was finally able to eat what was left of the cake as the chatted about random topics.

Naruto sat in his spot beside Hinata, a bouncing ball of energy as he couldn't wait for the presents from his friends. That still didn't stop him from asking about what has been going on at the Academy, or taking little glances at Hinata, and turning away blushing.

When he tried to steal another glance at her he noticed her being pulled away by Ino and Tenten, with Shikamaru and Choji moving closer to talk with him.

"Man Naruto, you never told me that you had such a cool Brother! I heard him telling my Dad that he made just about all of the dinner himself, along with the cake! Man for a someone who scares the pants off most people, he can really cook!"

"Yeah, don't tell him I said this, but he really is a big softy here at home. Him and I do most of the cooking too, since Nee-chan could burn water if she tried. But make no mistake, he can still be pretty scary looking when he wants to, like when I don't finish my vegetables and all.."

"Sounds just like my troublesome Mom. Man she even scares my Dad at times, when she gets in a mood and wants something done, she won't stop till you do it. How my Dad puts up with, or why he married such a troublesome woman I'll never know. But that could just be why she has him whipped too."

"Haha, you just say that because your afraid of girls Shikamaru. Watch, once you find the right one you won't think that!"

"Yeah, sure Naruto. Speaking of that. You seem to be pretty close to Hinata now, anything you want to tell your best friends?".

Hearing this, and thinking back to the hug caused Naruto's face to start to glow. Shikamaru and Choji both started to laugh at the look on Naruto's face.

"It's.. I mean I… We're just.. Gah.. I mean.." Naruto couldn't help but stumble over words as he tried to figure out how to respond to the question.

"Just answer truthfully, after all, you say the wrong thing, and you might hurt poor Hinata-chan's feelings."

'But I don't know how to say it.. And I am defiantly not going to say what you say this time!'

"Don't worry Naruto, we know you like her, and it's honestly about time you noticed her. Out of all of us, she was the one worried the most about you."

"Yeah, when we didn't hear anything from you after everyone started acting weird we all started to get worried. But no one was going to tell us anything, but Hinata kept taking us to the Hokage, and bringing us here to try to find something out.

"Then when your brother stopped by our houses to invite us here, you have no idea how relieved we were, Hinata most of all. So if you know what's good for you, you'll tell her how you feel. Sure we might be a little young for all the mushy stuff, but still doesn't mean you can't tell her how you feel. Otherwise things would just be too troublesome between you two." Choji was nodding in agreement with his dark haired friend from beside Naruto.

"Shikamaru.. You really know how to try to put things in perspective for a guy don't you? Honestly.. I'm not sure what I feel.. But I know I feel something. It just kind of scares me I guess. Not knowing if she really does like me, or if my mind is just playing tricks on me.

"But from what everyone keeps telling me, she does like me. I'm mostly afraid of how her Dad and family would react. I mean the guy is a real snob, as are many of the others in her clan."

"We are not telling you to fall madly in love, just give it a try. From the way you reacted to the hug, it's fairly obvious the feelings are strong. But give it time, and wait to see what happens, I know she would enjoy that. Besides, her Dad can't be that bad if she is here now."

Naruto nodded to Shikamaru, knowing he was right, but he still couldn't help but feel worried about how this would play out. Would people hate Hinata if she was seen around him more? What would her family think, since they already hate him. He had too many thoughts going through his head to realize that Shikamaru and Choji had moved away, and Ibiki and Anko took their places.

Everyone seemed to be gather back around the table now, each bringing some form of present with them. Slowly everyone gathered back around the table, with most of the older members of the party on one side of the table, and the younger members on the other with Naruto.

As Hinata was about to take a seat at the end, Anko pulled her over to sit next to her, with a soft "epp" from Hinata, and some laughs from Ino and Anko. The Sandaime stood up from where he was sitting and gently cleared his throat.

"Well, it has been a long night, filled with many laughs, and it seems that other things are in the air as well.", he paused here as he looked toward Naruto and then Hinata. "We are here tonight to celebrate Naruto's eleventh birthday, and what a day it has been. Normally on such days it is customary to bring gifts for him, how ever today he has brought back two gifts for Konoha."

Some of the older generation gave a brief round of applause at this. "Thanks to Naruto, Tsunade-hime, and Jiraiya have returned to our little village, and have decided to stay for a short time. With Tsunade-hime's help, we will be starting up a Medic-nin program for those who wish to explore that area of Shinobi life. With her help as well as Shizune, her apprentice, we may be able to full fill a long lost goal, one where every team, be it Genin, Chunin, Jonin, ANBU, or Hunter-nin, shall have a Medic-nin with them."

Once again mainly the older generation clapped, except this time there was a few of the younger ones mixed in, mainly Hinata, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Tenten. Each with there own reasons to cheer.

'I will become strong to make Naruto-kun proud, and to help. Then maybe the clan will see me the same way.'

'Great! Baa-chan is going to stay. Hinata-chan will really like being a Medic-nin, with her Byakugan, and her caring nature, she is perfect for one.'

'It makes sense to have a Medic on each team, it would probably cut down on the mortality rate. This would give us a larger number of Shinobi in reserve in case a war or some attack should occur.'

'YES! Tsunade-sama will be here to teach! Now I can take her classes, and learn to be a great Kunoichi like her!'

"As for my other student Jiraiya.. Well at least he is back with us, and not roaming the land. So we must at least be grateful for that, if nothing else." Hearing this, Jiraiya could be heard grumbling about aging Sensei's being ungrateful.

"Now, I think this old man has talked enough, I think it is time we gave Naruto his gifts, so with out further delay let's begin.", after this he took his seat, and got his handy little camera ready for the opening of the presents.

The first to present their present to Naruto was Tenten, which was wrapped in plain paper, but was about the size of a regular clothing box.

"Naruto, this is from me and Dad. He would have liked to have been here, but he couldn't close the store.. So I hope you like the gift, you are one of the first to get it!"

Naruto smiled at Tenten, and nodded.

'I really need to buy a lot of things from them.. With out Tenten to help out they are probably losing a lot of business. I know they can't afford to either..'

Naruto opened the package to see what looked to be weights, one set looked like they were designed to wrap around his forearms, while the others were designed to go around his lower legs. The weights themselves were colored black, and didn't seem like they would get in the way during a fight. The way they attached looked to be designed for quick release on the run, so the user would not need to waste valuable time trying to remove them. After removing them from the package, he looked over to Tenten, to see if there was more to them.

"Now you probably guessed something was special about them, and you are right there is. These weights are a new type being made now. They are Chakra weights, which depending on your Chakra reserves, raises the weight. So obviously, the larger your Chakra reserves, the heavier they will be. I figured this would be easier for you to use instead of regular weights. To be able to move around with the weight, you will have to use chakra to reinforce your body."

"So this is almost like a continuous Chakra control exercise, just what I need. With the training from Baa-chan this will be great! Hey, Ero-Sennin, you better watch out!"

Hearing this caused many people around the table to snicker, Tsunade, Anko, Sandaime, Iruka, and Ibiki all could barely hold back their laughs at the news of the new weights. It didn't take long though for the words to sink into Jiraiya as he remember the last time Naruto had released his weights in a fight.

'Kuso! With those things, and Tsunade's strength training. gulp I'm dead.'

"Wh-what's s-so f-funny?", stuttered out Hinata at the laughter from the people near her.

"Oh nothing Hinata-chan, nothing at all." answered Anko in an all too sweet sounding voice.

And so the presents went, with the parents of the Ino-Shika-Cho team giving him kunai and shuriken, along with Teuchi. Naruto was glad to have more shuriken and kunai, since he ran out during the mission to Water Country, and had yet to restock. He also knew the stock he kept in his room was low too, so this killed two birds with one stone for him.

Ayame came up to Naruto with a medium sized box, wrapped in paper with different flavors of ramen across it, and ribbon that looked like noodles holding the box together. Everyone couldn't help but laugh at the look on Naruto's face as he saw the present, and jumped up and wrapped Ayame in a hug, all the while saying, "Thanks Ayame-chan!", then releasing her and quickly grabbing the present.

Naruto gave Ayame a chance to regain her composure before tearing open the present, while trying to save the cool ramen wrapping paper. Once unwrapped, Naruto pulled the box open to see a white long sleeve turtleneck t-shirt, with a red spiral flame design in the center of the front, back, and on the shoulders. The shirt itself looked like it might be a little small, but it was in fact made to fit the wearer tightly, as to show off muscles.

Under the shirt was a black, crimson, and silver jumpsuit. The only difference between it and other jumpsuits being that the top was sleeveless, and looked more like a vest then anything. The collar that covered the neck was silver. The portion from the shoulders up was a crimson, or dark red color, with the rest of the vest, and pants being black. The pants also had crimson stripping running down the middle of the legs. On the back of the vest, as well as right over where the heart would be, was a red/orange and silver swirl/whirlpool, that Naruto has taken up as his symbol.

"I hope you like them Naruto-kun, I wasn't sure about how to do the colors, but I tried to get your favorites ones all on there at the same time. I tried to take everything into consideration when I was having them made for you."

"I love them! I am going to have to go back and get more made, maybe in different color schemes too, with different shirts to go on underneath.."

"I'm happy you liked them, I'd be happy to take you to get more Naruto-kun. Who knows, maybe matching outfits for you and someone else.."

Hearing this both Naruto and Hinata blushed, but both failed to see the other doing it for the same reason.

Iruka grinned as he walked over to Naruto with a polished cherry wood case. The case itself was about three feet in length, and about a foot wide. Giving a quick grin, and a word of thanks to the his Sensei, Naruto quickly took the case, and opened it.

The inside of the case was lined with a red cushion, with what looked like two item resting inside of the cushion. The items were covered by a red clothe, that hid them from view perfectly. Naruto looked at Iruka with a confused look on his face, and received a nod telling him to continue looking. Taking the advice, Naruto pulled the clothe away from the items to see two perfectly crafted Tonfas. Not just any Tonfa either, but bladed ones, pitch black, with only the edge of the blade reflecting a small amount of light. The handles of the Tonfas were wrapped in red leather, and just big enough for his hands, with room to grow.

The Tonfas themselves were nearly two feet long, and after lifting them out of the box, barely seemed to weigh anything. Naruto slowly gripped the handles and gave them a few test twists, feeling almost like a natural movement.

"I hope you like them Naruto, I had to get them custom made for you. From what I know the forging process was done in a way to reinforce the metal, but also make it light enough to not be a problem. The blade should stay sharp for a great deal of time." Iruka couldn't help but smile at the look Naruto was giving him.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei! How did you know I wanted a pair of Tonfas though?"

Grinning, Iruka looked over towards Ibiki, who just nodded to Naruto and Iruka.

Smiling, Naruto gently placed the Tonfas back inside of their case, and gently set it down under the table, and out of the way. Naruto looked around to see who else was left, noticing that he still had a few more to go before the night was over. Seeing this he let out ones of his true smiles, one that meant he was truly happy.

"Naruto, I thought about getting you some kunai or shuriken, but kind of got beat to it by my dad.. Plus my mom was being a pain about this. So I got something I thought you would enjoy, seeing how I always beat you at Go."

With that Shikamaru walked over to Naruto, and handed him a small book that read, "Learning How to Play Go: Basic Strategies and Tactics By Fujiwara-no Sai"

"He is a famous Go player, who pretty much is the master of the game. If anyone can teach you how to play better it would be him."

Naruto grinned at Shikamaru, knowing he had tried to put some effort into the present. But what he said was true, Shikamaru ruled the Go board at the Academy.

"Thanks you lazy bum, I could use the help."

Smiling, Shikamaru sat back down in his spot and nudged Ino to go next.

"Um, I wasn't really sure about what to get you Naruto.. Last time we meet we were not really friends and all, so I hardly knew anything about you. But from what I've heard from Hinata, Choji, Shikamaru, and Tenten you really seem like a great person, and I'm sorry I didn't see that before.

"So when I heard about the party I wracked my brain to figure out what to get you. It wasn't easy let me tell you, since even they knew something about you, but not much due to your little problem before. But I knew one thing for sure, you liked to garden, or so Hinata told me. So I thought you might need so new tools or something."

With that Ino reached over and handed Naruto a leather bundle.

"Thanks Ino. The past is the past, let's just hope we can be good friends in the future.", and so Naruto took the bundle, and smiled at Ino as he sat back down to open it. As he opened it he noticed two pairs for shears for pruning and trimming the plants. Unrolling it more, he found a trowel and a small rake, each one of the tools shining as only brand new tools could.

"Thanks Ino, I've been meaning to get some new tools, but I kind of always spent my money on other things…"

"Like dango and ramen for you and Anko?", growled out Ibiki, causing Naruto to send a quick glare, as well as Anko. Everyone else just laughed at the antics of the little family.

"Well that and other things.. I mean makibishi are not cheap, the same with gun powder, and the ingredients I needed for my flash bangs.."

"Sure. Just make sure you keep those blasted flash bangs of yours away from me from now on, or else you'll just wish all I did was ground you.", growled out Ibiki once again as he remembered the first test Naruto did with it.

"Um sure Aniki."

As Ino took her seat once again, Choji stood up and leaned over to hand Naruto his present.

"I've hardly been to any birthday parties asides from Shikamaru's and Ino's, even then though my parents help me with the presents. But since this was my first time to your party, I wanted to do it myself, that way it would mean more. You've done a lot for me since we first meet, and I was never sure how to say thanks.

"But I knew one thing for sure. Kunai, shuriken, or ramen coupons could never say thanks the way I want to. So I was stuck on trying to figure out what to do, and spent more time thinking about this in the past week then I did my school work…", he paused as he looked towards his dad and Iruka with a guilty look, "Sorry Dad, Iruka-sensei."

Both of the mentioned men just nodded to the young boy.

"So yeah.. My gift is strictly my own, with very little help in picking it out from the others. In a way it is kind of for all of use. It may seem corny, but I thought it was the best way to show how our friendship is."

With those final words, Choji reached down into a bag he had brought with him, and handed out small cases to Ino, Tenten, Naruto, Hinata, and Shikamaru, and taking one out for himself. After each one exchanged a curious glance with the others, they all started to open their cases.

Inside of each case was a necklace, with a small kunai attached. The kunai itself was about as long as Choji's middle finger, and as wide as his ring and middle finger at the ring and blade portions of the weapon. Looking closely at the ring of the kunai each one could see their names, as well as their friends name engraved upon the weapon going in a circle.

To wear the kunai, there was a simple leather thong that could be used for each to tie it off and hang around their neck, or around their wrist as a bracelet.

"I know it isn't much compared to everything else, but I figured there might be times when we may not always be there for the others in person. That is what these are for. Even though we might not be there in person, we will always be there with each other in spirit. When we remember that, nothing can stop us.", finished the young Akimichi as he slipped his kunai around his neck.

At this, each person started to adorn their own in how they felt. Naruto wore his around his neck, the same with Shikamaru.

The girls made theirs into a bracelet of sorts, where the flat of the kunai was resting against their wrist so that it was not loose.

Once everyone was done, Naruto spoke up. "Choji sometimes it isn't the cost or the look of something that matters. What matters is the thought put into each gift, and so far each of you have put in a lot of thought. With these items though Choji I think you topped everyone. Now we can each be there for the others, and we can all remember our friends when we are down."

"Yeah, what he said Choji.", added Shikamaru.

Ino, Tenten, and Hinata each nodded and smiled to the boy, which put him more at ease with the situation. Choji, upon seeing his friends support, visibly relaxed and smiled at the feeling he was getting in his chest. He was shocked when he felt his father's hand land on his shoulder, and give it a squeeze.

Taking this as his queue, Ohjiro walked up to Naruto and handed him a small box shaped package, and just saying, "Naruto, I know how accident prone you are, not to mention the damage your little bombs can do at times. So I thought you might need this. Just be sure to take it around with you, since you never know when you might need it."

Quirking an eyebrow in confusion, Naruto open the small box to find a Shinobi medic pack, filled with all the needed materials.

"Hey, are you trying to say I'm accident prone or something?"

"No, just that sometimes your little bombs, and training go over board."

Sweat dropping at this, Naruto sighed, and mumbled about busy body doctors, which earned him a grin from Ohjiro, and a glare from Tsunade. Seeing Tsunade's patented death glare, he tried to hide behind Anko.

"Just kidding Baa-chan." whimpered Naruto from behind Anko. After hearing Tsunade snort in acknowledgement, Naruto came back out and sat back in his seat.

Smiling at the antics of Naruto, Ibiki nudged Naruto to gain his attention before pulling his present out from under the table and setting it in front of him. But before Naruto could open it, Ibiki slapped his hand away, and pulled out several slips of paper.

"Before I give you my present Otouto, I need you to do something. Take one of these slips of paper, and channel some Chakra into it. This way I can tell what is the best present for you."

"Eh? Checking his Chakra element huh Ibiki? If I had to guess I would say he is wind, water, and maybe lightning. The boy is able to do all of those fairly easy from my experience with him so far."

Hearing this cause a number of heads to turn in Jiraiya's direction, mostly the older Shinobi present. Over coming his shock first, Sarutobi spoke up. "What do you mean Jiraiya? There are not many people who are aligned to two elements, but being aligned to three is unheard of."

"Oh.. I said that too loud didn't I? Oh well, might as well fill you in Sensei. One our way back Tsunade decided to jump start Naruto's training from her failed bet. So she had me teach him some Jutsus. Being where we were, water was plentiful, as was wind. Creating lightning didn't take much work. When I was teaching him, he seemed to be able to perform wind, water and lightning Jutsus easier then any others. I haven't tried teaching Doton, or Katon, but then again the brat refuses to learn Katon for some reason."

"Jiraiya, why didn't you tell me this before.." asked the Hokage as a nervous twitch started to form over his right eye.

"Uh, I forgot?"

Muttering about perverted students, Sarutobi nodded to Ibiki to continue with what he was doing.

Ibiki handed the slip of special Chakra paper to Naruto, and repeated what he wished for him to do.

Closing his eyes, Naruto channeled a small amount of Chakra into the paper. As he did several things happened to it at once.

First the paper was cut in half, making his Chakra a Wind element. Then the paper started to become wet, showing Water alignment.

"Well that was a surprise. Looks like Naruto here is able to use two elements naturally this early, that is a very unique talent. We will have to see what we can do about that."

"Hai, seeing how he seems to like water, or Suiton Jutsus, I think I know just the ones to get him now. Give me a few minutes.". With that Ibiki open the box he had set on the table, and started to search through the scrolls inside. After a few minutes he finally pulled out two small scrolls. "Here you go squirt, keep them to yourself for now, and maybe you could practice them later."

Taking a quick peek, Naruto noticed that they were scrolls for Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique), and Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu ( Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique)

"Thanks Aniki. I'll take care of them for you, and have them down in no time.", said Naruto as he placed the scrolls in his hip pouch. Ibiki smiled at the boy, knowing he would probably have them down before the end of the month.

"Naruto-kun, this is from me, I hope you like it. When I saw it, I thought it would look cute on you.", with that Shizune handed him a small bag.

Reaching in, Naruto pulled out what looked like a night cap that he would wear to bed. The funny thing about this one is how it looked like a cartoon fox, with it's eyes as swirls, and the top of the hat designed as a tail. It was colored white, brown and gray, and even had little fox ears sticking off of the cap.

"Thanks Shizune-nee-chan, I really like it." as he finished, he pulled the cap onto his head, causing many of those present to laugh at how it looked on him.

"Well brat, it looks like you have a hat befitting of your mischief now. I suppose it's my turn to give you a present now isn't it? But.. If I wanted to be technical, I already gave you one when I healed you.", stated Tsunade as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, with a Cheshire grin.

"Yeah, and I could always tell people how you lost a bet to a kid!", retorted Naruto.

Frowning, Tsunade started to lean across the table, and raised a hand clenched in a fist.

Naruto seeing this closed his eyes and started to wait for the up coming pain. It was several seconds later before he finally felt something, slowly opening his eyes, he saw Tsunade placing a small kiss on his forehead. She back away slightly, and reach around her neck to start removing a small necklace, with an emerald jewel sitting in the middle of the necklace.

Several people gasped at what she was doing, but none did it louder then Shizune, Jiraiya, and Sarutobi. "Tsunade-sama, are you sure you want to do this? You remember what happened before..." whispered Shizune sadly from beside Tsunade. Jiraiya and Sarutobi could only nod in agreement.

Naruto watched on as she removed the necklace, and place it around his neck. Leaning forward again, she brought Naruto into a hug, and whisper something that none of the others present were able to pick up.

"Naruto, I used to think this necklace was cursed, since it took two people away from me who were very precious to me. But now I think it has found someone who can break the curse. You have to be one of the luckiest people I've ever meet. Not only that but you have lived a harsh live, and yet you still wish to protect those who would want to harm you.

"From what I've heard you have never let anything hold you back. That is why I think this necklace of the Shodai Hokage's belongs to you. Take care of it Naruto-kun, and never lose the will to fight back no matter what the odds. I know that if anyone can break this curse it will be you, who refuse to let go of life."

With those final words, Tsunade withdrew, letting several tears fall down her cheeks. Naruto too had signs of tears in his eyes after the comments made by Tsunade just then.

"Hai, I will never give up, because that is my Nindo. (Ninja Way)"

Nodding, Tsunade eased herself back down in her seat, as she sat she only had one final thing to say. "Then it looks like I choose the right person. Make me proud Naruto."

Smiling, Sarutobi stood up and walked towards Naruto. As he drew closer he reached into his robes and pulled out a large book shaped object. Once he reached Naruto's side, he placed the book down in front of him, and smiled down at him.

"Naruto, I felt it was time for you to start adding your own memories to this. You see over the last few years I've been taking pictures of you and storing them here for you. With this you can store those precious memories to look back on when you need them."

Before he walked away he bent down to Naruto, and whispered into his ear, "I'd be careful about looking at it right now. You wouldn't want your girlfriend to see some rather embarrassing photos now would you?"

Seeing Naruto's face glow red, and satisfied that his work was done, Sarutobi walked back towards his seat smiling like the cat who ate the canary.

By now Jiraiya was sweating bullets. It was down to two people left to give gifts to Naruto, himself, and the Hyuga girl, Hinata. He still had no idea what to give the boy. Tsunade's gift probably blew everything else out of the water, he still couldn't get over the fact that she gave him that necklace.

Sighing, and praying to what ever Kami will listen, he hoped the Hinata would decide to go before him.

Sadly though, no Kami took pity upon the poor man, as Tsunade walked over to him and started to crack her knuckles.

"Jiraiya, it's your turn now. Why not show us all what you got Naruto-kun?", as Tsunade in an all too sweet voice.

Gulping the white haired man slowly turned towards his blonde counterpart, and slowly let a smile come across his face, trying his best to come up with a good bluff.

"Tsunade-hime, I know it's my turn, but I thought I would let the wonderful young lady over there go first. After all, the beauty should go before the beast.."

'That should buy me some time.'

"Now now Jiraiya, we all agreed we would let her go last, so hurry up with your present, IF you have one that is."

Sighing once again, knowing there would be no way out of this, he finally started to speak the sentence that would probably lead to his doom. "You see Hime, I had the perfect present for him.."

Jiraiya was rudely interrupted as Naruto decided to jump in. To Jiraiya's help or not was yet to be determined.

"Hey Ero-Sennin! Seeing how you taught me so much on the way back home, I think I can let you off this time I'll just take an I.O.U. from you for later on down the road, deal?"

Jiraiya, still in the iron grip of Tsunade, could only nod in agreement, unless he wished to suffer the wraith of the blonde haired woman. So he did his best to nod in agreement, not trusting his voice too much in his current situation.

With a look of disgust upon her face, and a snarl to match, Tsunade threw Jiraiya back down into his seat and made her way back to her own.

Next to Naruto, Anko was giving Hinata one of her smiles, one of the creepy smiles, that promises something embarrassing, or painful to the target of it. Leaning down to Hinata's ear, Anko whispered to her, "It's your turn Hinata-chan. Go give my Otouto that little birthday kiss now, and I promise I won't do anything to you. Just make it a quick little one though, no tongue."

Hearing this, Hinata had the decency to turn a bright crimson, all the while thinking of what Anko just said. She was stunned with the mental images conjured up by Anko, and she never noticed Anko change places with Naruto.

Much to her dismay, she was brought our of her fantasy by the very subject of them, Naruto.

"Hey, Hinata-chan, you okay?", asked the curious blonde as he was forced down into his new seat by Anko.

Hinata, caught by surprised, let out one of her patented mouse like squeaks when she was caught by surprise, and caught up in her fantasy.

"H-hai Naruto-kun.", was all she was able to whimper out before she turned away from him in embarrassment.

"Okay, we are down to the final gift now. So, with out further delay, Hinata-chan, if you would please." spoke up Anko.

Falling back into her old self, Hinata timidly reached beside her, and pulled a small red wrapped package out. With her head and eyes cast downward, she slowly raised the package up as she bowed her head to present it to Naruto.

"Uh, t-thanks H-Hinata-chan.", was all Naruto was able to squeak out as he took the offered gift from Hinata's small hands.

Nodding her head, Hinata stayed in that position while she wait for Naruto to speak his mind about the present she had just given him.

Naruto smiled at the top of Hinata's head, and slowly started to tear his attention away form her, and unto his present. Being careful not to rip the paper, like his many other present (except the ramen wrapping paper), Naruto started to task of opening his final present. Once the paper was off, he made short work of the box as he peeled the lid off to reveal a pair of dark blue goggles.

The goggles were dark blue, with black stitching, and rims for the lenses. They were large enough to cover up his eyes, nose, and nearly wrapped around to his ears. The strap for it was just as wide as the main portion of the goggles. The lenses were set slightly behind the rims for them, allowing them to be adjusted by hand much like some binoculars are done. Tapping the lenses Naruto could tell how durable they were, and was glad for that.

Turning them around in his hands, he could feel how light they were, and yet flexible, and still able to offer some protection for the parts of his head it would cover. Smiling at the gift, and then at the dark haired girl next to him. He quickly slipped the goggles over his head, and let them rest on his forehead. Looking back towards Hinata, he couldn't help but do one thing that always came natural to him when he was happy with something.

"Thanks Hinata-chan! I've been thinking about getting some goggles like this after some accidents I had on my little trip." while he was saying this he wrapped Hinata up in a hug, and both of them instantly froze at the contact.

After what felt like an eternity, and many cat calls later, both Shinobi in-training jumped away from each other, with shades of red on their faces that rivaled an enraged Hikari's crimson fur. As if reading each other's minds, both started to sputter out apologies to each other.

Tsunade, in order to save both of them from embarrassment, stood and cleared her throat to gain the attention of everyone in the room. Once everyone was focused on her, she started a small speech to end the party before Hiashi sent out search parties, it was nearly midnight after all.

"Well, it looks like my little brat, there are some things I'd like to say before we break this thing up." pausing she looked around the table. As her eyes fell on the young cadets a small crept across her face, one she normally reserved for idiots, perverts, and Jiraiya. Seeing the smile, each cadet as different feelings.

'Tsunade-sama looks happy! I wonder if I could ask her to help me after I become a Genin..', were the thoughts of Tenten.

'Something about that look reminds me of the one my Mother gives to my Dad right before she hits him with something.. This is going to be a pain..', crossed Shikamaru's mind.

'O-oh n-no.. D-did I d-do s-something to mak-make h-her angry?', were the self destroying thoughts of Hinata.

'Something about that reminds me too much of Shikamaru's mom, and Naruto's crazy sister..', came from Ino.

'She looks just like Naruto's sister did that day he left', were Choji's. The grin stunned him enough to even stop him from munching on some left over chips.

'Kuso! I know that smile. She is going to tell us are training, and it is going to be a pain. I hope she doesn't scare them too much.', were Naruto's desperate thoughts.

"Now, as I know, Naruto has told you that I will be training you six till you all become Genin. I know you are close to graduating already Tenten, but I will continue to train you until the others become Genin as well, or till you no longer wish me to.", she paused as Tenten let out a loud shout of victory at the news.

"The training is not going to be easy. Seeing how I am normally a med-nin, I will be focusing mostly on those areas, as well as some general ones. I know very little combat Jutsus, but I know some of the best ways to raise chakra reserves, and practice chakra control. That is why Jiraiya will be helping me with your training as well. He knows more about battle Jutsus then I do, and will be teaching them to you if you wish to learn some. If the pervert tries anything funny, or refuses to teach you something with out a good reason, let me know and I will show him why women are to be feared.", as she finished that, she threw a sadistic smile over towards Jiraiya, but it was more then enough to frighten all the men in the room.

"Now, since I will be your special Sensei, I have a few new rules that you will all follow. First thing is first. To be a great Shinobi, you must be in shape. That means if you are over weight, you will be put on a diet, underweight, the same thing applies.", she couldn't help but grin as Choji cringed, along with Choza.

"I will not tolerate laziness. If you don't move when I say, I will make you move, and you really don't want me to do that, do they Naruto.", while it sounded like a question, it was more of a statement. This caused Shikamaru to groan in complaint, and his father to snicker at what his son was getting into. "We will start training Monday of next week, by then I should have an estimate of where you are all at from Iruka, and your parents. Speaking of parents, I will need to get this okayed with them, since there is a small chance of major injury to some of you. The training will also take up a great deal of time to make up for time lost, so be ready to spend hours each day with me. Heck, if you have to you could probably stay the night here, since there are enough rooms."

Tenten, upon hearing about the length of the training time hung her head. This was a once in a life time chance for her, but there was something she always helped with after school, and in her free time. The family weapon shop. She helped her father by running the counter, or by helping in the back rooms. Not only that but she had a little sister she had to look after. With out her help, they would lose a great deal of money, and may not be able to buy things that they need. As she thought about these things tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. She had to make a choice between her dream, or her family.

Naruto saw Tenten's sudden mood change, and knew what it had to be. He had helped take care of Tenten's little sister before, and on some occasions run errands for her when she, or her father were unable to. He also knew how much the training from Tsunade would mean to her. She talked about Tsunade about as much as he did about becoming the Hokage. Sighing, and shooting a look at Tsunade, then back to Tenten, he started to speak up.

"Tenten-chan, don't worry, I'm sure we could think up something. I mean if we need to, Shikamaru, Choji, and I could help out at your family shop. Baa-chan won't mind, and I'm sure she will understand.". He could only hope his words helped to calm her down, as he could see the signs of her breaking down already.

Tsunade heard this, and remembered the talks with Naruto about his friends, and how Tenten most importantly wanted to become a Shinobi for several reasons. First, to help support and protect her father, and little sister. Second, she wanted to show that not only men could do the job, but women could do it just as well, which lead to her idolizing Tsunade. Finally, it would give her a chance to see the world, visit other villages, and countries.

"Tenten-chan," started Tsunade softly, almost mother like, "Naruto is right, for once, we can work something out. Since he is ahead of the training, he could help out your father. I'll even make Jiraiya help if he needs more. Even the others here could help, since it would be a great work out in the back rooms. So don't worry about this.". Tsunade finished, and while she spoke in a mostly gentle tone, she was sure to make it sound harsh at the needed places, such as speaking of Jiraiya, and getting the others, Choji and Shikamaru, to help.

"Um, Tsunade-sama,", started Ino as she looked to her father, then to Tenten, "I have to help in my families flower shop as well after school and on the weekends. I don't know if Shikamaru, or Choji could do that. Naruto might be able to, so could Hinata. But I would need someone who knows the meaning of flowers to work there."

"Tch, why not just ask Sakura? She could probably do the job, after all didn't you teach her everything you know about flowers?", grumbled Shikamaru at the barb sent to his pride by Ino.

"Forehead girl? I'd have to talk with my mom, and see if she can pass her test..", started Ino, only to be interrupted by her father.

"Ino-chan, leave it to me. This is a once in a life time chance to train with a Sannin, make it two Sannin. There is no way I'd let you miss out on it.", what he didn't say though was how he dreaded his only daughter being around Jiraiya. Choza, Shikaku, and himself were all worried about how Jiraiya might influence them. But Naruto didn't seem to have changed much, had he?

Nodding to Inoichi, Tsunade turned towards Hinata.

"Now your father is one I am really looking forward to speaking with. You will be training with me one way or another. If he doesn't like it, screw him, and the Hyuga elders. You have a gift, and a chance I will not pass up. Because I have always wondered how good of a Med-nin a Hyuga would make.", stated Tsunade.

Hinata was doing her best to keep from collapsing. She had never heard any one speak of the Hyuga like that, let alone her father. She also had never seen or heard of anyone wanting to have something to do with her teachings. Normally people only did it because they had to, Juken instructors, or because it was their job, Iruka. Never before had someone shows as much interest in her as Tsunade was now. She was only able to nod her head in understanding, and acceptance, not trusting her voice at the time.

"Now, I suggest you all talk to Naruto some time over the weekend so that he can buy you all some nice weights like his new ones. This will help to..", as she was going to continue she was rudely interrupted by Naruto.

"What do you mean Baa-chan! You are the trainer! You should be buying the equipment! You darn old hag trying to make me do your job!", Naruto would have continued his tirade, but is was kind of hard to do when Tsunade had introduced him to the floor, and place a Chakra fused foot on top of his head.

"Listen here you brat, you are buying them because they are your friends. Not only that but you were the one bragging about being Mr. Moneybags. Now, unless you want me to put YOU on a STRICT diet, I suggest you quit arguing with me, or else I WILL make the next year and a half a living nightmare for you.", yelled Tsunade finally.

"You know, there is nothing more dangerous then a pissed off woman with super strength."

'Yeah but she would have to catch me first! Baa-chan could never keep up with me.'

"Oh.. Poor Naru-chan forgot that his Nee-chan here is a woman too, and also controls his weights.."

Naruto started to visibly pale when he heard that. He had completely forgotten that Hikari could change the weights when ever she wanted to. Not to mention with a spike of her Chakra, his new weights…

'I'm sorry Nee-chan! I guess I just got a head of myself..'

"Good, now apologize to Tsunade, and we are even, but I'm still upping each weight by fifty pounds."

'No good slave driving family.. I swear I lived into of a P.O.W. camp or something..'

"Want to make it a hundred Naru-chan?", asked Hikari in a sickeningly sweet voice, while batting her eye lashes innocently at Naruto.

"Uh.. Baa-chan.. I'm sorry.. I'll be happy to buy the equipment for everyone..", was all Naruto said in response, as he bowed to Tsunade, who have a triumphant smirk plastered on her face. She was more then willing to let the Baa-chan comment slide, since she got him to show her some respect finally.

Everyone else in the room was confused at the sudden change in his behavior, but put it off as Tsunade's knack for intimidation.

"Good, now it's late, and Friday night. I haven't had my Sake yet, and I've been itching for some all night. Enjoy your freedom while you have it, because starting Monday we start my training. Choji, I've already talked to your father, and he will make sure you follow the diet Shizune makes for you. If you don't, we double everything. Laps, pushups, the works. I have goals for each of you, and mine is to make sure you or your family never have to depend upon those destructive pills again.

"As for you Nara, I am going to get your butt in gear, any time I hear you say the word troublesome, you get the same punishment as Choji. You slack off in training, the same. I'm also going to have Jiraiya teach you three, the Ino-Shika-Cho team, more jutsus besides your families. Sure they work well with each other, but you will never always be in the same group.

"Yamanaka, while training with me there will be ZERO fan girl freak outs. While you might be the best right now, imagine how much better you could be with out obsessing over that drama queen Uchiha. Chasing after him is only making you weaker.

"Tenten, from what I've heard one of your major weaknesses is the dependency on your weapons. Don't get me wrong, your Taijutsu with them is probably unparallel, but you lack speed, and strength, and most importantly Chakra. Adding those in, as well as some elemental Jutsus, you would be one step close to your goal."

Tsunade paused, and turned her attention to her final student, Hinata. She had heard about the confidence issue from Naruto and Iruka, and seen it first hand here tonight.

"Hinata-chan," many of the other children raised an eyebrow at the familiar address, "I know you have some problems, and we will fix them. With Shizune's, and Anko's help, we will break you out of your shell. That is the only thing holding you back right now. Just from looking at you, and hearing things from your teachers, and peers, I know you have a great deal of potential just waiting to be unlocked. I'm going to unlock it, even if I have to move you in with me here.

"Now that you all know what we will be working on, it's time for you to get going. I need to enjoy my Sake, and a nice pervert free hot bath. So shoo, all of you.", finished Tsunade with a shooing motion of her hands.

Saying their goodbyes to each other, and agreeing to meet the next day at Tenten's shop, the Ino-Shika-Cho group left, talking with the fathers, or in Choji's and Shikamaru's case, wondering why they were being punished for training. Ino couldn't be happier, and was practically bouncing around her father. She was upset about Tsunade mocking her "affections" for Sasuke, but if she could become stronger, then she would gladly give it up.

Tenten was about to head out before being stopped by Naruto.

"Hey! Tenten, it's a little late and all.. So I was wondering if I could walk you home, and Hinata-chan.. That is if you don't mind." he finished with a rosy red blush creeping up his cheeks.

Tenten, being the smart girl she is, could tell there was more to it. But it was late, and both girls did not need to be walking home alone, let alone the Hyuga heiress. While it was their home village, there could be no telling what some people, drunks and perverts, may do.

"Fine Naruto, but no getting fresh with Hinata-chan. If you do, I'll tell your Aniki and Nee-chan you were being a pervert." hearing those words, Naruto turn ghostly white as the blood drained form his face. Regaining his sense after several minutes, he couldn't help but yell out at her.

"HEY! I'm not ERO-SENNIN! He is the father of all perverts! I would gladly take Baa-chans punches over being a pervert!." exclaimed the angry blonde. He could barely contain his anger at being called a pervert till he heard Tenten giggling, and turned to see Hinata walking towards them.

As the three were getting ready to walk out the door, Naruto could hear Anko's and Tsunade's barbs at him, and Jiraiya telling him not to do anything he wouldn't do. So grumbling about terrible sisters, old hags, and perverted old men, Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten left the house, with the remaining adults talking over things.

The three young children all walked in silence through the forest. Hinata and surprisingly Naruto were both to shy to say anything, while Tenten was busy cursing both of them. It was finally her, who managed to break the deafening silence.

"So.. Naruto, you've trained some with Tsunade-sama, and Jiraiya-sama right? What is it going to be like?"

Taking a few minutes to think back to the return trip to Konoha, Naruto brought a hand up, and started to rub his chin as he spoke. "Well, it is going to be hard.. More so if you are going to be a med-nin. For that you need near perfect control of your Chakra. I have that, but that is only because I practice my control everyday for at least three hours, sometimes as long as eight hours.

"I managed to learn easy healing Jutsus.. But that is about all I can do. Since both of you have fairly small reserves, your control will be a lot better then mine. Plus, since Hinata is a Hyuga, she probably already has just about perfect control.", this praise of course caused said girl to glow like a neon light.

"She also made me go through what she called a Med-nin obstacle course. It's where she starts hurling rocks, and kunai at you, and you are supposed to dodge each one. The reason is because since you are a Med-nin, you have to be free, and uninjured to be able to help any fallen comrades. So you train to move faster then your enemies' attacks."

Tenten nodded, and gulped at the news, the same with Hinata. Both saw small amounts of Tsunade's strength, and if the rest of it was anything like Naruto had described earlier, they were not looking forward to it.

"Ero-Sennin knows a lot about Jutsus, and a lot of them. But I think before you learn any, you should do like my Aniki did with me, and see what Chakra type you are. That way you know where to start when learning them, plus it saves time to find a compatible element, I think.

"He is also a Super Pervert, who write those Icha Icha Paradise books. The entire way back he kept trying to peek into the women's baths, showers, bedrooms, you name it. I don't know how many times he got beat up by a bunch of regular villagers. Kind of sad really, but that's what he gets for doing it. So you two, and Ino better be careful.", he paused as he saw the mortified looks upon Hinata's and Tenten's faces. Both would never had thought that such a respected man like Jiraiya would do such things.

"He is pretty good in Taijutsu too, so he could probably help you," he looked towards Tenten at this, "Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino out. I've had a lot of Taijutsu practice, and still do it every morning when I wake up. Now I need to work those Tonfas into it too so I can get used to them.

"Both Baa-chan, Shizune-nee-chan, and Ero-Sennin will make you read from books. Baa-chan and Shizune-nee-chan will mostly be medical, and other topics concerning the body. Ero-Sennin will be scrolls on Jutsu theories, and mechanics. Both of them hurt my brain just thinking about them, but really help when you want to try something. And little does Ero-Sennin know that he really helped my Taijutsu with those scrolls.. But keep that a secret between us", winked Naruto to the two young ladies.

Since they were so caught up in talking, they were all surprised that they had arrived at Tenten's house/shop.

"Well, this is my stop. You two be careful, and behave. Naruto, no causing trouble or anything." With a final smile, and a good bye later, she had slipped into the shop, and hurried up to her room for bed, leaving the other two standing out on the moonlight lit streets. With some reluctance, both turned and started to head towards the Hyuga compound, which would be just ten minutes walk from where they were now.

For the first five minutes, both continued on in silence, each wondering what they should talk about, and both afraid to break the silence. Slowly though, Naruto's hyperactive nature started to return, and so cause him to break the silence first.

"Hey, Hinata-chan… Um.. I wanted to say thanks and all for worrying about me, and coming to my party.. I know you could have been at the festival and all.. But it really means a lot that you guys came…" was the first thing he said with his head cast down, never looking up to see the stunned look in the girl's eyes.

"N-no N-Naruto-kun.. It was m-my pleasure t-to be invited. Remeber t-that as a H-Hyuga, I do not get invited to many such e-events. W-we do not normally c-celebrate our own birthdays in the w-ways everyone else does. Our birthdays are n-normally just words s-shared with our families, and maybe a n-new set of r-robes. That is all u-unless our f-friends from outside of the c-clan bring us something." came the stuttered response from the shy girl.

"Oh.. Then I guess this was a first for both of us, huh? We should do it more often.. Maybe even have a party for each of us. It would be great, and maybe we could invite some of the others from class, just not Sasuke-teme!"

Hinata started to giggle at his antics, and quickly raised a hand to her lips to keep them from escaping.

"You know Hinata-chan," started Naruto as he raised his arm behind his head, and started to scratch the back of his head, "you should laugh more often, it's really a nice sound. Besides, Shizune-nee-chan says laughter is the best medicine!"

This brought another bout of giggles from the dark haired girl, as well as a lush to her cheeks.

It was shortly after that they noticed they were in front of the Hyuga Compound. Both stood outside the front gates, unsure of what to say. Slowly though, Hinata started to inch her way to the gates, hoping to escape before something happened to embarrass or anger her father.

"Uh, well I guess this is good night Hinata-chan.. So I'll see you tomorrow right?"

Nodding her head in agreement, she quickly vanished behind the gates, and once again silence reigned supreme.

It didn't take long after that for him to start his way home along the roof tops. He took his time, wanting to enjoy the night sky and the scent of the night time air.

He could still hear the sounds of some people enjoying the last few hours of the festival in bars, and their homes, or in the back alleys, which he had learned to avoid over the years training or not.

It turned out to be a good thing he was always on edge inside the city, because if not he never would have been able to dodge the giant shuriken that came flying at his back. Jumping down between two shops, he watched as the weapon flew past where he was formally standing.

'Here I thought I would be able to make it home safely.. Just what I need..'

"Be careful Otouto, I can only sense one through you, but there could be more. With your speed it might be best to make for the forest."

'Nee-chan.. I'm tired of running. They want to pick a fight with me, then they got one. The only time I'll run is if I'm out numbered or out classed.'

With those thoughts, Naruto jumped back up to the roof in time to see a silver haired, with a hint of blue Mizuki with another giant Shuriken on his back, and a kunai in his hand. But what really caught Naruto's attention was the oversized scroll on his back. Naruto had only seen the scroll once before, and that was in the Old man's private vault in the Hokage Tower.

The Scroll of Forbidden Seals.

"So, it seems the demon child is still alive after all. I guess I'm just lucky to have run into on my way out of this rat hole of a village. Now I can kill you, and become a hero, even if I have to flee.", stated Mizuki in a cold voice.

'Still want me to run Nee-chan? From what I can tell he is just barely Chunin level, with decent Taijutsu for his rank, but nothing astounding.'

"Well, it also confirms those papers we once saw of Ibiki's, Mizuki is a spy, but for who we don't know. Just try not to kill him so we could find out."

'Good, then..'

"Let's go wild Mizuki-sensei.", said Naruto and a wild grin spread across his face. He reached down to pull out a kunai. Except the was one problem..

"AAAHHHHHHHH! I forgot to restock my pouch! BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!", shouted Naruto as he hit himself on the head.

"It doesn't matter demon, you don't have near the skill needed to take me on. You'll be dead before you know it.", hearing this snapped Naruto out of his rant, and caused him to set in face in a serious expression.

"I'd like to see you try, you see I'm not the dead-last you think I am from the Academy. You of all people should know, don't judge a book by it's cover.", and with that Naruto charged towards the former Chunin of Konoha.

Mizuki was slightly taken by surprise at the charge of the blonde, but quickly overcame it as he raced forward to meet the attack.

As the two meet, Mizuki threw a right hook towards Naruto, who bent backwards, and braced his hands on the ground. Focusing Chakra into his feet, and pulling his legs upwards, Naruto flipped up. Right as his feet were about to hit Mizuki under the chin, he pulled back enough for the feet to miss.

What he didn't expect though was a razor sharp burst of air to come up with the kick, sending him flying backwards, and skidding across the roof top with a slash in the middle of his chest The slash was deep enough to cut through his vest, shirt, and leave a slash mark going form the left side of his stomach to the top right of his chest. As he flew across, he could see Naruto coming back to his feet, and turn to jump along the roof tops, and towards the Academy grounds.

Once Mizuki landed, he wasted little time in giving chase to Naruto, and quickly caught up to him at the Academy pond. Both standing on opposite sides of the pond, and glaring at the other.

"I don't know what you did demon child, but you will not catch me by surprised like that again.", sneered Mizuki as he started to remove his second giant shuriken from his back.

"Sssuurreee Sensei. But you might want to remember that you seem to have lost something after that little tap of mine.", grinned Naruto as he started to walk onto the water.

Stopping, Mizuki finally noticed what he meant. The strap that held the Forbidden Scroll across his back had been cut by the kick, and was now probably laying some where on the roof tops.

His plans.. His future.. All the time wasted in this hell hole of a village.. All gone…

"DAMN YOU KYUBI! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!", shouted Mizuki as he surged forward, bringing his shuriken forward.

When Naruto saw him charge forward, he started through a set of seals. Thanks to his practice they felt almost like second nature as he finished them, and shouted out, "Kiri Gakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique)". After shouting this the area inside of the Academy walls started to become covered in a thick mist.

Mizuki stopped his charge, and frantically started to look around. He had heard of this technique, but never seen it before. The mist was thick, too thick for anyone inside or outside of it to see anything. It wasn't all bad, what made is worst for him is Naruto's voice coming from all directions, all at the same time.

"How do you like this Mizuki-sensei? Still think you can handle me? You're blind now, you can't see anything, and I doubt you can hear as well as me. I really should thank Ero-Sennin for teaching this to me. But first, let me show you a few other things I've learned while I was away."

Suddenly from behind Mizuki he could feel a large surge of Chakra, but before he could turn around he felt a fist collide with his back. Once it did he could feel the Chakra packed into the punch, and as it connected, and started to send him flying, the Chakra exploded from the fist sending him flying into the main building for the Academy.

Mizuki struggled to pull himself from the wall, but with the damage to his back, and the broken ribs from connecting with the wall it pained him to move.

"That was something Tsunade-baa-chan taught me. I'm not as good at it as her, but good enough. So how about giving up now?", echoed Naruto's voice from all around once again.

"cough I'll never give you the pleasure of beating me you abomination! You should have been killed the second you were put into that body!".

"You know, this is what I hate about some of the villagers. You think I am the Kyubi, but I'm not. I'm just plain old Uzumaki Naruto, FUTURE HOKAGE!".

"As if they would let you have that honor, NOW DIE!", shouted Mizuki as he started to hurl explosive notes all around him in hopes of catching Naruto.

"Not going to work! But thanks for helping draw attention here." yelled Naruto as he jumped away for the explosive note covered area.

That was all it took as the notes all started to explode, hurling debris up into the air, and destroying parts of the academy grounds. As all of them detonated it shook the ground enough to rattle windows of houses and shops two or three blocks away.

The end result of this? A small trench built around Mizuki and the portion of the building he was in front of, and large clumps of dirt and concrete scattered around the grounds. It also had the unwanted result of brining several ANBU units to the area, as well as the Jonin/Chunin village patrols.

Each group was surprised to see the thick mist covering the area immediately around the Academy, and none of them could see with in the mist. There were a handful though that could smell the Chakra in the air, as well as fell it. Those few were Inuzuka Tsume and Hana along with their faithful Ninken, Kuromaru, and The Haimaru Sankyodai. Last but not least was an ANBU, who was just getting ready for his shift to end that night, Hatake Kakashi.

"So, who do you think is responsible for this mist? I mean not many people know the Kiri Gakure no Jutsu.", came the gravelly voice of Kuromaru. He was a large, black furred wolf like dog, with an eye patch covering his right eye. He was also one of the only Inuzuka dogs capable of speech at this time in their village.

"I wish I knew.. But I find it strange, for the amount of Chakra that would have to be used to create a mist this thick, it hardly feels like there is any here.. Not to mention I've never felt Chakra like this before, very strange indeed." drawled out Kakashi as he watched the mist start to thin out.

Shortly before it started to thin, those more adapt at it could hear the sounds of a small scuffle, almost as if someone was fighting to restrain someone else.

Once everyone saw the mist start to thin, they all went on their guards, expecting the worst to come from within it. What meet their eyes was the sight of a hog tied and gagged Mizuki. Sitting next to him was the Forbidden Scroll of Seals.

Immediately the ANBU charged forward to restrain him, and retrieve the scroll. While they were doing this, others were inspecting the area, hoping to find signs of who was responsible for subduing him.

As the looked all they could see was the after effects of Mizuki's notes, as well as a portion of the wall caved in, and covered in small amounts of blood. After checking Mizuki out, he was rushed to the hospital's secure ward to get his ribs, as well as spine checked out.

The Inuzukas continued to check around the Academy for signs of who ever fought Mizuki, but never found any. All they knew was that someone had seemed to have stopped him from fleeing Konoha with the scroll. It would be some time before they were able to get any answers from Mizuki, given his current health.

By this time Naruto was already halfway home, and enjoying getting to test a small amount of his skills in a real fight.

"You did well, I'm surprised you were able to pull off the Air Slash so well with as little practice as you have in it. Anko and Ibiki would be proud of you for what you did."

'Yeah.. But I'm surprised that Mizuki-sensei would do something like this. I mean, just he wasn't one of the best Sensei, but to steal the Forbidden Scroll, and go nuts like he did… I almost feel sorry for him.'

"You shouldn't, but I can understand. You are a very forgiving person, and that is something to be commended. But enough for now, we are almost home, and you still have some things to do before bed."

'Yeah like tell everyone about what Mizuki-sensei just tried to do. I'm sure Aniki and Anko-nee-chan will have some fun with him. Tsunade-baa-chan might have to check up on him too. I think I put too much Chakra into that last punch.'

With that final thought, Naruto landed in front of his house, and walked in. From the front door he could still hear the sounds of the adults enjoying the night, and chatting away. After removing his shoes, he walked back to the dining room and noticed that everyone was still there with the exception of Teuchi and Ayame.

"Ah, Naruto you are back. Good, so tell me, what took you so long, huh?", asked Jiraiya with a suggestive wink to the young man.

Resisting the urge to growl, and punch him through the wall, Naruto answered calmly, "I kind of had a run in with Mizuki-sensei…."

"What did he do or say Naruto?" jumped in Iruka.

"Well, I was on my way back from dropping off Hinata-chan, when he decided to throw one of his giant shurikens at me…" he was once again interrupted, but this time by Anko and Tsunade shouting the same thing.

"WHAT!" with that both moved over to him, and started to check him over for damage.

"Hey! Hey! I'm fine. I ducked the first one. But that isn't what's important. What is important is that he was trying to run with the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. When he saw me he decided to make a little detour…", once again he was interrupted, but by Sarutobi, Iruka, Jiraiya, and Ibiki.

"WHAT!" shouted all four.

"SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH ALREADY!" hollered Naruto after this latest interruption. "As I was saying, he made a detour, hoping to kill me before he left the village. Thankfully I was able to piss him off enough that he never noticed I cut the scroll off of him, and made him chase me to the Academy.

"By the way Oji-san, Iruka-sensei, you might need to get some Genin teams to fix it up some. Once there I took him to the pond at the back of the Academy, you know for low level Katon practice, and swimming. When we got there I performed the Kiri Gakure no Jutsu, creating a thick mist, and did like you showed me Ero-Sennin. I threw my voice so he wouldn't know where I was, then I charged in behind him and nailed him in the back with a Chakra punch, sending him into the main building's wall face first.

"After that he went a little crazy and threw over 30 explosive notes out.. Which destroyed parts of the building, and the training grounds. But thankfully it brought the ANBU, and some of the Jonin/Chunin patrols. Before I left the mist down, I tied, and gagged Mizuki-sensei, and left. I'm sure the ANBU took him to the hospital.. I think I cracked a few ribs, and damaged his spine with the punch.. And that is what brings me here now."

The adults were all looking at each other. Iruka was astounded that Naruto was able to do so well against Mizuki, as was Sarutobi. He knew from the talks with Anko, Tsunade and Jiraiya that he was skilled, but to be able to defeat a veteran Chunin so easily was something else. Anko, and Tsunade were beyond pissed.

'HOW DARE HE ATTACK MY OTOUTO!', mentally screamed both women.

"That is very good Naruto-kun, I will see you get what you deserved for this. Perhaps even a few Jutsus from the scroll that you might like."

"Nah, don't worry about it. I was just doing my part to help out. I'm just wondering how he was able to get pass your guards Oji-san…"

"Yes. That is something that I will have to look into as well. Ibiki, will you stop by the office tomorrow? Tsunade, perhaps you and Shizune could come by as well, and check out Mizuki."

All three answered simultaneously, "HAI!"

With that done, Naruto trudged up to his room with his gifts, and slowly went about settling back in.

He had just finished putting the last of his new kunai and shuriken up when he was suddenly hit in the face by something wet and slimy, that seemed to cling to his face. Screaming out, Naruto grabbed the offending object with both hands, pulled, and threw it on top of his bed. It was then he finally got a good look at what it was.

A small orange toad, with dark blue markings, and a dark blue vest on it. After righting itself, the toad looked over to Naruto, raised it's right webbed foot, and spoke, "Yo! You Naruto?"

Naruto nodded mutely at the small creature, unsure of what to make of it. He had heard about summons, but never seen them himself.

"Cool, my name is Gamakichi, and I was told to bring you a scroll from my old man." it was then Naruto noticed a fairly large scroll also sitting atop of his bed.

"Um.. Okay.. Who's your old man? Who is the scroll from?", asked a confused blonde.

"Oh, I guess Jiraiya-baka never told you about us." he stopped when he saw Naruto starting to speak up.

"You mean you know Ero-Sennin?"

"HAHAHA! Is that what you call him? That's the best name I've heard for him, wait till dad hears this, he'll be rolling around laughing for weeks." he finally stopped laughing, and continued. "I'm a Toad Summon, which Ero-Sennin (laughs here), has a contract with, as well as the Yondaime Hokage. My old man is Gamabunta, the Toad boss. The scroll I have is from your dad, who told my pops to give it to you when he felt you were ready to know.

"Ever since you were born, he has had one of us lesser summons watching you. Granted we couldn't interfere much, but we reported back to pops, and told him how you were doing. Today happened to be my dad, and he liked what he saw of your fights. The one with the Nukenin from Mist, and now that Mizuki fellow. He also thinks you made great progress in your training, enough to know about your family." finished the little toad.

Gamakichi looked on as Naruto had a number of emotion playing across his face. Surprise, sadness, happiness, anger, just about every thing a human could feel. During it all he never noticed Hikari going silent.

"T-thank you.. Gamakichi.. I don't know w-what to say." stuttered out Naruto, as he walked to the bed to sit, and look at the scroll.

"Hey no problems. I got to admit, I used to hate watching over you. But seeing you fight, I was at both of them, I have to admit you are one heck of a kid. Though you gave dad a scare when he heard how beat up you were with Zabuza. I didn't stay around after the fight finished.. So I was surprised to hear you meet up with Ero-Sennin, and Tsunade-sama."

"Yeah.. Tsunade-baa-chan really changed my life, so did Ero-Sennin. I owe them a lot, mostly Baa-chan though." once again Gamakichi was thrown into a fit of laughter, but this time at Tsunade's nickname.

"Man! You come up with some good ones don't you? I'm going to have to hang around you more often. Who knows, maybe I can become your personal summon or something. I mean the Toad contract runs in your family after all."

"M-my f-family?", asked a confused Naruto. "You don't mean that Ero-Sennin is related to me do you?"

"WHAT! Oh no, that's not what I mean…"

"But you said the only other person to sign the contract was…"

"Yep, the Yondaime, or Kazama Arashi, who happens to be your old man."

Some where in Konoha.

"So, it seems Mizuki failed his mission, and after all the trouble I went through to help him.", came a voice from deep in the shadows of the room.

The room itself was dark, with only a single bulb of light sticking out above the door to the room. Inside of the room was nothing more then several paper seals, each with a different purpose. They were placed all across the room, and several overlapping others.

"Yes. But it seems we have more to worry about. It seems the Kyubi child is growing in strength. If he continues…" came another voice, this one belonging to a person clad in black, with what appeared to be an ANBU mask and cloak concealing his body.

"So I heard. It seems that old fools students have been teaching him a few things. With his students back in the village, there is little we could do to make a move on him, or the demon child any time soon. We shall have to wait to move forward with our plans a few more years. Hopefully by then we can complete them without flaw."

"As you wish, I shall return to my post now."

"Good", with that said a man covered in bandages, and an "x" shaped scar on his chin. "Perhaps in a few more years I will be able to accomplish all of my plans, and dreams. Then, you will pay for your transgressions Sarutobi."

A/N: So there the you have the newest chapter. Hope you enjoyed it, and once I get the chance I will look over it again to try to crrect any other mistakes I might have left.

Now there are some people who think I am moving the relationship too fast. While they are hugging, I don't see that as anything wrong. Naruto has been raised in a house run by a female, and has one in his mind. Both know something about romance. Now add to the fact there are three other females he consider family, Shizune, Tsunade, and Ayame, and he will be more caring, and have a better idea of romance, and the lines. While I agree kissing and such is too much for the current age, 10-14, I don't think it means they can not have a close relationship.

As for me giving Naruto multiple Elements, I have good reason. I consider the Wind alignment as his human side, free and always moving. Then there is the water and earth. I thought about using these to show his closeness with Hikari, since we see/hear how the Kyubi was able to cause tsunamis and flatten mountains (I see this as an Earth ability, it could be considered something else) with it's tails.

I was wondering also, if anyone would happen to know a link to a good on line translation site. That way when I do come up with techniques I can try to get it's name counter part, much like all of the ones I use from the manga/anime. If not, then I may be forced to just go with english names instead of mixing them and confusing people.


Mizu Bushin no Jutsu/ Water clone Technique: This Jutsu allows the user to create one or more identical copies of themselves from water. The copies are capable of attacking, and using Jutsus. It has two drawbacks, the first being that the copies only have one-tenth of the user's power. The second is that they can only go so far from the user before falling apart.

Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu/ Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique: This creates a powerful stream of water in the form of a dragon, and sends it towards the target.

Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu/ Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique: This jutsu utilizes water to attack the enemy with a powerful water burst that's in the form of a shark.

Kiri Gakure no Jutsu/ Hidden Mist Technique: This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense fog or mist, causing anyone within it to lose the advantage of visibility. The density can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a fog so thick that they themselves cannot see through it.

Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu/ Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique: This jutsu utilizes water to attack the enemy with a powerful water burst that's in the form of a shark.