"So, Daniel, why are we at my house, before noon, with hard liquor?"

"The Goa'uld. Have we ever asked 'what are they', 'what do we know about them"

"The Bad Guys"


"… that connect to our brain stems"

"They live in brackish water, and people"

"Are they fish or lizards?"

"They have genetic memory"

"The wild-type are just as aggressive as the System Lords, but don't have any naquada in their bodies"

"The Unas are from the same planet."

"They prefer human hosts."

"Why would they use mammals as hosts if they are more closely related to reptiles?"

"Wait, does that mean they didn't evolve together…."

"Yeah, you see I'm going with this."

"No, DanielJackson. I do not yet see."

"Ok, look at the Tok'Ra, the symbiote and host share knowledge. They inhabit humans more easily then Unas, who they supposedly evolved with."

"The Unas' homeworld is not also the homeworld of the Goa'uld? Did not you yourself determine that P3X-888 was the origin of both species?"

"It wouldn't be the first an invading species thrived, just think about Australia and their bunny problems."

"No. Yes. But why would they need genetic memory to swim around all day, and why are they driven to take hosts? I think I know, and it's not good."

"Well don't keep us in the dark, spill."

"I think the Goa'uld were originally designed to be memory devices for the Ancients."

"Oh Hell"



"Look at it this way. First there were the Ancients, mammals like us, but they left this galaxy because of a plague. Later, and I wish I know how much later, well probably later, the Goa'uld took Unas hosts. The Unas-Goa'uld found humans, and began taking human as hosts. Now almost all Goa'uld are Human-Goa'ulds."

"Are we would be more compatible with the Goa'uld physiology?"

"We are more like the Ancients than Unas are."

"What do the Goa'uld do? They know things, they know things their ancestors knew. They don't require any special care, it would be like having an entire library in your head."

"I can't believe that never occurred me!"

"Are you telling us that the Ancients made the Goa'uld on purpose? Like a bunch of memory sticks!"

"Yes Jack, that is exactly what I'm saying. Pass the booze."