Side Story 4: Detained

-MI-6 Headquarters - London, England, shortly before the second tournament...-


William Guile's voice rang throughout the corridors of Delta Red's main headquarters. From the hall, Cammy White heard the furious voice berate Colonel Wolfman for some apparent reason.

Dressed in her formal Delta Red uniform, Cammy quickly made her way to her section. Inside the meeting room, she found Colonel Wolfman and an American commando arguing. Watching the verbal lashing from a safe distance, was a slender Chinese female. The woman was dressed in a formal business suit and a pair of boots. Her hair was done up in two braids which were wrapped in buns and secured with ribbons and coverings on either side of her head.

The Chinese woman noticed the newcomer and quickly walked over to Cammy. "I think we better go outside before Guile looses it," she said in English.

Cammy thought that it was a good idea as well. From the looks of things, it appeared that the American commando could fight. But she knew that Wolfman was one of the best fighters in all of Delta Red and could hold his own in a fight.

Once they were clear out of the way, the taller woman turned to Cammy. "Can you tell me what was that all about?" Cammy asked. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Detective Chun Li Xiang, I.C.P.O.," the Chinese woman said, showing Cammy her badge. "The pissed off American you saw, that's William Guile, operative with the U.S. Air Force."

"What could you two be possibly doing here?" Cammy asked.

"We got an email from one of your teammates," Chun Li explained. "Some guy named Ginzu, I think. He said that you were holding someone here. He is a 'person of interest' in the case Guile and I are working on." She went into her pocket and pulled out a photo. Handing it to Cammy, she continued. "Have you seen this man?"

Cammy took one look at this picture and nodded. "I know him. He was here, but he left the country."

"When was that?" Chun Li asked.

"I'd say about around an hour ago," Cammy replied. "Why are you after him? Who is he?"

"His full name is Ryu Hoshi," Chun Li explained. "From what we could find out, Shadowlaw's interested in him."

Cammy looked up at the name 'Shadowlaw.' "Shadowlaw? Are you sure?"

"So you heard of them?"

"I have." Cammy looked around. "Maybe this place isn't right to speak of such things. There's a cafe near here. Meet me there in 10 minutes. We'll talk there."


-Ten minutes later...-

Inside a cafe, Cammy and Chun Li sat in a small booth. Cammy was busy explaining the past events to Chun Li. "Why does Shadowlaw want with this guy? Who is he, anyway?"

"As I've told you earlier," Chun Li began, "his name is Ryu. He's an expert in the martial arts and from what I know, he is one of the best in the world, if not the planet. For some time, he's been living the life of a nomad, wandering the world."

"I've talked to him personally, when we were questioning him," Cammy said.

"And how was he?"

"He's not what I was expecting for someone who is in Shadowlaw's crosshairs. He was actually polite, respectful and curteous. He even didn't put up a fight when I came for him and brought him to the HQ for questioning."

"But what was he doing here in London?" Chun Li asked.

Cammy thought for a moment. "It was about a week ago when I first met him. My team and I were undercover at a tournament on the docks. As you already guessed, it was sponsored by Shadowlaw." A sardonic smile came across her lips. "You can say that I have a history with them. I found Ryu in the middle of a fight between one of the Shadowlaw Dolls..."

Several days earlier...

There was a non-sanctioned tournament at the docks. Both Cammy and her partner Lita Luwanda were there undercover. Apparently, there were rumors of a new criminal syndicate appearing in the city. What disturbed Cammy was that the new syndicate was none other than the Shadowlaw organization. Both Delta Red operatives were in casual attire, acting as participants in the tournament.

However, there was somthing that neither woman was counting on.

There was a partcipant that was fighting. He looked like a tourist, since he wasn't from around London. And he was currently fighting one of the biggest men in the tournament. Cammy watched the man closely. He was of Asian descent, probably Japanese, standing nearly six feet tall and incredibly musclar. He was also dressed simply: a white tanktop, showing off his muscular chest and arms, a pair of denim jeans and a pair of black tennis shoes. On his hands were a pair of brown fighting gloves (the SF3 version).

His opponent was a local fighter that Cammy had fought several times: a walking mountain of muscle standing at six-feet-eight and weighing three hundred pounds. Imagine Cammy's surprise when the newcomer downed the local guy, much to the dismay of the audience, who had money on the fight, most of it betted on the local champion.

"Just who is this guy anyway?" Luwanda asked her partner as the man stood in the ring, victorious.

Cammy shook her head. "I don't know."

Watching from a raised platform, was the new commander of the Shadowlaw Dolls, Juni. She was flanked by several local toughs, obviously on Shadowlaw's payroll. As she scanned the gathered audience of fighters, her eyes stopped on Cammy.

"What the..." Juni breathed. "It's you..."

Meanwhile, Ryu saw Juni, just as she felt his gaze bore down on her. Ryu recognized her from Singapore from when he fought the Shadowlaw commander, General Bison. Cammy watched as Juni turned to the newcomer and her expression changed dramatically.

Then Cammy and Luwanda watched as the Japanese guy made a beeline for Juni, who escaped through a backroom. Cammy and Luwanda gave chase.

"I knew that something was up," Cammy continued. "The way that Ryu looked at Juni was that he wanted to maim her. Of course, the feeling was mutual on Juni's end."

"Why's that?" Chun Li asked.

"Juni wasn't always the commander of the Shadowlaw Elite Squad, ot the Dolls, if you prefer," Cammy explained. "That responsibility fell on to her predecessor, Juli. But we found out that Ryu defeated Juli and she was expelled from Shadowlaw as a result. Juni was then promoted to commander."

Ryu pursued Juni. He raced up a flight of stairs, dodging gunfire from Juni's Desert Eagle. Once he made it to the top floor, he exited the stairwell...only to find that Juni had set a trap for him.

When Ryu exited the stairwell, he felt the barrel of the weapon pressed up against his back.

"Don't move," Juni ordered as she slowly circled Ryu, until she was pointing the magnum in his face.

She wasn't alone. Juni had backup in the form of a half-dozen thugs, each armed with various types of weaponry, most of them melee weapons. The woman gave her quarry a mean smile. "We meet at last."

Ryu looked at the woman. "You know me?"

"You knew the former commander, Juli," she said. "Now I run the Shadowlaw Dolls. Imagine my surprise when I find you here in England, of all places. General Bison will be very pleased to find out that I finally caught you."

Ryu gave the petite woman a mean smile. "That's funny. Bison thought that as well and looked what happened to him."

Juni lowered her gun. "Enjoy your smart-mouthing while you can." She then gave the guys their orders. "Take him down."

From the stairwell, Cammy heard the sounds of the battle taking place. Pulling out her pistol, she made sure that the safety was off as she inched towards the door...

...then hopped back as a thug went sailing through the open doorway, impacting against the wall, very unconscious. Cammy looked inside the room and what she saw shocked her.

Twelve men were scattered across the area, knocked out senseless. Ryu and Juni were left standing. She watched the confrontation from her hiding place.

"You made three mistakes, Juni," Ryu deadpanned as he slowly advanced on Juni.

Juni had the Desert Eagle raised. "Freeze!" She was torn over killing Ryu and following Bison's orders. When Ryu refused to stop, Juni repeated the order. "I said freeze!"

" took the job of trying to capture me," Ryu stated. He kicked one of the downed thugs in the stomach, which effectively stopped his moaning. " came light." He motioned to the downed hoodlums in the room. "Six lowly thugs for me? That's very insulting. But the most crucual mistake you made..."

Juni pulled the trigger.


By the time it took her to register that the gun was empty, Ryu had knocked it out of her hand. " that you ran out of ammo," he finished.

Then the fight began.

As Cammy watched, Juni and Ryu fought. Actually, it was more like Juni throwing punches and kicks, with Ryu blocking and parrying the blows, all the while sucker-punching Juni several times. However, as Ryu swung one fist at Juni's head, she rolled out of the way, and Ryu ended up putting his fist through a window.

"Is this what the Shadowlaw Dolls are capable of?" Ryu calmly taunted Juni as he tossed her across the area. "Juli would be very disappointed in you. At least she was a worthy challenge," he added, playing with Juni's mind.

"SHUT UP!" Juni screamed, charging at Ryu, only to be knocked back once again.

"You're nothing but a puppet," Ryu said as he flipped over Juni's Cannon Drill. He then roundhoused her in the face. "A puppet without a soul. I pity you, Juni."

Juni tasted blood in her mouth. She turned to the side and spat out a wad of blood. "Save your damn pity for the weak!" She charged again...only to double over from Ryu's fist impacting her stomach, causing her to double over in pain. Juni turned her head to look at her opponent with nothing but hate in her eyes.

"YOU BASTARD!" she howled. "I HATE YOU!" She managed to get to her feet. Going into her stance, she charged.

From Cammy's point of view, she watched as Ryu calmly and methodically dismantled Juni with precision strikes with his hands and feet. Cammy knew that as a former Shadowlaw assassin, that the technicians tampered with her DNA to make her stronger and more agile.

That, however was not the case.

Cammy winced as Ryu took Juni apart. Juni managed to tag him with several shots, but they were no good. Soon, Juni was standing there, defenseless. Her lip was busted, her face was swollen and one eye was closed. Ryu, still in his stance, went to perform his Joudan Sokutou Geri, or the High Angle Blade Kick...

...only to stop mere inches from Juni's face. Ryu lowered his foot. Grabbing a handful of Juni's bodysuit, he raised her to eye level, her feet leaving the ground. Juni saw his eyes go red for a moment as he allowed the Dark Hadou to take over. It was the same thing she saw when she witnessed General Bison fight Ryu months earlier.

"I won't do you in," Ryu said in a low voice. "Out of respect for your former commander."

"You bastard..." she whispered.

He then dropped her to the floor. Juni's knees fell out from her and she collapsed to her knees, stunned from the thrashing. When Ryu turned his back on her, Juni made her move. Seeing that she couldn't win against Ryu, she got up and ran straight to the nearest window. Ryu turned, just as Cammy rushed in the room, trying to stop Juni from escaping, but it was too late. Juni leapt through the window and landed on another roof. She then made her retreat.

Ryu watched her disappear from view. Ignoring Cammy, he turned form the window and walked away. Cammy then spun around, gun raised. "Freeze!"

Ryu stopped in his tracks. "What now?" he asked as he turned around.

"I'm taking you in for questioning," Cammy declared.

Ryu gave her a small smile. "There is an old saying...never point a gun at somebody..." His hand reached out with blinding speed, snatching Cammy's gun from her hand. "...because you don't know when it will go off." He ejected the clip and tossed it aside. He then pulled the slide back, ejecting the bullet out of the gun as well before tossing it to the side.

As Ryu turned and walked away, Cammy fumed. She had a job to do and one way or another. "Don't you turn your back on me," she said sternly.

Ryu stopped. "How do I know you're not working with Shadowlaw?" he questioned, turning around. "What makes you think I would listen to you?"

Cammy took a step back. His physical presence was imtimidating enough, but his voice was stern, not to mention calm and cool. She may have been one of Delta Red's elite, but after seeing him beat down Juni with general ease, the last thing she wanted to do was get involved in a hand-to-hand combat match with Ryu.

Ryu then turned around and departed silently down the stairs, leaving Cammy somewhat disturbed. 'He could have easily beaten me as he did Juni,' she thought. 'But he didn't...'

Minutes later, Luwanda showed up. She looked around at the carnage. "What happened here?" she questioned. "Did you do this?"

Cammy shook her head. "It's a long story."

Back at MI-6, Cammy gave Watson a full account of what had happened. Watson's next order was to bring in Ryu Hoshi in for questioning.
After several days of not seeing Ryu in public, Cammy and her unit had finally caught a break. Inside a cafe, as the two British operatives were having their evening tea, Ryu walked in. It took Cammy and Luwanda a moment to recognize him, but it was verified. The guy that walked in was definately the one who thrashed Juni that night at the docks.

Cammy looked at what he was wearing. He had changed out of what he was wearing earlier and into some more appropriate clothes: a grey chambray shirt, the top button undone, cargo pants and hiking boots. It also appeared that he was preparing to leave town, since he had a worn white duffel bag with him. Cammy and Luwanda saw him order some tea from a passing waitress and he bent down and started to write in a small notebook.

Luwanda was talking into a cellphone. "That was Watson," she said. "He wants us to take him in. If we need any backup, McCoy's on the way."

"He's gonna notice something's up if we both go there," Cammy said. "We got to do this without causing any trouble. You don't know what he's capable of. Juni didn't stand a chance against him."

"So what do you suggest?"

Cammy thought about it for a moment. "Let me go over there and talk to him."

"Are you insane?" Luwanda hissed. "You told me he mopped the floor with Juni, not to mention about a dozen thougs. What makes you think he won't do the same with you?"

"Either we do this or we're in for a fight," Cammy declared. She stood up. "I'm going."

As Cammy walked over to Ryu, Luwanda tried to get Cammy to reconsider, but Cammy ignored her.

Meanwhile, Ryu continued to drink his tea and scribble into his notebook. He looked up and saw the blonde pigtailed girl from the docks standing at his table. Instead of the one-piece jumpsuit and boots, he saw that she was dressed in her formal attire. Her movements didn't look threatening, but nonetheless, Ryu was on his guard.

"Can I sit down?" she asked.

Ryu gestured to the seat across from him, which Cammy took. Pulling out her ID badge, she showed it to Ryu. "We haven't been formally introduced, Ryu. I'm Lieutenant Camilla White. I work with MI-6, the British Secret Service, Delta Red Special Forces."

"Ryu Hoshi," Ryu introduced himself.

'At least he's polite,' Cammy noted. 'He's not what I was expecting at all.'

At her table, Luwanda watched with a worried expression on her face. She kept one hand close to her knives.

"You're not alone, I see," Ryu noted.

Cammy blinked. "How can you tell?"

Ryu took another sip of his tea. "Your friend's actions aren't exactly what you call subtle. From what I can see, it looks like she is going for her weapon." He looked at Cammy. "However, you did not come here for a friendly chat."

"You're very quick, Mr. Hoshi," Cammy noted.

"It's Ryu," the Japanese fighter insisted. "I dislike formalities. It isn't me."

"Fair enough," Cammy replied. "You can call me Cammy, if you like." She then paused for a moment. "You know why I am here, right?"

"That night at the docks."

"Yes. I would like to ask you a few questions about your dealings with Juni and Shadowlaw," Cammy stated.

Ryu grunted. "Believe me when I tell you this, but my last few encounters with Shadowlaw have not been...pleasant."

"Maybe, but I have a job to do," Cammy said. "Please come with me to the headquarters. We can resolve this matter there." Off Ryu's skeptical look, Cammy added, "You come quitely, and I won't handcuff you. I give you my word."

Ryu's eyes bore into Cammy's. After a moment, he downed the remainder of his tea, flipped the cup over and gave her his answer. "Let's go."

Cammy breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

Ryu stands up, grabs his duffel bag and shoulders it. Cammy rises to her feet and escorts him to Luwanda. Giving her partner a small smile, the two British operatives and their charge exited the cafe. Outside, an unmarked sedan pulled up. Out stepped McCoy. After a reassuring look from Cammy, McCoy opened the back door and Ryu entered without hesitation, followed by Cammy.

-MI-6 Headquarters-

Once Ryu was put into a holding cell, Watson called a meeting with his members of Delta Red. The gathered members were inside a conference room debating over what to do with the Japanese fighter.

"He came of his own free will," Cammy noted. "That should show for something."

"Maybe," Watson said. He turned to the young tech. "Ginzu, what do we got on him?"

"From what I can dig up on him, our Japanese friend was born on 21 July, early twenties, fluent in English and Japanese," Ginzu reported. "His parents were killed when he was young and he was raised by his grandfather, who also taught him martial arts. Here's something interesting. It appears that Ryu is friends with Ken Masters."

Watson looked up. "Ken Masters? The American karate champion and heir to the Masters Corporation?"

Ginzu nodded. "Apparently, they've both trained together. Several years ago, Ryu's grandfather was killed and sometime after the funeral, he disappeared."

"Was there an investigation into the murder?" Luwanda asked.

"Yes," Ginzu replied, nodding again. "Ryu wasn't implicated because he was with Masters during the time it happened. According to the files, Ryu and Ken showed up just before he died. Shortly after the funeral, Ryu left Japan and hasn't been back since." Ginzu typed in a few keys on his laptop and turned it so that it was facing his comrades. "I've hacked into a Shadowlaw mainframe and found something very interesting about our friend in lockup."

Ginzu played the video. It was of Ryu, fighting a slender brunette in a one-piece Shadowlaw uniform.

Cammy recognized the person immediately. "It's Juli."

Watson turned to the pigtailed blonde. "You know her?" he asked, knowing full well of her shady past, something that Cammy would much rather forget while she was still suffering from memory loss.

"She is the commander of the Shadowlaw Elite Squad," Cammy explained, "Or was, from what Juni said."

"You think that's good," Ginzu said, "then you're gonna love this." He punched in a few more keys. This time the picture changed to that of Ryu fighting Bison. Needless to say, Ryu was getting the worse of it. Then something posessed Ryu and he fought back with extreme prejudice, knocking Bison around like a redheaded stephild and even tossing him into several trees.

"Whoa," Luwanda said and even Watson had nothing to add.

"I said the same thing," Ginzu replied. "This guy fought General Bison and survived. And no one has ever done that."

"So that makes him a high priority for Bison," Watson said. "Ginzu, contact Interpol and see if we can dig up some more info on him." He then turned to Cammy. "Since he is more confortable talking to you than any one of us, see if you can get something out of him tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I want extra security in the cellblock, just in case Shadowlaw tries anything funny."

Cammy nods her affirmative and exits the room.

While all of this is going on, Ginzu's email was answered by a certain Chinese Interpol Agent. She, as well as her American commando partner would be in London the following day.

Unfortunately, their flight was delayed at the airport.

The next morning, Ryu was still in his cell. The hard cot was uncomfortable, but he couldn't complain. In his years of travelling, he developed a knack for sleeping anywhere.

He got up early as he always did. Unfortunatately, the cell was too small for him to train, so he meditated instead.

Then two guards approached his cell. Among them, was McCoy. As Ryu rose to his feet, the guards were unlocking the door. Eventhough Ryu's movments were not threatening, the guards were not people who took chances. Batons drawn, they, along with the biggest member of Delta Red, escorted Ryu to the interrogation room. Ryu sat down in a chair and waited.

Watching him from the other side, were the other members of Delta Red.

"Any problems out of him?" Watson asked as McCoy entered the observation room.

"None whatsoever," McCoy replied. "I would say he's harmless, but after what I've seen," he said, recalling the two Shadowlaw videos Ginzu had played the day before. "The saying does ring true: appearances can be misleading."

Watson turned to Cammy. "Lieutenant, you know what to do."

Cammy nodded and exited the room. The Delta Red Commander turned to Ginzu. "Is the polygraph ready?"

Ginzu grinned. "One of my best pieces of work yet. Ryu is sitting on it. The chair measures his body signs and his temperatures. We'll know if he's lying or not."

Cammy entered the interrogation room. "Good morning."

Ryu nodded back in greeting.

Cammy took a seat across from him. "I trust that McCoy wasn't hard on you."

"I've seen worse," Ryu said.

"So what brings you to England?" Cammy asked.

"I'm at the tail end of my training trip," Ryu explained. "I'm basically finishing up my world tour before I return to Japan."

"So you're originally, from Japan then?"

Ryu nodded. "Yes. I also hold American citizenship through my late father, but I prefer Japan."

"Yes, I know about that piece of information," Cammy said. "I also know that you fought against Bison and Juli. What I'm curious is that how you managed to defeat Bison. He is one of the most cruel and sadistic men in the world."

Ryu shook his head. "I didn't. I lost and my instincts took over. It was either live or die. I chose to live."

Cammy frowned at that comment. "What do you mean by that?"

Ryu gave her a sardonic grin. "I have my secrets. Let's just say that I'm not what most people say I am."

Cammy decided to let that slide. "You also mentioned to Juni that she was not on the same level as Juli," Cammy noted. "So you actually talked to Juli?"

"I did. The second time we talked, she was thrown out of Shadowlaw for failing to capture me. She is someone who can hold a good dinner conversation with."

Cammy leaned back in her seat. "Just how well do you know Juli?"

Ryu's mind flashed back to his encounter with Juli. Back in Hong Kong, they went through several rounds of passionate lovemaking during a typhoon inside a flat owned by Fei Long. "I know her pretty well," he replied enigmatically, although Cammy didn't catch on to it.

"Where is she now?"

Ryu shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know. She left Hong Kong before I did. She just disappeared."

Inside the observation room, Watson turned to Ginzu. "Well?"

"All signs are normal," the Delta Red tech replied. "He's telling the truth."

Meanwhile, the interrogation continued.

"Why is General Bison after you?" Cammy asked.

"Because of my fighting abilities. I found out while I was in Calcutta. There were a group of men chasing after me who were working for Shadowlaw. After taking down nearly all of them, I threatened to crush the last thug's head under an elephant's foot unless he confessed. So I had to conceal myself from their agents. My gi and headband occasionally betrayed me, so I changed my appearance. Makes them hard for them to track me. I've had a couple of close calls, but nothing serious."

They talked for several more minutes, until Cammy excused herself from the room. Ryu clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.

"So how did he do?" Cammy asked Ginzu who was looking over the polygraph results.

"He passed. With flying colors, I might add," Ginzu reported.

"So what do you think of him, Cammy?" Watson asked.

Cammy paused for a moment. "Well...from speaking to him and watching him's safe to say that he's not the bad guy. He's just trying to get back home and decided to take a detour and come here." she paused for a moment. "I offered him a chance to stay at one of out safehouses, but he refused. All he wants is to be on his way."

Watson thought about it for a moment. "Hmm...he hasn't broken any major laws...we'll release him immediately."

Twenty minutes later, Ryu was escorted to the main entrance for MI-6. Cammy was there, his duffel bag resting against her boots.

"I hope you didn't rifle through my things," Ryu said as he picked up his bag and slung it over her shoulder.

"We didn't. If you were in major trouble, then we would have," Cammy replied. "Thanks for making my job easier by coming in voluntarily."

The Japanese fighter shrugged his shoulders. "No problem." He looked outside where his taxi was waiting. "I hope we'll meet again."

Cammy flashed a wicked smile. "Maybe then I can challenge you to a match."

"I look forward to it." Ryu then left the building. "Take care, Cammy."

"Then about an hour later," Cammy finished, "you and Guile showed up."

"Do you have any idea as to where he went to?" Chun Li asked.

Cammy shook her head. "The guy's a nomad. He basically goes where he wishes. Why are you so interested in him?"

"The rumors were true," the Chinese Interpol inspector replied. "He is the first - maybe the only person - who faced off against Bison and lived to tell about it."

Cammy looked at her for a moment. "You lie."


"Interrogating suspects has given me the ability to see whether or not one is telling the truth," Cammy explained. "There's more to the story."

Chun Li thought about it for a moment. "Promise me that you don't tell Guile about this. If he finds out about this, he'll blow his top."

"I promise."

Chun Li pulled out a wallet. After digging around for a moment, she pulled out a small photo. "Here."

Cammy took the photo and looked at it. Sure enough, it was that of Chun Li...and Ryu, four years earlier form when Chun Li was an exchange student. It was taken during the town's Lantern Festival, both Ryu and Chun Li dressed in Japanese yukatas.

"Is that...?"

Chun Li nodded. "Correct. That's Ryu. The picture's four years old. It was taken while I was Japan. I was an exchange student there." Chun Li then told Cammy about her and Ryu's romantic past, and of how she left him, to return to Hong Kong, brokenhearted following her father's death.

Chun Li bowed her head. "I tried to explain to him what happened, but he hung up the phone on me. I planned on returning to Japan to try and straighten things out between us, but I later heard that his grandfather was murdered and Ryu disappeared."

"Was your father Dourai Xiang?" Cammy inquired.

"You know him?"

Cammy managed a weak smile. "You're not the only one with a chekered past. How old you think I am?" Off Chun Li's puzzled look, Cammy continued. "I'm nineteen years old, and a Lieutenant in Her Majesty's Secret Service. Before that...I was a Shadowlaw assassin."

That got Chun Li's full attention, so Cammy continued.

"My memories are screwed up," Cammy continued. "They're all bits and pieces. It was about two years ago when Colonel Watson found me on the streets. He took me in and when he saw that I had combat and military training, he invited me to join Delta Red. But I'm still haunted by my past...all of the people I've killed in the name of Shadowlaw...they continue to haunt me when I sleep."

"What about my father?" Chun Li asked. "How did he die?"

"I was with General Bison when it happened. I was fifteen at the time, and already a career assassin. Bison had kidnapped teenage girls from all over the world to initiate his Elite Squad program."

"That's sick," Chun Li noted.

"Dourai had chased down several thugs on Shadowlaw's payroll. But it was a trap. Bison confronted him...I can still hear your father's screams as he toyed with him, destroying his knee," Cammy said, squeezing her eyes shut. "Then...Bison killed him. He snapped his neck. He also killed an American agent who was snooping around in South America...his name was Nash, I think."

"Charlie Nash," Chun Li confirmed. "Guile's best friend."

Cammy managed a small smile. "Looks like we all have secrets to hide, don't we?"

Chun Li nodded as she took the photo back and slipped back inside her wallet. "I guess so."

"I think I can be of some help to you and Guile," Cammy said. "I would like to join you in your investigation."

"Guile has the final say," Chun Li replied, "but I'll talk to him."

Sure enough, Guile saw the advantages of having Cammy on his side helping with the Shadowlaw investigation and agreed to let he come along. Now all the three had to do was try and track down Ryu.

But that was easier said than done.