Gordon and everyone else in ITC knew they were in trouble. Right after the Castelgard incident Gordon became president of ITC, nobody had argued about the decision. Two months into the job as new president of ITC, problems began to start. Gordon lost five of the twelve board members, all five thought that ITC's technology was too dangerous and wasn't worth investing in anymore. Gordon knew the burn rate of money in this company and couldn't afford to lose board members.

Three months in another board member dropped out and bills started to appear. Gordon needed money fast or it would be the end of ITC's quantum technology. His problems didn't end there, people where thinking about what was going on ITC after a man was stunned by one of ITC's guards for trespassing. Of course the man sued, Gordon easily lost the trial having to pay thirty thousand dollars in damages to the man's body. Rumors where springing up and Gordon knew quantum technology wasn't ready to be released to the public.

With only six board members, little cash, and a lot of bills. He have to do something and fast…..