Chapter 1: The Nightmare

Glinda's head was numb, and it felt as if her entire body went into shock. As some feeling gradually grew in her head, so did a migraine. Glinda decided to go lay down on her bed, hoping that by some miracle that some sleep would erase all the day's events from her head. Before she rested her head against her frilly and pink pillow, she was sure to place Elphie's Grimmerie safely next to her in her bed, as if it could give her the companionship that Elphie and Fiyero offered her. As hot tears burned her cheeks, she drifted to sleep

Suddenly Glinda awoke, and found herself back at Kiamo Ko. She looked around the large room, and saw Elphaba talking to Chistery. Glinda, in hysterics, ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. Elphaba looked at Glinda while holding up a piece of paper and said, "We've seen Fiyero's face for the last time."

Glinda stared at the ground, trying to hide her tears. Elphaba tore her away from her thoughts when she held out her Grimmerie, "Glinda, I want you to have this."

She stared at it, confused, and managed to blurt out, "B-but I don't know how to read this. I don't understand, Elphaba."

"I'm giving up, Glinda. I can't put up with this anymore."

"Elphaba, no! I-I'll do something. I'll tell all of the Ozians that you're innocent."

"You mustn't. They will all turn against you if you do. Promise me that you won't try to clear my name."

Glinda choked back her sobs just long enough to say, "I promise."

As Elphaba walked towards Chistery, she turned her head around towards Glinda. The castle's dim light reflected off of the tears welling in her eyes. She said softly, "You were my only friend, Glinda. I have learned so much from you, and I'll never forget you."

Glinda now had her own tears forming in her eyes. She ran over to where Elphaba was standing and embraced her. She whispered in her ear, "Oh, Elphie. You were the best friend I ever had. You have changed me for good."

They cried as they held each other, but they pulled back suddenly when they heard heavy footsteps approaching the room.

"Glinda, hide NOW! No one can know you were here," she replied while gently pushing Glinda into the closet.

She gently pushed open the heavy oak door, and left a big enough space so that she could see Elphaba's silhouette. She let a little gasp as she saw the shadow of a little girl and her dog (probably Dorothy and Dodo) run into the room. A thin tear fell down her cheek, and she had a blurry view of Dorothy throwing water on Elphaba. She covered her hand over her mouth and fell against the closet's wall as she heard Elphaba's painful moan. She tried to control herself until she was sure no one was there to hear her, but she failed as she started crying hysterically.

Suddenly Glinda woke up from her sleep just to realize her dream was a nightmare of what had happened earlier. Her entire body was covered in a cold sweat. She gently shivered and called out to the dark for reassurance. She yelled, "Fiyero, I had the most horrendous dream."

She turned on the light only to see that the spot where Fiyero once laid was occupied by the Grimmerie.