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An eerie green light filled the dark cave. The only sounds that could be heard were a faint humming, and the pounding of rain. Hinata was panting heavily from chakra exhaustion, but continued the grueling work. "Don't die on me." She murmured, half to herself, and half to the unconscious man in front of her.

She pressed her hands firmer against his chest, willing every bit of charka she had left into him. His heart was growing weaker; she couldn't seem to stop it. "Don't die." Tears started to well in her eyes. She promised herself that she wouldn't cry. She was strong now, and crying was only left for the weak. But she couldn't seem to help it, the tears rolled down her cheeks, as if on their own accord.

Tsunade had taught her to be strong. To save lives, to help the weaker, or the injured. She had taught her an amazing strength that only one with exceptional abilities could ever hope to accomplish. But she could now feel that strength diminishing as she saw her life crumbling before her eyes.

The green light emitting from her hands dwindled, and died away as her chakra was completely drained. She folded her hands onto his chest and cried. Cried like she hadn't cried in what seemed to be a lifetime. She cried for the man she had failed. Her cousin. Her teacher. Her friend.

Then, in Hinata's hysterical sobbing, she failed to feel the chest below her rise in the intake of breath. It was shallow breathing, but a breath, none the less. She felt a hand on her back, and lifted her head to look into Neji's face. He gave her a weak smile. She had never seen him smile before. She didn't even know that he knew how to smile. "Don't cry." He whispered. "I'm not dead yet."

"Neji." She whispered breathlessly. She clasped her hands back onto his chest with renewed hope, and forced chakra into him. It seemed as though the sight of seeing him alive again gave her the strength to push on. It seemed she was tapping into a whole new pool of chakra now. The green light strengthened, and Hinata forgot how exhausted she was, or how horrible the attack against them had been. All that she could see now the man in front of her, and willed herself to put every last ounce of her strength into him. She would not let him die. She would not give up. That was not her ninja way.

The light turned from green to a bright yellowish gold that lit up the whole cave. The pounding of rain outside seemed to die away, as the humming from her golden chakra filled the cave. The chakra flashed brightly, and then died away completely. Hinata collapsed onto Neji's chest, but he caught her with ease. It seemed he was completely healed. He flexed the fingers of his right hand where a kunai had slashed him. The cut was gone, and he felt no pain. He had never seen chakra like that before.

He gently propped Hinata's limp body against the wall of the cave, and reached for his sleeping bad. He unzipped it, so it was like a large blanket, and covered Hinata. He didn't really know what else to do, so he leaned against the wall himself, and was asleep within minutes.

Neji awoke the next morning to darkness. He was sure it was morning, for he had been waking up at the same time for the last eighteen years. He also noted that it was freezing inside the cave. He pulled a corner of the sleeping bag up, a scooted under it, trying to absorb some of its heat.

Hinata mumbled something incoherent, and then her eyelid fluttered open. Her eyes got wide when she saw Neji. "Neji!" She exclaimed and threw her arms around the startled man. Neji was never really very good at physical contact, but he knew that she had been through a lot, so he tried his best to return the hug.

"I thought you were dead!"

"Yea, well, you weren't the only one."

"Why's it so dark? Isn't it morning by now?"

"It should be." He flipped up his side of the blanket, and was immediately hit with a wall of cold. But he crouched back down toward the entrance to the cave. They had chosen this cave, because the entrance was small, and low to the ground, so enemy ninja wouldn't find it so easily. It seemed as though there was a wall blocking the hole out. He reached out and touched it, and some cold liquid melted onto his hand. "Snow." He said matter-a-factly. "It must have snowed pretty hard last night for it to pile up this much."

By this time, Hinata had gotten up as well, and was crouching next to him at the entrance to the cave. "Well can we get out?"

"Of coarse we can get out. But I wouldn't recommend it. The sound ninjas we met up with yesterday are still out there looking for us, and we can't take them all again without help. I think we should hang out here for a while until things die down, and the snow melts a bit." He settled himself back up against the wall, closing his eyes.

Hinata was silent for a moment, but then Neji could sense her get up and walk across the cave. A blanket was thrown over him, but he didn't object, just settled back into its warmth.

"Why does it have to be so cold?" Neji complained as he rubbed his arms to calm the goose bumps forming there.

Hinata shivered. "Well, it is the middle of winter, and we're stuck in a cave with no fire."

"Good point."

"Alright, I have an idea to keep us from both catching hypothermia. But I don't think you'll like it very much…" Hinata got up, and zipped the sleeping bag back up so it was folded onto itself again in the proper sleeping bag way.

"Anything to get away from this cold."

Hinata bit her lip, and a red blush graced her pale cheeks. Neji rarely saw Hinata blush anymore. Ever since she started training with Tsunade, she had gained a new sense of confidence. She had come a long way from the girl she had been 3 years ago, stuttering, and blushing. "Well, you see, Tsunade taught me a trick if I was ever caught in a situation where hypothermia would be an issue. She said that you would, um, use a sleeping bag, and um, the two people should...well, strip down to nothing, and share their body heat to stay warm."

She obviously seemed to be expecting the worst from Neji, but all he said was, "Alright."

She let out a little squeak when Neji stood up and stripped off his shirt revealing his hard abs and chest. "Aren't you going to turn around? Or something? I-I need to get undressed to…"

"Of course." He said, hiding a smirk as he turned his back to Hinata. He glanced over his shoulder to see that she had taken off her shirt, and was unwrapping the tape covering her breasts. She paused, and said, "No peaking."

Neji was startled that she could feel when his eyes were on her, but left her alone to finish undressing in peace. When he was fully stripped of his clothing, he settled down into the sleeping bag, and shut his eyes. "Alright, you can come in, I'm not looking."

He could feel her hesitate, but she pushed her body into the sleeping bag next to his. Neji was immediately hit with a wall of warmth as her body pushed against his. If the sleeping bag had been small to begin with, it was nothing for two people, but it was the only way to keep them both covered. Neji was lying on his back, and Hinata was curled up against his side. He could feel her breasts pushing against him, but he tried not to think about it.

"I-Is this ok?"

"Yeah." He croaked out, trying to keep his mind away from her breasts.

Hinata was silent for a moment, but then continued. "If you're not comfortable with this, we can get out."

"No!" He said a little too forcefully then he had meant to. "I mean…no, I'm ok like this."

"Oh, ok." Silence fell between them again. She settled herself back against him again, hooking her leg under his ankle. This was a startling advance for Neji, which made him involuntarily hard.

Over the next hour or so, they were both quite, hoping for sleep to come, but it never did. Both lay awake, unusually aware of the person lying next to them. "Neji?" Hinata asked, because she knew he was awake. His weight shifted, and she knew he was listening. "Can I ask you a question?"

He mumbled something incoherent. "What do you think about me?"

Silence. She could tell he was thinking, but he didn't bother to open his eyes. "Well," He began. "I think you're an amazing woman, you've become strong, and smart, and beautiful." He took a sharp breath realizing that he had just said that he thought Hinata was beautiful.

Hinata's light fingers traced patterns onto his chest. She could feel his firm muscles quivering under her feather light touches. "But do you," She paused, looking for the right words. "Care about me?"

Neji had never known Hinata to be so direct. She always seemed to get nervous, and try to stall getting to the point. He stiffened visibly, not entirely comfortable with the conversation. Damn, if she didn't have those breasts pressed against his side, maybe he'd be able to think clearly. "Well," His mind seemed to freeze, no longer able to express feeling. "I, well, you see…it seems, maybe, I don't know, I…feel…" Well, that went well.

Hinata bit her lip, avoiding Neji's eyes. She knew how he felt, and she wasn't about to let this opportunity slip away. Her hand went behind Neji's neck, and pulled his lips into hers. Neji froze. What the hell's she doing! His mind wanted to know.

Her soft lips moved across his, giving him a very strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Before he knew what he was doing, his lips moved against hers, returning the kiss. His hand went around her bare waist, pulling her body harder against his own. He felt her shiver with anticipation, as his body pressed harder against her sensitive breasts. This only helped to make him more aroused.

He pulled her under him, and felt her thin legs wrap around his hips. It didn't seem very cold anymore, although the small sleeping bag only helped in constricting them more, so their bodies pressed closer together. Neji pulled his lips away from Hinata's, and trailed kisses down her neck and shoulders. Her breath picked up when his mouth found its way down toward her breasts.

He gently licked and sucked her nipple, and she let out a breathy moan as she arched her back into him. Her hand found its way into his hair, and pressed his head harder against her chest, silently asking for more. Her breath came in pants now, and she let out a little squeak as she felt Neji slip a finger into her entrance. He paused for a moment, letting her get used to the new feeling before he slipped another finger in.

She moaned loudly, and rolled her hips into his hand. Neji smiled inwardly at her reaction. His mouth still hadn't left her breasts. He could feel her wetness building on his fingers, but pulled them away. He wanted to be inside her when she came.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked, wanting to make sure that they wouldn't regret this later on.

"Please…Don't stop now." She panted out.

He positioned himself at her entrance, and gripped onto her hips. "This is going to hurt a bit." She nodded.

He pushed himself into her as gently as he could; trying to ignore the overwhelming urges he had to just thrust deep inside of her. Her breath heightened, and she gripped harder onto his shoulders. He could feel that he had broken her cherry.

Hinata's eyes were pressed close in pain, but she didn't make a sound. Neji sucked gently at the crock of her neck, feeling her pulse racing there. He just held himself inside of her, letting her get used to his size and not wanting to rush her.

"It's ok, I've got you." He said soothingly into her neck. "I would never hurt you Hinata, you know that." He could feel her pulse start to slow down as the pain subsided, and she started too calm down. His arm held around her waist, holding her steady against him. "Now?" He felt her nod.

He slowly pulled back his hips, and then rocked them forward, pushing himself back inside of her. She groaned, and her grip on his shoulders tightened. He pulled back again, and when he pushed back, her hips came up to meet his. After several more thrusts, they picked up a rhythm that they were both comfortable with. Their thrusts were even, but deep, and sensual.

Neji wanted her first time to be special, and something that she would want to remember forever, so he did his best to control the urges he had to drastically pick up the pace. But in the end it didn't really make a difference, because their thrusts became more frenzied despite his attempts to control himself.

"D-Deeper." Hinata murmured breathlessly; sweat pouring off her in buckets, despite the freezing cold. Neji happily obeyed.

Hinata could feel the never-ending pressure building in her groin. It started in the pit of her stomach, but intensified with each new thrust. She couldn't tell if she wanted it to stop, or to never end. Each time Neji thrust deeper into her, she could help but call out as the pressure deepened, trying to find a way to escape her body. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, and she decided that she didn't want it to stop.

"Don't let it stop." She begged him.

"I won't." He promised, but knew it couldn't last forever.

Their quick, hard thrusts were bringing them each closer to their climax. Neji was panting along with Hinata now, unable to get enough air into his lungs without the quick deep breaths. He could feel that it was almost over, and thrust as hard, and deep into Hinata as gravity would allow, and she yelled out as he caused her to climax. Neji threw into his own climax as well, and kept a steady flow of pressure on her groin so they could both fully ride out the pleasure.

"Neji!" She yelled, her nail gripping into his back as he filled her with his seed. Right then and there, all the sexual tension between to two of them over the last few years was released.

Neji could feel Hinata go limp in his embrace as exhaustion set in. Her breathing evened out, and he knew that she was falling asleep. He settled them both back into a more comfortable position in the sleeping bag, and let sleep take hold of him as well.

Neji awoke the next morning to find his head buried into the crock of a very soft petite neck. She smelled like lavender. How could he have failed to notice that before? It was a nice smell, very soothing, and soft. Just like Hinata really. The scent seemed to suit her. He buried his head deeper into her neck, taking in the smell.

He sucked on the spot on her neck where he could feel her pulse. It would probably leave a nasty mark there, but he didn't really care at the moment. His hands wandered up and down her body, making it all his again. His hand traveled across her well defined stomach to her soft sides and ending at her large breasts. It seemed weird how he was so drawn to her breasts, but he couldn't seem to help it.

He felt her quiver with anticipation, even though he knew she was still asleep. Her groin flexed against his cock (which he hadn't bothered to remove the night before) and he cringed as he felt it harden again. What was it about her body that always made him go hard?

Hinata mumbled something as she started to wake up. "Hey baby." Neji purred against her neck. Normally, if anymore had called Hinata 'baby' she would have beat the living daylights out of them for using a word that made her sound weak. But when Neji said it, it sounded like a turn on, like he was using it because he cared about her.

She ran her fingers through his hair. "Morning. Sleep good last night?" He smirked against her neck, but continued the sucking motion he had adapted.

"Never slept better before in my life."

"I'm going to have a huge mark there you know."

"I know." He gently bit down, breaking a lay of her skin. A little blood trickled out, but he licked it, and continued the sucking. "I'm marking you as my own."

Hinata shivered again with anticipation, and Neji felt her groin contract over his member. While his mouth has been busy with her neck, his hand set to work on her breast. His hand felt it, gently pinching and twisting her nipple. He could feel the wetness gathering at her groin as it flexed again.

Then a thought struck him like a blow in the stomach. Lavender. Hinata smelled like lavender. Lavender didn't grow within a fifty mile radius of Konoha. Hinata couldn't possibly smell like lavender, because there was no way that she could get to it. His body froze, and he stiffened visibly. Lavender grew in the Sound village though. Bundles of it really. He had been there once, and he smelled of the damn stuff for days before it finally washed out. Damnit.

Hinata started laughing. Laughing. "So you finally figured it out, huh?" In a puff of smoke, the figure of Hinata was gone, and in it's place was a blond girl bearing a sound headband.