Ethan and the other members of the team were in the "FIELD PREP" room, preparing for the trip. Early thirties, light brown hair and left handed, Ethan had designed the latest models of the machines. He knew how they worked and what part of the machine was which, but he had never been in it. He lay on a table as a man squeezed organic polymer into his ear, which would serve as an ear piece.

He glanced over at the other members, Travis, Darren and Jordan, an all male team, Gordon said that would be better since there were no female sailors on galleons. Gordon was standing at the back of the room watching them he already had his ear piece from previous trips.

Darren was a strongly built man, narrow eyes and a cold stare. He was military trained like Gordon and they were good friends. Darren was the lead builder and was the one who was in charge of the building of the machines. Like Ethan he had never taken a trip in the machine.

Jordan, meanwhile was done, he rolled of the table and stood up and brushed his black hair with his hand, seeming to know that it was all out of place. He was one of the field prep persons and had designed the first aid kits and all of their tools. He was about to give them explanation of the improvements he had done to the kits.

"Okay your done", said the man. Ethan felt the man pull the dry polymer from his ear, giving it to a woman who had started to drill electronics into Jordan's ear piece. Ethan tried to pop his ears as his hearing seemed fuzzy and his ear felt warm.

Gordon beckoned him to the far side of the room were there was a metal desk with the first aid kits. Once Travis and Darren were done they sat down too and Jordan started explaining the kits to them.

"As you all know I've made some adjustments to the old tools and have added some new ones", said Jordan as he picked up one of the leather pouches and rummaged his hand around inside. He found what he was looking for and pulled out a canister four inches high. "We've made some improvements on the cylinder it's now able to shoot farther and has a stronger dose of ethylene dihydride, giving us more time to escape". Jordan then pulled out some red wax cubes, Ethan had seen these before. "These are our fire starters; each pouch has three so that's fifteen in total for all of us". Now Jordan pulled out a small silver sphere, a red button was on top of it and a deep rut that looked like the equator on a globe. "This use full ball will cause temporary blindness to all people in a three meter radius. Just press the red button and throw it or roll it to you target, it triggers in about six seconds after you push the button. Then there's our first aid made up of easy to digest pills and our pocket tool. That's it." Jordan sounded like he had just finished show and tell. He handed a leather pouch to everyone.

"I wouldn't recommend putting those in you pockets", Gordon said "We still have to change".

The man gave them back there earpieces, now flesh colored. Ethan took both of his and put them in his ear "Feels heavier", he muttered, on the far side of the room Travis jumped in fright hearing Ethan's voice as if he was right next to him. Ethan heard Travis say "Wow that's loud", then he heard Gordon's voice in his ear "You'll get used to them Travis, just turn them off right now". Gordon showed them a tiny little switch on the ear piece and he flicked it down with his forefinger, the others followed suite.

Gordon showed them to a door leading to another room that had a lot of sewing machines. He led to a rack on their left side with old fashioned clothes.

"Choose what you want make sure it fits you", he said already inspecting a pair of black shoes with a single button near the top.

"Do we have to", said Darren holding up a pair of odd looking trousers and turning his head in disgust "We'll only be gone for ten minutes nobody's supposed to see us anyway".

"We're taking no chances", said Gordon "Besides you'll only have to wear them for ten minutes who do you expect to see in the past, you're date?"

"I sort of like the clothes", said Jordan pulling on a large blue jacket with golden buttons, then he frowned, "But I could do without the hat".

"A tricorn hat", corrected Travis putting one on his head and letting it droop over his eyes, "I think I don't want one as well".

"How did you get all this stuff made so fast", asked Ethan amazed.

Gordon had selected his final article of clothing and was heading for a change room. "We have a large group of sewers, and I got Kramer to go out and get the hats from E-Bay", he said.

One they were all dressed they looked at each other. Ethan laughed when he saw Jordan with a large blue jacket on, still fumbling with the buttons.He was one step further than Travis though, whowas still trying to put his jacket over his waistcoat.

Gordon looked at his squad of buccaneers and said, "Okay a final review of what's happening. Our kits will help us a lot on this mission." He showed them a picture of an English guy wearing a scarlet tunic with a tricorn hat, there was a musket in his right hand. "This is an English marine, we'll probably encounter them even at night, yes Ethan they do speak English, if they ask you questions gas them with your canister. The sooner we get out of there the better. The stern of the ship near the captain's quarters is where the treasure room is it has three treasure chests. If there are marines standing guard we'll throw one of the spheres in and they'll be blinded for a short period of time. I'll blast open the locks with one of these charges" Gordon held one in his hand showing them all. "Our coat pockets are really large we'll all be able to carry a large amount of gold."

"What if there isn't enough gold", asked Darren.

"Then we go to the Klondike and it isn't pretty up there, so I suggest you get valuable stuff first", Gordon replied, "Now lets get this show on the road".

Ethan's knees went weak as they maneuvered through the maze of water shields. Finally they came to the base of the platform where the machines stood. Ethan looked at his teammates; Travis was bouncing on his heels, Jordan was fiddling with the buckle on his boot, Darren was looking at the machines and Gordon was already moving onto the platform.

"Come on guys lets get it over with", said Jordan and moved up onto the platform as well, the rest followed suite.

The platform felt cold under their feet, cool mist swirled around the bases of the machines. They all stepped into different cages all attached together at the base. Ethan felt the cage rock under his feet.

Gordon looked at them from his cage, he smiled and said, "Here we go", and slipped the white ceramic card in to a slot at the base of the machine.

It happened all to fast for Ethan, for a few seconds there was silence then the machines began to hum, building steadily until it was as loud as a scream. Then a chattering sound began, like a machine gun,it felt like it was shaking his cage or maybe it was from his knees trembling, he couldn't tell.

Then a computerized voice said "Stand still- Eyes open- deep breath- Hold it- Now!"...

Diane Kramer watched from the control room, looking at the circular ring descending from each of the cages over Gordon's and the others' heads.A loud click as the ring touched the base of each of the cages, dull metal against dull metal.

"Tran scripting now", said one of the technicians in the control room. A moment later there was a bright flash making Kramer instinctively flinch back, this main flash was followed by five more between each Kramer could see the machines shrinking until they disappeared completely. The first stage was over.

Kramer looked at the technicians "Successful trip", She asked.

The technician studied a computer screen "Yes they are aboard the Angler… wait though the sensors on the machine say it's sunny out, it's supposed to be night".

"What's the date", said Kramer nervously.

"Um it's May 21, 1687", said the technician.

"Oh my God", said Kramer. The Angler was making a short journey, less than two days but 20 miles from its destination, Port Rocco, it was attacked by pirates, the date it was attackedwas May 21.

Kramer really started to worry when they didn't get a field buck. The field buck told them if any one was coming back, but there was none. Something had gone wrong……