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Summary: Harry always kept a secret from everyone, even his dearest friends. Harry's life is almost unraveled during the summer vacation, but it might just fall apart for good once the new semester starts again.

And... I'm back in black! Hopefully, if you read what this story once was, you'll recognize what I'm talking about when I say it's new-and-improved. FFNet deleted it(no idea why), so I've been biding my time for a good comeback. There's a new title, summary, new everything! Well, not everything...the story plot's the same, with a few touch-ups. Oh yeah, I gots a new username! But remember this...


The songs were only there because I thought they sent an appropriate mood/theme for that point in the story, or that they got the main characters attitude across to the reader nicely. If you've never heard any of these songs, I suggest you take a listen. They're lovely songs. (I say 'lovely' alot.)

This chapters mood-setter: 'A Vampire's Lament' by Atreyu.


Chapter One: Surprise Ending


Why is it so damn hard, thought Harry Potter, to get through a day?

He walked up the stairs to his too-small room in the Dursley household, each step heavier than the last. Harry was exhausted; both physically and mentally. His delightful Aunt Petunia had made him work strenuously for the past nine hours. All for his stupid, selfish cousin Dudley's birthday party tomorrow. Dudley would be seventeen, and was only three days older than Harry. But for all the world, his uncle and aunt thought Dudley the 'bigger, better man' of the two.

They always fawn on him like his ass is made of gold, though Harry as he reached his room, opened the door, walked in, and slammed the door shut.

"Don't you DARE slam doors in my house!" shouted Vernon Dursley. "Shut the fuck up, already," Harry said quietly, so no one would hear him.

He collapsed on his bed, only grateful for the fact that his relatives, if he could even call them that, hadn't found out his secret.

No one knew Harry Potter's best-kept secret. Not even Ron and Hermoine, who had yet to write him this summer. They thought that Harry was all 'sunshine and butterflies', as Ginny might put it.

He grimaced. How had he dated her for those months? She was so...different...from him, especially in the outlook-on-life schpeal. She was all perky and happy, bubbly and girly. Harry swore; what had he seen in her that made him so crazy? Honestly...

Harry rolled over, cursed again, this time very colorfully. His uncle was this close to finding out Harry's secret, and then Vernon would surely throw him out. And, much as the Weasley's adored him, Harry doubted that they'd welcome him fulltime if Vernon were to throw him out. He didn't feel comfortable in Grimmauld Place, not after what happened at the Ministry...it still haunted him in the dead of night.

Needless to say, he has absolutely nowhere to go...unless...

Slowy a plan formed in Harry's head.

He could just run away and screw all these bastards he was forced to call relatives. Run away to Diagon Alley, he could stay in the Leaky Cauldron. Harry smiled, for the first time in 2 months; he would do it. Maybe even tonight...

...but Harry's hopes were dashed just as quickly as they had risen when Dudley barged in his room.

"Potter! Mother wants you to clean the dishes and mop the floor NOW!" Dudley sneered.

Harry got up wordlessly, he had learned it was safer to say nothing at all when dealing with someone as slow as Dudley. He walked past the fat bastard, only for Dudley to slap him across his face.

"That's for not hurrying up."

Harry walked faster, not because he was afraid of Dudley; if he chose to, Harry could easily kill the boy, even without magic. He only sped up so he wouldn't have to face his horse-faced aunt screaming at him for not being faster.

Petunia was waiting in the kitchen, stomping her foot. "Boy, I want you to wash, dry and put away all these dishes. Then you have to mop the floors in the living room and in here. I want everything to be perfectly clean for my Duddy's big birthday tomorrow! Now, snap to it! If I come in here and you're not working, I'll have Vernon deal with it!" She then walked out of the room, with a particulary nasty look on her face.

Harry rolled his eyes. Honestly, was that a threat? Maybe it would have scared a fly, but Harry was unaffected. He proceded to wash the dishes, making sure each was spotless, not for his aunt's sake, but so he wouldn't have to do them again.

It took Harry only half an hour to do the dishes, but the mopping would be harder. Dudley always ate in the living room; therefore, it was a huge pigsty in there most days. Harry smirked. The boy couldn't even eat like a human. He looked exactly like a gorilla, except he wasn't as hairy.

Harry sighed and set about doing his task, only to have his cousin come in five minutes after he was done and eat his way through a box of cookies. Harry seethed; damn Dudley! He waited until Dudley left toclean up again, then hurridly made his way to his room, so no one could say he didn't do his job.

His room was dark; someone turned off the lights. Harry searched for the lightswitch with his nimble fingertips, but found nothing.

"What the...? Was someone in here?"

After searching for the lightswitch on the wall for a couple of minutes, Harry gave up and tried to make his way to his bed, ready for a goodnight's sleep before his cousin's sure-to-be raucous birthday party.

He tripped on Hedwig's cage(since when was that on the floor?) and fell on the bed. Harry sighed; maybe at least now he could sleep.

After a minute, Harry was asleep, and didn't realize he pillow he was laying on had made him feel a would-be familiar feeling of a tug behind his navel. He was being Portkeyed, to God knew where.

The Portkey landed him in a very ungraceful heap on a hard wood floor. A scream echoed throughout the room where Harry was, shocking him awake. He looked around blearily, thankful that he hadn't taken off his glasses. "Where the hell am I?"

"You mean you don't know?" said a voice, somewhere to Harry's right.


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