Her Martyrdom

She did not flee

When they came to see

Just where it was she was going.

A witness for Christ

She couldn't be enticed

To conform to their ways of thinking.

She loved her Lord,

And to read his Word

Fulfilled her so completely.

And when she was caught,

She gave not a thought

That escaping was up for discussion.

The torture was painful and hard;

Her beauty forever marred;

Yet soon she was sentenced to die.

But strangely enough,

Though the starving was tough,

She wasn't angry or afraid.

And then came the day of the end,

An audience watched her knees bend.

She placed her neck 'neath the blade.

And then with a clang,

Heaven's bells rang

As she slipped into eternity.

Now though her family cries,

Don't mention the many sighs!

They rejoice that her soul is free.

For they know they can weep,

But death still couldn't keep

Her out of the kingdom of God.