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Coming of Age: The Lily Evans Chronicles

by Auror5

Part I: Initiare

Chapter I: The Strange Letter

Lily Evans, aged ten, was writing a letter to her pen pal in Spain when her mother walked into the bedroom. Lily glanced up.

Lily's mother, Zinnia, was a schoolteacher at Royal Blue Academy, an independent school for very wealthy children. Lily attended March Worthing, but would be attending Stafford, an independent junior school, in September.

"Honey, I just received a strange call from Mrs. Raven. She said that Gertrude claimed you pushed her into a large and very muddy puddle. Is that true? Mrs. Raven was quite upset."

"Mum, it just happened," Lily sighed. "That horrid Gertrude was teasing Annie about her glasses, again, so I told Gertrude to stop, but she wouldn't listen. Then Annie started crying, and I got mad. I yelled at her to quit it, and the next thing I know, Gertrude dives into the puddle. I didn't push her."

"Well, Lily, I certainly can't explain why strange things seem to happen when you are around. Like that time a ladder suddenly appeared against the large Elm Sadie's kitten somehow managed to climb to the top of."

"Oh, I remember. I felt so sorry for Mittens, crying and stuck at the top of that tree. I was wishing that I had a ladder to go up and get him when one just appeared."

Petunia, Lily's twelve-year-old sister, stood in the doorway and said, "Aren't you going to punish her, Mum?"

Although Lily and Petunia were sisters, their resemblance was absent. Lily was very pretty with dark red hair, an oval face, and striking green eyes. Petunia was plain with honey-blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, and a rectangular face with rather horse-like teeth. Lily favoured her mother, except her mother's eyes were blue-grey as Petunia's. Petunia favoured her father more, except her father's eyes were a striking shade of green like Lily's.

"No, of course not, Tunia. It was an accident. Lily didn't mean for it to happen."

"That's not fair," shouted Petunia. "If I pushed a girl into the mud, you would punish me!"

"Petunia, Lily didn't push Gertrude in the mud. Somehow, Gertrude jumped into it herself. I can't punish Lily for that."

"She's lying. She's a little liar. She pushed her. I know she did," Petunia screamed at the top of her lungs. "You and Dad always liked her best because everyone thinks she's so pretty."

"Petunia, that is simply not true!" said Zinnia becoming angry.

Petunia ran from the room, and, a second later, they heard the sound of a door being slammed.

"Oh dear, I better to talk to Petunia." Zinnia left.

Confused and feeling slightly melancholy, Lily wondered why her older sister seemed to dislike her so much. She always tried so hard to be nice to Petunia, but Petunia did not seem to care or even notice. Sighing, she returned to the letter to her pen pal. About twenty minutes later, she finished it. After placing the letter away, she put on her pyjamas, walked downstairs, and kissed her father goodnight.

Wesley Evans was a medical doctor who worked at Keswick Memorial Hospital in Keswick, England where the Evans family lived.

Lily climbed into bed, and was immediately joined by her fluffy, white, Persian cat, Snowball. Snowball purred contentedly while snuggling close to Lily. Lily was happy that the school year was over. She was looking forward to this summer because her family was travelling to Paris, for a fortnight, in August. They had never been to Paris. Dozing off, Lily thought how much fun it would be to finally speak French outside a classroom. Just when she almost drifted off, her mother walked into the room.

"Goodnight, Lily. Don't let the bedbugs bite." Zinnia kissed her youngest daughter.

Before Zinnia left, Lily sleepily said, "Mum, is Tunia all right? Is she still upset?"

"No, sweetheart, I think she is okay, now. Don't worry. Go to sleep, dear."


One day, in early July, Zinnia, with a perplexed expression on her face, handed Lily a thick envelope with no stamp and emerald green writing on it.

Lily took it and said, "What's this?"

"I don't know. Why don't you open it and find out?"

Wesley, Lily's father, exclaimed, "Hold on a second. It doesn't have a return address or stamp on it? May I see it?"

Wesley grabbed the envelope and muttered, "Strange indeed...no stamps...green writing." He turned it over and noticed a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms: a lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake surrounding a large letter H.1

"Unusual," remarked Wesley, and returned the envelope to Lily. "Here. Go on ahead and open it."

Lily opened the envelope, unfolded the letter, and read:

Dear Miss Evans,

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than the 31st of July.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress"2

"Well, what does it say?" prodded Zinnia.

"Let me see it!" demanded Petunia.

Lily handed the letter to her mother while frowning deeply in thought.

Zinnia read it, and gasped, "Oh, dear!" She then handed it to Wesley while gazing at Lily with a flabbergasted expression on her face.

"I want to see that letter," Petunia shouted.

Wesley read it, and his eyes widened. He then muttered, "I wonder...no...Can it be?"

He glanced around the table at his family, and pronounced, "Lily, sweetheart, I believe you are a witch."

An awkward hush filled the room. The only sound that could be heard was distant birdsong, and the soft ruffle of the gingham curtains blowing in a slight breeze.

"What?" said Lily breaking the silence.

"It must be," exclaimed Zinnia to Wesley. "Remember that time, Wes, when Lily was a wee babe crying because she was hungry, but I couldn't give her a bottle straight away? And suddenly she stopped crying, and I discovered her with a bottle full of milk in her mouth?"

"Or remember the time," said Wesley, "when Petunia fell from her bedroom window, and somehow Lily, only two-years-old, slowed Tunia down by pointing at her? And Tunia landed on a gigantic, fluffy pillow that appeared out of nowhere? I was so afraid our Tunia would be killed or badly injured, but Lily saved her."

"Mum, Dad, how can I be a witch?" Lily said, experiencing a mixture of bewilderment, anxiety, and excitement.

"We don't know, pumpkin," replied Wesley, "It is one of those type of things that just happen. I imagine your mother and I must have a witch or wizard or two as ancestors."

Petunia, quiet during the time, finally spoke.

"She's not a witch! She's a FREAK! Lily is a FREAK!"

"Silence, Petunia! Don't call your sister names," ordered Wesley. "She can't help what she is. She is not a freak."


"Go to your room. NOW," roared Wesley.

Petunia ran from the room. Distantly, they heard a door close with much force.

Wesley turned to Lily, who had begun to cry.

"Mum, Dad, what does this all mean? Am I a freak?" wailed Lily.

"No, honey, no," said Zinnia, consoling Lily. "Never mind your sister. I think she may be feeling a little jealous. You know how hard it is for her sometimes. Petunia feels that she must compete with you. We try so hard to make her feel that she doesn't have to, but she is stubborn in her beliefs. Don't worry, sweetheart. She will grow out of it, and one of these days you two will be the closest of sisters and best of friends. I know it."

Zinnia hugged and kissed her youngest daughter. Lily wiped away her tears.

"Look, there's another piece of paper." Lily unfolded and read it while sniffling.

"It says that I will need a black pointed hat, a wand, a book of spells and potions, and a cauldron. Do they sell stuff like this in shops?"

"What do they mean, 'we await your owl?'" said Wesley with a puzzled expression on his face while perusing the letter.

"Dear," Zinnia said to Wesley. "Before we do anything, we should find out more about this school."

"I agree. Why don't we inquire more from this Headmaster Dumbledore? What do they mean by this owl business?"


About a week later, while the family was eating dinner, a large owl swooped through the window and dropped a letter onto Wesley's plate. The unexpected appearance of a large owl in their home thoroughly shocked the Evanses into silence. Lily couldn't speak for she was choking on a piece of halibut. Zinnia thumped her on the back, and the piece of fish flew from her mouth, across the room, and smacked the grandfather clock, which began to chime hours early.

Wesley picked up the letter and began to read.

"Wes, what does it say?" said Zinnia nervously while watching the owl, which was drinking some wine from her glass.

"I will read it to all of you. 'Dear Mr. and Mrs. Evans, being that you are Muggles....'"

"What's a 'Muggle'?" interrupted Lily.

"I don't know, dear. Let me finish reading," replied Wesley, and then he resumed. "'Being that you are Muggles, we realised that you would not know how to send your response to us. Therefore, we have provided you with an owl to send your reply. Simply attach it to the owl's leg, and it will be sent to us.'"

"Oh," commented Zinnia while watching the owl eat her halibut.

"Tell you what, Zin. I will send a letter to the headmaster of this school asking what this is all about."

"That's a good idea," replied Zinnia intently staring at the bird as it ruffled its feathers.

"We will ask the headmaster why he sent this letter, how on earth we are going to find the items on their list, and where this school is located."

"All right, honey. That sounds fine." Zinnia leaned back in her chair as the owl moved closer to her.

Petunia leapt from her seat, and ran upstairs to her room. She had not spoken to Lily since the day the letter from Hogwarts arrived.

About twenty minutes later, Wesley carefully attached, to the owl's leg, the letter he had written. The owl spread its wings and flew out the window into the dark.

"Owls deliver their mail?" remarked Lily incredulously.


Two days later, an owl appeared in the kitchen while the family was having breakfast, and dropped a letter onto Wesley's head. The bird landed on the table and stuck its beak into Petunia's glass of orange juice. Petunia screamed and ran from the table. Zinnia jumped up and pursued after her.

"Now then," said Wesley. "Let's see what this letter says," and he began to read aloud to Lily.

"'Dear Mister Evans, we have known that your daughter, Lily, is a witch for some time. It was brought to our attention when she was six months old. She used a Summoning Charm to gain a bottle of warm milk. All magic done in the Muggle world is closely watched and documented by the Hogwarts Quill. When Lily used the Summoning Charm, she was marked as a future pupil at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We, in the Magical world, feel it is best that young witches and wizards, Wizard and Muggle-born, attend a school in which they can learn more about their abilities. Attending Hogwarts will give Lily the opportunity to meet and mingle with other witches like her.

"'The items she will need for Hogwarts can be found at Diagon Alley, in London. Diagon Alley can be accessed through the Leaky Cauldron, which is located on Cheshire Way, between a Muggle record shop and a bookshop. Ask Tom, the bartender, in the Leaky Cauldron to show you the way to Diagon Alley.

"'Hogwarts is located in the north, on the banks of a lake.

"'Enclosed is a train ticket for Hogwarts.

"'We will send an owl to you in a week to receive your response on whether Miss Evans will attend our school in September.'"

Zinnia returned, and plopped down into a chair. "So, what did it say?"

"Mum, is Petunia okay?"

"Don't worry, Lily. She's all right, just a little upset that's all."

"She hasn't spoken to me in over a week!" she responded, hotly.

"I know, honey. She will come around. I promise."

Wesley handed the letter to Zinnia.

"Oh! So that's how they know you're a witch," exclaimed Zinnia after she finished reading the letter.

"They seem a little secretive about the location of their school, don't they?" remarked Wesley, slightly irritated. "'Located in the north, on the banks of a lake,' what does that say? Nothing! What's this Hogwarts Quill? Are they calling us 'Muggles?'"

"Lily, do you want to attend this school?" said Zinnia.

"Honey, why don't we let her think about it for a week," Wesley told Zinnia.

"All right. Lily, think about it, and let us know what you decide. I know this is a big decision for you, but it's something you must decide for yourself," said Zinnia kindly.

"Mum, I'm afraid," Lily exclaimed with a stricken expression on her face. "Everything is changing. Nothing is the same anymore!" She burst into tears.

"Oh, pumpkin..." Zinnia attempted to comfort her.


A week later, at breakfast, Lily announced to the family that she would attend Hogwarts. Petunia, who was still not speaking to Lily, hurried from the room. Upstairs, a door was banged shut.

"Are you sure?" Wesley and Zinnia said at the same time.

"Yes. If I don't like it, I can go to Stafford next year, right?"

"Oh, honey, we are going to miss you!" responded Zinnia with tears filling her eyes. "For ten months, my little girl will be gone."

"Now, now, Zin. Let's not get too worked up. Since we will be in France the first part of August, why don't we plan a trip to London next week to buy all of Lily's school things?"

During lunch that day, with only Lily and her mother present (Petunia had locked herself in her room), a large owl swooped into the kitchen.

"Oh! It wants our response."

"Okay, Mum." Lily rolled up the acceptance letter, and carefully tied it to the owl's leg.


On the 28th of July, Lily awoke with excitement. She was travelling to London with her parents to buy her school supplies. Petunia was staying at a friend's house because she did not want to go to Diagon Alley. Lily quickly dressed, and ran downstairs. Smiling, her mother and father gazed up at her as she entered the kitchen.

"Why don't you have something to eat, Lily? Then we will head off to London," said Zinnia.


Note: Part I, Initiare, was posted on the 19th of May, 2001. I have no idea whether or not Petunia was Lily's older sister. Please don't flame me if JKR later states, in an interview (or we find out in a future book), that Petunia was not Lily's older sister. Remember, flames will be used to heat the contents of my cauldron. ^_~

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