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His past was shrouded in darkness. He knew nothing about it. Or why he was created. Blackness was all he remembered.

All he knew that he was left for dead in the streets. A prototype failure to his makers, whoever he was. An attempt to destroy his creation, unaware of his hidden remarkable ability.

To him though, all hope was gone. There was nothing left for him. He was good for nothing.

He laughed bitterly. Those fools couldn't even tell the difference between a dead reploid and a breathing human.

Thunder rumbled overhead as rain started to pour, matting his stiff red hair.

He slowly tried to drag himself to his feet, hissing in pain when his leg gave away under him, landing him back down to the ground. His joints and internal systems screamed at him from the damages he'd sustained.

His body was lacerated with multiple deep cuts, dark circuitry fluids flowing from the deep wounds.

The rain was pouring more heavily now, washing away the dark synthetic blood from his armor into rivulets that flowed through the cracks in the concrete.

Better find some temporary shelter from the rain for now. He painfully dragged himself into narrow alley nearby and settled uneasily into a corner with his legs drawn defensively to his chest, panting slightly in exhaustion from the effort.

He felt something wet run down his the front of his face and winced when his fingers came in contact with two criss-crossing gashes on his face. Drawing his hand away from his face, the trickling liquid revealed itself to be blood from said gashes.

Starting to feel dazed and light-headed from the effects of blood loss, the youth wearily leaned back, the back of his head lightly slumping against the wall, and closed his emerald eyes.

Hours later found the child reploid still motionless from his curled position.

Slowly drifting between in and out of consciousness, the reploid was faintly aware of footsteps approaching to his direction. Frankly, he didn't care. He simply didn't have the energy to fight, much less even move.

The footsteps stopped right in front of him.

Thinking his assaulters were back to finish their job with him, the reploid mentally braced himself, keeping his eyes shut, expecting his end to arrive.

Maybe they'd found out he wasn't dead after all.

But death never came.

Instead, he felt rough hands, surprisingly gentle, caress his face. Unused to such actions, the child reploid frowned and turned his face away from those hands.

"My, aren't you a feisty little one," chuckled an older male voice, namely the owner of the hands. The voice paused, then added teasingly when the youth let out a small whimper, trying to move back from him by pressing himself tightly back into the corner, as if trying to flatten against the walls. "Relax. I am not going to hurt you."

The young reploid flinched when he felt a strong arm suddenly wrap around his waist, another under his legs while he was lifted up by the owner of the voice.

Before his consciousness completely drained away, the reploid could make out a few coherent murmurings from his carrier.

"I'm taking you home, little one... I'm going to call you Axl..."

Then, complete darkness engulfed him.

Axl... my new name.


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