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Love Hina Lycanthrope -Intro-

Behind Hinata Sou, there was a deep, dark forest…

And some say it does harbor mysteries and strange creatures…lurking in its shadows.

Tonight, some of the stories surrounding this forest will come to life…and affect the lives of many who live in Hinata Sou…forever.

Tsuruko moved silently through the forest. Her eyes darting, trying to pierce the night shadows surrounding her little team.

The massive trees hiding the Moon from sight up above her, but she knew that it was a full moon night.

She looked up, seeing the stars and the moonlit clouds high above. We need to be extremely alert… She thinks, frowning a bit. Usually she loved a night like this…but tonight the sky above her bore a sense of dread, and danger was in the very air she was breathing.

She listens to a loud SNAP behind her, and turn her head fast, an alarmed expression gracing her features.

She hisses at Keitaro, as he was the one who caused the sound, by stepping on a dry branch. A mute WHAP followed soon afterwards, as Motoko hits the careless kanrinnin with her sheathed katana. The scabbard may be not sharp, but did hurt.

Tsuruko found it strangely satisfying, while looking at Keitaro scratching silently his offended head. Serves you right! You should not be here…it is too dangerous! Can't you see that? Her eyes full of concern, despite her seemingly harsh thoughts.

She still didn't understand why Keitaro insisted on joining them on this hunt.

Oh, she knew it was almost instinctive for him to want to protect them. But yet, he was not a warrior, nor had any skills to help on a confrontation like the one she was expecting.

But then again, it was heart warming to see the fire in his eyes as he stood defiantly between them and the door, making it clear he would not move unless they agreed to let him join them. Hihihi…not that we wouldn't be able to just put him unconscious…but that did not cross my mind then…

Ah, so much care and tenderness…and such heart! Tsuruko missed seeing caring eyes like those directed at her. She was a warrior, but indeed she would love to have someone worried about her own safety and well being.

Keitaro was a mystery to her. He had neither martial arts training nor any skill with a blade yet he was determined to try and protect two of the Shin Mei Ryu's greatest warriors. She just hoped he wouldn't be in peril while with them tonight.

I do not expect to find the beast right now anyway…were just after some cluesto its whereabouts. Tsuruko was worried though, as the danger was present at her heart.

As they moved further into the woods Tsuruko felt Motoko move up beside her in the starlit night…the Moon was behind the clouds, giving them an eerie light.

"Aneue, is possible that our pray knows about our hunting?" Motoko's eyes were attentive to their surroundings while addressing her older sister.

Tsuruko stopped and turned to look at Motoko, whispering her answer. "Maybe, but not likely…"

Motoko stopped and stared at her. "I thought they were wiped out centuries ago, those beasts…" She was very concerned, well aware of the danger they were in.

Tsuruko shook her head and was about to reply, but fate was faster, and crueler to them…

Suddenly, without a single warn, Hell came upon then!

Tsuruko felt something shove her hard. She rolled with the shove and came back around to her feet in time to see a large beast tackle Keitaro.

A nightmare creature was towering over Keitaro, weaponless and unable to run.

She was too distant to even try to reach him…she and Motoko could only observe in shocked terror.

"NOOO!" She screams at what she was seeing.

"KEITAROOOO!" Says Motoko, her voice desesparate…

The beast howled in savage triumph as its claws sank deep into Keitaro's gut. The beast lifted him clear off the ground and ripped its claws outward. Keitaro screamed as he fell to the ground. The lycan snarled as he bent down and picked up the bloody mess that was Keitaro.

His face was of pure agony…The ShinMei warriors could see his eyes, and the pain they bore. With a growl the lycan hurled Keitaro's limp form into the brush, as if he was just a ragged meat doll, a toy already spent.

Motoko could only watch as Keitaro was thrown through the air. When the Lycan turned to her she frantically searched for her katana but in the darkness she could not spot the black Hina blade she lost, as she had also been thrown aside by the beast in its charge.

Oh gods oh gods oh gods… She was thinking fast, remembering what happened to Keitaro instants before.

She heard a snarl and looked up into the grinning muzzle of the lycan. Before she could react however Tsuruko charged. Her Ki attack ripped through the air. Both girls were stunned when the lycan let loose it's own ki attack, blocking Tsuruko's strike.

Gods have mercy on us! It can use Ki! Tsuruko was astonished, eyes wide in disbelief…and sorrow on her spirit over the young kanrinnin. He has not had a chance! I never saw it coming…and he paid the price for trying to look after us! Why! Tsuruko's knuckles were white with the strength she was using to hold her katana. She was angry…very angry now.

But before she could react to the fact that the enemy could use a Ki attack, the lycan was beside her. She felt the claws wrap around her throat, as her body was hoisted off the ground. She clawed frantically at the talons holding her. She sensed a fast movement, her own, and then sharp pain racked her body.

The lycan slammed her into a tree, stunning her by the sheer violence of the impact.

Tsuruko felt dizzy. Oh my! This is going bad…we are not going to make it alive at this rate! As her vision began to swim she heard a deep rumbling sound and realized that the lycan was laughing at them.

Before she knew it the lycan had ripped open her gi. She felt the cool night air as it rushed across her bare skin. The lycan bent forward and she felt the rough tongue slid across sensitive skin. Her skin. BASTARD! She thought, still unable to fully recover from the violence of the impact against the tree.

She whimpered softly and the lycan laughed again. Please, if it is so, let it be fast…Tsuruko is too stunned to even try to fight.

As it leaned forward for another taste of its catch Tsuruko saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She realized in a split second before the lycan that Keitaro was running with all speed straight at them, a big tree branch on his bloodied hands.

He was screaming loudly while madly running. He was scared, but he would NEVER let anything hurt his friends…no matter what.

Tsuruko could only watch in stunned amazement as she felt her body drop when the lycan turned to face its new threat. Keitaro rushed forward and dodged the lycans attack and using the surprise and his own momentum, he slammed the beast's abdomen. At this same instant, somehow a Ki discharge came to life, with Keitaro's blow.

His will, his desire to protect…and his own natural protecting aura (which preventedhim from beingseriously hurt by the abuse he suffered at Hinata Sou) and the rage he felt when seeing the creature toying with Tsuruko came into a mixing force, enough to create a momentary vortex of energy guided by his blow against the towering lycan.

This caused an explosion of ki power of such magnatude that ithurled the lycan back into the bush in a crumpled heap. Keitaro fell to his knees in front of Tsuruko. Spent…his natural Ki defense spent by his effort…his bleeding was heavy now. He fell into his knees, unable to keep standing up. He held his abdomen, as if trying to hold it in place.

Tsuruko felt tears come to her eyes as she saw the damage inflicted upon the young man's body.

His blood was pooling under him fast. He looked to Tsuruko, eyes full of life despite death was already claiming him fast. "Messy huh? I really should try and learn with Motoko one of these days…" He smiles weakly, holding his abdomen…He was trembling now…paper white.

Motoko rushed to her sister's side. Tsuruko looked over to where the lycan had landed only to see the area empty. She frantically began to look around only to see, but seeing nothing.

Motoko knees at Keitaro's side, unable to speak…she saw the damage inflicted upon him.

Keitaro looks at her, and says weakly: "Motoko Chan, please do remind him to ask you for Katana lessons as soon as I am better…I think it can help me on such situations…" He laughed lowly, and coughs blood, looking apologetically to Motoko, who was now crying openly, just nodding her head.

"Please do not cry…" He looks to Tsuruko, pleading eyes focusing on hers: Tsuruko Sama, please…tell Motoko if she does not want to practice me, I ca enroll to a kendo school….I do not want to shame her having to teach someone like me…" Tsuruko was with mixed emotions, looking at Keitaro, when suddenly he went rigid, eyes wide open, looking confused for a moment.

He looks at the Aoyama sisters. They both could see his face, as his mouth uttered a single, soundless word. "Sorry…" while he was being lifted into the air once more. The body rotated and the Aoyamas saw the lycan, now with its claws buried deep into Keitaro's back.

"YOU LITTLE SON OF A BITCH! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR HURTING ME!" The voice was loud, enraged, and inhuman. It was full of hatred and malice.

Keitaro cried out in pain as the lycan twisted its claws in his back. Tsuruko cried out again, tears streaming down her face.

She was beside herself. Even agonizing and weak, the only thing she saw in those eyes, on that last instant, was his deep sorrow for not being able to help them. He was dying, and the only thing he had in mind was their safety.

"STOP! PLEASE STOP HURTING HIM!" She threw herself on the raging beast, now any warrior training lost under despair and sorrow. She racked the beast with her bare hands.

The lycan looked at her, and simply tosses her aside, as if she was just a little distraction for it. Keitaro impaled in his right claw, high above them all.

Then it got back to the young man, lowering his arm, looking him in his face. His fetid breath was over Keitaro, who was barely holding himself conscious. Pain and despair over him, after his inability to prevent this beast of hurting Tsuruko and Motoko. What will happen to them…

The lycan looks with eyes full of evil and malice over them all there.

"No easy way out for you, little worm! I have something better planned for you. HEHEHEH. You risked your life for them! Now lets see how they repay your foolish yet gallant act!"

Keitaro was not entirely conscious now, but he sensed something like an end to its torment nearing him…a black void was looming over him. Ah…I am so tired…will I rest now? Good. He thought, while the darkness was approaching him.

Keitaro screamed as the lycans teeth sank deep into his neck and shoulder. Tsuruko screamed in anguish over the young man that swore to protect, them and against all odds had tried it…even mortally hurt he was unstoppable…and his last word.

The beast let his limp body fall to the ground. It lifted into his full height, and snarled at Tsuruko and Motoko, as if mocking both warriors. It turned its back to them, and ran into the night shadows.

Tsuruko and Motoko approached Keitaro's body…mauled and mangled by the bite, but alive, breathing shallowly…

So much blood…why so much blood here? Thinks Motoko, not thinking clearly, kneeling over Keitaro. She was dazed, trauma was on her face.

"Oh, Urashima no baka! Now we will have to wait your recovering before we start to train...you know you need to begin soon!" She was not making sense…she was confused. And the blood was really bad under her knees.

Tsuruko approaches hesitantly, and also knees by Keitaro's side. She was torn inside…something terrible just happened before her eyes, and yet she was trying to cope with everything. She looks to Keitaro, clenching her fists to her legs, tears flowing freely over her face.

She remembers his last word while bodily lifted by the beast.

Sorry! Sorry for what? For being a true man when terror and death was over us all? Sorry for being the most courageous man I have ever seen? You were not even a warrior…and tried to tackle a monster without a single weapon…just for the sake of us. Tsuruko held Keitaro's hand…it was cold, trembling lightly. I ask you…Sorry, my young hero. She thought, looking to Keitaro's face.

She looks at Motoko, who is in bad shape, her eyes glazed, unfocused. "Aneue, please tell Urashima Kun that he needs to start training with me soon…he knows he needs to improve his skills if he wants to do battle at our side!" Her now pleading eyes were full of sadness…her knees soaked in Keitaro's blood.

Motoko looks to his form, and to the wounds inflicted on him…

Her eyes focused, and she looks at the sky above them…to the now cold, heartless stars above.

She yells in anguish: "WHY? Why claim him! Why it must be him! He was defenseless…unprepared!" She slumps back, burying her face on her bloodied hands, softly saying. "He was not even armed…why he charged the beast…why you did that?"

No answers came…the sky and stars where silent above them.

Tsuruko cried silently, holding Keitaro's hand, muttering in a low, sad voice: "Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry…"

Keitaro's last conscious sight was that of Tsuruko and Motoko's tear streaked face leaning over him before the darkness gracefully embraced him. He welcomed it, as the faces above him where so sad to behold…it was tearing him apart, reaching to his very core.

Somewhere in the woods, deep into its darkness, a laugh could be heard…a hateful, evil, dark laugh…

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