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- This fic will only take place in Kanto. There will not be any sequels featuring any of the other areas, so don't even bother asking. Naturally, it will also only have Kanto Pokemon (aside from Chikorita and it's evolutions, which appear later) and please don't request Pokemon for the Trainers to raise, as I've picked them out beforehand.

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"You see, Kai? See how incredible this technology is? Imagine the effect it will have upon Pokemon researches around the world!" Bill gushed to a teen sitting at his desk excitedly. He turned to face his new contraption and clasped his hands together as his eyes shone with pride.

He was a relatively short man, with rounded glasses and slightly curly reddish hair. Wearing a white lab coat with a simple black t-shirt and a pair of jeans underneath, his appearance betrayed the amount of hours he spent cooped up in his lab, studying various ways to get closer to Pokemon while he collected them.

The teen sitting behind him raised an eyebrow, intrigued. Since his parents had died and his forever busy grandfather has begun taking care over him when he was young, Kai Hiwatari had spent a good amount of time hanging around Bill's lab. The eccentric young scientist was his only friend and despite being a little over enthusiastic as times, Bill was a good person and friend.

Standing, Kai wandered over to examine the new machine. He was a relatively good looking young man, with two toned hair (light blue at the front and deep blue at the back), red eyes and chiselled features and a body that promised he worked out. On his cheeks was a pair of painted on blue triangles, two on each cheek with the bottom one slightly smaller. A habit from when he was young.

The machine before him was cylinder in shape, with a keypad to the side and leads running about, a small computer screen on the front above two electronic doors. "This is the Pokemorpher you've been working then?" He questioned, stepping forwards and running a finger down the smooth metal surface, looking at it intrigued.

"Yes! It took nearly a year, but it's finished." Bill announced proudly, striding over to the keypad to tap in a few keys and the two yellow doors slide open with a small 'hiss'. "Now I just need to test it out…" he murmured, pressing a few more keys as the computer screen flickered on and showed various Pokemon images as he flipped through various species.

The machine he had designed was built to change a human into a Pokemon and vice versa. Unfortunately, turning a Pokemon into a human when it had been a Pokemon all its life was immensely difficult and Bill had decided that the Pokemon to human morph should only occur when the Pokemon turning back into a human. The other problem he faced with the limited amount of creatures the machine seemed to compatible with at the moment, currently, only electrical Pokemon seemed to be available.

"Here we are, why not start with my favourite, Pikachu?" Bill said happily, selecting the small electric mouse and waited for the machine to indicate it was ready. Instead of signalling it was ready to begin, however, the machine issued smoke instead.

Bill cursed. "Kai, can you see to that for me? The leads have gotten mixed up again…" he muttered, heading around the back to see what had gotten tangled up this time.

Wordlessly, Kai stepped into the machine and waved away the smoke with a disgruntled look on his face at the foul smell. He was just peering at the damage when a loud bang from the lab's doors sounded as they were forcefully thrust open.

"Police!" Was the shout, a female one belonging to one of the many Officer Jennys. A bark of a Growlithe followed soon after and Kai could hear the rushing of footsteps as the police and their flame dog team ran in.

Kai turned, bewildered, what were the police doing here?

He was about to exit the machine in order to demand what was going on when the doors slid shut in front of him. Outside he could hear shouts of 'You're under arrest!' and Bill's pleas that he was innocent. Angry, Kai banged on the doors, shouting for someone to let him out.

He heard a Growlithe snarl from outside of the door and then a few beeping noises. Suddenly, the walls of the machine began pulsating with a yellow light, engulfing Kai's shocked form.

He felt weird… as little tingles shot up and down his body and his chest suddenly constricted. Eyes snapping open, he grimaced in pain as it suddenly got very hard to breathe. His head exploded with a sudden burst of multicoloured agony and he dropped to his knees, then his side as he slipped out of consciousness.

Bill struggled vainly against the metal binds on his wrists. "I tell you, I'm not in affiliation with Team Rocket!" He burst out furiously, looking over his shoulder to frown at an angry looking Officer Jenny, "and where is Kai?" He questioned, suddenly feeling panic as he looked for his missing friend.

"I don't know who Kai is and there's no-one here so quit babbling and get in the van already." The blue haired woman snapped, pushing him in the small of his backing encourage, her Growlithe barking in agreement beside her. "And by the looks of Team Rocket's files, you seem to be pretty tight-knit with them, so get moving."

Bill opened his mouth to argue but a stern glare from the woman beside him made him change his mind and shut up, turning with a disgruntled look on his face as he was ushered inside of the police van.

A Growlithe that had strayed from its police pack sniffed at a small, yellow body curiously, nudging it with a paw. A call from its owner and it looked up, ears twitching. Glancing back down at the small creature it nosed it outside into the freshly falling rain, so it wouldn't be caught up in the police's raids.

Turning around and bounding back to its owner, the Growlithe forgot all about the Pikachu it had nosed outside.

Small, beady black eyes scanned the ground with calculating precision. The light rain falling from overhead grey skies was dampening its feathers and the Pidgeot ruffled itself slightly in displeasure. It hadn't eaten for a while and needed a meal.

A small coo bubbled out of its beak when its eyes fell upon a small Pikachu laying unconscious on the muddy ground. Happy with its new find it angled its wings and eased into a dive, claws outstretched as it snapped up its new catch and climbed its way back up, heading back to its nest in the small forest.

As the Pidgeot began swooping towards its treetops home, a screech much like its own sounded somewhere nearby and it inclined his head to the source of the noise. To its side was a second large brown and white bird, long red and yellow crest feathers flowing in the wind.

Squawking back in indignation at the second Pidgeot, the large bird holding the Pikachu swooped down into the trees to try and shake off its pursuer. It knew that food had been scarce lately due to the wet weather and the other bird was mostly likely hungry like itself but it wasn't about to give its meal without a fight.

The opposing Pidgeot cawed into the evening, chasing what it hoped would be a future meal, trying to dodge branches and plant life as it flew after the other bird. Leaves snagged in its wings but it continued until it could claw at the other avian's back, causing the other to screech in anger and pain, dropping its prey.

Crying out in triumph, the attacking Pidgeot scooped up the falling electric rodent as it was falling in midair, flapping out of the trees and out in the open air, hoping to confuse and lose the other Pidgeot should it attempt to follow. With nothing behind it, the winning bird cawed out and soared over a stretch of road for passing pedestrians and cars.

A group of screeching caught its attention, and it black eyes widened slightly as a flock of hungry looking Pidgeotto cried out and flapped after it, soon gaining up and pecking and clawing at the Pidgeot until it was forced to fly down low. After more aggravation, its claws snapped open and the Pikachu it was carrying dropped down to land softly in the mud on the ground below.

Screeching in anger, the Pidgeot was about to dive down a retrieve its meal before the flock of Pidgeotto when a male sounding voice and footsteps stopped it. It liked its life in the wild, like the Pidgeotto flock, and a human usually meant capture in a Pokeball. Screeching this time in fear, the large bird and the flock of smaller ones turned tail and flew off into the safety of the trees.

"Oh man, I'm so late…" Tyson moaned, his wet shoes pounding against the wet, muddy path on his way to his home town. He'd been out feeding a small group of Rattata when it has started to rain. Now running back on his way to Pallet Town with his red jacket pulled over his head to try and keep dry, he muttered about his grandfather being liable to punish him when he finally got home.

As he approached the entrance to Pallet Town, his blue eyes caught sight of a small yellow body on the roadside. Blinking, Tyson went over and knelt down beside it, his eyes widened in shock.

It was Pikachu, most certainly, but it didn't look like a normal one. The yellow fur was the same, but the brown markings were dark blue, and instead of red circles on the electric mouse's cheeks, there were two blue triangles. A small bunch of light blue coloured bangs stuck out at the front of its head, and dark blue hair (or something similar) protruding from the back.

Despite its weird looks, the Pokemon was shivering from being in the rain for so long and Tyson slipped off his jacket and lifted the yellow mouse gently, wrapping it in his jacket gently. The Pokemon Centre hadn't been built yet in Pallet Town so he would have to take care of the Pikachu at his home until he could get it to a healing machine at the local lab in the morning, should the Pikachu need it.

Huddling the Pikachu close, Tyson dashed off in the direction of his home.

Tanned fingers stroked the Pikachu's yellow fur gently. Tyson had dried the Pikachu with a towel and he had rested it on a pillow which he had placed on his desk, covering the electric rodent with a small blanket so it wouldn't get cold. His grandfather had begun chewing him out as soon as he'd arrived home, but stopped when he saw what his grandson was holding.

Sitting there in his pale blue pyjamas, Tyson wondered how the Pikachu had gotten such strange markings. He was aware of 'shiny Pokemon', where their colouration would be different normal, and that it was very rare to happen. But that didn't explain the blue bangs and hair, and the different shaped cheek markings.

Sighing, Tyson laid his left arm on the wooden surface of his desk and rested his head on it, staring at the Pikachu with a sleepy expression. His right hand drifted up to rub behind the yellow mouse's pointed ears, earning a tiny twitch from them. Smiling slightly, he ran his fingers along the soft, blue strands of his hair, slipping down over the Pikachu's blue triangle marked cheek.

Eyelids drooping slightly from having stayed awake so long watching and worrying over the small electric mouse, Tyson's hand slipped down to rest on the Pikachu's slowly rising back and let his eyes close, his last flickering thought about the odd looking Pokemon before him.

Kai's eyelids fluttered as he came back into consciousness. Shaking his head he blinked and looked around blearily, expecting to see the inside of the machine he'd fallen unconscious in. Instead, he was faced with a room.

It was cosy looking, with a single bed pushed in the far corner and various posters lining the walls. The furniture was made from polished wood and various books and some models littered the floor along with what looked like failed attempts at homework.

As Kai's gaze fell on the sleeping teen in front of him he shouted in surprise and jumped away, eyes widening as a small blanket slipped off him. Heart thumping he realised that the dozing boy was far bigger than he should have been and that the surface he was sitting on was a wooden desk, something he was too big to lay on… right?

Kai reached up to rub his eyes to check the machine had done something to his sanity and had to bite back a gasp when felt something like fur. Gaping he looked down and was met with a view of bright yellow fur. Whirling around, breath coming out in frightened gasps, he found himself looking in a mirror on the back of the boy's bedroom door.

He opened his mouth to mutter a "what?" But all he got was a small, squeaky, "Pika?" Clamping his hands… paws, to his mouth he blinked at this reflection. He was a Pikachu?

Then it all came back, the glow from the machine and the odd sensations, someone, or something, had switched on Bill's machine. He inwardly groaned as he remembered that Bill had chosen the Pokemon to morph into as a Pikachu, Growling a little in anger at his current predicament, he glared at his reflection. At least he still looked a little like his normal self.

Glancing back to the sleeping teen, slumped on his desk top, obviously he had found him and brought him back here. Hopefully he would have the courtesy to aid him in getting back to Cerulean city so he could change back into a human, and find Bill to see what happened to him while he was stuck in the Pokemorpher.

Leaning forwards, Kai pressed his two front paws on the wooden surface of the desk to get used to his new body shape. Taking a few steps forwards, he found it was weird walking on four feet, and he felt clumsy. Raising himself back up, he tottered about on his two back paws, finding that movement far easier as he was already used to walking on two legs.

Moving over to the sleeping face of the boy who'd brought him home with him, he patted his cheek with a paw, trying to wake him up. After shaking and more patting, Kai found that the bluenet obviously wasn't going to wake anytime soon and he scrunched his face in frustration.

As little sparks shot suddenly from his cheeks, he jumped. Placing his paws to his cheeks, he remembered that the electric sacks in his cheeks required squeezing to use. His gaze drifted to look at the sleeping boy before him. Perhaps a small shock would wake him up? Deciding that that would be a good course of action, Kai scrunched his cheeks to send a little jolt at the bluenet.

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