In Class

"I shall be placing you in partners and you will work together on a presentation for 2 weeks," explained Snape.

Snape had asked Voldemort what he should do about Dumbledore's plan and he said that the two needed to find a common peace and if that meant one of them were to die then so be it, he had faith in his granddaughter.

Snape wasn't even allowed to tell them of Dumbledore's plan.

"Ron and Antalia," said Snape

"Great I get the hot gothic chick," said Ron

"Don't let her get too close she might bite," said Harry

"What?" demanded Ron

"Just kidding just kidding," said Harry

"Draco Malfoy and Hermione Dragonia," said Snape

"Fuck…" growled Hermione as Athene began to rub her shoulders

"Don't worry love you'll make it through this, if he tries anything I'll slit his throat," said Athene

"That's sweet, but I'll be ok," said Hermione.

Hermione slowly got up gathered her stuff and walked arrogantly towards the slytherin lord

"Shut it," she said before he even had a chance to say anything.

When everyone was in pairs

"We will split the work present it together and no more contact," said Hermione

"You are not going to make all the rules bitch," he growled

"Bite me you sick fuck!" she hissed.

Athene and Antalia looked at each other and both thought

'This isn't going to be good,'

"You slut," he said as they both stood he shoved her.

A riot broke out and it flooded into the halls, Hermione swung her leg and hit Malfoy square in the jaw knowing him down then turned and walked away.

Malfoy got up and charged at her from behind but to everyone's amazement Hermione did a complete back flip her hair whipping in a perfect line and she landed on the top of the wall then launched herself from it.

As Malfoy turned around Hermione hit him straight in the chest and they both slid across the floor.

"ENOUGH!" yelled a deep voice that could only belong to Dumbledore.

"You two will be locked in the head dorm for exactly three-hundred and thirty-six hours, fourteen days and when you come out you better be getting along," said Dumbledore.

"Professor won't that bring them closer?" whispered Snape

"No enough time with the other will drive them apart," said Dumbledore.


The two were marched up and shoved into the room

"Enough of this," said Dumbledore locked the door.

Both stood there less than a foot apart.

Both are aware of the awkward position and the rising heat of their bodies, but neither is willing to back down.

Pride would never allow them to do that.

Then Malfoy's hands grabbed hold of Hermione's collar.

Flipping them around Hermione is now pressed up against the wall.

He leaned in; she turned her head; his mouth landed on her cheek.

Malfoy released her collar and glared at her angrily.

Placing his hands on either side of her face, he forced her to look at him and this time he tried again to kiss her.

She stomped on his foot.

He cursed.

This time he decided to use his body to hold her in place.

Trapped against him and the wall, she struggled to escape.

He would not relent, neither would the wall.

He went straight to business, straight to her neck.

He knew that she would not be moved by showering affections on her neck, but he had to start somewhere.

She stood as still as a pillar. He bit her neck…hard.

Her knees weakened and she leaned her head forward onto his shoulder.

Grinding the sensitive spot, he got into the mood right away.

He felt hands snaked onto his chest and palms resting on his nipples.

'Oh…my…god…he has pierced nipples too…' thought Hermione

He can feel the heat traveling form her palms to his nipples and it is turning him on to no end.

His mouth stopped its grinding and attacked her lips.

Feverish just wasn't strong enough a word to describe their actions.

They were practically trying to swallow each other.

He bit her lower lip to ask for entrance.

She threw her tongue into his mouth instead.

The battle of dominance started.

He decides to feed on her energy first.

Grabbing his collar and flipping them around, Hermione had Malfoy pressed against the wall and accidentally caused his head to hit it.

Malfoy groaned, no apologizes were exchanged.

Rough was the way both liked it

His hands were already under her skirt and she was already wet from the good work he did on her neck.

She spread her legs a little wider so he could roam more.

He took that as a signal to lift her up.

She compelled to that nonetheless.

Now with her wet spot pressed against his abdomen.

He could not quite hold back anymore.

He ripped at her clothes as did she.

Fabrics were torn, buttons flew, clasps spoiled.

He threw her to the ground.

He was on top of her, going at it like a sex crazed animals, even though she is not struggling.

He was harsh, she matched his harshness with her own.

Clawing, biting, scratching, hissing and grabbing.

There was no room for soothing touches or reassuring kisses, just passion, on its simplest terms.

Raw, stripped of its fake masks, just man, woman, and all their glory.

He tugged on her hair to gain access to her neck, and then she tugged on his hair to gain access to his neck.

He bit her shoulder, she bit his ear.

He slapped her ass, she pinched his nipples.

He banged her head against the wall; she dug her nails into his skin causing him to bleed.

He kissed her, she kissed him.

No warning, no signal.

He thrust into her.

She screamed.

He ignored.

She slapped him.

He slapped her back.

She slapped him again.

He thrust harder.

She got lost in her mind.

She came. He came.

Afterwards they laid there on the floor both breathing raggedly both thinking the exact same thing

'What have I done?' then as they looked at each other they saw something in the others eyes that terrified them to the very core…compassion. Hermione got up sprinted towards her room, slamming the door as hard as she could she charm locked it with as many locks as she could think of 'Never again…' she thought going into a fit of rage.

Malfoy sat there and listened to Hermione sit up in her room, screaming, and the crashing of her stuff as she was thrown into her first temper tantrum

"I HATE YOU!" he heard her scream…

After about 30 minutes he heard a HUGE shattering sound then utter silence,

'This isn't good…' he thought.

Slowly gathering himself up he walked to the bathroom and looked at all his 'love' scratches, deep bloody gashes ran down his back and chest, his neck and chest were also covered in deep bleeding bite marks.

Malfoy sighed, she was even more amazing then he first could've ever guessed but she probably hated him now more than ever what was he thinking?