Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention via a review that there is some rather racist content in this story that I had very much forgotten about since writing it over ten years ago. When I edited it briefly in 2005, I had not yet gotten my lily-white head out of my own arse when it comes to prejudice and privilege, so I had no idea that the hurtful things in this story were damaging to people today, and not just a quaint portrayal of "the Empire" back in the day.

These aspects of the story are not necessary for the narrative, and are not only superfluous, but hurtful and damaging. I am deeply ashamed and sorry for using that sort of language, and I am embarking on editing the story so that those things are no longer in its pages.

It might take me some time, as I am unwell at present, but I am committed to editing and improving this story so that it is safe for everyone to read, and does not trade on racist stereotypes or the horrible attitudes of yesteryear.

I love the Medjai and the people of Egypt, and I will not debase them in a story that is about them. I offer my deepest apologies to anyone that was hurt by this, and my promise to you that I will do what I can to fix it.

Kindest regards,
Nancy Lorenz.