Brendan's Struggle

By Black Murder Heavangelon

Author's note:, I don't have much to say except, there will be light hoennshipping in this story. But it's very light so please read on.

Was there really any point? Why should he continue? He already has the world's strongest pokemon, and he has defeated every trainer in Hoenn. At first, Wallace was a struggle to defeat, but he managed to beat him. Steven was more of a challenge, but in the end, he was no challenge at all. No matter how hard the gym leaders trained their pokemon, they could never defeat him. He was virtually undefeatable. People say that there could only be one person who could defeat him, and that was himself. But that's not likely to happen, would it?

The trees were still, the sky was bright, and the moon was shining upon the night-shaded land. He watched as the few clouds present in the sky stroll along in the atmosphere above him. There was no reason for him to continue, he had done it. He had defeated the champion and former champion. He turned his head to see his beloved pokemon; the one pokemon that means the world to him, who was watching the moon as well.

He was a blue monster-like fish with orange cheek whiskers, two parallel fins on his head that lined his orange eyes, a bright blue underbelly, orange elbows, and a fin-like tail as big as a table in height. He was a Swampert, Brendan's first pokemon, nicknamed Riverbank. However, unlike other Swampert, this one had a purple hue where the blue normally is and the fins and orange spots had a purple tint in them. This hue seemed to give off a light of its own, which is why they called these pokemon 'shinies'. Being his first pokemon, he had experienced all of the pain his trainer had felt during his travels, and sooner or later, they would take an effect on him.

He turned his view to see his other pokemon, also looked at the moon, that was the first wild pokemon he caught.

He was as big as a house, which is common for most species, and had silver colored horns, a big grey tail, silver armor-like portions on his shoulders and ankles, and lines on his body depicting the hardness of the armored monster. It was his Aggron, nicknamed Titanium. Titanium's silver armor gleamed in the moonlight providing a source of light for the group. Titanium never liked friends, he knew too well how risky putting trust in friendship is, besides, and he wouldn't let it happen again.

Next to Titanium was a stiff green bird with observing eyes watching the moon as well, two red feathers on its head, colored white wings with black and red markings at the end of the wing, and thin feet consisting of only two toenails; one at the front and one at the back. It was his Xatu, known as Winged Neo to him. Winged Neo always looked at stuff like he was examining them, but he knew all Xatu does that. Winged Neo was weird among his species, and therefore was called a mental freak. He has a right to express his opinions, but no one is willing to listen.

Above Winged Neo in the trees was a white haired tree nymph with his hair covering the cranium and his whole back. He had yellow eyes, wood like skin and fan-like hands made of leaves. The one pokemon that looked the most like him, Shiftry, nicknamed Blackheart. Blackheart's white hair always got to him about the hair color between him and Blackheart. He was created for egg move purposes and that hurts him. He was made for one purpose, to serve his trainer. But what really hurts is how obedient he is. Blackheart knew its better to exist one way then not existing at all.

On the tree Blackheart was standing on was a big beetle sucking sap out of a tree. She was blue with a great horn on her head rooted next to two antennae holding small receptors. Hyper was her name, his Heracross, and her nickname does not express what hyperactivity Hyper may have. Hyper could not understand the world around her. It was too brutal. She had seen her fair shares of fatality, and she could never survive in such a world. But no one knows her reasons for staying alive.

He looked forward to see where his other pokemon was. There he was, all alone, looking at the moon in deep regret. He was dead to the world, nothing could change his mind about that. He wasn't needed here, but his trainer needed him. He's been thinking about it recently, about what would his purpose be if he succeeded? But did he succeed? He wasn't so sure. He was still alive, and that was enough proof. His existence meant failure, and his true failure was from existence. He shouldn't be alive, but he couldn't do anything about it. He was immortal, and his own blessing was his suffering.

He was one of the most unique legendaries of the world. He was a blue dragon type with blue, jet-like wings at both sides. Where his legs should be were replaced with figments of what seems to be feathers. Half of his body was colored white and blue; white below and blue on top. His arms were small, but big enough the ensure battle and other possible activity. There was a hollow red triangle on his chest and his eyes were colored red in the iris. He was his first legendary, the Eon pokemon, Latios.

He knew Latios was thinking about his past and his memory, but there was no way he could help. But that was no problem, he never needed help. He knew everything about pokemon thanks to his father and his will for adventure thanks to his mother. But he had the most suffering among everyone, even his own pokemon. They could never level up to the pain he went through. And helping will only make them suffer more, which is why they must never know. He began the problem, now he has to fix it. But if there's one thing he'll never admit is that he's afraid. Survival is the only thing he can do in this world, and he is threatening it. He's the only person he's afraid of, and his pokemon obey every order because they know what he's capable of.

'I shouldn't be afraid, I'm the champion!' he thought, 'I'm Brendan Birch, and I have nothing to fear…'

'…but fear itself,' thought someone else.

His eyes shot in shock as he sat up and looked around. He was close, very close, and there's no running away. He was coming, he's come for his suffering. He lied back down with a determined face with thoughts of encouragement in his head.

'You may have been the cause of my suffering throughout my whole life, but now I want to end it,' he thought, 'I'm Brendan Birch, and no doppelganger can change that. I hope you're ready…'

He reached into his bag and pulled out the weapon. In his hands was a weapon of sheer death, a weapon that could end life in the blink of an eye, a weapon that can take life, love and dreams away; the perfect weapon…

'…because I'm ready to end it,' he said as the moonlight glistened upon the gun…